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Lost Identities FALL 2015 - After Belonging Seminar During the time of transit and migration, people move, objects are displaced, and also territories are redefined. Even during these transit trajectories there is always some sort of character that sticks with a person shaping a specific identity representing him/her. In his book The mass ornament, Siegfried Kracauer when talking about the hotel lobby starts with elaborating on the aesthetic meaning of things: The aesthetic rendering of such a life bereft of reality, a life that has lost the power of self-observation, may be able to restore to it a sort of language‌ The unity of the aesthetic construct, the manner in which it distributes the emphases and consolidates the event, gives a voice to the inexpressive world, gives meaning to the themes broached within it. In this perspective representation can take form in a specific place or through an object, in a room or on a surface. What are the limitations of these kinds of representations? How much can they extend beyond the borders beyond the walls or surfaces that contain them, in order to project a sense of belonging?


Charles Hajj - Portfolio  
Charles Hajj - Portfolio