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MESOAMERICA Charity Ralliers! Here is the timetable for the Mesoamérica Charity Rally 2014! Please note that these dates are subject to change, but if they do we’ll let you know! Included are also the details for the regular conference calls. Tue 28 January

Conference Call 1


Wed 26 February

Conference Call 2

Vehicles and visas

Thur 20 March

Conference Call 3

Fundraising and Volunteering


By now you should have 50% of your fundraising for.

Fri 28 March

Go Help! Tue 22 April

Conference Call 4

Visas and routes

Fri 16 May, Midnight


You must have submitted your vehicle for formal approval to the rally organizers

Friday 23 May, Midnight


Your Mexico Vehicle Permit should be received

Wed 28 May

Conference call 5

Launch info

Mon 2 June, Midnight


Please confirm full details of all your team members and your vehicle and RSVP to launch invite

Wed 19 June

Conference call 6

Ready, Set, Go! - Question Time

Friday, 27 June, close of business


You must have all fees and deposits paid

Mon 30 June, Midnight


You need to have 100% of your charity fundraising for Go Help!

Friday 4 July

Pre-launch Party

Pre-Launch Party coordinating with US Independence Day (optional)

Sat 5 July


Launch of the MesoAmerica Charity Rally

Sun July 6

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Party

We will meet to ensure that teams have successfully crossed their first border and celebrate that evening with a Mexican Fiesta!


Call details Every month we hold a conference call for all ralliers so that you can ask us any questions you may have.

Tuesday 28 January

Tuesday 22 April

Wednesday 26 February

Wednesday 28 May

Thursday 20 MarchÂ

Wednesday 19 June

MesoAmerica Charity Rally timetable 2014  

Timetable for the year leading up to the MesoAmerica Charity Rally 2014