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What Are The Types Of Magnetic Fly Screen And How To Clean Them? What Types Are There? • The sliding fly screen door is a popular choice for your conservatory or if you have enough space inside for the sliding width. • The Rigid framed hinged fly screen door is the most common variety. These are suited for a household that is using the protected doorway frequently. This type of door has a self closer, it will shut behind you, should you forget. The fact that this is made with a rigid frame ensures that the door will be durable for many years. • The roller cassette screen door is used in conjunction with UPVC doors and conservatories. How To Clean Them?


By the nature of these screen doors there will be a buildup of unpleasant bug residue pretty quickly and quite often. If you neglect the cleaning process you will risk the possibility of germs entering your home and the ventilation will be compromised. Here is a mini guide on keeping your lovely fly screen door nice and

• Remove the screen section and place it outside your house. • Lay it on a dry and clean surface. • Use a garden hose to rinse the dirty screen. • Scrub thoroughly with warm soapy water using a brush or sponge. • Repeat on the other side of the fly screen. • Use the hose again to rinse the suds away. Fixed Security Screens

To clean these, you should first place some sheeting or towels on the floor beneath the screen. Repeat the process outlined above and try to keep your floor dry. Use a Vacuum Cleaner If you regularly vacuum your fly screen doors and windows you will cut down on the times you are required to effect a full clean. You can also ask the local window cleaner to do the job if you would rather be in your hammock relaxing! One of the most irritating things you can have is a fly or insect buzzing around your head. It can be a nightmare trying to keep them out of your house because every time you open the door or the window, these bugs can get in. In some of the hotter parts of the world it can make the summer months unbearable if you can't open your windows and let fresh air in. On top of this, many insects aren't just annoying, but can also carry diseases which they can communicate to humans. Therefore, you want to keep the bugs out of your house, you are going to need to install insect screens to keep them out. There's a wide variety of insect screens available to solve this problem, which can fit almost any budget, plus there is a thriving second hand market for these fly screens. Typically they are made from metal, fibre glass or plastics and are put over windows and doors to prevent flies and other insects from entering the house. As a secondary benefit they prevent leaves, dust and other debris from being blown in your house by the wind. These mesh screens help you to enjoy good ventilation whilst keeping the bugs on the outside. For More Information Visit:

What are the types of magnetic fly screen and how to clean them  

The sliding fly screen door is a popular choice for your conservatory or if you have enough space inside for the sliding width.

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