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Review: 3.2 out of 5 based on 45 local reviews

by Joel Chambers via google 2012-12-06

Still seams a little outdated, no coffee maker or mini fridge in the room. Not much to do here but is close to larger casinos.

by Anthony Angellotti via google 2012-11-14

Not the best for the money.Layout not guest friendly ..$$$deadbolt didn't work ..TV poor

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by N.O. Foodie via google 2012-11-09

* Shower had mold * Smoke detector was gone when we checked in ( they got us a new one the next day ) * Dead bolt lock did not work and they did not want to fix it. * The windows are very, very thin you can hear all the noise from road and the airport. It sounds like the helecopters are landing in the room. I do not think there was a night that I did not wake up at least twice because of the noise from the outside. * Room was clean and the staff was friendly. But the foor quality was real good but very pricey.

by Anthony Cohen via google 2012-10-30

I hate my wife working there... Tropicana needs to get with google and update shops,food just casino all together for maps.

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by stacia vegas via google 2012-03-09

RPM Nightclub has been remodeled from Club Nikki at the Tropicana. I went for the soft opening and was very impressed with the updated decor. They took out all the "beachy" decorations and went for a clean, white ambiance. It really reminded me of pure with all the white booths. Great remodel :) There is a small gaming area with a bar that is 10 times faster than the main bar and a good sized dance floor. We had a booth that was centrally located and very spacious with hidden drawers to store personal belonging out of sight. The waitress was very friendly and stopped by frequently to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed. The security staff was also very good and actually helped my drunk friend find her misplaced purse! Days Open: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Hours: 10:30pm-close (usually 4-5am) Guestlist: Free-$20 before 12 midnight and Free-$20 after 12 midnight. Guestlist wait: 5-30 minutes. Hosted Entry: $10/girl and $30/guy (includes cover and no wait in line) VIP TABLES Wednesday: $250 for locals/girls for 1 skyy vodka (includes tax, gratuity, entry for up to 7 people or unlimited girls) $800 for 2 bottle table: 1 premium bottle and 1 bottle of Skyy Vodka (includes tax, gratuity, entry for up to 10 people) Friday/Saturday: $550 for 1 bottle table: 1 bottle of Skyy Vodka (includes tax, gratuity, entry for up to 8 people) $900 for 2 bottle table: 1 premium bottle and 1 bottle of Skyy Vodka (includes tax, gratuity, entry for up to 8 people) $1300 for 3 bottle table: 2 premium bottles and 1 bottle of Skyy Vodka (includes tax, gratuity, entry for up to 12 people) The music is mainstream hip-hop, top 40, commercial house music. On Wednesday the resident DJ Hollywood gets the crowd going. The weekends have recently been hosted by Jordan Sparks and Mary J Blige. Fat Man Scoop and Donald Glaude have also stopped by RPM. I'm very excited for the next pool season to start so I can check out the remodel of the day club! RPM Nightclub is a good choice if you are looking for a fun night out on the town!

HIDE YOUR POSSESSIONS Ă‚ ... by Mags K. via yelp


3 / 34

  I have been delayed in writing this, mainly to give it good thought and see how the Hotel resolved the issue. The problem is the staff lost or stole MY WEDDING SHOES. I am OCD- big time- in order to be an organized bride I kept everything in a huge box, perfectly, everything was in its place. Before leaving for the rehearsal I put everything in it's place to make the next day go smoothly. Bell hop arrived, my wedding box was banged the heck up, I had cute signs for family to carry down the aisle, they were torn and crinkled. Terrible.  After the rehearsal I returned to a turned down room. Everything looked in place.   I awoke early the next day, went to lay everything out for the moms to see, the shoes were gone. We looked everywhere and called security. They said I forgot them...ummm no I didn't, The shoe box was empty in my car where I took the shoes out.    I will spare the drama, basically security accused me, said the cameras don't show any stealing (it's easy for bell service or maids to steal genius) I couldn't find a pair shoes hours before the wedding that would fit the length of my dress, all pictures waist down ruined, dress ruined, tripped going up and down the aisle.  I had to wear my nude rehearsal shoes.  Tropicana remedied the situation by giving me a two night stay after I called numerous times, if I call in advance and avoid "black out" dates. Great. I seriously believe they only did that because I am a born and raised Las Vegan and they realized I wasn't going away.   Shame on you Tropicana, I have been going to this hotel since I was 5, seriously, I have the pictures by your pool. As a local I see that Vegas is truly dying with this sub par service.  Who steals a brides shoes?  Pathetic- I hope they break your ankle.

Again like the Luxor, it's undergone... by Danielle R. via yelp

Again like the Luxor, it's undergone and still undergoing some major renovations. I don't know what the rooms look like, but the front desk and some of the gaming area has been newly redone. Â And it looks pretty nice, it's no Cosomo nice, but it's no Harrah's bad. They are also adding a Bagatelle, which we've all been waiting with baited breath to see how this changes the Nikki Beach debacle that occurred there previously. Â This place is infamous for crazy brunches in NYC [Google it] I think it's supposed to open at the end of the month.

4 / 34

 But definitely missed pool season on this one. Sports book was a lot nicer than I envisioned too, albeit it was subarctic temperatures in there.  The hole casino smells like that carpet Vanilla powder that your mom used to put down before she vacuumed in the 80's, maybe it's just me. But it smells very strongly of vanilla covering up booze and cigs, in other words, not that great.

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted... by Katy T. via yelp

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted a weekend away for his 30th birthday and figured what better place to spend it than Sin City? Â When searching around for hotels, we were having a hard time that fit our desire for a nice place to stay and our low budget. Â We finally settled on the Tropicana, with no real expectations. When we arrived, we were so pleasantly surprised. Â We were there during the renovations, so not everything was open, but it didn't matter to us. Â Our room was brand new and gorgeous, it is on a great location on the strip, and we paid about $40 per night after the ridiculous discount we got. Â We had such a blast on this trip and the Trop will always have a place in our hearts.

**Casino Review Only** Tropicana... by Paul B. via yelp

**Casino Review Only**

5 / 34

Tropicana has gone through a major a renovation to keep up with the times. The flooring and the ceilings have been upgraded, new paints on walls has a coconut scent pumped throughout the casino. Casino: The dealers here are very friendly and lots of action going on in the middle part of the casino. Also they have people that massage you while gambling and plenty drink waitresses when I was gambling the slots. The casino renovation has really paid off to fit in with the theme but the coconut scent was just too strong for me, even compared to the Mirage and Mandalay Bay's air scent system. Some parts if the hotel are still in the 70's and 80's area with the low ceilings that would make a 6' person want to bend when walking under it. Also popcorn ceilings are still around so this property has a ways to go with the overhaul. The Tropicana is considerd a mid rated casino compared to the surrounding casinos like MGM and Mandalay Bay, so the comps here are pretty generous but have yet to try it because I mostly stay in my base hotel Mirage. Entertainment options can be better and not enough adult attractions for a party a goer but the use to have Nikki Beach but that failed. Tropicana needs more options for the younger crowd if it wants to be reinvent itself as a hip resort.

The newly remodeled casino is nice,... by William B. via yelp

The newly remodeled casino is nice, and so glad they kept the famous old ceiling. Â Craps had $5 min when I visited. Â So why the two stars? Â Well, we had stayed here eons ago, liked it ok given the age of this place, and were drawn in to the 'your first $200 is on us' promotion. Â Sounded too good to be true. Â When we signed up, it still sounded too good. Â The gotcha came after we tried to get our $200 losses - it is redeemed to you in forced play credits, i.e., the $200 is not handed to

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you, you have to cycle thru those credits again. Â And given the lousy payouts on the slots, we came out very far in the red. So avoid the deceptive promotion, and you might enjoy this place ok. Â Me and my wife will never step foot in here again.

Never stayed here but have lots... by Arnel D. via yelp

Never stayed here but have lots if offers to stay for free... No thanks. Â It's getting older and even with the renovations there really isn't much action in this place. They do have a nice sports book though. Â Also, they are located right next to he MGM and Hooters.

BEDBUGS. Â Stayed 2nd week... by a c. via yelp

BEDBUGS. Â Stayed 2nd week of November 2012. Â My boyfriend upgraded to a room on the 17th floor. Â He had bites on him after the first night, so we slept in the 2nd bed. Â Next morning I watched a bedbug crawl across the pillow on Bed #1 - and captured it for Management to see. Â They sent our clothes only (but refused to treat our luggage) to be dry cleaned ASAP. Â The floor manager kept repeating that an infestation "looks like a murder scene and smells" - no, that's more like 2 months of untreated bedbugs. Â He said that since there wasn't blood all over

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the linens, it looked like this was just an isolated bug that might have crawled under the door. Â But where there's one, there are more - every hotel worker knows that! When we went to talk to the Manager about getting our room fee refunded, he refused because "the room tested negative". Â HOW DOES A LIVE BEDBUG CAUGHT AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY HOTEL STAFF CLASSIFY AS A NEGATIVE TEST?! Â He then said that he also could not refund our charges because we booked on Kayak and had already paid. Â Instead they begrudgingly gave us a $60 voucher for lunch in the hotel while hoping for our dry cleaning to come back in time for our flight. Â Ridiculous handling of this issue. Â Will never be back here.

Fail. Â Would have been better... by Josh B. via yelp

Fail. Â Would have been better to tear it down. Â They put some lipstick on it, but it's still old and tired, and the food is just ok at best. Â Â The most laughable part has to be the "food court" which I would describe as more of a "prison cafeteria."

Worst customer service ever! Our... by Rachel M. via yelp

Worst customer service ever! Our car was broken into in their parking lot and they told us they would comp our rooms. They moved us to dingy, outdated rooms and then when we tried to check out refused to comp the rooms as promised! Go anywhere but the tropicana!

8 / 34

All in all it was nice but not... by Shari F. via yelp

All in all it was nice but not impressive. Â I got a good deal on our room so, for the price, we were quite pleased. Â If I had paid full price I would have been disappointed. Staff: Â Everyone was very nice and helpful. Check in and check out was quick. Â Bell service was fast and friendly as was valet service. Â We called housekeeping for a blanket and it was delivered quickly and with a smile. Rooms: Â The room was fresh, clean and nice enough but nothing to get super excited about. Â The bed was very comfortable but the only bedding was a comforter sandwiched between two sheets. Â This is the reason we requested a blanket. Â We're used to having a coffee maker in the room and they didn't provide one which was annoying. Â The did have free wifi but I had to call tech support to get it to work. Â That only took about 5 min tho and it worked great after that. Â The bathroom was clean and newish but I couldn't turn the water on in the tub without help from my husband. Â You had to pull REALLY hard to get it on. Â The worst was my pet peeve - the shower head was installed for Hobbits. Â At 5' 8" I had to bend way over to wash my hair. Â I really hate that a lot. Â Also, the morning we got up to leave the lights in the bathroom wouldn't turn on at all. Â We were in a hurry so we just turned on the light right outside the bathroom and made do. Â Entertainment & Food: Â Not much offered. The Laugh Factory had 2 for 1 tickets for those staying there and we might have gone but the only night there was a show we had tickets to a concert already. Â The Mob thing didn't interest us at all. Â The restaurants were a bit to pricey and the hours limited. Â Â There wasn't even a fun place to go have a few drinks. Â We spent most of our time over at New York New York or MGM. Â They're both just a short walk away and they have so many

9 / 34

places to choose from for drinks and food that everyone could find a place they would like. Casino: We don't gamble but my husband didn't like the cocktail waitress outfits. Â Pool: Looked nice but it was closed. Â BUMMER!

Easy free parking. Swanky new south... by Frankie T. via yelp

Easy free parking. Swanky new south beach theme. Gonna interview Murray Sawchuck. I saw the magic show for the first time here and had an amazing interview with Murray Sawchuck. A world-renowned magician who goes out of his way to be very hilarious and yet totally appropriate for kids. Not sure how he does that. My book will contain an interview with him and he really is a magic expert I found out. He's also the local magic expert for the famous Vegas-based TV show "Pawn Stars". The crowd loved not only his zany fun humor, but his tricks. You are constantly saying "What'?!!" or "How did he do that?" His wife Chloe will also make your jaw drop with her beauty playing the Magician's Assistant role. The Laugh Factory is super easy to get to via the front entrance near the parking lot. It's a lot less walk then most showrooms at a casino. Â It's tons of fun and Murray is funny as hell too, a real bonus. Everyone in the entire place was laughing so hard, and even getting up to see if there were escape hatches, wires, or cheats. His slight of hand will leave you gasping, he's great. I plan to take my mom and friends soon, and see the show again. Maybe this time I can figure out how he did at least one trick... maybe. After the show he was mobbed for autographs because due to his world travels and TV appearances everyone knows him. If you don't, you should.

10 / 34

new remodel did them good. Rooms... by Matt V. via yelp

new remodel did them good. Rooms smelled of smoke, even though it was non-smoking. Ă‚ (room 1789) staff were great though and the location is really good especially if you have a car. Ă‚ Easy in/out of the strip area

My girlfriend I stayed here this... by Stephen T. via yelp

My girlfriend I stayed here this past Christmas on a Groupon deal. The remodel looks great! Except our rooms did not. The bathroom floor tile was damaged and still dirty. The tub had stains and the floor had a Kool-aid-colored stain right at the entryway. The staff kindly moved us to a different room and refunded our resort fee, but the bathroom was still in pretty poor shape for a hotel that just remodeled, especially at their regular price I'd wager. I also didn't enjoy the fact that the hotel room didn't have any movie channels, not even HBO! Even a Motel 6 has HBO, and this lack definitely made me want to spend less time in the room and more time out of the hotel, rather than spending money in it. However, I enjoyed my time playing $5 Blackjack. I can't recall my favorite dealer there... Sam? John? A generic name like that. Very informative, patient with bets, and, best of all, I won a decent bit of money! (I might've not if I had listened to my partners at the table; never take gambling advice from old men.) The slots were less fun. Overly complicated with little payout to keep me interested. The restaurants closed early in the hotel, it seemed, during our stay. Not sure if this was

11 / 34

because of the holiday season, but I was annoyed to find I couldn't order some relatively cheap food in the hotel. Also, the business center was closed! Despite the fact that the resort fee explicitly goes to pay for that sort of thing. Couldn't print out any directions, coupons, or ticket-vouchers for shows without paying five bucks at the regular computer stations near the front. Honestly, I felt gipped and was deeply disappointed by the staff's response to the situation. On the time in question, I called from a courtesy phone right next to the place to ask if someone could come by the business center so I could print some tickets and the lady called the desk even while I was standing right beside it! Then she BS'd me, saying that the business center is closed during Christmas even though no such notice was posted anywhere that it would be, and even after I saw people manning it the day we left! This is definitely a hotel to stay at only with a coupon. Otherwise, you're better off paying a little more for a place worth the price, or just staying cheap with a motel and spending your time outside on The Strip.

Kudo's to the Tropicana for a beautifully... by Sebastian T. via yelp

Kudo's to the Tropicana for a beautifully done restoration! Â In an era when so many of the classics have been demolished, it was wonderful to see the Tropicana with new life. Â The remodel has been done perfectly and we loved the comparatively intimate, clean, fresh feel of the property. Â It's not "glitzy." Â There is not really a "wow factor." Â The casino itself is actually pretty small. Â But, what you get is a very nice, well priced resort, with fairly large rooms and all the amenities you might want. Â The pool area is a stand-out too. Â Service at the Trop was great - fast valet parking and check-in and a very friendly staff throughout. Â We had a small issue with our closet door, (it was off the track, and I'm not very mechanical), and a friendly engineer was there pronto to set things right. There is, however, a "but" coming. Â Let's see . . . Â you book around 900 rooms, full of mostly

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male athletes there for a sports competition, and it never occurs to you that the boys might be hungry after coming in from the playing fields?  Saturday night, we were starved, and not in the mood to dress for a nicer dining room.  The wait in the casual restaurant was nearly 2 hours, and the queue at the "food court" place was not much better.  Room service, (and there are two options), did not answer the phone or . . . when they did . . . immediately put you on hold.  (We waited once for 28 minutes).  When the order WAS placed, the delivery time, for a PIZZA, was 1 3/4  hours.  (We ordered that because the harried woman told us it would be the quickest thing).  Geeze!  Bring on some extra staff or get creative by building some items in advance, for quick delivery.  So frustrating! By the way, we went for lunch, several times, at "The Beach Café."  The service was actually pretty good, during "off" hours, and the food decent.  The only problem was that, on one visit, 3 or our 4 plates arrived luke-warm.  Cold won ton soup is not very appealing. Bottom line:  We loved the hotel itself but the food service needed some tweaking.

You know what? Â After the remodeling?... by Kent M. via yelp

You know what? Â After the remodeling? Â Place ain't that bad. Â Rooms were clean and the casino/lobby were cool. Â Only gripe is that the casino floor is kinda small (did most of my gambling across the street at MGM). Â And that they pump some weird coconut thing into the air (all my clothes smelled like it when I got home). Â If you're on a budget, but want to be somewhat close to other casinos, I recommend it.

13 / 34

I've stayed at The Trop a number... by Laura L. via yelp

I've stayed at The Trop a number of times throughout the years. Â My recent stay was my first since their renovations. Â My stay was perfectly fine. Â I have no complaints. What's cool? Â - As with most casinos, they appear to pump in oxygen. Â In the case of The Trop, theirs is scented with something reminiscent of Coconut and Vanilla. Â - The casino is very clean. - The casino staff is extremely friendly, even allowing me to check in hours before their posted check in. - The Laugh Factory is great. - I got an AMAZING room rate by booking my trip months in advance. Â What needs work? Â - In our particular room, the caulking on the bathtub needed replacing. - The housekeeper either did not care or did not understand enough English; when we said we did not want the room made up as my daughter was napping, she walked in anyway. Â She didn't understand that we just needed more towels. Â She just kept cleaning even when we protested. Â Eventually, we just gave up and let her clean the room around us. - They don't have great options for restaurants on property. Â They could benefit from fine dining options. - A resort fee for this property is ridiculous, especially in the Winter when the pool is closed. Â The resort fee was $14.95 and is now $19.95 and the only benefit it gave that I used was the 2-4-1 comedy show tickets (which you can also find in coupon books outside the hotel). Will I stay here again? Â Sure. Â I generally alternate between hotels on the North Strip and South Strip on every trip depending on my itinerary. Â This trip was all about the South Strip, so The Trop was a great value and a good choice for my stay.

14 / 34

Had I known better this was the... by ron z. via yelp

Had I known better this was the hill billy hotel of Las Vegas I would've paid an extra bill to stay at the aria or venetian where I was last trip. internet doesnt work, pool was closed due to a "biohazrd" (a nice way of saying someone took a dump) and renovation is done half ass. Stay away from this place if you dont like hill billies and feces i'm swimming pools.

Our room was pretty nice and we... by John M. via yelp

Our room was pretty nice and we got a good price. Â Â The service was excellent, we never had to wait for valet parking or bell service. Â At some of the big hotels these waits can be annoying. Â The best feature of this hotel is the location. Â It an easy walk to most everything. Â The comedy show at half price was very funny. Â On the downside, the casino first $200.00 promotion is a little bogus, but we are not really gamblers. Â About half the restaurants seemed closed but there are a lot of choices on adjoining properties. Â Â Room are better than Excalibur or Luxor, but not nearly as nice as at the MGM Grand or the Venetian. Â And that resort fee...... if they said it was for wireless Internet and valet parking and was optional, I would have taken it. Â But as others have said, its a poor pricing strategy if you want happy guests. Â Â Â I liked the coconut smell a lot more than the smokey tobacco smell at most other places, but my daughter hated it.

15 / 34

Pros: I have to say, I was surprised... by Danielle T. via yelp

Pros: I have to say, I was surprised with the Tropicana rooms. I wasn't expecting them to be as big as they were. I went with a friend and we were in a 2 queen room. And there was still plenty of space, even after we scattered our things about as we seem to do. And it was a room with a view of what was once Club Nikki/Nikki Beach. The casino didn't smell of smoke as most of the casinos seem to. It smelled of something else, which to me, was a good thing, but a bad thing for my friend; I think the smell made her allergies act up. There was a good amount of food places on the way to the rooms, so that was convenient, as well as the coffee place right at the elevator bay and the 24-hour Starbucks and food court. Their food court was not the usual, with McDonalds and Pizza Hut or whatever they have. They had their own menu and was better than a run-of-the-mill food court. Con: Self park is a bit far from the front desk. And the front desk is a bit far from the rooms. The walks to the cabs and the rooms were horrible, especially in high heels and sober - You girls know what I'm talking about lol.

It's Vegas with a Miami vibe/decor.... by Eastsac G. via yelp

It's Vegas with a Miami vibe/decor. Stayed 3 nights. Was originally going to stay in the Paradise Tower but ended up with a mini upgrade to Club Tower on 18th floor, big corner/quiet room overlooking the pool. Nice big tub/bathroom, great TV, decent sized sitting area, comfortable bed. Yes, it's a bit of a walk to the entrance/casino but if you're a pool person, was a quick ride down the elevator and out the door. Perfect! Great pool area because it's not your standard rectangle. It kind of meanders around different

16 / 34

areas some which are shaded and also a swim up blackjack table. Also like the fact there's lots of grassy areas to drag your lounge chair onto and not have to sit jam packed like sardines on hot cement. Music is a bit too loud and after 3 days I could tell you what song was going to play at what time because it's on a loop. Can rent giant loungers that remind you of a king sized bed or a cabana. Also has an outside bar and servers which comes in handy. Good pour too although pricey. Had HH at the Ambhar lounge from 4-6 pm. Took advantage of the up to $200 free slot play if you lose. Unfortunately I did lose $200+ first night so received $100 play first night, $50 the next 2 nights. Ending up winning overall so it was a no brainer to sign up. Pretty good pay on the video slots & DH won playing blackjack. All employees we dealt with with very nice. Had no problem getting drinks comped no matter where we were playing. Sports book is huge and mostly deserted so easy to place a bet. Nice open, airy feel to the whole place. The aroma they pump in is kind of annoying at first but then you don't even smell it after a while. Some nice on site shopping kiosks that aren't too pricey. Didn't eat at any of the restaurants but the menus looked decent. Revamped steak house and new Italian restaurant that had a prix fixe meal at $30. Some say it has an "older" clientele. I found it to be be a very well mixed group from young to old and not at all pretentious. They did have dancers up on a table late at night to entice the gentlemen. Not my cup of tea. They were just opening a brand new pool area the weekend we left but I hear they're going to charge hotel guests because it's going to be open to the public as a "private" club. It looked beautiful but come on, you're going to charge your HOTEL GUESTS? Only complaints I have are: Noise level of the music and announcements all over the property and even the live band is incredibly ear shattering. Talked to more than one employee who wished they could wear earplugs. So loud in the Ambhar lounge finally gave up and moved to the bar next to the Sports Book. The first day literally could not talk to the person next to me in the lounge chair at the pool. Also, need a music loop that's longer than the 8-12 hours it currently is. Gets REALLY boring hearing the same music day after day. One of the bartenders said he was going to shoot himself about a month ago if he heard Ricky Martin sing Livin' La Vida Loca one more time :) Ticks me off to pay a "resort fee". Just raise the room rate. Didn't bring my laptop so that perk was useless. Didn't use the gym. Ă‚ They say it covers use of the pool. REALLY! Also was supposed to be for printing boarding pass and HH at the bar but I noticed anyone could use

17 / 34

these "perks". Stop charging resort fees! Not enough older quarter slots. Could find only ONE double diamond machine. Would probably stay here again though if I could get a decent rate. Rates 3 1/2 stars. Just a quick aside regarding taxis in Vegas: They long haul on a regular basis. Always ask for the "cheapest" route. We paid $14.50 from the airport, friends paid $24 and then we paid $11.10 back. Also got pulled over by the state taxi "police" because a driver was long hauling us from downtown back to the Trop. Bad, bad, bad.

We literally booked the Tropicana... by Nida K. via yelp

We literally booked the Tropicana when we landed in Vegas on this handy hotel app and we got the room for $30/night. Not too shabby since the rest of our bachelorette party peeps weren't coming in until the next day and we wanted to keep it cheap. I was a little skeptical about staying here since this hotel is super old but their recent remodel actually made our stay quite nice. The hotel decor is ultra swanky and hip, you couldn't even tell that this hotel is over 50 years old. The three of us got a room in the Club Tower and I thought the room was decent sized, clean, and up to date with the times. I have absolutely no complaints about the Tropicana so for a cheap option, I'd consider staying here again. The Tropicana's location is on the south end of the strip so it's a little far from all the new popular hotels in town so expect to spend moolah on taxis if you're going to the mid/north end of the strip.

18 / 34

Had a family wedding to attend... by Dan H. via yelp

Had a family wedding to attend this past weekend and most everyone was booked into "The New Tropicana." Ă‚ I would never opt to stay at this end of the strip as it is a long schlep to the bumpin part. The monorail doesn't even come this far so you have to walk over to the MGM to catch it. Well I was more than pleasantly surprised by the remod. Looks great, even smells great. My room was spacious and looked out on the strip as I was in the Paradise Tower, which BTW is closest to the casino and front door. No fridge, but I hear you can rent one for $10 per night. What was most impressive was the friendly staff. Everyone from the two check-in ladies, to the convenience store and house cleaning staff were all smiles. They really did a great job on their hires. The pool area has also undergone a remod and while it ain't the Wynn pool, it is very nice with plenty of shade for pale faces like me. The lounge is conveniently located by the Paradise Tower elevators, and the band jamming there on Friday - Sunday was a funky good time. We spent around an hour there all three nights before going out for the evening. Would I stay here again? Would not be my first choice because of the location, but if family or friends were already booked I would gladly join in again.

Stayed here mid July 2012 on a... by Alex V. via yelp

Stayed here mid July 2012 on a weekend. I was able to snag a 3 nights for $150 deal through Facebook. Overall I was satisfied with our stay but this hotel seems more like hotel for "older

19 / 34

folk". When you first walk you feel like your at a hospital because its really bright and white. The renovations are noticeable and the rooms are comfy. Won a bit of money on black-jack and roulette. The coconut/smoke mixture in the air got annoying after the 2nd day. Resort fee is 15 dollars which is less than a majority of the other resorts. The light let in from the blinds didn't really bug me. I would recommend this hotel if you are on a budget. Pros -Check-in was fast. -Hotel does not get crowded (like other hotels). -Room was nice. -Pool area is nice even though it was a mixture of older and younger folk. Cons -Our room felt like it was miles from the casino floor. -Bathrooms didn't seem so remodeled to me.

I stayed at the Trop about 7 years... by Tim A. via yelp

I stayed at the Trop about 7 years ago and said I would not be back because of the condition. Â I have to say the remodel is quite nice. Â The room was well done and the casino (although small) looked very nice. Â The restaurants were also good. Â However, once again I will not be back to the Trop because of the ridiculous resort fee. Â I will go back to the Ceaser's properties where these ridiculous fees don't exist. Â Trop if your rooms had actually cost more per night I would have given you a good review and been back, but no one likes to feel rear-ended.

20 / 34

Excellent place to stay. Â Just... by Meredith M. via yelp

Excellent place to stay.  Just got back from my 3rd stay at the Trop and it didn't disappoint.  Israel who works at the front desk is amazing!  So nice and friendly.  Took very good care of us during our stay.  The Paradise Tower room was perfect yet again, very clean and a great view of the pool.  The only bad part was the weather for the first couple days we were there....rain??  Not the Trop's fault though.  We thoroughly enjoyed the pool on Wednesday and Thursday.  The pool is very large and there is plenty of seating whether you want sun or shade.  The Trop is a small casino but that's why I like it.  There isn't a lot of people milling around and check in is quick and painless (no waiting!) Can't wait to visit again :) Upon arriving here we had a very nice person check us in name Barbara.  Barbara was awesome and… Read more »

I for one was totally impressed... by Erika E. via yelp

I for one was totally impressed with the Tropicana. We booked with expedia and stayed one night in the paradise tower. The room was properly appointed, and clean (carpet, tile, etc). I just loved the fact that I could open the windows! Such a trip in Vegas. The casino is small, but a whole lotta fun! The dealers are pretty an the go go dancers work that little stage. The bar is fun too, the band and musician I saw were great. Totally kept the ladies moving and grooving.

21 / 34

We had two meals at the Beach Cafe and those were both very good with nice service. I think it is fair to say that the Tropicana is a 3 star hotel with a 4 star rating. A good spot if you are traveling with a group, it is intimate enough that you will be able to find each other - both at the casino and the pool!

Just got back from a four-night... by Rena T. via yelp

Just got back from a four-night stay at the Trop. Â We stayed in the new tower and our room was very nice. Â The beds were super comfy. Â The restaurant options were limited, we ate at the steak house. Â The food was pretty good, and expensive. Â As part of the resort fee, you get wifi and parking. Â I didn't get to enjoy the spa or the pool though the pool looks pretty nice. Â I would definitely stay here again.

My wife and I along with another... by S H. via yelp

My wife and I along with another couple stayed over a weekend in November. At the time the check in desk area was in the middle of renovations. As were other parts of the hotel. My first complaint was that they put us in the second tower which is a long walk just to get to the casino, booze, fun etc. There is also no direct access to this tower from the parking lot. Pain in the arse!

22 / 34

Our friends first room smelled of puke. So they moved them to another room. Fortunately only the bathroom smelled of vomit. The front desk employees had zero personality unless you consider "bitchy" a worthy personality trait. The rest of the staff were nice and seemed personable. The cost of the sodas in the vending machines made losing money at the Craps table seem inexpensive in comparison. Lastly, the parking structures looked like they were falling apart. There was literally a gap in the the road surface of the second floor of the garage that I could slip my arm through. If you are looking for a crash pad I guess the Tropicana will suffice. Otherwise, keep looking.

Came here for a show in June for... by Jennifer N. via yelp

Came here for a show in June for Dancing With the Stars and the lobby area really appealed to me- the relative calmness (I like balance). So when it came for me to help my friend find hotel rooms for her birthday this weekend, I wanted to stay here- plus found a good deal online. Arrived around 2 PM & found that the registration line was starting up. Had a trainee get our rooms, but the manager helped us do a mini upgrade to get two conjoined rooms in the Club Tower. Perfect, since we wanted to visit the pool a few times during our stay. We were pretty sure that the online special we got included the resort fees, but the manager comped us anyways. So nice of him! In no time, we were in our rooms and they were lovely. I've stayed in a few hotels on the Strip (Excalibur, Sands, Caesar's, Monte Carlo) and I liked how refreshing it was, really liked the shutters- nice touch. Had a nice view to the pool area and a New York skyline. Never touched/turned on the tv, but it looked like a nice size. Loved the ipod docksgood motivator while getting ready for the evening... and the mirrors! Plenty of them to check and recheck yourself before going out.

23 / 34

People say that the bathrooms looked a little outdated, but I disagree. Yes, they used oddly warm colors, but it was spacious and the fixtures worked fine, that's all I need. I remember them saying there would be complimentary waters, but I didn't see any on neither day. Hmmm... The pool area is nice, but smaller than I thought. We had trouble finding chairs (looks like people stake them out all day), but eventually people started clearing out. The jacuzzi jets were oddly loud and awkward- I couldn't talk to the person next to me. Strange. We never ate at the hotel, since we did the 24-hr buffet, so I cannot comment on the restaurants. We did get some drinks at the bar & the girls were pretty nice there. The Club tower was a bit far of a walk- wished there was an easier and faster way to get to the parking lot! We saw Thunder From Down Under across the bridge the first night we got there, so that was super helpful in terms of location. Ă‚ Overall, I really liked staying at a chill, quiet room after clubbing & drinking all night.

I stayed at the tropicana thanksgiving... by oscar n. via yelp

I stayed at the tropicana thanksgiving weekend 2012. The room is very nice. Looks just the pictures posted. It is very clean and looks brand new. There is a coconut smell through out the hotel, its not overwhelming like others say it is. It actually smells pretty good. The food is expensive and ok. I suggest eating somewhere else for less money. The casino does not pay. I won more money at other Casinos. Both tables and slots. So basically if you want a nice room. Stay here. But eat and Ă‚ gamble some where else.


24 / 34

The Tropicana doesn't... by Robert H. via yelp

Wow! The Tropicana doesn't look anything like it used to. Â It's outside appearance may have something to be desired in comparison to its much newer neighbors on the strip, but inside is where The Trop shines. The hotel and casino are bright, clean and fresh smelling. Their front desk agents are friendly and accommodating. Â Slots are looser than most other casinos on the strip (I sat at one machine for over 4 1/2 hours with only my $20 initial investment). Â Nice! If you're new to their players club, you get up to $200 back in slot play. Â You can't beat that. I stayed at Planet Hollywood and had a very different experience. Â I will definitely return to The Tropicana!!!

I really enjoyed this hotel. I've... by R C. via yelp

I really enjoyed this hotel. I've stayed at Treasure Island, MGM, and now the Tropicana and I really enjoyed it the most. TI was nice but the bathroom was very small and the shower/tub was pretty tight space wise. Also it was a pretty loud casino with expensive table games and not a whole lot of character. MGM was nice, but SOO BIG. Finally by the third day or so I knew where I was in the casino. The rooms were nice in this hotel, but again I didn't like the bathrooms too much. Very modern but only a shower. I like the tub option!

25 / 34

Tropicana, however was such a nice relaxing place to stay. They had these great bathtubs and nice plantation shutters in the room which gave them a warm feel. They had new flatscreen TV's too! The fitness center was very nice, I went to that a couple times and also the pool was a lot of fun. The resort fee here is only 15 dollars (20 at most other places on the strip). ONE MAIN CRITICISM: not much food in the hotel! The Beach Cafe was OK but not great, there are a couple expensive places we didnt try, and the "food court" is pretty terrible. The yogurt place and Starbucks were nice to have, but otherwise they need to add more food stuff! Good trip though. I'd stay there again.

I remember my fiancee told me at... by Terry C. via yelp

I remember my fiancee told me at the time that she stayed at the Tropicana a few years ago and remembered the tropical bed sheets. A coworker told me that she stayed there a few years ago and it was "ghetto". Well for my bachelor party we stayed there through a deal we got online. So it wasn't expensive at all. The remodeled the place a few years ago and its really nice. It's got that Miami feel to it. The rooms were clean and the hotel itself was pretty posh in my opinion. The hotel gave us adjoining rooms, which was nice sinc 2 hours after checking in one of my friends misplaced his room key. Nice job jerk! The front desk people were nice. We arrived from the airport at 10 am and we were given our room around 10:30 AM for an additional $20. I thought it was money well spent so we took it and crashed there and took a quick nap. As for the casino, it's smaller than most of ther casinos but they do offer what everybody wants. Table games and slot machines. The convience of having a bridge that connects to two other casinos are a plus, your not stuck wasting money at the two expensive restaurants they have there.

26 / 34

I think the biggest downfall of this wonderful place was the fact that they are a little far away from the main action of the strip. So if you want to see the water show at the Bellagio, than you might want to either walk up there during the night, or take the monorail tram from the MGM to the Flamingo and walk across the street to watch the show. If you take a cab to go down the strip, it might cost more since the only road to get into the Trop is Tropicana Blvd. Overall the rooms were nice, and the place itself was great. I had no complaints at all. The staff were great and professional. The wifi is pretty weak, my phone was useless in the rooms. The shower head is basically made for a person who isn't taller than 5 feet 7 inches. Me being six feet, I had to bend down quite a bit to wash my hair. And if your wondering about winning money at the casino there...good luck. How the heck does a dealer hit a 21 on six cards three straight times!?

OK OK Let me explain. I had a hard... by Christina O. via yelp

OK OK Let me explain. I had a hard time NOT giving this place 5 stars. There were errors here and there that could have been taken care of and avoided but at the same time, it was all made "right" at the end. So, I really don't have any complaints. I was out here during the week of the 2012 Presidential election. The strip wasn't real packed. So, it was the perfect time to be visiting. With all the buzz about the election and the electoral votes, etc, my family and I had our eyes peeled with every TV screen we passed by. The most unfortunate thing was that our room was one of the ones that had been remodeled but in doing so, we weren't ever given the proper remote for the TV and we also weren't given a remote with a guide button that worked. Without a guide button, we also didn't know what channels we had access to or not. Boo! So that was one problem. Ă‚ I asked the front desk about the TV. They said that they would send someone to bring us a replacement remote. I waited for 3 hours. THat didn't happen. I asked again when I was leaving the hotel, for someone to please leave us that remote in our room while we were out. That didn't happen. I finally turned on the TV, well tried to, but it was out. Apparently there was a casino-wide surge and tons of poker machines out on

27 / 34

the gambling floor weren't working, the computers at the front desk weren't working and the TV's were not working. Oh joy! Another problem for us was that when we had house keeping come, we were going through tissues in our room like crazy. I was suffering from crazy allergies and so was my auntie. When the housekeeping staff came, we never had our tissue supply replenished. So, I had to ask that housekeeping come to our room at 3AM when we had run out of tissue as well as toilet paper. That was issue number two. Again, keep in mind that all it took was a phone call and it was fixed. It was nice that I received what I'd asked for in about 10 minutes after making the phone call, not an hour or two. The last issue was that some of our electrical outlets were not working. That was a bummer when we had cell phones and iPads to plug in and charge. The hotel is on the strip, very close to the sign that welcomes you into Las Vegas. It's connected, via bridge, to the MGM. So, that was a nice stroll between the properties. The minute you walk in, it smells like cocoa butter and coconut. I like the smell but I'm sure there are plenty who are not fond of that scent. Our room was just as I had asked, 2 beds, near an elevator and on a lower level floor. I didn't want to get stuck in a hotel elevator with 45678943 other people who were coming and going in between each and every floor. I also had been given a pool view. That was nice, until I noticed that there was a guy outside my window after I'd come out of the bathroom from having taken a shower. I sure hope it was tinted. I called the front desk right away and asked who and why he was out there. I think he and I both kinda startled each other. Luckily, I had my towel wrapped around me but sheesh. Ă‚ The desk told me that he was putting up some new banners and they should have let the guests know but weren't sure that they'd done it or not. Umm, OK great but do something about him!! They got him away from my window immediately. THanks! The rooms are spacious and are pretty clean. I do it at every hotel, checked for bugs and bed mites and things. All clear!! The shower was nice and large. But, with as big a tub as we had, I had hoped that we'd received a stopper for our drain so that we could take a bath if we'd chosen to do so. I didn't mention this until the end of my stay. I stayed at the Trop for about one week. I got to know the ladies who cleaned my room. After the first time I met them, I asked them for a few things and that they make sure that certain items were always well stocked. After that, it went smoothly and perfectly. Occasionally, I would leave them a drink or snack with their tip. So, I'd say that we had a pretty good relationship for that week.

28 / 34

The decor is simple and on the more tropical side. The sundries store clerks are fabulous; charming and  very friendly. The beach cafe was perfect when I was craving a simple turkey sandwich. The prices weren't bad either. The five stars comes from my not having to pay my resort fees, for the service that I received from the staff, for the assistance I received from the concierge and for the value of my money. I'd definitely stay here again if given the opportunity. I was lucky enough to book my one week's stay for under two hundred bucks. So, if I am lucky enough to find a similar promotion again, I'd stay here without any hesitation. THANKS!!

I was really surprised at how great... by Mark A. via yelp

I was really surprised at how great the Tropicana was, not that I had bad expectations or anything. Â Stayed for four nights with some homies for the WSOP. Â My room was very clean, they gave us a free upgrade to a city view, the a/c worked perfectly, and the entire hotel was spotless. The pool area was super crowded but we found some seats anyway, but wound up just hanging in the pool in the 120 degree summer drinking beers. Â The music from the "MTV" type pool club thing they have there (Nikki Beach) was a bit too loud, I'll admit, but it sounded like people were having fun so who cares. Â The main pool was crowded but did not feel like it in the pool itself, because it's so big. Â There is also a big shaded area in the main pool with a blackjack table and bar. We ate at the pizza place inside and it was great, and there is a Starbucks in easy hangover distance from the elevators for your afternoon breakfast coffee. Check-in was super easy.

29 / 34

Some minor things - there are no curtains, just wooden slats, but if you do Vegas right you really won't care and will wake up when you are supposed to anyway. Ă‚ Our city view room was shiny at night, lights were lighting up at the MGM and there was also some kind of light - advertising going on on the side of the building itself, so a little bit of blinkies through the night. Also no coffee maker in the room, and the pool could have used a more attentive cleanup crew - there were cups and cans flying all over the place. Ă‚ The parking lot is far from the lobby, but it was never a huge issue for us, even in the heat. Taxis you can get right outside the door. Small casino, older clientele, and far to walk from the strip were minor things that didn't really bother me, except once when we (wrongly) decided to try to walk home instead of taxi-it. Overall I would recommend this place, it was a great stay and there are definitely so many worse hotels in this price range, even more expensive, in Vegas that I dare anyone who has complained on Yelp to stay at, they'll be running back to the Tropicana crying and saying "Sorry Tropicana I love you!"

I could take it or leave it. We... by Chris O. via yelp

I could take it or leave it. We were told the rooms would be comped but we were charged a $20 fee when we checked in and then charged the full room rate when we checked out. Gaming area was small but there were lots of slots if that is your thing. The drinks were cheap compared to other casinos if you had to pay for them.

This place is tiny! It really lacks...

30 / 34

by Nancy M. via yelp

This place is tiny! It really lacks the pizazz of the bigger resorts. Seriously, I don't know how this hotel is a 4-star hotel. Is it because they renovated?!?! It looks like a huge bottle of white-out threw up on the exterior of the place. Also, remind me why I'm paying a resort fee of $14.99 per night?!?! I would have never considered this place a resort. Stupid priceline! I should have never bid on a hotel. LOL Anyways, the room was not as updated as I thought it would be. Although the bed was how I like it...white and fluffy with down comforters, the bathroom left much to be upgraded. It felt like a cheesy motel bathroom. The fixtures on the sink and bathroom were not new or shining. And the tiles were an ugly dull yellow color. And surprisingly we had no coffee maker. Really?!?! What happened? Even the maid came by to give us stuff for our coffee maker but our room didn't have one. :/ Also, on our first night there the ice machine on our floor was outta ice/broken, I'm not sure which one so I made the trek to the 4th...OMG! ice! I had to go up to the 5th floor just to get some ice because when I asked room service they would've charged me 5 bucks to get ice for me. :( Boo! They have a food court which I was expecting to see like at Excalibur, Monte Carlo, and New York New York with McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. BUT what you get is like a cafeteria. They have a bunch of menus sitting in front of the cashier for different cuisines and then you wait and wait for your food at the tables provided. My friend ordered a slice of pizza and still had to wait although they have 6 pies waiting under the heat lamp. Yes, seriously! :/ Boo! As for gambling, I went around the hotel to see what games they had and came back around in 5 mins. They really don't have a huge gaming floor. Although I did like their offer for new player club slots, (example) if you lose $200 they give you half back ($100) the same day in playing credit. That's not a shabby incentive to gamble more. Of course only for NEW members! Let's start crackin'! :) I probably won't stay here again because they really didn't have much to offer me, but at least the location is centralized. You can walk across to Excalibur and take the free trams to Mandalay or Luxor. :) Or like glad you have a car rental. LOL

31 / 34

Great job on the remodel! My... by Damion C. via yelp

Great job on the remodel! My wife and I stayed here this past week in a suite(bedroom/living room). Â Huge space for the price we paid! Â The room was very clean, the beds were very comfy, and the air was working perfectly. Check in was smooth and fast. The layout is easy. Spa...My wife loved her massage but said the other parts were very lacking. Beach Cafe, good food, try the Pastrami sandwhich on pretzel bread!!! Biscayne Steak...had wine and appetizers...all great! Â Good Service! Pool had a nice layout, not to over crowded. Not as "smokey" as other places...the do pump in the smell of vanilla or coconut? Door man were very helpful to get a big party to another hotel. Check out was easy... Will be staying here again.

If I based my review on only the... by Cheryl V. via yelp

If I based my review on only the room itself, I would probably the Trop 4 or 5 stars. Â For a somewhat renovated hotel, it is what it is, and would probably be worth staying at again for the value. Â But, since all of us Yelpers base our reviews on the entire experience, let me expand why the Trop only gets two: My sister and I were celebrating our birthday weekend in Veags (we're twins) and had booked a Saturday night at the Trop via an online deal. Â Excited, since we've never stayed there before

32 / 34

but knew it was this famous place on the strip, we looked into good food around the area, and what else we can do that was close. Â Having stayed at other hotels not in the middle of the strip before, discovering that the Tropicana was much more south than what was ideal, we made the most of it and understood there would be some travelling in the car. Â Okay, no problem. Â We made dinner reservations further up the strip and booked show tickets at Planet Hollywood. Â We were set. We arrive in Vegas around 1:30pm, and decide to have lunch first before checking in, since it was too early to do so and our lunch reservation was North Strip. Â After lunch and some games, we head down a little bit after 4pm (check-in begins at 3), and that's when the trouble starts. Â 4pm, and our room wasn't ready? Â Hmmm, okay, how long, we ask? Â About 45 mins to an hour. Â Ugh. So, we take whatever is available, which is a smoking room (we had reserved a non-smoking one), and as the woman is giving us our keys, we hear the party checking in next to us getting keys for their NON-SMOKING room. Â What??? Â We ask, are there no other non-smoking rooms left, even if we upgraded? Â No, she said. Â Nothing we can do about it... can't wait an hour for the other room because we had show tickets... so we headed to our smoking floor and our smoking room. Which, brings us back to the beginning. Â Smoking room wasn't bad. Â Had a bit of a smell but once you get the air going, it didn't linger. Â The room was clean and the beds were comfy. Â And the HD TV actually had an HD signal. Â Awesome. So, next time, when you book, call ahead to see if the room is ready, and if you are doing things in the middle of the strip, stay closer to where you'll be. Â The Trop, as cool as it was to actually stay there, isn't worth the trouble (or the trouble parking in the small garage), and you'll most likely think you're getting your money's worth elsewhere.

We have just returned after 7 nights... by Sarah S. via yelp

33 / 34

We have just returned after 7 nights at the Tropicana. We had a fantastic stay and I would highly recommend anyone to stay at this hotel! This was our 2nd trip to Vegas and having previously stayed at the Signature we really preferred this end of the strip! We had a city view room in the paradise tower, our room looked out over MGM and a little bit of NYNY. The room was a good size with a super comfy bed and lounging sofa. The bathroom whilst as many other reviews have stated has not been fully updated (low shower / old bath) we didn't find this an issue. If anything the shower was at least powerful and hot a great way to wake up after the previous days frozen margaritas! The toiletries weren't all that great but we had taken out own so weren't too bothered by this! The pool area was stunning with plenty of beds to choose from and enough shady areas to escape the midday sun. It also played some great music to pass away the hours! Towels are provided free of charge! Onto the casino was small but had enough games/slots to keep us entertained. We did however spend most of our evenings out and about on the strip but it was nice to return to the relaxing atmosphere of the trop at the end of the day. The food options are quite limited but we enjoyed the breakfast buffet in the beach cafe along with late night snacks in the tiny but perfectly formed 'food court'. Also having a Starbucks on site was great for the daily caffeine kick start! Finally the coconut smell they pumped into the casino honestly I loved it... I'm not a smoker so the smell of stale smoke in the casinos can get a bit much and to enter a casino that actually smells good makes a refreshing change!


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