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Typological Correction Manhattan - New York, USA The selling of Counterfeiting products in Chinatown has become the main source of income for the retailers and the people living in Chinatown. In 2013 Council women Margaret Chin, proposed a law that will also criminalize the buyers of these products with a prison sentence of up to a year. This law will change the retail fabric of Chinatown, therefore the district will need to rely on a new source of production and income. The MADE IN CHINATOWN project envisions an alternative of new Manufacturing ecologies and residential spaces in the city. The project examines the existing typological conditions of the retail spaces on the ground, second floor and more specifically in the “back room�, where most of these activities happen. At first the project address the Made in Chinatown, but also provide Manufacturing spaces for outside investors. In collaboration with Pablo Lopez


Charles Hajj - Portfolio  
Charles Hajj - Portfolio