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Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs ​good afternoon welcome to shortcuts that may be moving around your content so that's hottle copy and paste going to look at some of the some of the top 10 that we've actually got to be able to work with of course there are plenty more but let's get you some of my favorites to get you started my name is Kirsty McGraw and I'm the productivity specialist at DD LS and we are about to do your work wonders 15 minutes webinar starting out to it will run for 15 minutes and at the end of those 15 minutes do feel free to ask any questions you'll see it over in the chat moderator chat pane on the right hand side and I will answer those as I can towards the end of the session if you are in and you actually see the screen go black at any point and you're having any issues do please refresh your browser and if it's unsuccessful then send a message through in chat so what are we going to go through that's pretty much the agenda is just copying and pasting working on those copying basic and a shortcut do thats approx sit at gels and lobs features across office and the average user uses around about 200 and unfortunately there's a round about a billion people that don't know some of the basics of copy and paste some simple features that i'm going to show you and how to work out there's some really great fast ways to paste data you know when it comes to your excel spreadsheets in the way to be able to work with them getting stuff in and out of say outlook or OneNote working in words so we'll get in we'll have a look look at the shortcuts on the way to work with copied content alright what I'm going to do is I'm now going to go over and I'm going to go into my demo screen share so you'll see it come up on the screen shortly and I am going to start in word sorry that she'll come up in a second so working with words some of the some of the features and I do get a lot of questions in regards to simple things like copying and pasting like I've bought content in and it's not fitting on the page or it's bringing the structure over or I see a lot of content that's been copied and pasted into documents whether it's PowerPoint or word and your formatting will becomes a mess very quickly oh I see a lot of copy and paste where it's taking you a really long time to be able to do some of the some of the more simple functions across the office suite I'm going to start with one and it's working with the new Wikipedia app in word if you don't have Wikipedia it is inherits through the store you can actually get it in so hopefully everyone's got access to the store if not then it will be a little difficult for you for this one however before I go in and I go I want to go to the store I can go in browse get the app download it and what it'll happen is I thought Wikipedia coming up over on the right hand side I use this regularly if I'm doing some research because one of the great teams about getting information from Wikipedia is it will bring up a wealth of information including pictures women do is I'm actually going to copy some of this information over into word so I grab just that first paragraph for example i'm just going to go control c don't have to i don't even need to go ctrl-c ctrl-v because i've got my little insert button here so i'm just going to click on it and it's dropping it in for me not only does it drop it in but it gives you the reference back to where you've actually received it from but while i particularly like is say I go and highlight a word so if I go back and I highlight a word it will go into Wikipedia and then search on that word whatever it is that might be so if I go and choose say Mediterranean for example wiki is automatically on the right hand side looking up anything around Mediterranean and I can start to bring you more information from my wiki over on the right hand side some really simple features there I could be choosing so I want to get a picture as well so I'll go back to my go back to my bay leaf soon all right help i jump again e on the end okay go back to my Baelish and i also want to drop in that picture so i get my little plus button and it will bring over a picture for me as well and you know all these thing just do get reference bag really great tool to be able to work with what if I then wanted to bring some information I'm going to copy it from another document so I've got one over here so I'm just going in here some information around they'll if i'm going to copy and paste this now i can do a multiple of ways there are those that will come up to the top and go click on the Home tab go click on copy and then go over to the other document go click paste there are some quick ways some will do a right-click and do a copy or you can do your keyboard shortcut ctrl c and i'll come over and then i'm just going to come down and go control V now the formatting that I've had come over compared to what I've got up the top is actually different down the bottom i've got my paste option so as a part of my pasting if I just went control because that's the keyboard shortcut I can go of control and then if I just pause for a moment and then go m

what it does is actually merges the formatting if I hover over it you'll see here here's my emerge formatting so when I do my copy and paste if I go undo if I go I want to paste that in I then go see for control wait a moment and then I go in and what it'll do is it'll actually merge those formatting together that way I'm bringing the same look and feel in to my document as I'm moving from one to the next it's a much easier way for you to be able to work what about formatting so we did a little bit there in terms of merging formatting but you've got your format painter this is a whole copy and paste if you've got formatting that you like and you want to work with maybe you've changed a particular look and feel of your headings you can come up to the top and click on your format painter but if I click it once it's only available for me to use the once however if I double click the format painter what will happen is it actually stays on until that stage as I've actually finished with it so if I've got a look and feel undo and i do a double click on it I can keep working with my heading until I'm done the same can be said with the keyboard shortcut for it a lot of us used ctrl-c to copy ctrl v to paste but if i do instead so I'm just going to do a triple click then grab that sentence I'm going to do instead ctrl shift C to copy choose the word that I want control shift V to paste it copies and pastes my formatting so it's not just about copy and paste I can copy and paste my formatting I don't need to double click on my format painter because as long as I'm situated anywhere within that new formatting ctrl shift C and move someone else control shift v it will recognize it I just have to be sitting within the word somewhere of what it is that I want really quick simple tool what about is I want to select some information on the page and that selection i'm going to copy and paste but i only want a certain amount of information sometimes we've got tables or we've got lists and it's not copying correctly as a part of our table or LS maybe i want to keep off tomatoes in my little dot pointless here what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to hold down my alt key as i'm selecting you can see i can select just certain components okay I'll go I want to just choose this information here don't want tomatoes in my list now I'm going to go control copy go control infa new and I'm just going to paste it and I didn't bring my bullet points I didn't bring tomatoes and I've just bought over the the list of what it is that I want to bring so you can to chop out the way did you actually work now what else is there so I've got this like this is just some of the stuff in word let's go over into Excel I get a lot of questions around Excel and working with Excel when I'm copying and pasting don't forget across both word and excel you've got paste special really great feature for you to be able to choose different things that you might actually need out of a list so if i'm going to copy and paste it could be I've got my list that I want to work with maybe I want it with my headings as well so I'm just going to hold my shift here I'm going to go back up when i go to copy this if i want i can actually transpose it there's a couple of ways for me to be able to do that so i want to swap swap my table I want to actually have my headings completely flipped I can come up to my pace at the top here and I could do a transpose through there or I can go through my paste special now this particular one what I'm going to do is I'm going to take it out of its table format just clear the table from it and convert it back to a range so i can quickly and easily do that copy come over here and in my paste now I've got what's called transpose so it's going to flip it putting my name's running across the top and my data underneath that same feature is there Control Alt V is your paste format so if I go control out V it brings up my pace special it's my keyboard shortcut for paste special and I could have chosen not only transpose but there are things like column wits bring that over as well so i can bring in multiple components as a part of my copy and paste so depends on what it is that you did you wish to do for a particular table if i'm copying from one place to another so say i do this again copy and I come out of let me show you those come with because if i pasted it you'll see it's not working in terms of those column widths have a look at the different features that are there as a part of your pace a really great one is keep those sources get those sources bringing over don't sit there and drag out every single column as you go as a part of your copy and paste it's much easier way sometimes we hide columns let's say I want to hide what I've got here there are multiple ways able to hide today I've just make it easy I'm just going to go right click and hide I just want a copy what I've got here so I'm going to go do my control see I'm going to come over and I'm going to paste it what's going to happen when I pasted it still bringing me over all my data I don't want that all I want is the data that I can physically see in this table now I just want to get what's there there are two different ways to do this the easiest way is my keyboard shortcut if I go old colon so if i go into my old colored what it's doing is going select just the data that you can see on the screen and i'm going to go ctrl-c to copy and ctrl v to paste and i am going to paste but i'm going to bring over my column widths as well keep it really simple those same features as a part of your copy and paste if we come up to find and select it's all part of your go-to special so in your go-to special you've got visible cells only I could have gone and click visible cells only that much easier for me to use my keyboard shortcut which is your old Colin and bring that over the one thing that I often will see is people want to align information or they want a copy and paste from one table to a document to another there is a very simple way to be able to do that on the kid on that Home tab you've got what's called your clipboard there's your little arrow in the bottom right hand corner to bring up the dialog box or your windows got and that dialog box allows me to copy and

paste different pieces of information because finally copied once and i got a paste I could go backwards and forwards between sheets again and again but if I open up my clipboard I can copy as many as I need and then I can move across anywhere in my office suite ok I want those names now it could be I want to paste all it could be I want to maybe just delete this one so i can just do a taste all those names in and there are those four names that I've just copied from the list we can do that whether you're here maybe you'll come over and you're in say outlook there's that same list I can now paste that list of individuals copy what you need to onto the clipboard it will take up to 26 items on the clipboard see you to be able to work with copy would you need pace what you need where you want to across the whole office suite keep it simple office clipboard from all we've got if you want an attachment you want to bring it over into outlook sometimes we can keep it really simple with just to grab it drag it hover over outlook if you've got hopefully your new email open like this and I'm just going to drop it in simple copy and paste another really easy way to copy something if instead of dragging something around if I hold my control key down as I'm dragging it duplicates so doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing if I hold my control key if you're in say you were in it but I'll explore and I wanted to copy something I can do a ctrl key down to a left click and drag and it will do a copy so I'm in PowerPoint and I've got boxes that i want to replicate i'm going to hold my control key down as i drag and it's copying and now they're really great feature is what if i want to also keep it in line because it's very easy to copy something with my control key and then it's not in line i'm going to hold my control key and my shift key down and as i drag it you'll see it gives me the little lines to say i'm going to keep this in line so that's my ctrl + Shift key if i do a leftclick drag keeping it simple how to play click around whole different keys down as you're dragging your mouse from something hold your control key down are your ult you shift in combinations toc it'll hurt it's not going to be too many too many damages there if you doing okay so getting in there using using this information working with it cleverly you've got lots of other pasting features such as your now when you're working with your transitions and your animation for your animation you get your animation painter if you like a particular animation select it choose your animation painter and then copy it somewhere else and then that animation will move from one page to the next if you're using OneNote there are some great features within one night same sort of thing copy and paste from the internet choose something in a particular that you might like so I'm going to grab this i'm going to copy it and i'm going to come over into my one night and when i paste it into OneNote it gives me my link back really great referencing keep a really simple ctrl-c ctrl-v and that is my top hints and tips when it comes to some of the copy and paste moves there are plenty of others go online go and have a look and there is a lot more that you can actually work with in this space if you've got any questions I'm happy to answer if you're not sure on something in particular then let's see if we can answer some for you let's see what have we got here anything in particular and the questions okay so we've got a couple some can't get the wiki apt to to load or they can't actually get into their app store understandable hopefully you'll be able to get that one I've been working it comes to whether you actually logged into the store as well moving content between one drive to a document library in office 365 it is possible through the browser that's actually correct so if you had content that you wanted to copy in two so your onedrive maybe you didn't want to move it you just wanted to copy it you choose your data get hold your control key down and just go copy it because sometimes when you do drag into one drive it will move it rather than copier so just hold your control key down and that will bring it in but first you actually have to open your onedrive sync app okay so that needs to be there for you to be able to work with okay so hopefully that answers all the questions that we have today of being able to move and copy content from one place to another and your copy and paste if you do have any other questions thoughts or comments do feel free to post them in the user work wonders with office 365 group that's on our office 365 Yammer Network I'm on there and happy to answer any questions so that's at akms do your forward slash office users on Yammer and we can we can add you in there if you need it you can also email us at Oh 365 a you too at microsoft com and answer some questions there don't forget there's a really great tool kit that you can actually download for these particular webinars and you can invite others in so tell your colleagues get them in and hopefully they can register as well thank you very much for joining us today for our copy and paste webinar and I hope to see you again next week thank you very much for your time you Dutchess Community College.