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connection between deforestation and water pollution Missouri Conservation makes national news DDT replacing malaria vaccination - how it affects nature

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The Little Known Link Between D e f o r e s ta t i o n a n d Wa t e r Pollution

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April 2012

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Water pollution is a global problem effecting the environment and the health of people and animals around the world. Not everyone considers the reasons for this shortage. Most people know that oil spills are bad for the environment and hurt wildlife, but there are other forms of water pollution that many people do not know or think about. Water pollution has many causes that

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Deforestation and Water Pollution Missouri Conservation Department passes new law which may be passed nationally DDT is not longer just sprayed in Africa—it’s affecting the US Ask Professor Rallaugh Environment education and its integration into the public school system and universities Advertisements

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add up to make it a global problem. Deforestation is widely known as an environmental problem, but it seems that people usually think about it as only a threat to the animals that live in the forests. Forests, however, provide more than just a habitat for animals and other plants. Writer for the Mail Tribune newspaper in Medford, Oregon, Paul Fattig, wrote an article in the paper

called “Centers track global deforestation” that mentions that forests help to keep lakes, rivers, and streams clean (Par. 13). This helps to show that trees are more important than many people realize and how they can factor into water pollution. Erosion is what happens when water washes soil away from the ground and it often winds up in water supplies like lakes and

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Stopping deforestation is another big part of the solution to water pollution. Many forests are being cut down for space for development for cities and for farmland. Some find this justifiable because it makes a profit but, in the end, Page 2

By Karri Clark

it destroys the environment including the aquatic portion. When the land is used to grow crops people have to put nutrients back in the soil or it will be pointless to try and grow anything because the trees from the forest have the nu-

trients that used to be in the soil and if anything else is grown, without nutrients being added (which can be expensive) the crops might fail and the soil will be depleted of its nutrients. If trees are cut, proper forest management

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Paul Fattig Dr. Mark Hubbard Sarah Rodriguezguez Howard Weinberg Joel Tarr Michael Wichman Sean Terwilliger

Other Contributing Factors to Water Pollution: Pharmaceuticals passed through urine into the sewer system Animal waste deposited into the water from concentrated animal feeding operations Climate Changes

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