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IN THIS ISSUE Spring 2018 • Donor-Nonprofit Relationships in the Era of Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Bill • Status Update with Kris Kewitsch • Giving Guide 2018

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• Transforming Philanthropy

Three Easy Ways to Check Out Nonprofits Before Giving

2018 Going into effect earlier this year, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) Bill has donors, nonprofits, and the media speculating about how tax changes will impact philanthropy. Some say it will be a positive change, explaining that historically donations go up when the GDP increases. However, most analysts predict that giving will decrease without a tax incentive in place. No one can say with certainty how philanthropy will be impacted by these changes. Despite the uncertainty, here at Charities Review Council we know that donor and nonprofit relationships are not simply transactional. We know that donors give with their head and their heart, often leading with their heart to support causes they care about. So, in the wake of the new tax law, how has your role as a donor and nonprofit supporter changed? How can you help nonprofits you care about stay around for years to come? Let’s embark on this journey together.

The Role of Donors As a nonprofit supporter, you make things happen! With the changes in the tax law, your investments of time, talent, and treasure are now more meaningful than ever, and more selfless than ever. The TCJA doubled the standard deduction (up to $24,000 for couples and $12,000 for individuals) without any other adjustment to the charitable deduction. This change removed giving incentives for 90 percent of Americans. With many now unable to receive a tax incentive for giving, it is a matter of giving without expecting anything in receipt. Or better yet, giving to meet community need.

Think about it… When you volunteer at a local food shelf, like Meets Standards® organization North Anoka County Emergency Foodshelf (NACE), Inc., you are helping to end hunger in the neighborhood. [continued on page 8]

Check out the Giving Guide on page 3 for a list of reviewed nonprofits.

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The Smart Giver Charities Review Council

STATUS UPDATE WITH KRIS KEWITSCH Hello, Council friends! Earlier this year, Charities Review Council approved a new three-year strategic plan. Our revised mission statement says it best; We’re “Building donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant and just communities.” To learn more about our new strategic plan, flip to page 7. We're also excited to welcome new board leadership. Gregg Larson, our Board Chair elect, shares his excitement saying, "as I step into my new role as Board Chair, I look forward to expanding the ways Charities Review Council helps deepen donor and nonprofit relationships.” Below you can find our updated board roster. As I reflect on our success in 2017, I’m hopeful for what the future has in store. In 2017, we served more than 581 nonprofits through our online capacity-building tools, the Accountability Wizard® and our new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit. We look forward to seeing this number grow in the years to come. We also provided more than 1,400 hours of customized technical assistance to our nonprofit partners and responded to more than 1,200 donor support calls and emails. You might have also noticed we launched a new website, making it easier for donors to find nonprofits working on causes they care about. It truly was a great year!

In 2018, we’ll continue to invest in our online tools, the Accountability Wizard®, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit, and our website, improving functionality and adding even more learning resources for our donor and nonprofit partners. We'll also begin a review of our 25 Accountability Standards®, ensuring they still meet legal requirements and are relevant, meaningful, and impactful for both donors and nonprofits. Your partnership helps us thrive! As you flip through the Smart Giver Newsletter, I hope you can see how your voice, perspective, and creativity helps create a better future. With our renewed focus on community-centered solutions, we’re relying on people like you to help us create the strong, vibrant and just communities we envision. We’re eager to embark on these next steps together. Help us continue this vital work by making a gift to Charities Review Council this spring. Use the envelope in today's Smart Giver Newsletter or make a gift online, to renew your commitment. Sincerely,

We're eager to embark on these next steps together. Help us continue this vital work by making a gift to Charities Review Council.

Kris Kewitsch



Gregg Larson, Chair Semi-retired

Malissa Adams Stanton Adams Consulting LLC

Courtney Poja Cornerstone

Kris Kewitsch Executive Director

Brenda Starr, Vice Chair Lutheran Social Service of MN

Leonie Giles Anoka-Hennepin School District

Mary Jo Schifsky, Secretary Why Stop Working

Sukanya Momsen Nilan Johnson Lewis

Ryan Stopera Communications & Media Consultant

Abby Wellan Nonprofit Services & Communications Manager

Carolyn Deters, Treasurer Indelible Aging, Gifts for Seniors

Robert Pickering Community Involvement Programs

Megan Genest Tarnow The Mobius Group

Ian Cook Nonprofit Services & Development Specialist

Stephen Thompson Advantus Capital Management, Inc.

Spring 2018

g Givinde Gui

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How to Use This Guide

Accountability Standards®

How does a nonprofit get listed as “Meets Standards®”?

Our 25 Accountability Standards® are cocreated benchmarks measuring nonprofit performance in four critical areas: governance, finance, fundraising and public disclosure. They represent a balance of nonprofit sector promising practices, public expectations and legal/regulatory requirements. The Standards have evolved over the Council’s 72 years, with broad participation from Minnesota’s nonprofit and philanthropic communities, to reflect reasonable public expectations for nonprofits. Learn more at

This go-to list features nonprofits that have voluntarily participated in our online, nonprofit review process, otherwise known as the Accountability Wizard®. The nonprofits included in this Giving Guide have committed to transparency and currently meet Charities Review Council’s 25 Accountability Standards®. Our review process is good for three years and requires a small (.02% of their annual expenses) administrative payment.

The organizations you see below currently Meet Standards®! Real-time up-to-date nonprofit listings are available online at

Giving Guide Spring 2018 ✔✔ 360 Communities

✔✔ Avenues for Homeless Youth

✔✔ Channel One Regional Food Bank

✔✔ A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation

✔✔ Avivo (formerly RESOURCE)

✔✔ AccessAbility, Inc.

✔✔ Banyan Community

✔✔ Charities Review Council (SelfReview)

✔✔ Accessible Space, Inc. (ASI)

✔✔ Be The Match Foundation

✔✔ AchieveMpls ✔✔ Aeon

✔✔ Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative

✔✔ African American Registry

✔✔ BestPrep

✔✔ Children's Dental Services

✔✔ African Families Development Network

✔✔ Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities

✔✔ Children's HeartLink

✔✔ Alexandra House, Inc.

✔✔ Birthline, Inc.

✔✔ Alliance Housing Inc.

✔✔ Bloom Early Learning

✔✔ ALLY People Solutions

✔✔ Breanna's Gift

✔✔ American Indian Family Center

✔✔ Bridge for Youth

✔✔ American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA)

✔✔ Camp Fire Minnesota

✔✔ Amherst H. Wilder Foundation ✔✔ Ampersand Families ✔✔ Angel Foundation ✔✔ Animal Folks ✔✔ Animal Humane Society ✔✔ Annex Teen Clinic ✔✔ Anoka-Hennepin Educational Foundation

✔✔ ChildFund International ✔✔ Children's Cancer Research Fund ✔✔ Children's Day Montessori Inc.

✔✔ Children's Home Society of Minnesota ✔✔ Children's Performing Arts ✔✔ Churches United in Ministry (CHUM) ✔✔ Circle of Hope ✔✔ City of Lakes Community Land Trust

✔✔ Camp Odayin

✔✔ Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

✔✔ Can Do Canines

✔✔ Common Hope

✔✔ Cancer Legal Care

✔✔ CommonBond Communities

✔✔ CaringBridge

✔✔ Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County

✔✔ Carmen Pampa Fund ✔✔ Cars for Neighbors ✔✔ Cass County Economic Development Corporation

✔✔ Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties ✔✔ Community Dental Care ✔✔ Community Involvement Programs

✔✔ ArtReach St. Croix

✔✔ Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

✔✔ Ascension Place, Inc. dba Haven Housing

✔✔ Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud

✔✔ Assistance League of Minneapolis/ St. Paul

✔✔ Center for Value Inquiry

✔✔ Como Friends

✔✔ Center School, Inc.


✔✔ Centro Tyrone Guzman

✔✔ Compatible Technology International

✔✔ Association for NonsmokersMinnesota

✔✔ Community Mediation & Restorative Services, Inc ✔✔ Community Thread



The Smart Giver Charities Review Council

Giving Guide Spring 2018 – continued ✔✔ Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa

✔✔ Freshwater Society

✔✔ Jeremiah Program

✔✔ Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

✔✔ Jewish Community Action

✔✔ Cookie Cart ✔✔ CornerHouse

✔✔ Friends of the Hennepin County Library

✔✔ Cornerstone Advocacy Service

✔✔ Friends of the Minnesota Sinfonia

✔✔ Courage Kenny Foundation

✔✔ Friends of the Mississippi River

✔✔ Cuyuna Range Youth Center, Inc.

✔✔ Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual Transgender Pride Twin Cities

✔✔ Jewish Family Service of St. Paul

✔✔ Girl Scouts Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

✔✔ Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

✔✔ Global Minnesota

✔✔ Ka Joog

✔✔ Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota

✔✔ Karen Organization of Minnesota

✔✔ Great River Educational Arts Theatre

✔✔ Keystone Community Services

✔✔ Great River Greening

✔✔ La Oportunidad, Inc.

✔✔ Great River Homes, Inc.

✔✔ Lakes & Prairies CAP

✔✔ Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches

✔✔ Lakes Area Music Festival

✔✔ Dakota Woodlands ✔✔ DARTS ✔✔ DinoMights ✔✔ Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota Foundation ✔✔ Diversity Council ✔✔ Dodge Nature Center ✔✔ Domestic Abuse Project ✔✔ Douglas County Car Care Program ✔✔ Dream of Wild Health ✔✔ Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota Inc., dba The Reading Center ✔✔ East Side Learning Center ✔✔ East Side Neighborhood Services, Inc. ✔✔ Eastside Meals on Wheels, Inc. ✔✔ Edina Community Foundation ✔✔ EMERGE Community Development ✔✔ Emma Norton Services ✔✔ Environmental Initiative ✔✔ Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota ✔✔ EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services ✔✔ Fairview Foundation ✔✔ Faith Community Nurse Network of the Greater Twin Cities

✔✔ Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery ✔✔ Greater Twin Cities United Way ✔✔ Guild Incorporated ✔✔ Habitat for Humanity of Morrison County

✔✔ Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area ✔✔ Jewish Family and Children's Service of Minneapolis ✔✔ Joseph's Coat, Inc.

✔✔ Lakes Center for Youth and Families ✔✔ Lakeshore Players, Inc. ✔✔ Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers ✔✔ Learning Disabilities Association, Inc. (LDA Minnesota)

✔✔ Haiti Teen Challenge

✔✔ Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being

✔✔ Hamm Memorial Psychiatric Clinic, Inc.

✔✔ LifeSource

✔✔ Hands of Hope Resource Center

✔✔ Lifetrack

✔✔ HandsOn Twin Cities

✔✔ Lifeworks Services, Inc.

✔✔ Hastings Family Service

✔✔ Listening House of St. Paul, Inc

✔✔ HealthEast Foundation

✔✔ Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly

✔✔ Help At Your Door

✔✔ Loaves and Fishes

✔✔ Helping Paws of Minnesota ✔✔ Hennepin Health Foundation ✔✔ Hmong Cultural Center

✔✔ Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry ✔✔ Lutheran Social Service of MN

✔✔ Hope Community

✔✔ Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota

✔✔ HopeKids, Inc.

✔✔ Mano a Mano International

✔✔ House of Charity, Inc

✔✔ MAP for Nonprofits

✔✔ FamilyMeans

✔✔ HousingLink

✔✔ Matter

✔✔ FamilyWise Services

✔✔ Hunger Solutions Minnesota

✔✔ Merrick Community Services

✔✔ Feed My Starving Children

✔✔ Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

✔✔ Merrick, Inc.

✔✔ Feline Rescue, Inc.

✔✔ Initiative Foundation

✔✔ Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

✔✔ Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools

✔✔ Intercongregation Communities Association

✔✔ Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance

✔✔ Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners

✔✔ MIGIZI Communications, Inc.

✔✔ Faith's Lodge ✔✔ Family Pathways ✔✔ Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley, Inc.

✔✔ Foundation for Essential Needs ✔✔ Franconia Sculpture Park

✔✔ Midwest Special Services, Inc. ✔✔ Milestones

✔✔ Free Arts Minnesota

✔✔ Inver Hills Community College Foundation

✔✔ Fresh Energy

✔✔ Iringa Hope

✔✔ Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

✔✔ Fraser

✔✔ Minneapolis Pathways

Spring 2018

Can’t find a charity?

Giving Guide Spring 2018 – continued

See page 3 for information or call us at (651) 224-7030.

✔✔ Minnesota AIDS Project

✔✔ Northwoods Partners

✔✔ Semcac

✔✔ Minnesota Alliance With Youth

✔✔ Oasis for Youth

✔✔ Senior Community Services

✔✔ Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

✔✔ One Heartland

✔✔ ServeMinnesota

✔✔ Open Access Connections

✔✔ Sherburne County Area United Way

✔✔ Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

✔✔ Open Door Health Center

✔✔ Simpson Housing Services, Inc.

✔✔ Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA)

✔✔ Opportunity Matters Inc

✔✔ Sing Out Loud

✔✔ Opportunity Neighborhood

✔✔ Sojourner Project, Inc.

✔✔ Minnesota Children's Museum

✔✔ Opportunity Partners

✔✔ Solid Ground

✔✔ Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

✔✔ Park Nicollet Foundation

✔✔ Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

✔✔ Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs (PawPADs)

✔✔ Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women

✔✔ Minnesota Council on Economic Education

✔✔ Southside Services I. Inc.

✔✔ Pawsitivity Service Dogs

✔✔ St. Croix Valley Foundation

✔✔ PeaceMaker Minnesota ✔✔ People Incorporated

✔✔ St. David's Center for Child & Family Development

✔✔ People Serving People

✔✔ St. Louis Park Emergency Program

✔✔ Minnesota Justice Foundation

✔✔ Pillager Family Council

✔✔ St. Stephen's Human Services

✔✔ Minnesota Land Trust

✔✔ Pinky Swear Foundation

✔✔ Stepping Stone Emergency Housing

✔✔ Minnesota Life College

✔✔ Plymouth Christian Youth Center

✔✔ Susan G. Komen Minnesota

✔✔ Minnesota Museum of American Art

✔✔ Prepare + Prosper

✔✔ Tanzania Life Project

✔✔ Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

✔✔ Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota

✔✔ Tasks Unlimited, Inc.

✔✔ PRG, Inc.

✔✔ The Aliveness Project

✔✔ Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance


✔✔ Minnesota Public Radio, American Public Media

✔✔ ProAct, Inc.

✔✔ The ALS Association MN/ND/SD Chapter

✔✔ Minnesota State Academy for the Blind Foundation

✔✔ Project FINE

✔✔ Minnesota Humanities Center ✔✔ Minnesota International NGO Network

✔✔ Mississippi Headwaters Area Dental Health Center

✔✔ Progress Valley, Inc. ✔✔ Project For Pride In Living Inc. ✔✔ Project SUCCESS

✔✔ Mississippi Park Connection

✔✔ Rebuilding Together Twin Cities


✔✔ Rein in Sarcoma Foundation

✔✔ MoveFwd (formerly Teens Alone)

✔✔ Relate Counseling Center

✔✔ myHealth for Teens & Young Adults

✔✔ Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM)

✔✔ NAMI Minnesota

✔✔ The Arc Minnesota ✔✔ The BrandLab ✔✔ The Center for Victims of Torture ✔✔ The Family Partnership ✔✔ The Family Place ✔✔ The Firefly Sisterhood ✔✔ The Food Group ✔✔ The Link ✔✔ The Loppet Foundation

✔✔ Reve Academy

✔✔ The Open Door

✔✔ Rice Health Foundation

✔✔ The Phoenix Residence Inc.

✔✔ Ruff Start Rescue

✔✔ The Reporters, Inc.

✔✔ Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL)

✔✔ The Sanneh Foundation

✔✔ Nexus ✔✔ Nokomis East Neighborhood Association

✔✔ Saint Anthony Park Area Seniors

✔✔ The Village Family Service Center

✔✔ SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education)

✔✔ The Works

✔✔ Neighborhood House ✔✔ Neighbors, Inc. ✔✔ New Pathways

✔✔ North Anoka County Emergency Foodshelf (NACE), Inc. ✔✔ Northeast Youth & Family Services ✔✔ Northern Clay Center ✔✔ Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America ✔✔ Northside Achievement Zone

✔✔ Scholarship America, Inc. ✔✔ Second Harvest Heartland ✔✔ Second Harvest North Central Food Bank ✔✔ Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

✔✔ The Sheridan Story

✔✔ Think Small ✔✔ Three Rivers Park District Foundation ✔✔ Touchstone Mental Health ✔✔ Tree Trust ✔✔ Tri County Action Program, Inc. ✔✔ Tri-County Humane Society



The Smart Giver Charities Review Council

Can’t find a charity?

Giving Guide Spring 2018 – continued

See page 3 for information or call us at (651) 224-7030.

✔✔ True Friends

✔✔ Urban Roots

✔✔ White Bear Center for the Arts

✔✔ Tubman

✔✔ Vail Place

✔✔ Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

✔✔ Valley Outreach

✔✔ White Bear Lake Area Historical Society

✔✔ Twin Cities Public Television


✔✔ Union Gospel Mission Association of Saint Paul

✔✔ Vision Loss Resources

✔✔ United Way of Central Minnesota ✔✔ United Way of Crow Wing and Southern Cass Counties ✔✔ United Way of Hastings ✔✔ United Way of Olmsted County, Inc. ✔✔ United Way of Southwest Minnesota ✔✔ United Way of the Brown County Area, Inc. ✔✔ United Way of West Central MN ✔✔ Upstream Arts, Inc. ✔✔ Urban Arts Academy ✔✔ Urban Homeworks, Inc.

✔✔ VocalEssence ✔✔ Volunteer Lawyers Network ✔✔ WACOSA ✔✔ Walk-In Counseling Center ✔✔ Washburn Center for Children ✔✔ Wayside House ✔✔ WellShare International ✔✔ West Hennepin Affordable Housing Land Trust ✔✔ Western Communities Action Network, Inc. (WeCAN)

✔✔ Wilderness Inquiry ✔✔ Wingspan Life Resources ✔✔ Wishes & More ✔✔ Women's Advocates, Inc. ✔✔ Women's Foundation of Minnesota ✔✔ WomenVenture ✔✔ Youth Farm ✔✔ Youth Frontiers, Inc. ✔✔ Youthprise ✔✔ YWCA Mankato ✔✔ YWCA of Minneapolis ✔✔ YWCA St. Paul ✔✔ Zumbro Valley Health Center

✔✔ White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf

Reviews in Progress: On March 21, 2018, the nonprofits listed as “Review in Progress” were working with Charities Review Council to attain or renew their Meet Standards® seal. View an up-to-date list at Age Well Arrowhead Inc.

HOPE Coalition

Pillsbury United Communities

Alliance for Metropolitan Stability

In Progress

Ananya Dance Theatre

International Institute of Minnesota

Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Bolder Options

James J. Hill Reference Library

Playwrights' Center

Breakthrough Twin Cities

Joyce Preschool

Redeemer Center for Life, Inc.


Legacy Children's Foundation


C.A.R.E. Clinic

Light the Legacy

Rivers of Hope

Children's Law Center of Minnesota

McLeod Emergency Food Shelf

Salvation Army Twin Cities

Christian Appalachian Project


Christians Reaching Out in Social Services (CROSS)

Mentoring Young Adults

Somali Community Resettlement Services Inc.

Community Shares of Minnesota ComMUSICation Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio Conflict Resolution Center Cystic Fibrosis Relief Fund DIFFERbilities Experience

Minneapolis Jewish Federation Minnesota Architectural Foundation Minnesota Literacy Council MN ADOPT NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc. PACER Center, Inc.

St. Cloud Municipal Band Street Soccer Twin Cities USA Summit Academy OIC The Lift Garage The Sexual Violence Center United Way of Douglas & Pope Counties University of Minnesota Foundation

Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries

Paralyzed Veterans of America North Central Chapter

Haiti Outreach, Inc.

Paul's Pals

World Without Genocide

Hammer Residences, Inc.

People For Parks

YMCA Camp Olson

Hope Centers for Children of Africa

People Reaching Out to People (PROP)

YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment

Spring 2018

TRANSFORMING PHILANTHROPY Charities Review Council is excited to announce the approval of our new strategic plan! Have you heard? Charities Review Council approved a new three-year strategic plan with donor-nonprofit relationships at the center of it all. Much has changed since our founding in 1946. Over the 72+ years of Council history, we’ve transitioned from working on donor education and donor protection, to focusing on nonprofit capacity-building and donor engagement. Today, we serve as an asset building partner for donors and nonprofits, with a focus on making donors smarter, nonprofits stronger, and the donor-nonprofit relationship more engaged and meaningful. After a lot of thought and discussion with board, staff, our strategic planning committee, and key stakeholders, we decided to make changes to our vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. Our new vision statement-"Transforming Philanthropy"--is bold, aspirational, and future-focused. We also gave our mission statement a refresh, transitioning toward a relationship-based approach that better communicates our desired impact: "Building donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant and just communities." Guided by our new vision and mission, our strategic framework includes innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our philanthropic community. To create the strong, vibrant and just communities we envision, we have a renewed focus on communitycentered solutions, recognizing the impact of creating


a more representative and welcoming environment for all stakeholders. We’ve prioritized strong partnerships with culturally specific and POC/I (Person of Color & Indigenous)-led organizations, so that we can adapt our resources to better serve all communities. By bringing donors, funders, and nonprofits together in new ways, we’re creating solutions that work for everyone. At Charities Review Council, we challenge ourselves to not only do good work internally, but to prioritize our essential external work: co-creating new relationships and solutions that advance the greater good. Over the next few years, we’ll be exploring opportunities to expand our programs nationally, establishing the Council as a thought leader on engaged and authentic donor-nonprofit relationships. We’ll also continue to convene our biennial event, The FORUM, with our next event scheduled for spring of 2019. FORUM 2019 will be an event experience that pushes the boundaries of philanthropy, engaging cross-sector professionals in meaningful dialogue. Stay tuned for more information to come this summer! We’re excited for what the future has in store and challenge you to bring your voice and perspective to the table, helping us create stronger communities for all. To learn more about our strategic framework, visit our website at






700 Raymond Ave, Suite 160 St. Paul, MN 55114-1971 651-224-7030

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“I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something.” —Edward Everett Hale

relationship, matters. Reach out to your favorite nonprofits to see how you can help this year, and expect that they will do the same. Continue to lean in, even further at times, to lend your voice, volunteer hours, and financial support, because as Edward Everett Hale famously wrote, “I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something.”

Giving in Minnesota Many don’t know, so we are helping to spread the word!

[continued from page 1] When you financially support Meets Standards® organizations like Youth Frontiers, Inc. and Youthprise, you are investing in our next generation of leaders. When you support strong, healthy, and vibrant communities, it turns into so much more than a tax deduction. As a nonprofit supporter, you are strengthening our neighborhoods, meeting community needs, and leading change. Now more than ever, that partnership and

Minnesota taxpayers who do not itemize deductions on their federal income tax return will still be eligible to take a deduction for charitable contributions on their state return. Minnesota’s charitable deduction, also known as the nonitemizer charitable deduction, provides a 50 percent tax deduction for total charitable contributions over $500. Contributions to any 501(c)(3) organization are eligible for the deduction, including all public charities and churches/ faith organizations. For more information on Minnesota’s charitable deduction, go to Need help creating your 2018 giving plan? Check out our award-winning website at, or turn to page 3 to review our list of Meets Standards® nonprofits.