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The Berlin wall may have came down 28 years ago, but some things last longer than mere bricks and mortar. While we may see subtle differences in the morning between the two equally blooming side of berlin, but at night, the differences and division cannot be hidden from the orbit; while infrastructures may be blooming on the east, simple street lights have sought to be changed since the fall of the wall. Street lamps in the east are mostly still sodium-vapour lamps, producing a warmer yellow while the ones in the west are carbon and cost saving fluorescent lights that produces a whiter colour. This series depicts to capture the yellow warm setting of the streetlights in east berlin, along with the narrative of scale and intensity. The storyline of the series goes along to explore from a more developed side of east berlin – Alexanderplatz to the quieter side of berlin – Karlshorst. As the series goes along, the scale of the roads, the intensity of the people, vehicles, buildings, streetlights decreases. In the scenes of the large boulevards to the smaller scale streets of shop rows to the narrow path less taken in the public park found in east berlin, the trails and shadows of the yellow street light just seems to linger and make a point.

It leaves behind a sense of questioning,

Is the wall still in the head (Mauer im Kopf) or has it broken completely?


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Graduate Architecture Portfolio Charlene Chan I 2015-2018