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master studio problems cities pose

‘Giant historical shift are sometimes symbolized by minute changes in everyday behaviour.’ – Alvin Toffler

Winter 2017

Currently moving to the third wave of economics, we are living in the age of shared information. The internet has given space to a digitally networked society, enabling citizens to play an active role in building collaborative systems. This set of methodology encourages the potential of public resources to redesign average public amenities, infrastructure, public spaces, or perhaps to rethink new sprout of project initiatives. Rethinking the urban commons in Malaysia is a mean of making full use of the potential of the collaborative network, with small changes of the power of one, but many. Perhaps then it would be true to say, “The next big thing… will be many small things.”

thesis project // KL urban commons - design portfolio 2018


Profile for Charlene Chan

Graduate Architecture Portfolio Charlene Chan I 2015-2018