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Issue 8 2012

Lamb ups the stakes It’s not all about showbiz for Larry Lamb

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Spinning around

Emergency response

Tweet treats

Kylie takes the wheel for NSPCC p28

How charities deal with disaster donations p17

Twitter climbs out of the computer and into the kitchen p15

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appy New Year, and welcome to the 8th issue of Charity Choice Magazine. We’ve finally made it! We’ve launched our brand new Charity Choice website – It has been a long time coming, and we hope you like all the changes we have made. I don’t normally buy into the whole New Year’s resolution thing, as I’m one of those cynics that assume they will fail by the second week of January, but this year I’ve decided to break that tradition and make one: I want to do more for charity.

I’m not sure what yet, but whether it’s volunteering, fundraising, donating or giving my unwanted items, I’m determined to make the most of and give something back. If you feel equally inspired, take a look around the site and see how Charity Choice is offering you more ways to give. Please let me know what you think of the new site by emailing me: Sarah Stickland – Editor

contents 2 News 5 Happy as Larry Larry Lamb sheds light on his off-screen work to raise awareness for Action on Hearing Loss

17 Calm after the storm We provide an update on three of the biggest disaster appeals of recent years, and show you how and where your donations were spent

11 Charity products Fancy a new look this year? Check out these stylish charity fashion partnerships

20 10 ways to… …move your body and make someone’s day

13 Keeping it clean Jenny Ramage has been tackling London’s litter problem – she explains why she does it and how it feels to get involved

23 Britain’s Kindest Kid Callum Flynn has just won Britain’s Kindest Kid of 2011. We hear his remarkable story

15 Eat a Tweet When long-winded recipes met Twitter, there could only be one winner: you! Treat yourself using FoodCycle’s new twecipes here

25 Events calendar Great events to attend or fundraise for throughout February and March 28 Fundraising news

Issue 8 2012

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Four charities get the royal treatment

Footballers make headlines for the right reasons


ne thing about the Christmas period that’s almost as inescapable as the songs you’ve heard millions of times before is the amount of football that’s on TV – but it’s good to see that some players took the time to make headlines for the right reasons. Arsenal stars Bacary Sagna and Alex Song have teamed up with Grassroot Soccer to help raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in Africa. Sagna said: “In Africa, soccer is like a religion. Grassroot Soccer is using the power of the game to improve the lives of many young people across Africa. I am African and I play the beautiful game, so I am very excited to be part of the Grassroot Soccer team.” The charity operates in 18 countries worldwide, using football as a tool to unite communities and educate them about the dangers of the diseases in order to create an AIDS-free generation of young people across Africa.

From cracking heads to mending hearts


ate Middleton has started 2012 by accepting honorary positions at four UK charities. The Duchess of Cambridge will become a patron of Action on Addiction and the National Portrait Gallery, and royal patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and The Art Room. According to the palace spokesman, hundreds of organisations applied to be associated with her, but instead of accepting roles with too many charities, the Duchess has decided to work with four charities that reflect her personal interest in the arts, the outdoors, and young people. As a result it is expected that she’ll take on a more hands-on role, and her four chosen charities have much to gain from the exposure that the Duchess’ profile will provide. In addition, the Duchess, a former Brownie, has agreed to ditch her usual designer wear and don a polo shirt, scarf, and friendship knot – the new uniform of the Scouts Association. The Duchess will continue the royals’ long-standing association with the voluntary group by volunteering at Scout groups in London and north Wales.


he sight of Vinnie Jones standing over a prone man might be one familiar to football fans of a certain age, but he’s now taken to helping people get up off the floor in a new advert produced by the British Heart Foundation. The clip aims to teach the public on the best way to resuscitate a cardiac arrest victim, recommending that people ditch the kiss of life and go straight for pumping the victim’s chest, after it emerged that just ten per cent of people survived a heart attack that occurred in a public place. Ellen Mason at the British Heart Foundation said: “Handsonly CPR should give lots of people the confidence and know-how to help save someone

in cardiac arrest, the ultimate medical emergency. It’s been shown that hard, fast and uninterrupted chest compressions are better than stopping compressions for ineffective rescue breaths.” The new guidelines state that people should give constant chest compressions 5-6cm deep (2 inches), just between the nipples, at the rate of 100 to 120 a minute. now relaunched with more ways to give 2

CharityChoice Issue 8 2012

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Debt spiral affects Britain’s most vulnerable families


wo-thirds of parents of children with cancer are turning to borrowing to cover their costs during treatment, according to the cancer charity CLIC Sargent. Parents and young people told the charity that they spent on average £367 and £277 respectively on cancer-related expenses every month, and that with treatment lasting up to three years, the bills soon mounted up. During the treatment process, many parents are forced to cut back on their working hours or give up their jobs entirely, which increases the strain on family finances in already-tough times. As a result, many families have started to turn to banks and payday loan companies, making an already tragic situation worse. Lorraine Clifton, chief executive of CLIC Sargent says: “Everyone is suffering in this economic climate but parents of children with cancer are among the hardest hit. It’s shocking to hear that some families felt driven to debt in order to get through financially.” The charity does give grants to families that have fallen victim to cancer, but Clifton says that while the government “does help”, it needs to do more. This comes at a time when Shelter, the housing charity, say that millions of UK families are using payday loans just to keep up with rent or mortgage payments. It’s believed that as many as six million people have used methods like this to keep afloat, creating what the charity calls a “spiral of debt”. Chief executive Campbell Robb said: “These shocking findings show the extent to which millions of households across the country are desperately struggling to keep their home. Turning to short-term payday loans can quickly lead to debts snowballing out of control and can lead to eviction or repossession and ultimately homelessness.” Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert, said the UK was “the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow for the world’s payday lenders” who faced tougher regulation elsewhere.

Rescue and rehab for seal pups hit by rough weather


ixty young seals are being cared for by the RSPCA nationwide after rough weather struck as they were heading out to sea on their own for the first time. The RSPCA’s four wildlife centres countrywide have been working around the clock to look after the fragile animals, some of which require feeding every three hours. Alison Charles, manager at East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk, said they were caring for a total of 41 seals. She adds: “The wind was very strong and it was just too much for the young seals. It was very unfortunate timing for them.” She expects it will take three to four months for the seal pups to get fit enough to be released back into the wild. Much to her relief the wind has now dropped, “so the others are doing fine and are getting out to sea”.

Detox diets don’t cure January Blues


verybody does it. You overdo it at Christmas – eating too much, drinking too much, spending too much, and not sleeping enough – and then to balance it all out, you make a cure-all New Year’s Resolution to ditch alcohol for a month. Unfortunately though, it makes no difference according to the British Liver Trust. Andrew Langford, the charity’s chief executive, says: “People think they’re virtuous by embarking on a detox. You’re better off taking a few days off alcohol a week throughout the year than remaining abstinent for January.” The liver can restore itself quite quickly – going from swimming in spirits to renewed and ready in 24 hours – but testing it that way on a regular basis is a recipe for disaster. Instead, it’s recommended that you stay alcohol-free a few days a week, giving your body time to restore its natural equilibrium. According to consultant hepatologist Dr Mark Wright, detoxing “makes about as much sense as maxing out your credit cards and overdraft all year, then thinking you can fix it by just eating toast in January. The figures just don’t stack up”. now relaunched with more ways to give Issue 8 2012

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For more information or to make a donation please visit -VY°TVWL°PUMVYTH[PVU°VY°[V°THRL°H°KVUH[PVU°WSLHZL°]PZP[° or call 0115 9706806 \\\SWXGTWN\R°VY°JHSS°° Please quote CCMAG1

59:)°6Y[aLU°:[WLL[°5V[[PUNOHT°5.°)5 NRSB, Ortzen Street, Nottingham, NG7 4BN

Larry Lamb

Hannah Gannagé-Stewart caught up with Larry Lamb to talk about his 35 years in entertainment and what is next in his career

Your appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? revealed that your lineage traces back to Day’s Menagerie and the famous Martini Bartlett lion tamer. What was it like to learn about that rich background in entertainment? I found it fascinating to understand a side of me that I knew nothing about; it was something really very special for me. Funnily enough, The One Show is talking about doing a little strand of programmes about the whole thing. About me being somebody who is essentially in entertainment anyway, and then finding out that they are from a line of showmen.

Would you say entertainment is in your blood? I had no idea that my background was anything to do with showbusiness at all and had always assumed that it was just some accident of fate that I’d ended up spending 35 years doing it. Only to realise that, in actual fact, had you known about your family history, the chances are you would have pursued it anyway. Your son George is a television personality too. Was that passed down to him from his dad? My son is an interesting character; he’s somebody who just got into it without

I had no idea that my background was anything to do with showbusiness Issue 8 2012

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Happy as Larry



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Joint Services Hosanna House Group 507 “Caring for Heroes” Joint Services Hosanna House Group 507 takes veterans and their families with special needs for a weeks respite coinciding with the Internaonal Military Pilgrimage in Lourdes high up in the Pyrenees in France.

NBCS depends totally on legacies, donations and fundraising to provide essential support to the estimated 24,000 UK children with visual difficulties

The accommodaon provides facilies for veterans with special needs. They will be looked aer by a one-to-one career. Please donate so the charity can carry on with its unique work!

Your lasting legacy could provide a brighter future for these children

Contact Mr Richard Tipping 01752 787 697-

We Welcome Your Support! 01278 764 764

Registered Charity Nos. England & Wales 1051607 Scotland SC042089

Helping children made homeless by domestic violence Every year Hestia supports over 300 children made homeless by domestic violence and living with their mothers in a women’s refuge. Children’s lives are shattered by domestic violence. When fleeing to a refuge they leave behind their home, friends, school, personal belongings and literally everything that gave their daily lives structure and meaning; in order to be safe. Children find it difficult to understand what has happened and have problems talking about their experience and feel responsible for the violence and family breakdown. Sadly, the consequences of domestic violence to their relationships, health and education can last a lifetime. Hestia: provides children made homeless by domestic violence with housing, support, learning and play opportunities; to enable them to thrive, have fun and heal from the damaging effects of domestic violence. You can give children made homeless by domestic violence the chance of a brighter future by remembering Hestia in your will. - 020 8538 2940 - Registered Charity No. 294555

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I would like to help Hestia to support Hestia’s work. I am pleased to enclose a donation of £ ___________________ Name: ______________________________________ Address:_______________________________________ Town: _____________________________________ Post code: __________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Please send your donation to: The Fundraising Manager, Sovereign Court, 15-21 Staines Road, HOUNSLOW TW3 3HR

Hestia is a registered charity (number 294555).

Gift Aid Declaration Please make every pound you give worth an extra 28% to Hestia by selecting the relevant option:  I am a UK taxpayer and would like Hestia to claim the tax on my donations from 6 April 2000 until further notice  I do not pay income tax/ I do not wish to Gift Aid my donations for personal reasons. Please Note: You must pay an amount of Income and/ or Capital Gains Tax equal to the basic rate tax that we claim on your donations (currently 25p of each £1 you give). If in future, you no longer pay UK tax on your income and/or UK capital gains equal to the tax that Hestia can reclaim, you can cancel your declaration by phoning 0208 538 2961.

I act as an ambassador for hearing loss awareness. You can be quite effective at this if you’re someone who is out and about in public life

Larry Lamb any encouragement from his mother or me at all - in fact quite the opposite. So I’m sure it’s genetic, I’m sure my daughters will finish up being entertainers too. Would you encourage them to get into show business? There’s a difference between encouraging something and engendering it. We didn’t try to engender something in George that would make him feel it was necessary for him to do it. My daughters are both instinctive entertainers, so if they are doing something they enjoy, obviously you try to encourage it. There are so many kids around that have no idea what they want to do, but my kids are probably instinctively and genetically inclined towards that disposition and so it only seems right to nurture it.

You are hoping to encourage a better understanding of hearing loss. How does being in the public eye help you to do that? I act as an ambassador for hearing loss awareness. You can be quite effective at this if you’re someone who is out and about in public life – particularly if you’re of a certain age. I’m in the demographic that is probably going to be affected by hearing loss whether they like it or not. To become known as a person that has suffered hearing loss and is not ashamed of wearing a hearing aid actively supports the promotion of that idea. You suffered hearing loss as a result of falling ill with malaria. How long did it take you to realise your hearing had been affected? I had a fever while suffering from malaria, and I was feeling so desperately ill that my ear problems didn’t really register as something that wasn’t going to be fixed until it had gone on a couple more weeks. In the end I went and saw a specialist and they did all the tests and said ‘You’ve lost 80 per cent of hearing in your right ear, you’ve got an infection in there and that’s what’s caused the damage’. Interestingly enough, when I said ‘What, from having malaria?’ he asked if I’d had mumps and measles as a kid, and I had. He said a lot of children go deaf with those two illnesses.

What does it feel like to have lost that degree of hearing? Without my hearing aid, about half of my hearing facility is more or less gone. One of the side effects for me was absolutely unbelievable neck aches on the right side where I had been straining to listen. We all have an automatic in-built radar system that adjusts to make sure our ears are working in the absolute optimum way. When the way you’re used to hearing sound is thrown into turmoil, what happens is that your neck is constantly working to get your good ear to do the work that it knows your bad ear can’t.

Larry with Action on Hearing Loss CEO, Jackie Ballard, at the Action on Hearing Loss and Specsavers partnership launch

As an actor, your hearing is pretty important. What was your first thought when you found out about it? Not good, not good at all. You start off thinking that you’ll have to try and

Issue 8 2012

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1/20/2012 8:43:36 AM

Larry Lamb

I went to Senegal on behalf of a charity called Plan, which supports some of the world’s poorest children

muddle through but then reluctantly you think, ‘Well, I’m going to have to do something about this’. I was working on a play in the theatre at the time. We were in a terribly noisy rehearsal room; there was this constant racket from out on the street. Meanwhile we were trying to accommodate everybody speaking in this big echoey room, and all the noise from the traffic just made it impossible, so I knew I was going to have to get something done. When exactly was all this happening? About eighteen months ago. I got malaria at the beginning of the year and then, during the spring time, I finally realised I was going to have to get myself sorted out.

You were in Senegal when you contracted malaria. What had taken you there? I went there on behalf of a charity called Plan, which supports some of the world’s poorest children and helps them work their way out of poverty. I was there to raise awareness and publicise their work. I still donate money to a fund that goes towards helping these kids. What are you working on at the moment? Little bits and pieces really. There’s some television stuff, like presenting for The One Show, and I did a pantomime in Croydon at Christmas time. I’ve not got any big roles


Larry acts as an ambassador for hearing loss awareness

planned, I’ve just been focusing on doing a lot of different things and just having an interesting life. Thirty-five years is long enough as an actor: this year I’m 65 and as far as I’m concerned I’ve done enough acting

now. So if I can go and present a TV programme I’m very happy to go and do that. I’m certainly not running around any more banging on doors trying to get acting work!

Get involved!

Action on Hearing Loss Information Line: Telephone 0808 808 0123 | Textphone 0808 808 9000

CharityChoice Issue 8 2012

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1/20/2012 8:43:47 AM

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Together we can build a brighter future for children like Justin No one knew what the future held for Justin when he arrived at The Children’s Trust. He needed 24 hour nursing care, and had spent a great deal of his life in hospital. Once at The Children’s Trust we were sure of one thing – whatever his medical needs, Justin’s life would be full of opportunities to experience the activities that all children love to do, and a life full of his favourite colour – yellow! The Children’s Trust helps hundreds of children from across the UK every year; providing expert nursing care, education, therapy and rehabilitation for children with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and acquired brain injury. We believe every child has the right to a fun childhood, whilst ensuring their complex medical needs are met – so we are seeking your help to ensure our extraordinary work continues well into the future.

Leaving a legacy to The Children’s Trust in your Will means you can help build a brighter future For more information please contact Mandy Kendrick on 01737 365081 or email The Children’s Trust, Tadworth Court, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5RU Registered Charity Number: 288018

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Page 10

A Division of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Reg charity no. 1024811

Improving the health of the nation’s pets

The Trust houses elderly ladies in small flats with modern amenities. Accommodation is all in the Holland Park district of London, but applications can be taken from any part of the country. The aim is to provide independent living in comfortable surroundings with help available in emergencies. Each house has its own garden.

Relieving the distress and pain caused by diseases for which we have no effective treatment by: Q Q

Finding cures for diseases that affect our pets. Helping your vet to give your pet the best treatment. Petsavers do not involve the use of experimental animals


cons 12 Lansdowne Walk Please cy to g le a a tinue London W11 3LN con e h lp us e a home Tel: 020 7727 5500 id v o r to p erly Fax: 020 7727 7730 for eld E-mail: ladies Registered Charity No. 1133356

Vital help for elderly people in financial need

Donate now at and be a Petsaver Petsavers, Woodrow House, 1 Telford Way, Waterwells Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 2AB Tel: 01452 726723 Fax: 01452 726701 Email: Web:




(believe us you can) Together our challenge is to raise £6,000,000 by the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines in 2014. It goes without saying that we seek to support our wounded and injured in any way we can. But we also seek to improve the quality of life of those who are facing multiple tours in high threat environments and are so very often forgotten. And we continue this support long after our people have severed their formal links to the Corps. Sadly, we also provide a death grant to the next of kin of any member of the Corps who has died in service.

We turn to you so they can turn to us, together we turn despair into happiness. It’s most rewarding for them, us and you. DEPT:CC1010 • EPWORTH HOUSE • 25 CITY ROAD • LONDON EC1Y 1AA TEL: 0870 803 1950 • FAX: 0870 803 2128 E-MAIL:

Registered Charity Number 299276

To T o find out how yo you ou can support us visit www or to make a donation now n now, w, text ‘MARINES’ to 70300 0 to donate £5* *This service will make a one-off one-off £5 donation to the t Royal Marines Association minus your Charitable Trust mobile operator charges. The Royal Marines Charitab ble T rrust Fund is an Incorporated Registered Charity No. 1134205, Registered office: RM Corps Secretariat, Building 32, HMS EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT T, Whale Island, Portsmouth PO2 8ER www k


Profit sharing Charity product partnerships are really taking off, and with a range of high-street and designer clothing raising money for good causes, now you can support some of your favourite charities in style. Beach Dress H&M with WaterAid, prices start from £9.99 Available from H&M and

We Love Maggie’s Travelwrap Lonsdale Forces Rugby Shirt

The Travelwrap Company with Maggie’s Centres, £229 Available from

Lonsdale with Royal British Legion, £18 Available from and retailers nationwide

Dino Bibs Frugi Organic Clothing with Pesticide Action Network UK and Cornwall Wildlife Trust, £12 Available from

Converse All Star Product RED Hi Tops Converse with Product (RED), £40 Available from and shoe retailers nationwide

Issue 8 2012

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Painting by Shirley Parker Resident, The British Home

Stroke is the third biggest killer and the leading cause of severe adult disability in the UK. “You really can change the world if you care enough.� Marian Edelman

The British Home is a charity that has cared for severely disabled residents for 150 years. We could only have continued our work for so long because of the generosity of our many donors and supporters especially those who have remembered us with a gift in their will. Help us to continue our work of caring and improving the lives of those that need it most, now and for many years to come.

A lasting gift in your Will to The Stroke Association will help us lead the fight against brain attacks. To find out more about leaving a legacy please call us on 020 7566 0349 or email Website: Stroke Helpline: 0303 3033 100

For further information or to support our work, please contact us now: The British Home Crown Lane, Streatham London SW16 3JB Telephone 020 8670 8261 Charity No. 206222

The Stroke Association is registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No. 61274. Registered charity No. 211015 and registered charity in Scotland No. SC037789.


Keeping it clean

Jenny Ramage became a ‘community champion’ for a litter action charity to enable local people to get together and help create cleaner, safer neighbourhoods


lot of things changed when I hit 30: I quit smoking and I started eating less and moving around more. I found I wanted to spend more time outdoors and less time languishing under my duvet. I also started feeling the urge to give something back to my community. I moved to Bow, East London, just before my 30th birthday, and as I got to know the area better I began to notice that it had a character like nowhere else I’d ever lived or visited. I realised then that this was a thing to be nurtured. Having already decided I wanted to volunteer, it was a natural step for me to do so locally, in an area I had fallen in love with. I found out about CleanupUK through the website. CleanupUK is a charity dedicated to tackling the UK’s litter problem by helping and encouraging volunteer groups to form and literally clean up the areas they live in. The charity supplies volunteers with all the equipment and support they need in organising litter picking activities, including rubbish bag removal. In London, the charity is focusing its efforts on the Beautiful Boroughs Project, which helps residents across the five Olympic boroughs (Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Greenwich) to get together and keep their area tidy up to the 2012 Games and beyond. I was appointed a ‘community champion’ for the charity, looking after my borough, Tower Hamlets. This involves going along to residents’ association meetings to discuss the

project and identify any litter problems in the area they live in. I then help them recruit volunteers from their community and organise their own clean-ups. People are generally keen to get on board, and it’s a great feeling when they react and engage with you in a positive way, although it’s not without its challenges. Sometimes residents, particularly those from the more run-down housing estates, feel disillusioned, disenfranchised and unwilling to devote time to help clean up their local area. This is a good opportunity for me to explain the wider benefits of keeping your community clean: when residents are given the tools to create more pleasant surroundings for themselves, not only is it empowering, it also helps to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and helps residents to feel part of a safer, more neighbourly community. It puts the message across to the next generation of citizens that littering is a negative behaviour and that, with a little bit of effort, we can stop litter from being dropped in the first place.

I’ve had some great results from the meetings I’ve attended, and regularly take part myself in the litter picks. It’s fantastic to see the results ‘on the ground’, and there is always a really positive atmosphere – people get to know each other and enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air making a real difference to where they live. So far the Beautiful Boroughs team has organised 30 litter picks, engaging over 500 residents who between them have completed a total of 718 man hours of litter picking and filled 489 bags of rubbish! The role of ‘community champion’ has been great for me as someone who enjoys meeting other people and who likes seeing quick and positive results – not only people cleaning up their neighbourhood but also bringing their community together.

Get involved!

If you:  would like to know about forthcoming clean-ups in your area  would like help in organising clean-ups yourself  would like to become a ‘community champion’ on behalf of CleanupUK you will find everything you need on the website – just click on the ‘Volunteer with us’ link.

Issue 8 2012

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1/20/2012 8:45:05 AM

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Page 14

<m\ip[Xpjfd\fe\kliej kf8Zk`fe=fiB`[j]fi_\cg% <m\ip[Xpn\nXekkfi\jgfe[%

Care to Cook

Pflic\^XZpn`cc_\cgdfi\[`jXYc\[Z_`c[i\e Xe[pfle^g\fgc\c`b\9\e!kfc`m\]lccXe[ `e[\g\e[\ekc`m\j% K\c\g_fe\fliC\^XZ`\jk\Xdfe')'/*+./((( fi\dX`cljXkc\^XZ`\j7XZk`fe]fib`[j%fi^ K_Xebpfl%

Cooking is a great way to bring a family together. TACT Adoption’s new recipe book ‘Care to Cook’ boasts plenty of delicious recipes from Lemon Drizzle Cake to Asparagus and Brie Risotto for all the family to enjoy.

Get your copy today at for just £3.00! All proceeds from the sale of the book will help give more children the opportunity to experience real family life and enjoy positive childhood memories. Gifm`[`e^\hl`gd\ek#jlggfik#X]Xd`cp _\cgc`e\Xe[fk_\ij\im`Z\jkfZ_`c[i\eXe[ pfle^g\fgc\n`k_[`jXY`c`k`\jXZifjjk_\LB% !EXd\Z_Xe^\[kfgifk\Zkk_\gi`mXZpf]k_\`e[`m`[lXcZ_`c[i\eZfeZ\ie\[% Registered charity numbers: England & Wales 1018963. Scotland SC 039052

Give an old athlete the will to live.

There’s a hopeful, trusting look in the eyes of most retired greyhounds. They’re hoping for a comfortable retirement home, and trust us to provide it for them! How can you help? With the best will in the world, you may not be able to either adopt or sponsor a greyhound right now. But a legacy could be the answer; for example, a tax effective way of donating is to remember us in your will. For more information on how to leave a legacy to The Retired Greyhound Trust, simply fill in the coupon or phone us on: 020 8335 3016 Thank you. You’ll be doing our greyhounds a big favour.


8Zk`fe=fiB`[j:_Xi`kXYc\Kiljk`jXZ_Xi`kpi\^`jk\i\[`e<e^cXe[Xe[NXc\j%I\^`jk\i\[Z_Xi`kp ef%('-//+(Xe[XZfdgXepc`d`k\[Yp^lXiXek\\n`k_Z_Xi`kXYc\jkXkljef%*+/.-)-


I’d like more information on leaving a legacy to RGT I enclose a donation £ Name: Address: Postcode: Tel: Email: Charity no. 269668

Retired Greyhound Trust 2nd Floor, Park House, 1-4 Park Terrace, Worcester Park Surrey KT4 7JZ


Sweet tweets C

Tweet Pie is a recipe book with a difference: it’s short, crowd-sourced, and all recipes are a maximum of 140 characters long.

reated in partnership with Belling publishing and FoodCycle, the food redistribution charity, the recipes featured in Tweet Pie were all entered on Twitter, which means they’re all 140 characters or

under. The “twecipes” include submissions from food bloggers, “twecipe” experts, and respected chefs such as Brian Turner. We’ve featured some of our favourites from the collection below.

@ZoshJosh Apple Snow Fold 100g cooked pureed apl + 2 stiff whipped egg whts + 2Tbps sugar+ 200g soft whipped dbl cream. Set 30mins. Serve.

@BrianTurnerChef (Brian Turner, TV chef) Fish and Chips Fish&Chps: Whisk 2Tvingr w/115g �lr, salt & h2O.Peel & cut pots in2 chips. Ck in hot oil 8mins. Drain.Dip �ish in battr, ck in oil till brwn.

@Lupatria Mediterran ean Lamb S tew Brn lmb, w/ cumin, papr +chil, +chop pots, crts, grn-bn s , chkPs +chopToms , smr til pots cookd, srv w/cous cous+frsh c ori.

gas, @tinyrecipes (Craig Du “twecipe” expert) Beer Bread , 1½t Mix 3c �lour, 3t powder bottle salt, 3T sugar. Stir in 1 375F beer at room temp. Bake 1hr in oiled pan.

@KelvinCheung_UK d (Kelvin Cheung, CEO an founder of FoodCycle) Canadian Pancakes ilk, dash One cup of �lour and m er. Fry. of bicarb, mix all togeth syrup. Serve w/butter/maple

Issue 8 2012

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Page 16

Remember R em memberr A Aberfan berfa fan Remember R em memberr 7/ 7/7 7 Remember R em memberr H Haiti aiti Disasters ar are re always with us. B But ut so ar are re the Cross. compassion and courage of the e Red Cr oss. Do you remember remembe er the Aberfan landslide in n 1966, the 7/7 London Lon 05 and the Haiti earthquake earthquak ke of 2010? bombings in 2005 200 These sad events ar e har d to forget. forget But so too o ar e the bravery y, skil are hard are bravery, skill he Red Cr oss volunteers who o went into these terri th and kindness of the Cross terrible situations to rrelieve elieve e human suf fffering. For nearlyy a century and a half suffering. half, the Red Cr oss hass always been rready eady for actio on, wher ever and Cross action, wherever whenever we ar e needed. n are Y o ou can read read the in nspiring story of the Red Cr o by sending for ou oss You inspiring Cross our fr ee booklet Always ys ready y, always there ou’ll o also a find out you can free ready, there.. Y You’ll help our life-saving g work continue into the futur re by leaving a gift to future the British Red Cr o in your will. oss Cross /legacy The British Red Cr Cross oss Society, Society, incorporated in ncorporated by Royal Charter 1908, is a charity registered register e ed in England and Wales Wales (220949) and an nd Scotland (SC037738)

Please send me a free f ee copy of your booklet fr booklet Always rready, eady e , alwa always ays ther there e about the inspiring work of the Red Cross Crosss and how I can help it continue. c Title T itle

First n name ame

Surname Sur name

Address Addr ess Postcode

Telephone Te elephone


Cut out this form and se send end it in an envelope to:

Alternatively, Alter natively y, please call

92094 The Legacy Dept, Room 9 2094 Freepost RLSA-ZBST-LLZX Fr eepost RLSA-ZBST T-LLZX X Cross British Red Cr oss 44 Moorfields London EC2Y 9AL

0844 412 2848

Freepost Fr eepost means you do not need a stamp cy

or email us at: legacy@r or visit:


Emergency on planet Earth Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal

On Tuesday 12 January 2010, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Haiti. Its impact was devastating: 220,000 people lost their lives, a further 200,000 people were injured, and 1.5 million people were left homeless. The capital, Port-au-Prince, was reduced to rubble. Hospitals, schools and all but one of Haiti’s government buildings were also destroyed. The disaster prompted the biggest single country response in the history of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, with its appeal raising a whopping £811 million worldwide. Immediately after the earthquake, the Haitian Red Cross set up first aid posts and began distributing emergency aid, despite having lost members and suffered damage themselves. Twenty-one specialist emergency response units and over 600 Red Cross and Red Crescent workers from around the world were deployed, helping provide basic aid items, healthcare, sanitation, food, safe water and shelter materials, as well as psychological support. Your money has helped to:  Deliver basic aid to 1.13 million people;  Give livelihood support grants or loans to 68,953 households (approx. 344,000 people);  Provide 317,480 people with daily access to drinking water at the peak of the emergency operation;  Treat 230,000 patients in healthcare facilities; and  Set up 37 cholera treatment centres in response to the cholera outbreak of October 2010. A further £4.7 million has also been invested in disaster preparedness and risk reduction to prepare for future emergencies. Alastair Burnett, British Red Cross recovery manager, said: “We launched our appeal within hours of the disaster and the response from the British public was incredible. The money raised enabled us to get emergency aid into the region as quickly as possible, as well as our experts in logistics, sanitation and health.” He continues: “We are currently at the halfway point of our recovery programme. Livelihood grants are central in our plans – they have enabled people to begin or grow small businesses, which in turn support the local economy,

A woman receives emergency supplies in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

help get people back into their own homes, and move communities towards independence and normality.”

Get involved

To make a donation and help the Red Cross continue to respond quickly to major crises, visit

ActionAid East Africa Appeal

In mid-2011, East Africa was hit by a severe drought after consecutive failures of rainfalls in North Eastern Kenya. The drought affected around seven million Kenyans, leaving them in urgent need of food aid. ActionAid Kenya started its response in three areas in April, expanding its interventions in June as the food crisis worsened and more funding came in from the UK and other countries. The initial response focused on saving lives, ensuring that communities in the drought-stricken areas were supplied with clean water and food, as well as fuel to boreholes. Water was trucked to different parts of the region before the rains commenced and food was distributed to adults and schoolchildren in the worstaffected areas.

Issue 8 2012

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Photo: Claudia Janke

Sadly, our volatile world is prone to both natural and humanitarian disaster, but thanks to public support, emergency response charities are able to react fast to deliver help to those who need it most. We consider three of the world’s biggest emergency appeals and show how your donations have helped



1/20/2012 8:46:26 AM

Appeals ActionAid is also focused on long-term interventions aimed at rebuilding of livelihoods and ensuring sustainable food security. Measures include restocking of livestock to people who have lost their animals in the drought and setting up irrigation projects to secure water for farmers in dry and semi-dry areas. To avoid this disaster from repeating itself, ActionAid is raising awareness in communities and is also pushing for political prioritisation of the drought-affected areas. Donations have helped to feed children in droughtstricken areas of Kenya

So far, ActionAid has raised £4.7m for the East Africa Appeal. Your money has helped to:  Provide support to 375,000 people across 14 droughthit areas;  Support 28,700 children across six areas with nutritious meals served in schools, helping keep children in education;  Support 2,168 farmers with seeds and farm inputs; and  Supply replacement livestock to 200 households.

Working together with government officials and other NGOs, WVJ has focused its expertise on the following three areas: distributing relief items; operation of community kitchens; and special provision for children. Child-friendly spaces (CFS) were set up to help children whose schools were overwhelmed by the tsunami return to some degree of normality. These spaces have facilities for children to study, play games and participate in arts and crafts projects. “We use toys and drawings to help children reflect on the disaster and express their emotions, and we’ve already seen healing occur,” explains World Vision’s child protection adviser, Makiba Yamano. Your money has helped to:  Set up 7 child-friendly spaces, benefitting a total of 326 children;  Supply over 3,865 children with teaching materials, uniforms and sportswear and back-to-school stationery kits;  Supply 1,055 schoolchildren with hot lunches; and  Supply over 300 kindergarten children with meals. “Looking back I have seen many achievements, challenges, improvements, tears, smiles and joy whenever I have visited the affected areas”, said Mitsuko Sobata, advocacy & communications officer for World Vision Japan. “What inspires me most are the children and people who carry on their ‘normal’ daily lives in these affected places.” Child-friendly spaces have been set up for children to study and play games

“The appeal response was incredible”, said Sonya Ruparel at ActionAid. “We were delighted at how generous the UK public was in donating to this crisis in East Africa. Further donations will support our long-term work so that a drought doesn’t turn into a disaster for these communities again.”

Get involved

To make a donation and continue supporting ActionAid Kenya in its relief effort, visit

World Vision Japan Tsunami Appeal

On 11 March 2011 at 2:46pm, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, followed by a tsunami and nuclear emergency struck the north eastern coast of Japan. Families were starting a normal day, completely unaware that at the end of it they would be sheltering in an evacuation centre, their homes destroyed. Survivors watched as cars, possessions, businesses and even some trains were washed away by waves the height of a four-storey building. Within 48 hours of the disaster, World Vision Japan (WVJ) deployed a rapid assessment team to the area and by 16 March the first batch of relief items was distributed.


World Vision delivering clothes to an evacuation centre in Minami Sanriku

Get involved

If you’d like to continue to support World Vision in its emergency response work, please visit and make a donation.

CharityChoice Issue 8 2012

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Page 19

Help us continue the ďŹ ght against

Glaucoma Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the UK. By leaving a gift to our charity in your Will, you can help us give the support and information people need to stop this insidious condition from stealing their sight; and fund essential clinical research that would free future generations from glaucoma. For more information please contact us on

01233 64 81 64 Thank you for such a precious gift.

Woodcote House 15 Highpoint Business Village Henwood, Ashford, Kent TN24 8DH Sightline 01233 64 81 70 Administration 01233 64 81 64 ;cW_b0_d\e6_]W$eh]$kaÂ&#x161;M[Xi_j[0mmm$]bWkYecW#WiieY_Wj_ed$Yec Charity registered in England & Wales No. 274681 and Scotland No. SC041550

You may there are are two two partsparts to Greenpeace in the in UK.the So,UK. if one of You may not notknow knowit,it,butbut there to Greenpeace Both your clients wantstoto remember Greenpeace in their will,are theyimportant need to indicate which work together protect our world but there differences part they them. want to benefit. between Both Greenpeace Environmental Trust and Greenpeace Ltd depend entirely on donations from individuals. Greenpeace Environment Trust carries out scientific research and education, and investigates critical environmental issues to help stop environmental destruction and provide planet-friendly solutions. It is a registered charity, so leaving a legacy to it could reduce liabilty for Inheritance Tax. Registered Charity number 284934. Greenpeace Ltd campaigns to stop environmental abuse and to make sure that environmentally friendly solutions are adopted. It also lobbies to make sure national and international decision-makers get the message. A legacy to Greenpeace Ltd could help keep a Greenpeace ship campaigning at sea, or a Greenpeace activist in the front line. Registered company number 1314381 For more information, or for a copy of our legacy booklet, call e Krzan onon 020 7865 Louis Andrew Sturley 020 78658175, 8116 or email: Greenpeace, Canonbury Villas, London N1 2PN

10 ways to…

10 ways to... Most people need a little boost at the start of the year, so why not make it your mission this month to lift the spirits of those around you – all you need is the skin you’re in! Here are ten wonderful ways in which you can utilise your God-given attributes to make someone’s day (and help you work off all that Christmas indulgence…)

1. Ears:

Lend them to someone today. Take time to listen to a friend who might be having a tough time of it and could use a bit of support, or maybe just needs to offload.

3. Voice:

Popular uses include shouting, swearing and gossiping. But you can put your voice to much better use by simply asking people how they are, they’ll appreciate it – whether it’s your mum, a colleague or the cashier in your local supermarket who always helps you out when you need to double bag that four-pack of tinned tomatoes.

5. Hands:

Can be used to help somebody with a household chore, a piece of work, or grabbing the Bisto from that really high shelf they can never quite reach.

7. Thumbs:

As in, “thumbs up”: a universal symbol for good cheer. Be positive today, and let the good energy rub off on people around you. Tell someone they’ve done a good job or compliment them on their outfit, their work, their kids or their newly decorated downstairs loo.

9. Legs:

Very useful for running errands for others. Whether nipping out to get coffee, walking the dog, or offering to pop to the local shop to pick up the Radio Times so they know when it’s time to switch over to Corrie.


CharityChoice Issue 8 2012

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10 ways to…

...move your body and make someone’s day 2. Mouth:

This is a simple one: Smile! It’s contagious.

4. Heart:

Wear it on your sleeve today: Tell your kids you love them, cook a surprise dinner for your partner, or drop in on your mum to share a cuppa and listen to her story about what’s-her-name’s daughter getting hitched to that fella who used to deliver thingymabob’s groceries.

6. Arms:

Fundamental in holding doors open for others. As long as it’s not the tube train door – you can get in trouble for that!

8. Fingers:

Great for emailing an old friend - or, even better, picking up the phone and dialling their number.

10. Bottom:

Why not lift it up, and offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you?

So folks, this month, try to avoid navel gazing, turning a blind eye and burying your head in the sand – use those legs, arms, hands and feet to bring a little post-Christmas cheer to those around you.

Issue 8 2012

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Page 22

Established in 1997 is already N Ireland’s largest independent Companion Animal Charity. We rescue and rehome 1,200 dogs, cats and rabbits annually. We operate a strict ‘no kill’ policy and receive no Local Council or Government funding.

90% of our funds is raised through fundraising events and donaons. The Sanctuary needs funds to rebuild accommodaon to increase our capacity to allow us to rescue more animals from distress and suffering. Contact: Web: Charity no. XR24248

Beatson Oncology Centre Fund

The Beatson Oncology Centre Fund allows the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre to improve patient comfort and undertake research and development projects improving the treatment and care of cancer patients within the West of Scotland. 1053 3 Greatt Western n Road,, Glasgow w G12 2 0YN Tel:: 01411 3011 7694 4

Donor focus

A worthy winner Sixteen-year-old bone cancer sufferer Callum Flynn has used his experience both to help others and to raise awareness of this rare disease; little wonder then that he has been crowned this year’s Britain’s Kindest Kid

into taking part in the 2011 Great Manchester Run after doctors ruled that Callum was physically unable to do it. But Callum’s been doing much more than raising money. He’s also raising awareness, speaking at conferences and giving others suffering from the disease hope about life after cancer. More


ritain’s Kindest Kid, run by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and 5 News, aims to find children and young people who have done amazing things across the nation to help charity, their local community or their family. In telling their stories the competition works to dispel some of the negative stereotypes which often surround young people today. Previous winners of the competition have been fantastic fundraisers for charities including Macmillan Cancer Research and CLIC Sargent. This year’s winner, Callum Flynn, is no different. Callum was diagnosed with bone cancer on his 14th birthday, 18 months after first experiencing symptoms. A keen cricketer, he found his dream of playing as a professional cut short: his body had been so affected by the disease that he had to have a replacement titanium knee fitted. Callum quickly put that behind him and just six months later he took part in a 50-mile sponsored bike ride to raise funds for the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT). Since then Callum hasn’t looked back and has now raised over £15,000 for BCRT through fundraising initiatives including collections, cake sales, and an event called Pound the Streets – a week-long campaign in his local area which involved the tricky task of persuading people to donate in order to get their name on a special street map. He also took the bold step of talking his local MP, Andy Burnham

All of the finalists of Britain’s Kindest Kid are remarkable young people

Prime Minister David Cameron

importantly in Callum’s eyes, he presented at a NICE panel to encourage them to approve the use of a new cancer treatment – a daunting prospect for anyone, let alone a 16 year old! BRCT credit his appearance as a key factor in the success of the campaign, which led to the first new drug for osteosarcoma treatment being approved in over 20 years. Callum won the public vote on 5 News to become Britain’s Kindest Kid, and was surprised by a 5 News film crew at Myerscough College where he is a student. Callum was

presented with a trophy, £1,000 to give to the charity of his choice – and £1,000 pocket money! Callum is giving the £1,000 prize to the Bone Cancer Research Trust, of which he says: “They are such a fantastic charity and I know the money will really help. Hopefully this will raise awareness of their work and the rare form of the disease. I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me and support me over the past weeks, it really means a lot.” In an additional boost, Callum has had his hopes of playing professional cricket boosted by a call-up to play for the England Physical Disability Cricket Team when they embark on a landmark first International Tour to Dubai in February 2012. BRCT is extremely proud of Callum. His story demonstrates the real impact that young people can have in fundraising. Age is no barrier when a determined individual puts their mind to raising money – and awareness – for the charity of their choice.

Get involved

If you are inspired by Callum’s story and want to make a difference, visit uk and see what you can offer – there are opportunities to volunteer, fundraise or donate, so get involved today.

Issue 8 2012

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Someone is diagnosed in the UK with bowel cancer every 15 minutes….and someone dies every 30 minutes. Help beat bowel cancer by including a gi in your Will… Beang Bowel Cancer is a leading bowel cancer charity in the UK. We are dedicated to beang bowel cancer by caring for paents through our specialist nurses, promong early diagnosis and increasing symptom awareness. Bowel cancer is the 2nd biggest cancer killer, yet 90% of people will survive if diagnosed early. When Margaret realised how lile people knew about bowel cancer, she felt compelled to do something about it, “The informaon and support I received from Beang Bowel Cancer helped me through a very tough me. To help raise awareness and support paents so that others may not suffer as I have, my husband and I have included a gi in our Wills to Beang Bowel Cancer.” To find out how you can support our vital work by leaving a gi in your Will or by making a donaon in memory of a loved one please visit or call us on 08450 719300

Beang bowel cancer together…. Beang Bowel Cancer, Harlequin House, 7 High Street, Teddington TW11 8EE Tel: 08450 719300 Fax: 020 8943 0629 Email: Beang Bowel Cancer is a charity registered in England and Wales No. 1063614

February 2012


Plan a day out with Charity Choice 1st February Febru-hairy Who: Sue Ryder Care Where: Scotland Missed out on Movember? Regret trimming your ‘tache? Or do you just want to go ‘business at the front and party at the back’ with an old-school mullet? Get involved with Sue Ryder’s month of hairraising fundraising by letting go and letting it grow. More ideas and information is available at

10th February SAV Valentine’s Ball Who: Stand Against Violence Where: Somerset Feeling a bit romantic in the run up to Valentine’s Day? Head down to the SAV Valentine’s Ball, and bring along a guest! Tickets cost £29.95 and include a free drink on arrival and a three-course meal. Entertainment is provided throughout by local magician Grant Maidment, as well as a casino, an auction, and a disco. More details are available at 12th February Kickboxing 4 Fitness Who: Alzheimer’s BRACE Where: Bristol Keep your New Year’s fitness resolution on track by stretching your arms and legs in a slightly different fashion – in the boxing ring! Tickets cost £10 and places are limited, so book early. To take your place in the ring, visit

14th February Exeter Valentine’s Sponsored Abseil Who: Christian Aid Where: Exeter Mark Valentine’s Day with a heart-stopping abseil down St Thomas the Apostle Church in Exeter. Take on the challenge on your own or bring your partner for a date with a difference. Registration is £15 per person, along with a minimum of £60 in sponsorship. To take part, visit

18th February Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series South Devon Who: Multiple Where: South Devon The 5th stage of the Coastal Trail series takes energetic fitness enthusiasts around South Devon. Runners can register (£49) for the 10k version, a half-marathon, a full marathon, or the Ultra version of this course – not for the faint-hearted. To get involved, visit

29th February Rare Disease Day Who: Genetic Alliance UK and Rare Disease UK For more information on events marking Rare Disease Day, visit

Issue 8 2012

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Plan a day out with Charity Choice March (Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month)

March 2012

Calendar CharityChoice

1st March Make Time for Tea Who: The Eve Appeal Where: National Support Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a tea party. Whip out some fabulous frocks, kitsch crockery and tip-top tea, and get your friends and family together for a quintessentially British tea party. For a free fundraising pack, visit, and make sure you take photos – the host of the best tea party wins a cupcake masterclass.

3rd March The Heather Ball Who: CHILDREN 1ST Where: Glasgow CHILDREN 1ST are marking the Diamond Anniversary of the Heather Ball at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow. Tickets include a lavish champagne reception, a three-course dinner, live music and dancing, and entertainment from Cole Page. A 12-person table costs £1,020, and different packages are available. Email for more details.

11th March Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon Who: Beating Bowel Cancer Where: Silverstone Whether you’re looking to compete in your first half marathon, or train for the London Marathon, the Silverstone Half Marathon will get you up and running – but not against F1 cars! Registration costs £30 alongside a minimum sponsorship pledge of £300. For more information, head to

11th March Loving Linda 2012 Who: Target Ovarian Cancer Where: Kingston upon Thames The charity is hosting Loving Linda, a night of stand-up comedy in memory of comedienne Linda Smith, featuring Andy Hamilton, Mark Steel and others as well as music from Sarah Jane Morris. Tickets cost £30, and more details can be found on the charity’s website,

24th March Cam to Coast Bike Ride Who: British Heart Foundation Where: Cambridge Kickstart your 2012 cycling season by jumping on your bike and riding from Cambridge all the way down to Southend in Essex. Peddle your way through 75 miles of unspoilt countryside, take in the sights, and help save some lives. Entry costs £25. For more information, visit

30th March Arctic Dog Sled Challenge Who: Countryside Alliance Where: Norway Try something completely different by taking on a 200-mile dog sled across the Arctic wilds of Norway. Getting involved will cost an initial £300, along with a minimum level of sponsorship of £4,700, which will cover all costs. Visit countryside-alliance. for itineraries and more information.


CharityChoice Issue 8 2012

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FORWARD is an internaonal charity dedicated to promong the reproducve health and rights of African women and girls with a parcular focus on the ending of female genital mulaon and child marriage in the UK, Europe and Africa. FORWARD relies on donaons to connue our campaigns to end FGM and child marriage. By donang via Charity Choice you can really make a difference to African girls and women!

Your help is needed! Suite 2.1. Chandelier Building, 8 Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6RB

Tel: 0208 960 4000

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month One in 50 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifeme and survival is low at just 36%. Target Ovarian Cancer’s 50s Challenge asks you to distribute 50 symptoms leaflets and to raise £50. We have 1950s inspired fundraising ideas to help you. To find out more about Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the 50s Challenge visit Order your fundraising guide now – call 020 7923 5474 or email

In memoriam gifts For Cancer, Prevention is Key DO!

Be physically active, Practise safe sex, Eat five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables daily, Drink green tea, Maintain a healthy body weight, Avoid job-related chemical exposures


Smoke, Expose yourself excessively to the sun, Consume excessive amounts of red meat, Drink excessive amounts of alcohol, Use talcum powder, Consume excessive amounts of animal fats

We eagerly await the day when people don’t wait until they have cancer before giving up smoking

Losing an eye is traumatic. But then imagine if you also lose your job, your sense of purpose, your whole way of life. That’s tough. Sometimes, when you lose sight of an eye, an arm or a leg, the only thing that helps is talking to someone who understands. Someone who has been in your situation before. BLESMA is an organisation that has been helping ex-service men and women in this way for 75 years. One way that you could help BLESMA is to leave a legacy in your will. Making a will need not be about death. It can be about life. And by remembering BLESMA you will be making life better for those who have done so much for the future of our country. To find out more about leaving a legacy, please call 020 8590 1124 or write to us at the address below. British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association 185-187 High Road, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex RM6 6NA Tel: 0208 590 1124 Fax: 0208 599 2932 Email: Registered Charity No. 1084189

Our sacred mission: the prevention of cancer For donations, in memoriam gifts, legacies

Cancer Prevention Research Trust 231 Roehampton Lane, London SW15 4LB Tel: 020 8785 7786 Fax: 020 8785 6466 E-mail: Registered Charity No. 265985

Fundraising news

Comedians captured on camera for charity cash


e all know celebrities love the camera, and it’s always good to see them putting themselves in the frame for a good

cause. Forty-eight comedians, including Jimmy Carr, Barbara Windsor and David Mitchell, posed for photographer Paul Heneker this Christmas as part of Shelter’s Funny Faces campaign, helping to raise £4,500 for the housing charity. Each comedian sat for, and signed, one photo, making the snaps limited edition collector’s items. The photos were hosted by the Strand Gallery in London throughout December and, after the exhibition, the photos were then auctioned on Shelter’s eBay page to raise £4,500 for the housing charity.

Kylie helps drive up donations K ylie Minogue is probably used to being the centre of attention, but at the NSPCC’s most recent gala dinner it was the car that she arrived in that took centre stage. Kylie donated her Lexus CT200h to the children’s charity in order to help them raise money for their national children’s helpline. The one-of-a-kind vehicle also featured bespoke headrests designed by Kylie. Bidding at the event, hosted by comedian Alexander Armstrong, was heated and crossed the finish line at £29,000 – helping the NSPCC raise a total of £177,000 for their national helpline on the night.

It’s got our name on it…


IY retailer Wickes has added a whole new meaning to dealing with hammer heads as staff at the chain took part in a charity shark dive. The brave employees took a huge bite out of the company’s 2012 fundraising target by literally taking the plunge to come face to face with these fearsome creatures. That’s not the only hair-raising challenge Wickes’ staff took on in 2011: several daring fundraisers did skydives, while others completed the Three Peaks Challenge, conquering Mount Kilimanjaro, taking on the volcanoes of Ecuador and cycling 520km to Mount Everest’s Base Camp. In total, the Wickes DIY chain has raised over £2 million for cancer charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. A good example of DIY fundraising at its best!


And I would walk 500 miles…


lue Peter presenter Helen Skelton set off on her Sport Relief campaign to get to the South Pole in early January - after being held up by an obligatory seasonal flight delay. Suffering through average temperatures of -25°C, Helen and her co-adventurer Niklas Norman are aiming to cover 500 miles in three months while carrying an 82kg sled of supplies and sundries. The pair will face 80mph winds, with temperatures potentially dropping to a less than cosy -50°C during the 14-hour days. As if that’s not challenging enough, the daring duo are employing some pretty unconventional modes of transport. They are set to be the world’s first Antarctic explorers to hop on their bikes, pedal past the penguins and race to the Pole, using specially constructed lightweight ice bikes. This isn’t Helen’s first daredevil fundraising attempt: in 2010 she became the first person to kayak solo along the Amazon, and in 2011 she took on a high-wire walk across Battersea Power Station.

CharityChoice Issue 8 2012

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1/20/2012 9:15:36 AM

IBC:Layout 1



Page IBC1

No am amount mount of money ca can an fr free ee Maddy M ffrom rom a lifetime life etime on dialysis.. dialysis... ..

BKPA BKP PA Legac Legacy cy Appeal

...only a successful tr transplant ransplant can do this. t In the me meantime antime the British h Kidney Patient As ssociation strives to t improve the Association quality q y off life for kidneyy patients p pa atients and their fam ilies throughout the t UK. families

/œÊw˜`ʜÕÌʅœÜÊޜÕÊV>˜Ê…i« / œ œÊw˜`ʜÕÌʅœÜÊÞ ÞœÕÊV>˜Ê…i« please visit www .britishkid or call us on

01420 01420 541424

Please Ple ease s ssupport upp ppoor t uuss wi with ith our our u oongoing nngooiing work. wo r k . ÀˆÌˆÃ…ʈ`˜iÞÊ*>̈i˜ÌÊÃÜVˆ>̈œ˜ÊUÊÎÊ/…iÊ7ˆ˜`“ˆÃÊUÊ-ÌÊ>ÀÞ½ÃÊ œÃiÊUÊ/ÕÀŽÊ-ÌÀiiÌÊUʏ̜˜ÊUÊ1Î{Ê£ ÊUÊ,i}ˆÃÌiÀi`Ê …>ÀˆÌÞÊ ÀˆÌˆÃ…ʈ`˜iÞÊ*>̈i˜ÌÊ ÃÜVˆ>̈œ˜ÊUÊÎÊ/…iÊ7ˆ˜`“ˆÃÊUUÊ-ÌÊ>À޽à œÃi U /ÕÀŽÊ-ÌÀiiÌÌÊUʏ̜˜ÊUÊ1Î{Ê£ ÊUÊ,i}ˆÃÌiÀi`Ê …>ÀˆÌÞÊ œ°ÊÓÇäÓnn

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Page OBC1

You can help change the future. Here are the facts nowâ&#x20AC;Ś r Epilepsy

affects some 450,000 people in the UK. r 30% of these people have epilepsy that cannot be controlled by drugs. r Every year 1,000 people die as a result of epilepsy. By leaving Epilepsy Research UK a gift in your will or by making a donation you will be funding ground-breaking research that will help change the future for people with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Research UK Dept CCN12 PO Box 3004 London W4 4XT Tel: 020 8995 4781 Website:

Registered Charity No: 1100394 incorporating the Epilepsy Research Foundation and the Fund for Epilepsy

Charity Choice Magazine Issue 8  

Featuring a chat with Larry Lamb, news on the recent Charity Choice relaunch, the best charity style partnerships, twecipes from FoodCycle,...

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