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International Circle of Faith (ICOF) P.O. Box 72 Sulphur, KY 40070

Phone: 502.410.4263 Bernie L. Wade, PhD.

President/Presiding Bishop Robert Straube, PhD.

Asst. Presiding Bishop Daniel Joseph Ubonabasi

African Fivefold Roundtable David Ngwa, PhD.

Secretary General Africa Bishop Derrick Day

ICOF Fivefold Roundtable Apostle Bobby Sutton


Cordially invite you to the Consecration (Ordination) of

Vice President Missions Dr. Ted & Janet Dones

Apostolic Revivalists Marcus Benson, Thd.

Rebecca G. Goins

ICOF Europe

Bishop Peter Mitchell Apostle Torboe

ICOF Oceana

Dr. Tembi A. Tembi

ICOF Cameroon

John Rogers, PhD.

Sr. VP of Development Dr. William Ouma

ICOF E. Africa

Bishop R. R. Iwatt

ICOF Nigeria

Bishop Asher Peri Bishop Glory Dhas

ICOF India

Bishop Joseph Freeson

ICOF Ghana

To the role of international Evangelist in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ On Sunday, the 24th of November in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen (2013) At

Bishop Herbert Gadian

ICOF Philippines

Bishop Anibal Guevara


2 PM (2 EST)

Bishop David Tait

ICOF New Zealand Pastor Saleem Inayat

Chair Fivefold Roundtable Pastor Kanwal Sohail

Secretary General-Pakistan Bishop Dilshad Bhatti Bishop Riaz Sadiq

ICOF Pakistan

Location: Sulphur Christian Church Sulphur-Bedford Road, Sulphur, Kentucky

Ordination of Rebecca G. Goins  

Life Church ordination for Evangelist Rebecca G. Goins