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KL URBAN COMMONS THE MANY SMALL THINGS a research on the doughnut effect & public commons of a city Area of study: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Studio Master: Dr. Gunnar Hartmann Second Advisor: Prof. Joris Fach

As of 2010, Kuala Lumpur urban area was the eighth largest in the south east asia region. Kuala Lumpur’s growth started ans sprawled from the river, with Masjid Jamek being the historical core of the city. Greater KL is formed when the suburban around KL has grown more rapidly and is then classified as greater KL for economic growth development purposes.

country: Malaysia climate: tropical wet and dry climate population: 7.25 million life expectancy: 74.8 years3 population of urbanization: 71% internet usage percentage: 78.7%4 project tags: urban commons, network sharing spaces project area: kuala lumpur historical city centre




(Top) Figure-Ground Diagram showing the urban sprawl from the city to the suburban year 1970-2000



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Graduate Architecture Portfolio Charlene Chan I 2015-2018