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CHARLENE LUCAS Digital Visual Dairy 2013 Identity Package Research and Progress

My Visual Diary is for the purpose of my assignment, it Is my thinking Process, its messy and sometime does not make sense. This Visual Imaging Diary is my way that I work through my processors, Its not fancy and does not follow any design rules. It has plenty of spelling mistakes through out the whole book and loads of research that might not make sense. However its help me create an Identity Package and help keep me on track and to fulfill the brief.

Identity Package To re-brand Edible Gardens Ltd over a range of mediums to showcase my skills with a goal of getting employment with Slipstream Creative in Christchurch

Logo Design •

Two or three colours

Form to a basic shape.

Test Edible Gardens target market for readability & concepts.

Web Design •

Create a theme


Use menu bar options throughout design to help navigation in website



Timeless Variable

Simple Design

Remember to make it

Use a range of photography for advertising

Keep text succinct

• • •

Text hierarchy


Ensure images and design match the content


• •



Project as a whole •

Font needs to be relevant to target market and

I will consider color and shapes thorough out branding package.

I will be aware that working through my own process will create simplicity in my designs

I will remember customer satisfaction and clear communication.

company •

I will use unity to create a look and attitude that is recognisable and remembered.

I will consider the whole process in a holistic way.

Communcate to multiple audiences.

Industry more experienced I am trained in new programs Fresh out of study I have life, Job experience, maturity People sending in portfolios. I know exactly what my target market expects

Interview Edible Gardens & their Target Market

Critique from Cindy from Colman’s Design for testing

International company Show international knowledge in my work Customer Satisfaction I will provide testimonies from real clients Looks for variation Identity Package Design Focused I will show relevance in my work.

Critique from Phil and Kate for testing concepts

Debbie from Slipstream Creative to guide me

Customer Profile Existing market

Existing Market are people who are wanting to grow their own fruit and nut trees in their back yard. They have a huge interest in heirloom and heritage trees which are organic. They are female/male aged 35 - 50 years old based through out New Zealand. Professional people who like to spend the weekends in their gardens. Income mid to high range. They have a passion for the outdoors.

le Customer Profiet rk

New Target Ma

Edible Garden Competitors and Ta rget Market

g there own land and raisin e th of g in liv ed in oduce in lying on the pr who are interest re 50 ot (n 20 w ed ho ag ng learni -mid to midClients who are e interested in male with a low ar e/ al ho m w fe s nt al lie on C si fruit and nuts. produce. Profes grow their own to ) ts ke ar rn supe high incomes.


into plant morphing a f o a e id e th with a swan Started to play rted to look like a st is th t u I do b e something els rden in anyway. a G le ib d E to t levan om font and was not re s this is a heirlo a h g u o th s rk e o heritage into th think the type w d n a m o lo ir e h bring lize in. and I wanted to hat they specia w ts a th se u a c be logo some how P. S Thats there U

Daniel Brokstand uses communication through out his design by creating hierarchy, I wanted to create hierarchy in this with using a font that was going to relate to Edible Garden some how, which is why I wanted to use a heritage font.

I added color to I thought that if tter, start to look be it then it might pt ing, this conce d d ki I s a w o h w a working but its really was not start.

to bring the This idea was ugh to this same type thro away the design but take to add symbol, started pe. leaves to the ty

Trying to keep the designs as simple as I can as typeface one of my practitioners talks about simple design, its a complex process but its a way to simple design so I feel that this is not working as the logo is looking complicated and not visually pleasing at all. Will take the font and try a new concept

om ok the design fr I thought if I to e d played with th the last one an uld o then maybe I c it f o t n e m e c la ked p unique that loo g in th e m so p develo ver not work, howe id d it ly d sa , d goo le nt used for Edib I feel that the fo ill talk re on the b. W su t o n st ju s, work bout dible Garden a E m o fr h ra a S to that.

the I used a tree in I thought that if be to ee would have tr e th n e th o g g lo with. Somethin d ye la p d n a modern ee I feel that the tr . ky n fu t u b e u uniq y but some more pla is working with ake s away it will m le p p a e th ke if I ta take tic but will that lis p m si re o m t it the tree? Will si rm fo y a w a g meanin a bit. on this one for

I could take the m the apple away fro ng it tree and try usi rk? in the word-ma

t has This type of fon d they inspired me an ear have used a p nt to obviously releva the company.

r so I had shown he t a h w d e lik h Sara a go nted me to have far but also wa f the a old version o ith w p u g in m at co - to be the -EST.2002 d e lik e sh , o g ld lo aving that wou h t u b o g lo e th part of lso with the style a o g to ve a h o als ing good in someth it wouldn’t look but a play around modern. I had as I is lk her out of th managed to ta been ner its already feel as a desig ars to stainable in ye su e b t n o w , e n do target t attract a new come and won e s not sure so w a w h ra a S t. e mark e what et market to se put it to her targ ed out this was rn tu it d n a id they sa as id that it looked sa y e th d e lik t o n side amped on the if it should be st not ox. I felt it did b r o rn a b y a h of a ll and so le Garden at a ot represent Edib et. It also did n rk a m t e rg ta e did th as the either that well t e e sh 4 A y m fit others did. on the n from picture tidy Inspiration take and simple and e ic n is is h T right. tential m after as a po a I t a h w t o n t u b Garden. logo for Edible

Through out my articles that I researched it was important to make sure my logo and identity was going to evoke emotion this did not do that for the target market.

had e logos that we So from the thre the ecided to test d e w n o d e re ag h’s end which are Sara all target market, onse and they sp re y n a m so , users ill need logo. Which w e e tr e th d ve lo g. nd more refinin further work a tter uld do a bit be I think that I co have lly e does not rea nt though, the tre edibles you ca to s lie b m e ss a any re tree a organic fruit re a y e th t a th ll te shop.

I feel as though the apple is working and the font, I have changed the b to the d but turned it around so it flows better. Not liking font choice for GARDEN

ith Kate and After meeting w decided that talking to her I me up with I needed to co e it different to th something a b e nt to Sarah, sh others to prese ht u o in it but I th g wanted a apple a that looked like that something h c a ld also be a pe apple that cou the also, I wanted or a nectarine sent atile and repre rs ve e b to o g lo in many ways. Edible Garden ed ti inspire me rt a st e g a im se The on with the apple and I came up the left.

I really hate this font but Sarah has seen it on something and wants me to try and make it work with her label but It goes against every think that I have learnt about Edible Garden and really does not represent it at all.

Through the articles that I have researched I have learnt that your font choice for your logo needs to represent the company and have good reason for choosing it, I have not good reason for this one. Will have to try and change her mind.

ether ome tog c to g n ti with , its star ally well is e r th g g in in k r v Lo e is wo e apple t, not sur now. Th of the Edible fon e garden. the choic hoice of font for ec about th

I decided to show these to Sarah so she could compare them, hoping like anything she will see what I mean when the font for the top one really does not work or represent Edibles in any way. Lucky for me she fell in love with the bottom on.

Color Choices

5% So through the design brief that I sent Sarah to fill out I came up with some color schemes that would represent Edible Garden’s then we put it to the target market to see what they thought.






Then I started to play with the color concept a bit more, reversing the colors to make sure that the color scheme we chose was going to work with it reversed. It did so we went ahead with this color scheme, Its modern colors that are similar tones

After getting feed back from Kate, she suggested maybe making the font choice for the GARDEN more unique so these are the version I was playing around with, Also made the apple smaller and looked at placement of the apple.

Even though the color scheme had been chosen wanted to explore the color some more to make sure that the color scheme we had chosen worked better then any of these, and it did so I was feeling confident in the choice that we had gone with.

So looking at the logo closely I realize that it still did not flow as well as I had wanted it to and then realized that all the letters for Edible link but where I changed the d to a b didnt so I added in a link there and it looked much better, We finally had a logo that represented Edible Garden and there brand.

Plant Labels

lped me e pictures he s e th m o fr n o en Inspirati r Edible Gard fo ts p e c n o c would build into my lant label that p a e b to d e e this need advertise pric to ts n la p r o go onto trees arden brand. and Edible G

Plant Labels

of best out of all e th s rk o w e Sarah I think this on nting these to e s re p e b ill w them but at she likes. so will see wh the other g the logo on in v a h t s ju g Thinkin el. side of the lab ill talk to about stock w k in th to d e e Will n at class about th

orking st that I was w p e c n o c e th g ahead These are we were goin t h g u o th I n e what I on wh king back on o o L . o g lo e h, with the tre are going wit e w o g lo e th h have done wit h looked which I thoug s e n o e e tr e s the ymore. en look ok an good don’t ev me as to bring so w e n o is th f o s The shape but really doe in k c a b le ty s s of the oldnes modern logo. a h it w rk o w not

it works well, if s rd a c e th f o Sarah This shape et market and rg ta e th h it w ture of worked ome a key fea c e b ld u o c maybe this the design.

for her sort of design is th g in lik is Sarah ide on a t trying to dec u b ls e b la t n pla ith. shape to go w

Typeface talks about keeping it consistent and evoking emotion so what ever shape I go with will need to be carried out through the whole identity package.

t the to Sarah abou lk ta : lf e s of it. to Note er team think h t a h w o ls a shape and

nt epts to prese c n o c 3 l a n fi ell These are the t one works w rs fi e th g in th g well to. to Sarah. I eath is workin rn e d n u e n o but the

Through my research of my practitioners typeface used tonal colors in there work and they kept it consistent. I have tried to do the same and only use 2 / 3 colors for the labels. I think this is more visually pleasing.

Business Cards

the d I really like n a n o ti a ir p s out Looking for in the bird stand d n a d ir b k c way the bla at some more th to in k o lo ill ,w from the card ss card. e d for my busin f it been printe o a e id e th e Also I lik nts trees r that represe e v e w o h d o o on w arden. e to Edible G u iq n u g in th o n

gether cepts I put to n o c e th re ith e These w oing ahead w g re e w e w t h when I thoug the tree. is the one on th k in th I e s o o h ise. If I had to c tter design w e b g in rk o w page is

e lly well with th a re s rk o w rd a olor The square c g to work a c in y Tr . rs e rn o e white rounded c card. I think th e th f o k c a b into the tter though. stands out be

d Sarah really well, an g in rk o w is This card with the color e n o e th rs fe re to loves it, she p card which I f o k c a b d n a at stock on the front pends on wh e D . d o o g s k think loo s to how it will a h g u o th n o mind it gets printed ink to keep in th e m o s ts a look but th . t to that stage for when I ge for the any concepts m o s d a h I e Becaus long to ot take me as n id d it o g ments lo first nes, I took ele o e s e th h it w come up rds and of busines ca t lo t rs fi e th from ese ones applied it to th

One of the practitioners I researched talked about keeping it simple and I feel this business card works, its been kept simple and delicate in the design which makes it visually pleasing and also repetition so the shape of this card will be carried out through out the whole design to also create unity.

ts that r two concep e th o e th re y e These w I think that the . h ra a S to d t the were presente did Sarah bu o s d n a ly e ic ern and all work n tle more mod lit a is rd a c 5 square ard 90mm x 5 d n ta s e th m pression different fro to make an im d te n a w h t ra mm. Sa th thought tha o b e w d n a rounded on her clients the opposite h it w rd a c re se the squa re so then the o m t a th o d corners would ones.


spiration Looking for in as I have for vouchers d with really struggle ith a coming up w is one. Its concept for th r but its just a vouche it simple hard to keep

new cher so they u o v t if g e ent th the one we w nd put that on is a ft ts le n e lie th c n ’s o h r Sara he map d this reate a map fo fo-graphic. T ey understoo in th a if s e a e s it o to d t I wanted to c e d to et Mark symbols ut also wante d on her Targ nd use those te a s y te tr n to e t where to go b h n w a d w ns as I ift voucher an Edible Garde to e u with for the g iq n U . a whole ide how. they love the ackage some p ty ti n e id e through th

ing the d with design le g g u tr s lly a I have re would be the is th t a th t h g u age voucher, I tho e whole pack th f o t u o o d se its is easiest to it hard becau d n u fo I k in much but I th to include to d te n a w t s ju simple but es information. number of tim a r e h c u o v e ncepts I revisited th any of the co e lik lly a re ’t ile and and didn left it for a wh o s h it w p u e cept of I cam g another con in n ig s e d to e moved on worked for m h ic h w e g a k ac e up the identity p ack to it I cam b e m a c I n e s really because wh epts that I wa c n o c o tw e ts s with the e two concep th re a e s e h T oth of happy with. d she loved b n a h ra a S to the one presented e decided on h s d n e e th s them in resents Edible p re k in th I h above whic

Chill Designs who I used as one of my practitioners talks about finding your own process. Through designing these vouchers I found when it was not working to walk away and leave it for a while and come back to it because I came back refreshed and clear minded. For me that was finding part of my own process.


I started looking for inspiration and thought what about a calender that could go on the fridge but also have a typography look at the bottom advertising the plants in season for that month.

part uct was not a d ro p a h it w To begin found from ackage but I p ty ti n e id e sers of th one the end u d d a h I t a th a survey tell them g that would in th e m o s d f the wante eason, most o s in is t a h w w this when and et already ne rk a m t e rg ta re existing lients that we c w e n e th t u ght why information b ea. So I thou id o n d a h t u an starting o ible Garden c d E t a th t c u d as a gift. not add a pro ts could buy n lie c r o ts n n was had sell to clie ver the desig e t a h w t n a a e This m t also look like u b d e rm fo in to look well gift.

I also wanted this product to be remembered and Chill Design talks about the design being simple to help make it memorable. I feel that the design above is memorable but could be made a lot more similar with in the design. Will work on this.

put pts that were e c n o c o tw e e one These are th she felt that th d n a h ra a S at is the forward to tunning and th s k o lo ft le e on th anted to sell. h theI product she w ed to play wit e n I t a th k y. in I do th king very bus o lo s it , re o m layout some

d ery simple an v is ft le e th n but This design o different style a s it , le p im s looks good e. rs are the sam the tonal colo

er is had to consid I g in th r e d th o An cards, I wante e s e th r fo g t. in packag lightly differen s d n a t n a g le ver I something e ith plan howe w g in o g p u to d But ende n and wanted ig s e d e th s it design think that it su ly through the n o t o n n o ti o ed to evoke em uch so will ne to h g u ro th o but als . tock I go with s t a h w r e id s con


Work needed to be done

11- 16 August

Work on gift vouchers and calender concepts Research into business analysis for graphic design business

17 - 21 August

Work on Branding Book and website concepts Research into business scope and stakeholders

23 August

Research into how to handle stakeholders, financial planning for graphic design business Work on signage concepts Research into project creep and how to handle it

21 - 27 August 30 August 1 - 9 September 9 - 14 September

Comments Cover what we went in class for business Present to class concepts for gift vouchers, calendar concepts, business cards and plant labels Present Branding Book and website concepts to class for feedback Present Signage Concepts Present to class finalize product for feedback before sending to printers

Write 2 page analysis on my future as graphic designer and how to use project management in the future Fix up any design and finalize Work on Part B of business assignment Start putting Business assignment together Send product to printers Send Business assignment to printers

16 - 18 September

Product to Jessie for photographing

18 -19 September

Product photography to printers

19 September

Present PDF to class


24 September 30 Sep - 7 Oct

Work on digital diary and consultation and progress sheets


15 October


31 October


ated to Time-line cre


keep me on tr

Branding Book

umbers so it I used page n e. like a magazin

looked a little

all this what I could c to in d e h rc er a I rese r Sarah and h fo s a w it e s u e and book beca the brand aliv p e e k lp e h staff to sustainable

the logo t from one of n fo e th d e s e it and u I ed leaves to th d d a d n a ts p k conce gs in the boo in d a e h y m e made thes

look the design to Sarah wanted I Magazine so like the Good g m from there a took elements my spin on it. and then put

s white dots wa e th h it w e lin ag. The green in the good m id d y e th g in someth

heading out using the b a h ra a S to TORY I talked ent as OUR S m te ta s n io s of there mis make it more ld u o w it n e th because m. er and her tea personal to h

r team Sarah and he ll te rs e n n a b y need These s and why the n a e m e g a p guide what each tion. Its like a a rm fo in is th ying to know ook. I was pla b g in d n ra b r. through the ke the banne a m to r lo o c t with wha

e, I contents pag e th t u o b a k ut then I had to thin orrect terms b c e th e s u to did it wanted her team so I d n a h ra a S r simplify it fo this way.

Website Concepts

4 up with ts that I came p e c n o c e th at These are at Sarah has th e it s b e w e to much for Edibles, th rloaded with e v o y a w is t ok the momen ld take one lo u o w ts n lie c nd e color information a years old so th 0 1 s it d n a , nt n and move o really importa s a w it o S . ible was scheme is terr take out what d n a n o ti a rm ew is to attract n to take the info a e id e th e s u beca ation not important nough inform e d e e n ly n o y visiting clients so the d out more by n fi m e th e k and a to want to m it them selves g in c n e ri e p x n. E Edible Garde ff. h and her sta meeting Sara


Through my research on articles I found that it was really important to attract the client on the first home page. So the home page had to be outstanding for them to want to carry on looking through. I thought that using images of Edible Garden in the first page would help attract them to want to stay looking at the website.


I was not overly happy with the other concepts and new I could do better so once again I left it for a whiled and came back to it. Refreshed and ready to produce a better design.


One of the articles that I read said it was important to not use to many fonts through the website so I have kept with the two fonts used in the logo and through out the identity package.

I ended up keeping on adding elements and taking away elements until I came up with what I thought would work best before I presented to Sarah. This first one was the first concept and I have carried the opposite round corners through out the website and the people as well to show unity and create a balance and also to help it be memorable.

I felt the top shape with the image worked well to begin with but when I started to add more photos to the image as this is where the clients can look through to get a feel for Edible Garden, the shape was not working well with the images that we had and did not show enough so I came up with the concept on the right which worked much better and more user friendly.

h ug o r n h g t te. O a n i i ork bs ad t o w e we he h s jus t a t th e s on ed s for ebsit d it w wha v o d e n s w n m t pag inal ces a ent ng an e e I th nex Orig sour elem idati s sh ing g the rah’s ith re esign intim adin leas Sa ge w no d very e he ally p ents pa type and ok th Visu o cli t all ever o I to de i ting s e. r so ring s d ma teres mo e n n o b d a it i o se e us ade ant t m . I uld w wo

nt Co e us c

ld ou r c e we for h n i t a ag igned e tha d e c on des pag al an n e d e e n g pa p I ha out m erso o wh aff t tac ma ab ore p to s e st th re lso m he e t s. A a bit n the knew nt y e ff o clie uld b r sta d the wo e he visite v ha ople . pe ady e alr


Signage we only really touched base on. Sarah only really wanted a flag at this point and Edible Garden could be moving and she didn’t want to spend to much money on signage so I have done a flag concept for the purpose of the assignment and for Sarah to have a look at and choose in the future.

Identity Package Combinations

The package was coming together nicely but I had quiet a few concepts and that is properly another part of my process is coming up with a lot of concepts to get down to the final 3 concepts that the client sees. I put all the chosen concepts together to see what worked better.

Exhibition If I was to be so lucky

Click me to see how Web Concept will be Displayed

Professional Photo shoot

os phot h s re me f tional o s e o v o ha any prom ght that t t n rta r ou in impo e used I also th ne as he s a b . ng do it w that hat could be done ave this rom talki ted t h g t f o u h lt an I tho ah done eeded t arah to d I fe n and w ne n a n r S t a r of S ting tha t also fo t split up nt wome to be do e s e n s mark importa r had ju depend that wa r existing e n g s i e h n a h it w and a strong marketi ure esh and s d n i n a r e husb she was ough any and to r as still f y Penny w b r r s to he w that th was her rden Ltd os done t s o a to sh busines Edible G ble. Pho a e t as th ers tha d sustain m n o cust sional a phy. s a profe Photogr n i Asp

Practitioners and Articles

I feel as I have used the information gathered from my Practitioners and Articles and used the information in a way that has only complemented my Identity Package for Edible Garden Ltd. The research done in RA has really helped me and guided me along my journey. I have tried to explain through my Visual Diary how I have used that information but I feel as if it shows throughout my process and into the final product. I am grateful for research.

The Process

I have found through out this journey designing an identity package for Edible Gardens I have learnt what kind of graphic designer I am and what my process seems to be. I also found a huge passion for Identity and brand building and really look forward to furthering my study in this area so I can be even better at what I do. I would like to thank Sarah from Edible Garden Ltd and trusting me to be able to design her an Identity Package that will help build her business and taking it to the next level. The challenge with this identity package was attracting two markets, keeping the exsisting market but also opening it up to a new market. I look forward to working with Sarah in the future. A big thanks you to the lectures who have taught me everything I know, its a privilege for me to be able to take the skills and the knowledge and use it in the future with potential clients and potential employers. One door closes and another opens... The excitement begins.

Charlene VI Diary  
Charlene VI Diary  

For the purpose of an assignment show casing my progress through out designing an identity package for Edible Garden Ltd