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My name is Charita Padilla. I am lived in Connecticut, and I am a single mother of two. Art has been an interested of mine since I was young. I took art courses in high school and a few at different colleges. As result, I began to fall in love with it. Therefore, as I got older, I did more drawing as a hobby. To me, it was fun and a fom of relaxation. One of my former art teacher told me that he believed in me and he was impressed by my skills. I can draw a variety of things, such as celebrity faces, cartoons, faces of some animals and ordinary people. I love drawing very much and feel strongly that I am really good at it I hope someday that I may compilecompile enough drawings to be included The Guinness Book of World Records. I also hope to have an art show, to sell from my artwork, and eventually to open an art gallery. I have been awarded two certificates of achievement for some of my work. They are the "Campbell's Art of Soup Contest" 1994 and the " Art Instruction School Basic Art Certificate" in 1989.

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