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Using my primary imagery, I decided to create this design, based on my research of exploring media, colour and techniques. I came across the idea of symbolism in colour and I decided to portray this concept in this design. I feel this design works effectively in portraying this.

The reason I feel this design is effective is because the primary imagery works really well, and it was an out of focus picture that created this abstract expressionist feel.

Using my primary imagery, I decided to create this design based on my research. I thought my visual response to my research on Autism worked better in black and white without the added filter effects. To improve and develop this design further I would add more information on this subject, and what I had found out as it doesn't show what I found out to a greater extent, it shows the concept and idea’s in which I felt when looking at this topic.

When previously discovering music, I look at this artist, but here I decided to use to concepts of discovering and exploration to create a design using my primary imagery, and brushes on Photoshop. I think this design development is an improvement, on my initial design in the bottom right corner. I have previously discussed why I am not continuing to develop this topic further and have explored in more depth my other topics.

This design is based on the idea, when I was looking at London city life and the countryside, I found the concept of unfamiliarity and so I looked at primary imagery of Florida, because it was at first unfamiliar and I was always discovering new information and knowledge and exploring different places. It was a new experience and a different cultural place to what my familiarity of Essex and London.

I decided to design this based, on thresh holding effect, I think this design is not as strong as some of my other visual brainstorm idea’s, but I incorporated it because it was different style of idea, to my other visual brainstorm idea’s. To improve this design I would incorporate more detail in my thresh holding design and make the typography clearer and easier to read.

As I'm doing a level Religious studies and I am always discovering and exploring new ideas and concepts I decided it would be a good idea to explore this within Graphic Design, although I did discover i would have to fins symbolism of religious conations in order to get primary imagery because most religious things you cannot take pictures of such as ‘God’.


Visual Response Brainstorm