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Statless Bodies FALL 2015 - Echoing Borders Seminar The Political orientation of nations during crisis is also seen and understood through the death of a refugee. How much can we understand of these deaths and graveyards that are taking place in different countries and under different circumstances? In his book The deep times of the dead, Thomas Laqueur speaks about the importance of the dead body: The dead body mattered and matters everywhere and across time; in particular times and particular places. In the presence and absence of religion and God. It matters because almost always, the living need the dead more than the dead need the living. In this sense the graveyards becomes the place where not only the living gives respect to their loved ones but also the place where they identify themselves through their dead. The paper deals with death and stateless bodies. More specifically looks into the formal and informal graveyards in Jordan and Greece asking how they are thought, where and why are they established. Considering as well the causes of death and the importance and meaning behind burying a body in the context of asylum seekers, the Middle East culture and religion.


Charles Hajj - Portfolio  
Charles Hajj - Portfolio