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Kindle books.  The  market  for  Kindle  books   is  exploding.     My   new   book,   “Kindle,   How   To   Publish,   Promote   &   Profit”   is   a   step-­‐by-­‐step   blueprint   that   guides   you   through   the   formatting   process,   and   then   explains   every   detail   of   what   you   need   to   do   to   create  awareness  for  your  book  and  drive   targeted   buyers   to   your   Amazon   sales   page.    

  Amazon’s   Kindle   Direct   Publishing   (KDP)   offers   almost   everything   you   need   to   self-­‐ publish   your   book   and   it’s   a   relatively   simple   process   –   if   you   know   what   to   do.   The  devil’s  in  the  details  –  and  details  such   as   formatting   your   manuscript   correctly,   designing  a  compelling  cover,  pricing  your   book   to   sell   and   how   to   promote   it   to   maximize   sales   are   critical   elements   that   Amazon  omits.     Why  publish  on  Amazon's  Kindle?   is   the   largest   bookseller   in   the   world.   They   ship   tens   of   millions   of   paperback   and   hardback   books,   but   for   every  print  book  they  ship,  they  sell  more  

conventional book   publishing.   The   digital   age  of  books  has  arrived!   sold   more   than   3   times   as   many   Kindle   books   in   2011   as   it   did   in   2010.    Customers  are  now  choosing  Kindle   books   more   often   than   print   books   because  they  like  the  convenience  and  the   prices.      


  The   barriers   to   publishing   have   been   eliminated!     The   role   of   a   traditional   publisher   is   disappearing.   We   no   longer   need   their   distribution   channels,   forget   about   inventory,   print   runs,   literary   agents   or   virtually   anything   associated   with  

“Hi, my  name  is  Tom  Heatherington   and  I  am  the  author  of  “Kindle,  How   To  Publish,  Promote  &  Profit“.  I  am   also  the  author  of  another  Kindle   book  (SEO  &  Social  Media  Marketing   Guide)  and  a  print  book,  which  was   published  by  Macmillan  titled,  The   Complete  Small  Business  Internet   Guide.    I’ve  experienced  the   publishing  world  from  both  sides;   traditional  print  and  digital  books,   and  I  am  sold  on  the  future  (and  the   present)  of  electronic  publishing.”  

A Kindle Publishing Book by Tom Heatherington  

Kindle How To Publish, Promote and Profit is a go to resource for all prospective Kindle publishers.