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1. Note from the editor – Charlotte Irving

2. Cupcake Galore

3. What happened to women empowerment?

4. The Best Beauty Buys

5. Day in the life of a Personal Stylist

6. Fashion blogging is taking over the world

7. Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn

editor’s note Sweet&Suave celebrated their 1st Birthday this weekend! We headed down to Anaya in Mayfair London for cocktails and a dance off in aid of all of our hardwork and updating all of our lovely readers with the latest fashion month in and month out at Sweet&Suave HQ We danced till dawn and would like to thank Anaya London for having us in their VIP lounge.

Meanwhile back in the Sweet & Suave office we have been obsessing over festival fashion as its that time of year! Jelly shoes, short shorts, florals and neon brights... yum!


It’s only right that Sweet & Suave give you something sweet... At what age did you start baking and has it always been a passion? I started baking when I was 17, it was never really a passion until my mum friend started bringing her cakes round, there were really yummy so I asked for the recipe and it went from there. I kept practising and practising and before I knew it was obsessed and couldn’t wait to try more things.

What has been your most impressive masterpiece yet? My most impressive master piece yet I would say were the wedding cupcakes I did, the bride an groom were really pleased with them, which made me very proud.

Have you got any food sale/events lined up for this summer? I haven’t got any events lined up for the summer yet but have lots of orders booked in so that will keep me busy.

What advice/tips would you give young bakers? My advice to young bakers would be to never give up! I tried and failed so many times, you really have to pick yourself up and try again, practise sure does make perfect.

And finally do they look as good as they taste? They do look as good as they taste! As many cupcakes as I make , I still crave one once in while and have people messaging me telling me they fancy one of my cupcakes!!

“Bake with love and the outcome shall always be tasteful.” - Lauren Price

What happened to

Women’s Empowerment? Real women empower each other... They say that the best thing any girl can wear is confidence or a smile, but how are those possible when in today’s society women in particular have tendencies to put other women down whether it’s down to what she wears, how she carries herself or something she enjoys differently from you. It is as though most females forget that everyone is different and what may be trendy, cool, classy and respectful to you may be perceived in a totally different way to the girl next door quite literally that’s even if she even aims for the same ideals and looks. I love fashion to a tee! And a dress, skirt, and shoes, he-he... but sometimes I often wonder why we girls dread the morning norm of not knowing what to wear sitting in front of a wardrobe full of clobber! Well

because we all want to look our best at all times and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Appearance can sometimes be everything but look good for you and the right reasons, meaning definitely not to impress or seek an opinion from someone that doesn’t mean much to you. I’m tired of seeing ladies put other ladies down I mean what happened to sisterhood and girl power! A compliment goes a long way... by all means go and bag that perfect Saturday night dress to wear with the sleek heels you have been waiting to wear, look good and feel good but do it for you and the right people and if you happen to see a pretty female dressed immaculately I promise it won’t hurt to compliment her style. by Charlotte Irving

“The best thing a girl can wear is her confidence”

Slouch lounge suit, £195, Reiss, Shoes, Zara Combination high heel sandal, £29.99

Rebelle by Rihanna This is a everyday wear scent. The smell lingers in a subtle yet intoxicating sweet way. It’s quite musky and nose-catching if there ever was a word. Despite its popularity rating still soaring high up until now the face and creator can take most credit for sales based on who she is. This is the second perfume produced from recording artist Rihanna, just to add the first ‘Reb’l Fleur’ is gorgeous too! Rihanna now has a new scent out titled ‘Nude’ how ironic and convenient it matches her style.

Naked by Urban Decay This naked palette by Urban Decay is another popular essential in the world of beauty, every make up guru has it and if they don’t they certainly want it! I spotted it on the beautiful Millie Mackintosh in her consistant Youtube channel videos. The palette is quite neutral and performs lots of different day to night effects. It includes a primer for longer lasting wear. My favourite in the palette is the smoky glistened black. The compact fancy palette features a mirror for on-the-go use. It is available at £32.

Chloe Chloe is an old school classic perfume that also is delivered in au du toilette. The smell is compared to something of marmite in the sense that you either love it or hate it. The smell is very rich and strong as it portrays an independent working woman that takes pride in what she stands for. Chloe is a very fond brand, the packaging in very elegant.

Soap and Glory Kit The massive promotion Boots were doing caught my eye. I was a bit dubious before and after the purchase considering the price. It was £60.00 down to £27. What swayed me into buying the hamper pack was the hype about the brand over social networking and other blog posts I’d come across which made me want to try it out myself. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed and I think I’ll definitely be buying more Soap and Glory products.

Coco Chanel You can not beat an old classic scent, especially like Coco Chanel. The feminine embodied perfume oozes sophistication and class. It is more of an evening wear smell. The packaging is very simple yet effective. Chanel portrays all aspects of being a woman from looking like one in their clothing and accessory range to smelling like one in this signature scent.

Paul Smith Rose Paul Smith Rose is a floral pretty smell that is perfect for a bright summers day. The floral notes are sweet and girly and fresh. The packaging eccentuates this as it is very simple and innocent. The scent can be bought in 30ml, 50ml, 75ml or 100ml. This is a very cheap but good value for money perfume and can be worn everyday. This is Paul Smith’s latest invention.

SWEET&SUAVE CATCH UP WITH PERSONAL STYLIST MERYEM!... Sweet & Suave got to catch up with our favourite stylist this week, Miss Meryem Tosun! We caught up over cocktails and italian food at La Colina in Primrose hill to talk fashion away from fashion of course. Fortunately our lunch hour could only stretch so long until we got a sneak peak of Meryem’s favourite staple pieces for the summer!

FAVOURITE DESIGNER: Right now... Givenchy are doing a lot! NEXT PURCHASE: Giuseppe Zanotti heels are a must for the summer. FASHION FAUX: Light denim teamed with black is simple, lazy and looks tacky. FAVOURITE PERSON TO WORK WITH: Luckily for me I love all my clients but I should probably say everyone here at my favourite magazine Sweet&Suave. TOP STYLE TIP: Don’t be a slave to trends, wear what suits you! DREAM CAREER: Mine!

Oversized blouse, Alexander Wang in nude, ÂŁ89 trousers cropped slim line pleat in light grey, ÂŁ130

Meryem wears... Blazer from Reiss, Leather look skirt from Topshop, A/W Zara boots, Celine handbag and sports the ever so stylish top knot!

Fashion Blogging is taking over the World Everyone’s online now, from your granddad signing up on Facebook to your five year old sister watching videos on YouTube; the internet has become a necessity. With people of all ages accessing the web it’s hard to underestimate the internet’s growing importance, especially when it comes to blogging. Blogs are reshaping every industry, from fashion to public relations. People are writing blogs on a wide variety of topics and some have gotten so popular that people have landed top fashion jobs that any girl would kill to have. The existence of blogs has completely transformed the world of journalism, allowing anyone to blog about their views on the latest fashion designer or celebrity news. Part of the reason why these blogs are so popular is the fact that they contain a variety of different views, opinions and fashion trends, there’s something out there for every audience. From street blogging, to celebrity fashion, there are many fashion blogs that are changing the fashion world one post at a time. Fashion fans can keep up with all the latest trends no matter where they are in the world, thanks to blogs being constantly updated; there is no need to wait around for the next publication to hit the shelves! There are blogs directly from the latest runway shows that showcase every detail of each outfit, allowing watchers from across the globe to enjoy before the shows even over! Some fashion bloggers receive such a large amount of hits that the biggest brand names are dying to be advertised on their site, allowing the blogger to earn their income from what was once just a hobby. Fashion blogs are getting more recognition in the fashion industry each day. Fashion designers are noticing the huge importance of bloggers when it comes to promoting their products to consumers. In recognition of this designers will often reward bloggers in different ways, such as sending them the latest Chanel dress, or giving them tickets to sit front row at London Fashion Week. Fashion blogs are responsible for making this wonderful industry grow, they’re able to cater for everyone’s needs by promoting affordable fashion as well as offering an insight into the glamorous lives of models and designers, all at a click of a button. By Kirsty Prowse

Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn


orldwide fashion model Miss Jourdan Dunn, from afro Caribbean heritage has introduced her own cooking show titled ‘Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn’, with the help from rapping superstar Mr Jay-Z as he has signed her up onto his life + times youtube channel! The beauty about London based fashion model Jourdan Dunn and her cooking show blog are the no links to conventional model material. A lot of people assume models do not eat proper food, and that they consist of fruit and vegetables and lettuce leafs as a permanent lifestyle regime but the show entails Jourdan cooking up many of carbs including carribean cuisine ‘rice and peas’, fancy tuna pasta, as well as chicken wings and sea bass. Not only does the petite model cook she is actually seen attempting to eat the dishes at the end of every sequel! Jourdan Dunn was founded in one of Londons local Primark stores at the age of 16

by the legendary modelling agengy ‘Storm models’. She now walks the run ways of New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion week, has walked in shows for Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, she has modelled for Burberry, H&M, Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria’s Secrets well as participating in the Olympic Ceremony and is due to dish out a Brit award this February 2013. Jourdan has also graced the covers of Vogue, Teen Vogue, I-D magazine, Elle, magazine, The Sunday Times style magazine and many more to add to her collection of achievements. Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn allows viewers to visibly see more of Jourdan as a persona and not what is constantly shown of her as an image on the outside of what she looks like. With no doubt the cooking show blog will have you laughing at no end as well as making your mouth water with her sizzling hot recipes.


By Charlotte Irving

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