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She is my beautiful nurse, teacher, warrior, fighter, chef, counselor and my mommy

C They’re best friends, sincere, funny n’ great


Download music is my way to unwind, I love music so much that I have 82 gb


It’s my next school, a short-term goal n’ my dream


don’t have words to define this great group of colleagues and friends that I've been in, I’m very happy to be with’em


My beautiful teacher, Ya always put up with all my faults n’ all the bad things I have n’ do to keep what is good of my heart, I luv ya!!!


He’s one of tha best teachers I've had in my life, although I scold and beat me I know he does to be a better person


God, Juan Pablo II, Virgen de Guadalupe, San Judas Tadeo, my mom and friends were and are tha inspiration of my life because without them and my effort was not where I am


They’re my brothers n’ my great friends who have left their mark on my heart, I love’em


My sweet girl so wonderful, so special, so romantic and so faithful, I love her very much


and throughout Europe, that's my short term goal, I want to live there for the rest of my days


One of tha best places to have fun, talk, frightened and have a great time


One of tha best people I have ever known, is breathtaking beauty and way of being cute, I love’r very much and I wanna be with her forever


my friends, my brothers, we spent wonderful moments together are great and is a honor to be their friend


One of my places of perdition, my addiction, my pleasure, I love it n’ love to play pool!


I try to be a caring, loving, tender n’ good feelings


She’s a very special girl, very affectionate, tender, friendly, honest, angry, hahaha, but his personality is unique, I love’r


One of my favorite pastimes, and I'm with my friends and I spend well


some guys are wonderful, funny and very intelligent, I love’em


I love her way of being, her intelligence, her beauty, her zest for life, strength and maturity, is just perfect and unique for me, I love’r so much


She’s my child, my wife, my sister, my friend, my everything is wonderful, simple, sweet n’ cute, I love’r with all my being


One of tha most beautiful girls I have met, but we do not become something else, she would stay in my heart forever

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