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a typical young malaysian Average time spent for a young professional working in downtown Kuala Lumpur and commuting through driving within 24 hours.

1.0 personal care 1.5 leisure and sports 1.5 socializing 2.5 eating and drinking

3.0 commuting in transport

6.0 work-related

7.0 sleeping

The food culture is embedded in the Malaysian Culture. The action of gathering where there is food is embeded as part of the malaysian culture, unique to this south east asian context.

What If. ‘Lepak’ Places

‘Makan’ Places ‘Makan’ is the term to eat. When we say, ‘Jom Makan’, it means let’s go and have a something to eat.


‘Lepak’ is the term to hang around. When we say, ‘Jom Lepak’, it means is that let’s meet up and hangout.


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