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Residential Complex [Professional work at Ronald Baz]

Khobar - Saudi Arabia The architecture of the Arab homes recalls, among other things, to the distinction & relationship between public and private spaces. While the Arab culture is known for it s hospitality, yet privacy is also as equally appreciated and required. That same notion is dependent on the country itself, therefore can be executed in various layouts and forms. As such example is “Al Jomaih residential complex�, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which you see on the right. The project revolves around a large family land that is envisioned to host five private villas for the parents and their children, a guesthouse with an outdoor tent, a Mosque and a service house. Each home requires two separate entrances that do not cross paths: one for the family and another one for the guests. The interior layout of the villa would need to be in a way to separate the public areas from the rest of the house while allowing the owners to have access, from their private rooms, to the rest of the house and not the other way around. Only when asked the guest can enter the private sections of the house. In addition to that the Arabic architectural character is also another important element that should be visible inside and outside the house.


Charles Hajj - Portfolio  
Charles Hajj - Portfolio