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Outcome  Design  Ideas   Developments,  Working  towards  an  outcome  


This  design  came  from  the  grayscale  designs,  I  came   across  this  idea  I  had  using  the  imagery  of  reflec7on   and  decided  to  use  this  powerful  drama7c  image   and  incorporate  this  image  into  the  grayscale  designs   below.    I  feel  the  image  creates  an  overpowering,   effect,  as  the  colors  are  adjusted  to  do  this.  I  feel  to   improve  this  design  I  could  vectorize  the  image  in  the   middle  and  use  my  idea’s  of  1950’s  pop  ar7s7c   movement,  or  using  the  idea’s  of  emo7vism  using   emo7ons  to  portray  idea’s  in  ar7sts  work  such  as   Rothko’s  who  I  have  looked  at  previously,  who’s  work  I   looked  at  when  looking  upon  abstracta7on  of  concepts   and  use  of  symbolism  of  color.  All  the  designs  and   possible  outcome  idea’s  of  which  I  have  produced  her   seem  to  be  ‘ruined’  by  the  typeface,  as  to  me  the  image   should  be  able  too  ‘breathe’  and  speak  for  itself  and  in   these  par7cular  designs  the  picture  and  the  message   being  portrayed  can  some7mes  lose  effect  due  to  the   typeface.  I  discovered  that  having  a  smaller  typeface,   that  my  designs  would  be  more  effec7ve  and  work   beIer.  

Looking  at  the  perspec7ves  of  the  other  primary  imagery  I   had  been  using,  I  didn’t  to  use  this  primary  image  to  acquire   a  different  effect  to  my  design.  I  used  the  burn  tool  too   darken  the  original  image  to  add  drama7c  impact.  I  feel  the   textural  aspects  of  this  piece  work  well  and  add  impact  to   the  typeface  and  overall  presenta7on.  I  feel  that  although   this  design  works  there  is  something  missing,  such  as  a   strong  ar7s7c  influence  that  some  of  my  other  designs  have.   To  improve  this  design  I  would  look  at  the  ar7s7c  analysis’s   that  I  have  looked  at  throughout  this  project  and  imply  some   of  their  techniques  to  improve  upon  this  design  if  I  was  to   decide  to  use  this  as  an  outcome.    

This  design  idea’  was  the  ini7al  grayscale  piece  of  work,  I   started  again  exploring  with  colors  I  decided  to  create  this   design.  U  feel  the  harness  and  contrast  of  the  imagery   should  be  exaggerated  in  the  typeface.  

Using  the  idea  of  symbolism  of  colors  I  decided  to  incorporate  this   concept  in  this  design.  I  used  the  idea’s  and  concepts  of  my  primary   imagery  of  ‘ice  cubes  which  can  be  found  on hIp://charleiigh-­‐  ’My  primary  photography   concept  of  coldness/isola7on’  -­‐  I  decided  to  create  a  basis  of  an   outcome  idea,  using  the  insipria7ons  of  Craig  Shields  piece  of  work   ‘refreshed’.  Again  I  feel  in  this  design  I  should  have  relooked  at  the   typography  ar7sts  I  had  studied,  and  used  one  of  thier  techniques  to   establish  that  the  typeface  fits  in  and  around  the  design  idea’s.  

This  grey  scale  piece/design  idea  Is  the  second  idea  of  this  post,  and  I  feel  and  improvement  of  the  original  idea.