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———————————————– Review: 4.0 out of 5 based on 45 local reviews

by Brian Lohr via google 2013-01-07

This place was amazing to visit. We loved all of the free entertainment from the jesters and other people walking about. The mall inside with the water was great too. Another must see/visit in Vegas!

by L Joublanc via google 2012-12-09

1 / 27

BED BUGS! This was the worst hotel experience I've ever had. Within a weekend at the Venetian, I got food poisoning from Sushi Samba and was so sick I had to take an ambulance to the hospital the first night and then I had bed bug bites prior to leaving. Not only was it the worst Vegas experience ever, the hotel and restaurant staff totally disregarded the poor experience. They had an excuse for everything. I wish I could post a picture of the bed bug bites because you would not make a reservation here if you saw them! Good luck if you choose to stay here.

by Damien Rourke via google 2012-11-03

Stayed here for a weekend a few years ago and loved it. The rooms were clean, staff very friendly and the room service excellent. The hotel is close to about everything on the strip and getting to local shows as fairly easy as there are always taxi by the front door. The Grand Canal Shoppes were just remarkable to see but of course expensive, the singing gondoliers were nice if you want a touch of glitzy romance. Will stay again for sure!

by Rob Samos via google 2012-07-29

One of the best LasVegas resorts around. Huge facility, with lots of restaurants, shopping, relaxing activities, pools, service, and of course huge casino, with large poker room. Rooms are pretty reasonable compared to other upper class resorts. Check in and out went well. The only minor thing as is all Vegas resorts are the crazy prices. But, that to be expected here.

2 / 27

by Shane O'Hara, Sr. via google 2012-07-28

Stayed here in July 2012 for a conference. The room was incredibly spacious, all service aspects were great, the attention to detail across the resort was remarkable and the view of the Strip from my room was incredible. I would recommend to anyone able to afford (thankfully, this was not on my dime!) The conference hall was also very spacious and generously secluded from the rest of the hotel and casino, but still well within walking distance. The Grand Canal Shoppes were just remarkable to see, with singing gondoliers.

Simply beautiful! Like a dream!... by Miguel R. via yelp

Simply beautiful! Like a dream! So romantic!!!! I did not stay at The Venetian so this review is just on the experience of strolling through it. The Venetian is among the classiest strolls you can take in Las Vegas.To me it does not seem tacky like some of the other themed hotels. The gondolas are really cool and have singing gondoliers. Next time I would actually like to take a ride! Perhaps my favorite thing were the Carnavale performers. They can sing really well and are accompanied by other sorts of performers like jugglers!!!! Truly memorable!!!! They perform in a plaza next to the gondolas which gets packed. Other great aspects of The Venetian is the fact there is a great deal of variety in the food court and that the guest elevators are close to the parking lot. Best of all, it is hooked up to three fabulous malls!!!!

3 / 27

Love this place. Love the feel... by Joseph H. via yelp

Love this place. Love the feel to it and love the boat ride through the joint. They did a good job making u feel like ur somewhere else

Beautiful hotel, spacious rooms... by Marie J. via yelp

Beautiful hotel, spacious rooms and comfortable beds. Â Details in the decor was spot on, you definitely feel like you are in the lap of luxury. Â Lots of TVs in the room, automatic blinds and big comfortable couches. Â Liked the vanity table with the lighted mirror in the bathroom. Â Wonderful.... Some misses on the hotel room- no coffee makers in the room, and the lighting was extremely dim throughout the room including the bathroom. Â It was almost frustrating.The Wi-fi was free but horrible. Â You could not keep a connection longer than 5 minutes. Â Â Additionally, the room was not thoroughly cleaned when we checked in. The next day, Â we went on a day excursion and returned to the hotel around 1 pm and the room still wasn't clean. Loved the shops, high quality restaurants and the over ambiance of the place. Â Would stay again because it's a great value for what you get. Â On the other hand, so many great hotels on the strip we may try another.

4 / 27

Gorgeous hotel and the check-in... by Tia S. via yelp

Gorgeous hotel and the check-in service was pleasant. I stayed in a suite with two beds and living room area. Very spacious and clean. Shopping is fab and food is delicious wherever you go here. My only complaint is that the hotel and casino is enormous and everything looks the same. It was a pain in the ass to find my room after drinking at Tao. At least the security was kind enough to help my sis when she got lost. No phone, no key. Haha

Club is great, location is good,... by Melanie O. via yelp

Club is great, location is good, parking could be better, taxi line is efficient and casino is pricey. Don't prefer staying here or playing here, or even clubbing here anymore, but for some reason, whatever it is, we always come back. Clean bathrooms throughout, slow slot service, but faster drink service. Solid three - there's a lot of 'fancy' / 'high-end' hotels budding up now on the strip ... Venetian & sister property Palazzo are going to have to work on a marketing strategy to stay current & be a front runner.

5 / 27

I remember the days when Venetian... by Alex L. via yelp

I remember the days when Venetian was the newest thing on the Strip, a little Imagineering-esque take on Italy thrown into that tiny desert city we all love and/or hate. Â It would be a long time before I got my first chance to stay there, and between the opening and that day a lot of other hotels were stood up. Â Needless to say, I've been a bit spoiled by the more recent players in the suites-only hotel game and Venetian feels a bit old in comparison. Â The actual property including the gaming, restaurants and venues are still top-notch. Â I actually like the fakeness of it all, walking around the shops eating ice cream and watching people meander down the small indoor canals in the least romantic gondolas I've ever seen. Â It may sound like I'm being sarcastic about liking it all, but as a person who loves theme parks, entertainment design and film, it is quite fun to walk through a place that doesn't feel like home. The rooms themselves feel a bit dated now with decor matching something from my parents' home rather than the bleeding edge of interior design trends. Â Part of this is understandable to match the high-end but traditional sensibilities of old world Italian luxury, but that doesn't mean you can't update some of the lighting at least? Â In the piazza suite we last had the warm, but very dim, lighting made the whole suite feel stuffy and a bit eerie. Â I much prefer the smaller suites which never had that same feeling. Â The bathrooms were impeccable and quite large, and the shower door never leaked gallons of water. Â I hate having to walk through the a large part of the casino to get from the lobby to the guest elevators though. The Canyon Ranch Spa is definitely nice, but I still prefer the one at Caesar's. Â The gym is pretty decently sized with a variety of machines and a large area devoted to cardio. Â The pool area meets the same high standard set by the rest of the property. Overall I like the place and would stay again without hesitation, but it just doesn't wow me as much as some other properties around the Strip.

6 / 27

The Venetian is a truly beautiful... by Nicole C. via yelp

The Venetian is a truly beautiful property, imitating what you might see in Venice. The interior is nicely decorated, and the lobby is magnificent. The marble columns and floors add a nice touch. The casino is not as well ventilated as other casinos, and it is more cramped, but as I am not too keen on gambling, this doesn't factor into my rating and didn't bother me very much except for when walking in or out of the hotel. The rooms are also very nice. The living room and bathroom are both spacious, but it is the bathroom that is the best part about the room. Every part of the bathroom is magnificent - the marble, the mirrors, the TV, the tub, the shower, etc. I really enjoyed my stay here. The only con is that you have to pay a resort fee of about $25/night for amenities like the gym and Wifi, but the Internet doesn't work very well and can be extremely slow at times. Also, I think it would be nicer if the hotel were a little more south of its current location as walking to other hotels of interest (Caesars Palace, Paris, etc) can seem like quite the trek. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend the Venetian and would stay there again.

I love to go in the shops here... by Sheila L. via yelp

I love to go in the shops here and even saw camille flawless which is so rare. its beautiful inside here, i really love it

7 / 27

One of my favorite hotels and best... by Olga B. via yelp

One of my favorite hotels and best casinos in Las Vegas. Great dining options, I'm always coming back to Bouchon and Taqueria C. Lots of variants how to entertain yourself and it doesn't mean to run all over Vegas - everything is situated here - from wax museum till Gondola rides and unforgettible shopping facilities. Our room was beautiful! Suite, it has a bedroom and living room, a very large bathroom with a glass shower, double sinks. The bathroom has a corner mirror, which is very convenient and appreciate the girls to try on dresses! The hotel itself is built in the form of small streets of Venice, with cafes, beautiful views from the windows, boats, and ride them guests at the beautiful songs of gondoliers I'm looking forward to the time when I can get back here!

The Venetian is my favorite hotel... by Laura L. via yelp

The Venetian is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. Â It blends the perfect amount of wonder and amusement with very affordable suites. The accommodations are very comfortable and quite large. Â I prefer the suites here to those at Palazzo. Â There are TVs in the bathroom. Â There's also a large tub. Â The beds are comfortable. Â There is additional seating in the room that's quite roomy. Newer casinos in Vegas are, perhaps, more chic. Â However, I will take comfortable and roomy over hip any day.

8 / 27

MUST SEE SOON: The Winter in Venice parade is awesome. Ă‚ My daughter had a blast dancing with the performers.

My Spanish is very basic. The maid... by Bobee D. via yelp

My Spanish is very basic. The maid knocked on the door and gave me a dirty look. I was waiting for the bell boy to get our bags. she said something in spanish and i asked "what?" She didnt answer and then all she said was "Seven" in English. Overall, the stay was fine. The maid ticked me off and I don't ever treat Service personnel badly because that's how I put myself through college, and I know what how it feels, but her dirty look and attitude overtook my usual considerate nature. I think I was more offended because it was not my fault. The bellboy took 45 minutes to get to the room!!!

Stayed here last year for the first... by Karen G. via yelp

Stayed here last year for the first time and I've been ruined from staying anywhere else in Vegas. What a deal - I paid less than $200 for a suite (well, all the rooms are suites, but still). The room was big and I felt like a princess in their fancy bathroom equipped with a mini tv and vanity. Actually, I felt pretty spoiled having 3 tvs all to myself. My last night here I ordered room service and sat in my little dining area watching a movie - no better way to end my business trip!

9 / 27

The staff is so friendly. As soon as I checked in, I got amazing service from them. The bell hop was really nice and helpful answering all my questions and giving me suggestions as well. The restaurant choices within the hotel were great as well. Only drawback is that you are further from the "heart" of the strip here and it's a bit of a walk. But still worth it to stay here and I would again!

Though not as updated and spotless... by Amy D. via yelp

Though not as updated and spotless as the Palazzo, the Venetian is still a top-notch hotel will great suites and super-friendly service. I stayed there three nights for a business trip last week and had no complaints. My room was spacious, clean and beyond comfortable. Â I must admit it's becoming one of my favorite venues in Vegas - I always win on the slots here, there's lots of good restaurants and it's connected to The Sands Expo - definitely a convenient place to stay for tradeshows and the like.

This is my favorite hotel on the... by Angie I. via yelp

This is my favorite hotel on the strip. Â The first floor has a casino which I found nicer than many of the other hotel casinos. Â The upstairs is made to look like Venice with shops along a canal where gondaleers row patrons while singing. Â There is a plaza towards one end where performers play on a small stage, made to look like a make-shift outdoor stage. Â If you go a

10 / 27

little further you'll find a beautiful waterfall in a room that is decked out in various themes throughout the year. Â The restaurants in this hotel are quaint and make you feel as though you're dining outside. Â Giving the choice of hotels on the strip, i would always choose this one!

My Vegas stay was absolutely perfect... by Brent L. via yelp

My Vegas stay was absolutely perfect - mainly because I stayed at the Venetian. Â I was in town for work and was by myself, so I really didn't get out and do much. Â This makes the hotel you are staying at that much more important. Â I've stayed at three different hotels in Vegas now and I can honestly say the Venetian was the best of all three - it was like heaven! When I walked into the suite I was so impressed, I thought they gave me a free upgrade. Â There was a sunken living room and three flat screen TV's - all for one person. Â It turns out all of their rooms are mini suites like this. Wi-Fi worked flawlessly and there was a good selection of restaurants within the hotel. To sum it up in one word - SUPERB!

Not impressed! Too pricey and staff... by Angelina A. via yelp

Not impressed! Too pricey and staff at front desk are rude. Â Yes it looks very nice. The casino part is nice. The restaurants are nice. The rooms are nice...but not worth the high prices they

11 / 27

charge. Wifi in the rooms did not work and front desk staff refused to reimburse me or provide discount. I also gambled here bunch of times but was never offered free room...while I gambled the same amount of time at MGM/Mirage hotels and get offered free rooms all the time.

The Venetian is huge especially... by Dan P. via yelp

The Venetian is huge especially after adding the Palazzo next door. Â I am sort of reminded of my previous visits to Venice in a sort of tacky way but whatever, it's still nice. The rooms are great since I believe they are all suites (all the rooms that I have stayed at were suites). Â I have also spent a lot of time at Tao and Lavo and those are pretty cool clubs.

We never got a chance to stay here... by jim h. via yelp

We never got a chance to stay here because the Venetian would not work with us and they kept our deposit. Â The story goes like this. Â Due to security delays at the airport we did not make our flight and could not get on a flight that day so our trip was canceled. Â We called the Venetian immediately to make them aware of this and they told me that the deposit was non-refundable. Â We were told that we needed to give a CC to hold the deposit for another

12 / 27

time and we would be charged an additional $50.00. Â We agreed to do this but when we called to schedule our next trip we were told our deposit had expired ... so my wife and I are out a couple of hundred and the Venetian keeps our money and does not provide anything for the money. Â Very disappointing. Addendum - After complaining/negotiating with corporate, the Venetian decided to honor our request and use the prepaid deposit. Â We stayed on a Sunday night in July and had a very nice time. Â The hotel is very nice and we enjoyed the pools and gambling. Â If the price is right we would probably return.

WOW! This place has a RIVER in... by Loren B. via yelp

WOW! This place has a RIVER in it....I felt like I was in Venice, Italy. Trust me, it looks VERY similar. They even have the boatmen with uhhh boats!. And there is a cheesecake factory here #Winning. The ceiling is painted with clouds so it feels like you're outside. There is cobblestone so ladies don't wear heels. There are various shows throughout the casino for free so if you want to kill time or have a great time, come here.

Is it possible to give more stars?! The... by Joanne T. via yelp

Is it possible to give more stars?!

13 / 27

The Venetian was wonderful. We were there for a three day and two night stay. We arrived at 11am and they allowed us to check in early, especially after a long flight! They offered a free Winter in Venice passport where we used a lot of the coupons on dining and entertainment. We stayed in the Venezia tower which was Gorgeous. Room was spacious with additional living room area and couch sleeper in addition to a huge king sized bed. The shower and bathtub was amazing. Overall RIDICULOUS. There was just a spot-on imitation of Venice in the hotel. Free apple cider, the BEST blackjack dealers in the casino. They left us a voicemail after checking in to make sure we were fully accommodated. Also, we left some stuff in the room and they sent it to our listed address free of cost! So many perks to staying here including best dining and clubbing experiences. Always addressed formally and customer service was fantastic. FIVE STARS all the way!

Went here to eat yesterday night...... by HeffĂƒÂŠ U. via yelp

Went here to eat yesterday night... Not having reservation makes it tuff to just go anyplace and eat but it's New Years Eve and I can understand.

What is it with Vegas suites not... by Lorth K. via yelp

14 / 27

What is it with Vegas suites not having locks on the bathroom doors? That is honestly the only real complaint I have. Otherwise, what a great hotel! One of the love and hate things about this place was the way to get to our suite. I think there were about 4 or 5 different ways and x amount of elevators so it was easy to get lost. I had to remember landmarks on where to turn in the halls just to make it back up to my room from the entrance. Pretty fun when you are mildly intoxicated. The room was lovely. Though, i thought the design was odd. Instead of having the beds at the far end of the room, the living room was? I felt like that didn't make any sense to because you would have to walk pass people sleeping to go sit. Maybe I think it should be the living area first then the beds? Just an idea. Oh yeah, a gang of shops and food areas all in the same building.

Beautiful hotel; however, customer... by Mari M. via yelp

Beautiful hotel; however, customer service was sadly lacking, impersonal even. Â The front desk seemed more interested in offering us an upgraded room for an additional $45.00 a day than welcoming us. Â This theme resonated throughout our five day stay: house keeping woke us up at 8.30 every morning, never did get the refrigerator we were promised for our room, and so on. Â Rumor has it the Wynn is more customer friendly. Â I will give them my business next time.

15 / 27

If I could give this a 6 star rating... by Elizabeth F. via yelp

If I could give this a 6 star rating I would.  I watched rates on Vegas hotels for months in anticipation of a romantic vacation with my boyfriend.  His stories of staying at Imperial Palace had me worried. As soon as the rates dropped to $109 a night for dates in March we booked our room immediately.  I'm so happy we did.  The room was AMAZ-ING.  We tried the $20 sandwich trick and it got us an upgrade to a view of the strip and late check out.  The basic room was huge, almost double what you get for the same price at some of the trendier hotels on the strip.  I was in love with the the size of the bathroom.  It was so nice having all that space to get ready together.  We both need plenty of time to get ready so it was nice that we could share the bathroom instead of taking turns. The hotel is huge.  You'll probably get lost at least once or twice  but after a day or two you'll figure it out.  The crowd is a little older,  th mahority of the guests are probably late 30's and up.  The smell is very strong but I like it.  It reminds me of my Dad or Grandpa's aftershave. For some reason it was really comforting returning to the hotel and smelling it at the end of a long night. I heard you can purchase the scent at the gift shop.  I'm going to have to look into this the next time I am in Vegas. I really enjoy staying at The Venetian.  It is definetly one of my favorites.  I have stayed here many times it has always been wonderful.  The staff is very friendly and the service is outstanding.  I reccommend this spot if you are looking for a place for a romantic vacation.  it also works well if you have a large group of people.  The rooms are big enough to share without feeling crowded.

Debating one or two stars. Â Totally... by Steven K. via yelp

16 / 27

Debating one or two stars.  Totally screwed up our reservation, plus room was nasty  filthy (read biological stain on the couch) .  They are now so booked now they can't or won't  adequately resolve the issue.  The fact our group gambles heavily and generally is treated better just adds to the annoyance.  Reiterates why I stay at the encore or the four seasons and why I would recommend property loyalty and going with what you know.  Will survive the next week but won't gamble here b/c of the issues.

Usually I am not a big stickler... by Tanya G. via yelp

Usually I am not a big stickler for customer service. Â It can be there or not as long as the goods are delivered, I am happy. Â Customer service, although not required is definitely appreciated and noted to make a world of difference. Allow me to relay my adventure the first night in Sin City. . . . There were six of us, all beautiful girls, enjoying ourselves. Â We went out to dinner, we enjoyed a show, we got dolled up and we were ready for some dancing action. Â Being a group of beautiful girls, all we had to do to was show a little leg to get into the hottest clubs on the strip. I got lost in the music, dancing and alcohol for hours before I realized that I was missing something essential in my small dancing purse. Â Dude where's my wallet and phone?!?! Â Snapped out of my intoxicated haze, I patrolled the club and harrassed security with no luck. Â With nothing left to do, I returned to the Venetian tired and defeated. My exhausted group decided to go back to the room while I inquire at the front desk about a business center. Â I am a responsible mature young lady; I needed to notify my five credit/debit cards that my wallet was missing. The front desk lady, whose name I did not catch, was Caucasian with medium long hair, tall, thin and working the hours between 3-4 am deserves an award and to be recognized. Â When I told her of my misfortune, she not only found all five customer service numbers on her

17 / 27

computer, dialed the numbers for me and waited patiently as I struggled to talk to ppl who may not reside in the country. Â Once I had my card situation figured out, I had the audacity to ask if she can call long distance to my boyfriend so I can let him know that I am unavailable. . lost phone and all. There could never be a more appreciative drunken fool to have stumbled through the Venetian than me that night. Â Yes the Venetian is a beautiful facility with great rooms and a central location on the strip, but it is that lady who has earned my loyalty. A word about the room. . . We stayed in the Rialto suite - two full size beds, pull out sectional, two TVs. Â The bathroom is large, separate shower and bath tub and private room for toilet. Don't worry, some extremely good samaritan turned in my phone/wallet to security with ID, cash and credit card intact. Â The rest of my trip was salvaged and there are now permanent indentations on my phone/wallet from my death grip.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The... by imelda g. via yelp

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The only negative is finding the room. It's like a maze, but worth staying.

This is a truly magical place that... by Bindi S. via yelp

18 / 27

This is a truly magical place that transforms you into a different era. From the winter in Venice parade they had for the winter to the gondola rides, opulent rooms with bathrooms I wish I could take home, the excellent apple cider served at check-in, the friendly service (even though wi-fi didnt work in our rooms there goes the resort fee we paid for), the sheer crazy number of dining options both in the hotel as well as the Grand Canal Shoppes. I wish I had more days to explre more - maybe next trip.

I was nervous about picking such... by Margaret S. via yelp

I was nervous about picking such a large hotel for our place to stay. Â Â I waffled between Four Seasons and Venetian, however, the attractive price of Venetian and their large room sizes won me over. Â When we first walked into the hotel, I saw that the check-in line was about long as the check-in line at O'Hare airport for UAL! Â However, I was pleasantly surprised that the line went SUPER fast -- which was managed by a hotel personnel -- and we were checked in promptly and courteously. Â (If only airport lines went this quickly!) Â My next fear was how long it was going to take our luggage to come to our room. Â Again, to my pleasant surprise, our luggage came within 15 minutes of checking into our room. Â During our 2 day stay, the only complaint that I had was a wobbly toilet lever (which was still functional), the mistaken mini-fridge charges (which they took off promptly) and weird Chinese brand of toiletries. Â Car was pulled out of valet quickly. Â Â Calls to front desk and valet were picked up quickly. Â WiFi was great and I had no connectivity problem. Â (I used WiFi to stream a bunch of work related videos). Â Â We loved BOUCHON for breakfast, B&B, and the shopping!!. Â Â We also loved the comfy couch in the room. Â We also went to bunch of other hotels which made me appreciate the cleanliness and upscale quality of Venetian. Â Â

19 / 27

Even with all of the choices, we would probably come back to this hotel if we ever returned to Las Vegas.

On the last day of our west coast... by Miranda E. via yelp

On the last day of our west coast road trip, my husband and I stayed at the Venetian. Honestly, it wasn't that great of an experience. When we first arrived, I was told we were bumped from the non-smoking room I had booked online(through their website) to a smoking one. Yuck. It stunk!!! When we walked into the room, I immediately noticed a depression in the bed, like someone had been sitting or laying there. Then I found a Nutri-Grain wrapper and a Kenneth Cole clothing tag on the floor, as well as a crumbled receipt in the trash can. Really? That is sloppy housekeeping. I called the front desk. They offered to send a maid to clean it, but it wasn't necessary. I could pick up two pieces of garbage and smooth out the bedspread. For the price we paid for the suite, I just wanted them to be aware of the problem. They immediately offered to knock off our resort fee, which appeased that situation. Our stay was fine. The bathroom was clean, and the water pressure in the shower was fantastic. I also found it really quiet. We got a pretty good nights sleep (albeit only a few hours). The next morning we went to collect our car from the valet. We were told it was a 30 minute wait. We were in a bit of a hurry, which was our fault, but when I approached the valet desk and asked if there was anything we could do to get our car a little sooner to make our flight (like get it ourselves), they did nothing to accommodate us. We were forced to wait the 30 minutes and we did, indeed, miss our flight. The hotel is grand and beautiful, but I just wasn't impressed with their customer service. There are so many other options to stay in Las Vegas. I'm not sure I would stay with them again.

20 / 27

Loved the decor at this casino..... by Kim G. via yelp

Loved the decor at this casino.. Located off the strip. There indoor shopping area is by far the best visually. Â Love the inside, cause everything looks so fancy smancy..

This place is not super expensive... by Hannah L. via yelp

This place is not super expensive but is super nice for what you pay for. Â BUT it also attracts the cheaper type of clientele. Â Young, cheap wannabe ballers everywhere. Â $5 tables. Â The dealers are nice. Â Had one of my biggest hits ever here on the craps table so I'll always love this place :). Have had a lot of other winnings as well. Â These poor dealers are so nice considering how some of them are treated by losing players. Â About the hotel rooms, I like them the best, bc they're all basically junior suites. Â Flat screens in every room. One time we stayed at the palazzo though, and we had an outside patio that was amazing! Â It had a fireplace, lounge chairs, tables and it was a huge private patio for just our room! Best place for your money.

21 / 27

One of my favorite places to stay... by Shy A. via yelp

One of my favorite places to stay on the strip. Clean and the suites are spacious. Plus their rewards program (Grazie) gives back more than any other that I've seen.

The Venetian is a timeless classic... by Alexander Y. via yelp

The Venetian is a timeless classic of a hotel that will always hold a special place in my heart.  But compared to the new breed of hotels, it just doesn't hold the same appeal as it once did. The suites are still pretty big, and you can definitely stuff plenty of people in them if that's your goal because you'll usually have a king-sized bed and a pull-out sofa.  And the bathroom is top-notch, made of marble and individual shower stalls.  But now, the design is all just a bit blasé now.  I'd probably say functional, but not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other newer breed hotels. The casino floor is nice, but all the tables/machines are pretty smushed together.  It can be a real pain in the ass when there's a bunch of people, because it gets super crowded.  Everything also begins to look the same after a while, which is an issue if you're trying to look for something. The poker room is isolated from all that though and very large with plenty of tables.  The sports book is top-notch with the numerous huge screens and leather chairs.  Great place to watch sports.  The shops are nice, and who can complain about the gondola?? Overall, I'd still stay here if I got a good deal.  But after living at the Cosmo, this place just can't compare anymore.

22 / 27

I love, love, love coming here... by Tomoko S. via yelp

I love, love, love coming here to The Grand Canal Shoppes. Of course there are some shops that are pricey however the canal and the ambiance makes me feel like I'm in Italy. I love just walking through, so pretty!

I've been dreading this review... by Brittany R. via yelp

I've been dreading this review because I just want to forget about my experience at this hotel. I'd give the room a -3 wifi didn't work and the head board was torn, no fridge, there is but if you move anything it charges you, cheap off brand toiletries and no coffee pot!? Even the days inn have those! cleanliness -3 had to wipe out the bathtub full of short curly black hairs before I could bathe. Picked a few off my socks too, casino-3 it was a maze to the desk, poker room- 3. my fiance played for hours and said he wouldn't play here again, too many weird rules. Customer service - negative 1000. I'll try to sum it up for the sake of myself and everyone reading this: Stayed here on Christmas Day, I'm content with 3 star hotels but for the holiday my fiance convinced me to for once treat ourselves to Venetian or Caesars. And we unfortunately pick this place. Room was decent enough (absolutely not worth price if you ask me) Had a good nights rest didn't hear any neighbors which I LOVED! Then we checked out and at this point I'd give an

23 / 27

overall 4... Then the next evening I realized I forgot my brand new, got to wear it one damn time, $225 coat...I remember taking it off when we got in the room and leaving with a different coat on. I call the 27th (was in utah mountains so no reception until then) *Call lost and found leave a message. 20 mins later call back talk to a man. Writes down description. 30 mins- call back. Talk to a woman "no man back here or inquiry please describe the coat". describe it. Call back. No coat- I ask to speak to security. A male officer takes my info down does a "lost inquiry" tells me to call back tomorrow. *Next day- instead of calling I decide to go out of my way and go in. *Tell the woman at the desk my situation, she calls lost and found -nothing. "go to security". I go they have none of my inquiries and no coat. They send me to a manager back at the front... *I talk to Rhommel Berris, desk manager who tells me "nothing is found so therefore there is nothing I can do". I tell him exactly what time I came in and what I was wearing to check the cameras. He can't because surveillance is a different "entity". Bet if I took $225 from them it wouldn't be 5 secs later that I was caught and in handcuffs though. *He calls security, calls housekeeping- nothing. tells me "sorry if nothing is found there's nothing we can do" well obviously it wasn't found or I wouldn't have been wasting my time with you guys. Security comes and takes my THIRD lost inquiry report. Tells me "call back in 72 hours" On the phone for 45 mins and arguing with Rhommel for an hour and 15 mins and there was NOTHING they could do, I thought maybe they'd offer something, anything! But we ask "because of all of our time wasted could we at least get a lunch voucher" and Rhommel said "sorry unfortunately I can't do that" well Rhommel it doesn't seem like you can do much of anything. Losing the coat was my fault but my coat magically disappearing when I left the room and how unprofessional they were is theirs. I will never again stay here and EVERYONE who's mentioned Vegas in the past week I obviously tell them to avoid it. I advise anyone who for whatever reason decides to stay don't leave anything behind, I've read other reviews of things going missing after they've left for the day and housekeeping has been in. This place is super unorganized and it was an expensive, annoying lesson learned.

24 / 27

A high class hotel for a no class... by Roy B. via yelp

A high class hotel for a no class dude like me, brilliant!  Some shit's gonna happen at the Venitian for sure. Romance, bromance I'm here to partaaay baby. Whats not to like about the Venetian?  This is a pretty nice place to stay, large room, comfy king sized bed, great view.………… Great Art………… DaVinci Exhibit… Cool Shops…… Great Food……… And Candy too……

25 / 27

The Venetian is almost 5 ***** Star in my book but ...................The only thing wrong .... NO ICE or vending machines on the 11th  floor! WTF -1* Star I spent a several days here on a recent business trip. Company dime, hell yea! 4 days no police, no ATF officers, no DEA, no FBI, not even a single meter maid, this place is boring. I'm going back downtown where shit happens and it don''t cost $10 bucks for a pack of smokes and nobody looks at ya funny for ordering a bottle  of Bud or for wearing a trucker hat and having a rebel flag tattoed on your neck. I miss Fremont street.

...Bouchon, Public House, the shopping,... by Michael U. via yelp

...Bouchon, Public House, the shopping, and the sports book - the best hotel in Vegas, imo.

The decor of my room was amazing!!!!... by Darlene T. via yelp

The decor of my room was amazing!!!! we had a suite and another big room, forgot what its called but its not a normal room! The set up of the venetian is so beautiful! I love the design of the room. Â brings you back in the days to an elegant prince/princess scene. Â What I love is the window screen where you can adjust it from remote for the perfect lighting. Â Bathroom is so nice!!!!! Such a nice hotel!

26 / 27

I never been to San Marco Italy.... by Johan C. via yelp

I never been to San Marco Italy.   But they say that when the  Venetian was almost about to open they delayed  it to the public because something was missing from the courtyard.  The missing thing was the constant breeze of air that flows by.  The Venetian is elegance for everyone to enjoy.


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