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Arctic Research Facility Greenland - Arctic Using color as study platform, color studies aim to understand and identify strategies on how to engage Architectural projects in the Arctic. The Arctic being a place with extreme weather and light conditions. A major color constraint is derived from three monochromatic arctic ecosystems undergoing rapid transformation: The Arctic Ocean, the Boreal Forest, and the Cryosphere. The project seeks to show how architects use color or light to represent their ideas in drawings, sketches or models. Color also being black and white. It is located in Greenland in the Arctic, and is composed of mainly of an ice core research facility with all its necessary equipment. Greenland provide a site with old age ice that dates from the Emian period becomes and interesting site for drilling ice cores. It will help scientist to understand the history of the earth as well as decode the complexities in the weather and the consequences of climate change.


Charles Hajj - Portfolio  
Charles Hajj - Portfolio