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Defence Communication Services Agency

Date: Thursday 17th February 2005. Source: DCSA Swindon / The Cygnet Consultancy Team. MOD DCSA IN £4.2 MILLION “ELECTRONIC OFFICE SURPRISE” As part of its vision to achieve both value for money and complete customer satisfaction, the Defence Communication Services Agency (DCSA) recently commissioned a Reverse Auction for their Electronic Office Supplies Category of the DCSA ICS Catalogue from specialist auctioneers Group Supplies Plc. Over a period of months Group Supplies worked closely with the DCSA and DLO Auctions Team on the commerciality and structure of the entire tendering process culminating on 19th January 2005 in a reverse auction managed by Group Supplies at their offices in Cheltenham, under the watchful eye of 20 invited MoD staff. Nine compliant bidders had the opportunity to bid over the Internet to win any or all of five lots, each representing baskets of hundreds of types of ink and toner cartridges totalling 1,402 distinct items. 327 bids were placed as the bidders competed for the prestigious contracts. Scheduled to run until 11am the auction finally closed 2 hours and 10 minutes later, as 2 minute extensions were triggered again and again by intense bidding in the closing stages. Contracts were awarded to 3 suppliers. The 31-month contract was valued prior to the auction at approximately £12.5 million. Les Hanley DCSA Vendor Category Manager said, “I am delighted - a saving of 33.5% and Group Supplies’ involvement provided the manpower resources and the lateral thought needed to achieve this dramatic result entirely on a no-risk gainshare basis.” “The brainstorming sessions that take place with MoD at the early stages are important in the success of any reverse auction. With Les and his team there were many innovative suggestions from all sides and it was a pleasure to work with them to create Best Value for Money” commented Group Supplies MD Charles Eddolls. The Auction Team has now run more than 30 reverse auctions for MOD ranging from complex services to simple supplies contracts and achieved savings as high as 66%. Notes to Editors With an annual spend of £1.2 billion, since 1998 the Defence Communication Services Agency (DCSA) has been responsible for the delivery of Information and Communication Services (ICS) across the Ministry of Defence. These services range from fixed and mobile telephones to satellite communication links and from computers and associated networks/infrastructures to airfield support. The 5,000-strong Agency is a mix of Service and civilian staff, based at 71 sites across the UK, Germany, Gibraltar and Cyprus. The DCSA is a Defence Agency of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), within the Top Level Budget (TLB) area of the Chief of Defence Logistics (CDL). The aim of the DCSA is to maximise Defence operational effectiveness and business efficiency by providing a coherent information infrastructure and assuring the delivery of integrated information solutions within the deployed and fixed environments. Enquiries to: Group Supplies Plc was a company that was created by Charles Eddolls and that specialised in cost reduction serving both the public and private sectors. Enquiries to: - Charles Eddolls, CEO Tel. +44 (0) 1793 752 485 email: DCSA/ Group Supplies Press Release 17th February 2005

Defence Communication Services Agency £4.5 million saving  

Les Hanley DCSA Vendor Category Manager said, “I am delighted - a saving of 33.5% and Group Supplies’ involvement provided the manpower reso...

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