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Wedding Constellation YAC Competition - Italy Constellations by nature are independent stars that only form a whole when together. Similarly, marriage by nature existed only when two independent individuals come together as one. Wedding constellation, with its pavilion module offers a transcendent poetic space that is adaptable to all weather conditions, but also adaptable to whichever disposition, wedding sequence, and experience the newlyweds wish for their fairytale. It can be assembled in a variety of ways, but by nature, like a marriage, it always starts with the union of two components. The pavilion can be a small as to shelter two guests, and as big as to shelter more than a hundred guests. Situated in Castello de Rosciano, it acknowledges its beautiful surrounding, standing solemnly on the site, it embraces its majesty, offering it to the newlyweds. In collaboration with Sabine Aoun


Charles Hajj - Portfolio  
Charles Hajj - Portfolio