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IMPORTANCE OF GREEN CARD RENEWAL Green card is provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to foreign nationals to serve as an evidence of their legal permanent status in the US. It gives the green card holder the lawful rights to live as well as get employed in the country. Generally, the validity of a green card is 10 years. With this in mind, green card renewal is important to consider. Even though a green card will terminate every ten years, the holder’s legal resident status in the country will not expire. The holder will not also be punished even if his or her green card terminates, although a green card renewal is still essential to keep in mind. This is because the US law requires one to possess an official green card to confirm his or her lawful status in the US. If one holds an expired green card, the holder will find it hard to access his or her benefits as a legal permanent resident in the country. Aside from this, the holder may also find it difficult to catch job opportunities in the country and even encounter hardships when re-entering the US from overseas. This is also one of the reasons why one should practice green card maintenance and renewal. Being aware of the green card’s expiration date is recommended to make sure that one will always be aware when to renew his or her card. Since the validity of green card is ten years, one should renew it every ten years. A green card holder can apply for a green card renewal six months before its expiration date. For the green card renewal, holders can file Form I-90, Application to replace their green card. They should file the form with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and they can either do it online or by means of postal mail. The holders can send their green card renewal application by means of postal mail if they want to alter wrong information, due to the mistakes made by the USCIS on their card; if they didn’t receive their green card given to them by the USCIS; and if they want to apply for the renewal of their card in the span of 30 days starting from their th 14 birthday, where their green card will terminate before or after they turn 16 years of age. Submitting their green card renewal application form online can also be done to acquire the card’s new version if they possess the card’s older version; to apply for a change of name or address or change other biographic details on their card; and to replace their stolen, destroyed or mutilated card. Within three months, the green card renewal process will be complete and the holder will obtain a new version of it. The holder will receive a 13 digit receipt number if he or she will submit the application form online, which will confirm that their green card renewal has already been received by the USCIS. The 13 digit number can then be used to monitor the status of their green card renewal application. Visit for more information or click here now!

Importance Of Green Card Renewal  

Green Card Renewal application (form i-90) information. Learn the green card renewal process for all United States Permanent Residents with...