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Dear Friends of the YMCA, We are excited to share out 2013 annual report. The Y is a cause-driven organization which strives to make an impact in our local community. The Y’s three main areas of focus include: Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen through programs such as youth sports, preschool, after-school, and summer camps. The Y’s impact: growing self confidence and self esteem in our children. Healthy Living: The YMCA‘s goals are to improve the nation’s health and wellbeing through programs such as group exercise classes, Parkinson’s classes, physical therapy, wellness seminars, and fun activities for every one from infants to seniors. The Y impact: a healthier community. Rich Mishock Chief Volunteer Officer

John M. Lass President/CEO

Social Responsibility: In 2013, the Y raised funds through its Annual Campaign, Easter House Project and other special events. These activities allowed us to distribute $765,037 in financial assistance to children, families and individuals who otherwise would have been unable to participate at the Y. Nearly $261,286.00 was donated by individuals, businesses and community partners. Additionally the Y attracted over $396,703 in public funding so that programs such as YReads! for children that are falling behind in reading, and SPLASH program, offering drowning prevention and water safety instruction are free to the community. The Y’s impact: giving back to our community and providing support to our neighbors. Our strategic planning process has identified additional areas where the YMCA can make a critical impact on our local community. Initiatives in diabetes prevention, closing the summer learning gap and drowning prevention were kicked off in 2013 and we are already seeing results. Thank you to our more than 5,000 members, nearly 178 volunteers, and more than 306 staff who have all contributed and participated in what was a highly successful year for the YMCA of the Treasure Coast. We have so much more that we hope to accomplish. And we can do it with your continued support. You are an essential part of the YMCA’s mission. We invite you to learn more about our Y, and to share your Y story with a friend. Thank you for making this year an incredible year at the Y.

The Y is the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to strengthening communities in the areas of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

OUR Y, OUR IMPACT: OUR MISSION: The YMCA of the Treasure Coast’s mission is to put Christian principals into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. OUR CAUSE: At the Y, strengthening community is our cause. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone , regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn and grow. BIG PICTURE: YMCA’s have more than 2,600 locations in 10,000 communities across the country. 21 million people of all ages, incomes, backgrounds and abilities come to the Y to learn, grow and thrive. 500,000 volunteers-kids, parents, individuals, businesses and community leaders-are personally vested in our cause. 20,000 full time staff, 64 million households, and 32 million children ages 14 and under live within three miles of a YMCA, while 1,518 YMCA’s serve communities where the median family income is below the U.S. average. FURTHER IMPACT: The YMCA of the Treasure Coast recently identified three additional areas where we can make a critical impact on our community. Initiatives on the following topics have successfully begun and plans for future progress are in place. Drowning Prevention: We know that Florida loses more children under the age of five to drowning than any other state. To help change that, our YMCA has done research, provided educational opportunities to help highlight the problem, sought out partnerships including one with Children’s Services Council of Martin County and joined a task force to continue to push this effort forward. Looking ahead, our goal is to help educate our community on drowning prevention through YMCA swim lessons, in summer camp, in preschool and via partnerships with local schools.

Not only have I found a second family in my fitness group lessons, but my children have made so many friends! The swim program is amazing! Seeing my daughter’s ability and confidence grow in every class makes me so happy I chose the YMCA swim program. I love the Y!

Summer learning gap: The summer learning gap refers to the loss in academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer vacation. With the Y’s popular summer camp programs, this too, is a place where we know we can impact our community. Our Y has identified efforts to weave education into our afterschool and summer camp programs as well as begun to identify partners who might further learning through collaborations with educators. Diabetes prevention: With more than one-third of U.S. adults reported as obese, and the Y being a place dedicated to healthy living, we want to inspire and create change. To get started, we’ve formed a collaboration with Volunteers in Medicine. Jointly, we have collaboratively developed a program for adults to learn the necessary skills to prevent diabetes through diet and exercise. We are exploring a pilot program for youth diabetes prevention for Y summer camp and plan to measure impact. We are seeking additional partners and potential funding sources that can help drive further results with the prevention of diabetes. GET INVOLVED: The YMCA of the Treasure Coast’s goal is to engage more people in the communities we serve whether as a member, volunteer, supporter or advocate. You play a vital role in strengthening our communities! Find out more at

81% of our members surveyed said they think that the Y provided people the opportunity to give back and support their neighbors.

2013 Donors

Jeffrey and Lisa Ridgway

George Maclean

$10,000 +


John J Fedorek

Publix Super Markets Charities

Pamela Lynch CPA, PA

Kohls Department Store


Bob Ford

Molly's House Inc.

Christine and Mike Coller

Chris D. Sinkula

Nayomi Omura and Juan Giachino

Lawrence Sanders Fdn

Comerica Bank

Neil Osburg

Robert C. Johnson

David J. Chesnut, PA

Paul Siefker

William & Helen Thomas Trust

Dunkin Donuts

Richard Mishock


George Balzereit

Riley M Tanner

Kathi Harvey

George Maloney

Seacoast National Bank

Hilary Hunt White

Rudolph J. and Lilyan Norko Charitable Foundation

Martin County BOCC

J.A.K.E. Foundation

All About Kids Pediatrics, Inc.

Kevin McKenzie

Gordana USCUMLIC Foundation

Patricia Hendricks

Louis Dreyfus Citrus Inc.

Bob and Suzanne Pearson

Thomas and Martha Warner

Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Richard Hinckley


Tom and Hillary Egan

Demetrice Laurendeau

Tom A Evinrude

Beth Novins

Chairman's Roundtable $1,000+

Ampersand Shirt Shack

Community Foundation PBC & MC


Richard C. Westergaard

Andrew Favata

Wells Fargo

Ann Macmillan

Kantner Foundation, Inc.

Margaret J. Bettendorf

Victor Coppola

Audra Mariz

Waste Management

Carlos and Shari Buchanan Jr

Honda Classic

Will and Vickey Carson

Rich Zambo

David Bonthron

Indiantown Marina

Frank La Porta

Robert Massey

Niki L Gozdz

John and Kathy Lass

Indiantown Marina

Ocean Enterprises, Inc.

Jersey Mikes

Suntrust Foundation

August D Malfregeot

Reprographic Solutions Inc.

Carlyn R Schaefer

Bible Church of God

Craig Mancuso

John M Serovich

Craig S Czerwinski

Sanpin Logistics South Florida Janitorial Supply Stuart Jet Center, Ltd. Theresa and Drew Gallant $250+ Penny Colt Forward Electric and Air Conditioning Ron Kraemer Tami L. Karol Anonymous Harbor Community Bank John Huryn Kyle Puare Laurie J. Heron Josh Naughtin CB Rising, Inc. Indiantown Western Martin Co. Chamber

Diane and John Polhemus "If I can help make the YMCA , and therefore the communities we serve, a better place, then I am a better person for it." Dick Westergaard, Past Board President, and his wife Joyce.

“ Being a member of the YMCA gives me peace of mind . I know when my children get out of school they’re going into a safe, fun, and educational environment with lots of support. I am thankful and grateful for all of the assistance and help and support that the YMCA truly gives to people in our community.” Jeanne Emiddio, YMCA Member


of members surveyed agree that the Y is a community leader in promoting healthy habits.

Mariner Sands Charity Week

Trish Flynn

Target Engineering

David Snyder

Shawn and Sativa Keil

William Roberts

Team IP

Diana A. Escriba

Mary Beth Brown

Chris D Brooks

Todd Weissing

Donel Destinord

Maureen Cartelli

Christina Wood

Bob Ritter

Douglas M. Dorry

Jami O Melnick

Elisha and Grant Stoecklin

Janet Ford

Gina B Ogonowski

Lisa J Ehrsam

Gary and Jenny Laychur

Adam Preuss

Griselda Lagunas

Betty Tsarnes

Gerald Scott

Denise Whitehead

Haliyma Jones

Darren Sylvia

Ruth Cooper

Jay Creamer

Heather Hochstetter

Bob D Jones


John Mitchell Stewart

Irina Mazzare

Carribean Shores

Angie Francisco

Prentiss Douglass

Kaile Bennett

Jamie and Charlene Foster

F. Michael Wahl

Dan Wiley

Karra Hixon

Christine Matos

Bubbles Express Wash, LLC

Dora Seabolt

Kathy Wentworth

Chuck and Mary East

Alejandro Miranda

Katie Hitchcock

Dirk M Van Doren

Allen Family Foundation, Inc.

Indiantown Air Conditioning and Service

GEO Care Henry D. DeWolf Homes by JMC

Cybex Danny Delisle Ethel Donovan

Indiantown Cogeneration, L.P. Hilary McKeich Indiantown Gas Co

Indeeeco Inc.

ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc.

Indiantown Nonprofit Housing

Jeff J Smith Diane Harman Dowling R Watford Frank Hickox Heather L Padgett Shannon Chapman Arielle Mikkelson

Jason Berger

Jack Mitchell

Brenda Hochfeld

Kathy de Windt

Jerome Stuckenschneider

Brianna Johnson

Kristen M Boon

Carmen R Schaefer

LeeAnn Laffler

Angela Hogan

Marianne Shattuck

Alison Lukowsky

Patricia Dennett Capra

Cassidy Trent

Rosie Lenahan

Catherine Soldatich

Roy Warren

David Dickhart

Lisa Satur Loving Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Inc. S. Donovan Essen, DDS. Stephen Schramm Thomas Hunt

Katie Lynn Yingling Keil Causby Maria Quintero Marvin Vincent Megan F Voeller Megan Leigh Schroeder Micah Lowry Michael Angelo Martinez Morgan B Kellogg Patty J. Alexander Paula Cisneros Perla E Salguero Quantina Hogan Rachel R Bumbera Ralph Keith

Samantha A Hamilton

Mark Relicke

Stephanie Rodriguez

Ryan R. Wilson

Sandra Sanchez

Mary C Fields

Colin V Lloyd

Sue Fortenbaugh

Sean Monahan

Mary Jean Faro

Nancy D Scott

Mary Springer

Sharon J. McCulloch

Murray Grossman

Paul G Zinter

Andrea L Bagnasco

Sheila R. Macharyas

Patricia Wilson

Samia Ferraro

Arlene Lierl

Stacy L. Moore

Robert Dowling

Angie Figueroa

Casey T Holyfield

Steve J Brooks

Robert F Bruce

Tarah Morris

Clara A Martinez

Tanya S. Gabbett

Robin Kae Sutherland

Christie L Mayer

Daniel Lafleur

Alison B Dye

Ronna Talcott

Colleen E Hauptner

Delia Diaz

Audra Wheatley

Russell J Ferraro

Janet Bruce

Joey Sylvestro Jr.

Braswell Surety Service

Ryan Strom

John Yencho

Kathryn McAuliffe

Sean Cameron

Sandy Jevaney

Jon Weir

Louis Shatkun

Cathleen Blair

Stephen Leighton

Judith A Kauchak

Peggy Cherwa

Celeste Simmons

Tom Nelson

Kerry Jellum

Sheryl Pistel

Christian Whalen

Travis Holmquist

Larry Schlitt

Thomas Allen

David M Schiller

Virginia Hatcher

Bob Voeller

Timothy Lerette

Deb Longenecker

Viriginia Luther

Amanda J Gray

Tiojane Nicole Guthrie

Donna Duncan

William P Holmes

Andrea V. Lutz

Vickie Beaman

Doris A Bradshaw

YMCA Newcomer's Alum

Angelica Cowdell

Cherisse Conner

Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen


Dorothy Fodor

Elizabeth Morgan

Edward W Gribben, Jr

Matthew McCain

Fettig's Construction, Inc

Leona Dudwoire

Francis X Mcelroy

Rozelle Bradley

Frank W. Wolek

Robert Csigar

George Fetcho

Victoria Yatsko

Gene L VanCuren

Sandra Lovelady

George T Carpenter

Josh Jenkins

George H Stewart


Jamil Mikati

Betty Wallen

Helen Wilson

Jenni Groth

Mike Lafferty

John J Vickery

Business Development Board of Martin Coutny, Inc.

Jennifer Rose Dodd

Westport Christian Church

Julie Ann Clark

John D'Albora

Albert A. Del Tufo III

Justin Hunter

John Macensky

Crowther Roofing

Leon R Camarda

Julia Wenrick

Erin Musso

Linda Arnold

Kathryn Cassidy

Lori A Perry-Morrow

Kathy Johnson

Gulfstream Aluminum Products, Inc.

Kris Rowland

Paula Osteen

Michael K Sturgis

Linda Johnson

Sherry Plymale

Richard E Hatcher

Lori Campbell

Stormtroopers Home Improvement, LLC

Richmond M. Harman

Lori Watkins Maggie Bernot Margaret Matthews

Vakani Orthodontics Walter Patterson Plamen Shamli

Michael Bertrand

Roger Dion Ronald V Dhaeseleer Ruby Blue, LLC

Elaine D. Clark Amy E Crary Carolyn DeWolf Dave M Casper Dawn Hill Gil Arroyo Joy Volker Lisa Miller Bejamin T. Church Cheryl H Walker Christopher Arden Diane B. Kimes



EXPENSES** Membership and Program Services Management and General

$ $

4,438,936 226,436






Total $


Financial Assistance

$ Total expense $

159,727 4,844,199

Special Events, net



Net surplus $


Government Support



Health and Wellness









Summer Camp



After School



Youth and adult sports



Youth in Government



Adventure Guides








General contributions



Annual Campaign




Total revenue $


Total contributions +revenue $


I volunteer my time because .... I believe in the Y, it's values and principles of families. No one is left behind. The Y cares! Rickelle Watson, Board of Directors

YMCA of the Treasure Coast 1700 SE Monterey Road Stuart, Florida 34996

2013 annual report