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Benefits of Physical Therapy

About Physical Therapy It is a rehabilitation and physical medicine that remediate impairments and promotes function, quality and mobility of life through prognosis, diagnosis and physical intervention. Physical therapy commonly comprises assistance with exercise, manipulation, manual therapy, some mechanical devices such as education, traction, and physical agents includes radiation, rays, cold, electricity, sound waves, electricity, etc.

Help of Physical Therapists  Improved motion and mobility  Avoid surgery

 Recover sports injuries  Minimizes the need of prescription medications  Eliminate pain

Help of Physical Therapists (continue)  Manage age-related issues  Stoke relief  Balance improvements

 Manage diabetes

How Physical Therapists Treat Pain? Once you have approached physical therapists then their treatment is different they not alone treat pain, they start from the root and offer us whole relief. You can more commonly do one of these things more

 Stretching  Exercises to strengthen our body parts  Exercises for pain relief

Low impact aerobic training

Benefits  Physical therapists are the health professionals offer affordable treatment improves mobility and relieves pain.

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 It reduces the prescription drugs, the need of surgery and thus allows patients to feel free to approach therapists more commonly.  So patients can enjoy daily activities once they used to.

Regains Person’s Old Capabilities  The work of physical therapists is effective throughout the years for all the patients.  With quality treatment under the ability therapists, it is possible to recover completely to the original position.  Movement is the essential part of physical activity that is a must to prevent obesity, because 18% of adult deaths are happening in the US. To maintain good health, you need the movement that prevents costly falls.

Less time for recovery ďƒ˜ Recovery time can be less if you choose expertise therapists that will be a top priority for all the patients. ďƒ˜ The injuries caused by the joint, muscle or ligament make the body stiff and immobile. ďƒ˜ Without proper exercise, it takes long time to regain the original mobility in afflicted areas.

About Bodhi Zone We have dedicated physical therapists professionals that promote the mind and the body through our physical therapies, exercises, massages therapies, etc. for over 20 years. Our mission is well-being and health of our patients is first and foremost thing. We felt proud that cured patients recommend their friends and cousins.

Call on 212-529-5700 (or) Address: 110 EAST 23RD STREET, 3RD FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10010

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Benefits of physical therapy | It is a rehabilitation and physical medicine that remediate impairments and promotes function...

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