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November 2013

2014 VBS product guide

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VBS Made Easy!


















Your comprehensive guide to 2014’s Vacation Bible School offerings C onte nt an d C ontacts for 17 Di f f e r e nt VBS P ro g ram s




God creates an amazing world Genesis 1



God provides for Elijah 1 Kings 17

. .' '

God protects Daniel Daniel 6

God saves us through Jesus John 3, 19, & 20

God rules forever in Heaven John 14; Revelation 1, 4, 21 , & 22

f s e. ur o rt id Yo ase po ldw h p r rc su o pu kit re w is a th n c a ph or

Mission-Focused VBs PrograM

Teach Kids to Serve With flexible programming suggestions, this mission-focused curriculum features real-life stories on video and provides tips to use for a week-long or weekend VBS program.




wHat can i


e? Kids will d is cover th the more at t h e y share, th more the e y seem t o have. JOHN 6 :1-14

do i Pray?

r that Kids will discove to do od they can ask G they bigger things than could ever do. GENESIS 40, 41



wHere can i g


Kids will dis c where they over that g o in faith, they can go in confiden ce. EXODUS 1 7:1-7

? wHo will i serVe ver Kids will disco rk o w that God has d just he has create . o for them to d 2 LUKE 2:41-5

Based on real stories told by Beth Guckenberger, the kit includes: ➤ A Kids Serving Kids ™ Director’s Guide and DVD featuring video stories and worship music by Yancy ➤ A Tales of the Not Forgotten book (written by Beth Guckenberger, Standard Publishing, 2012) and Leader’s Guide CD ➤ A Mission Posters and Serving Hands Pack for group activity #025610913 • $49.99

“Our hope with this curriculum is to resource churches to help open kids’ eyes to the needs in their community and around the world. I believe we have the opportunity to invest in this next generation, to show them how God sees the lost and the fatherless, and to help kids understand how He wants to use them! We believe that by inspiring kids through true stories, they will begin to make a personal contribution to caring for orphans around the world.”

Beth Guckenberger, Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries 800-543-1353


/// N ove m b e r 2 0 13 / / / VACAT I O N B I B L E S C H OO L 2 0 1 4

2014 VBS


Get the most from VBS

Gospel Light leader helps retailers reframe their thinking about this key opportunity BY DONNA LUCAS


acation Bible School (VBS) rolls around every year at this time, setting up one of the busiest selling seasons of the year for Christian retail stores. Whether VBS fills you, the retailer, with dread or anticipation, it’s important to remember the benefit your store can offer area churches in meeting their ultimate goal—building Christ’s kingdom. Research shows that 67% of churches in the United States hold Vacation Bible School each summer. An average church spends $350-$500 on curriculum materials for their Vacation Bible School program—and that can add up to revenue for your store as you demonstrate your commitment to serve the local church. However, many stores report that they feel like the local church has largely abandoned them. For many churches, stores are no longer the most convenient and knowledgeable resource for curricula. Churches that once were regular customers are rarely seen now. Because of the new abundance of distribution possibilities, competition has increased. But these changes aren’t a sad reality—they represent an opportunity—and it’s time retailers seize the moment! Reframe your notions of how to ensure you are the first choice of local churches. As retailers, you need to get creative with your Kids taking part in LifeWay’s 2014 VBS, themed sales tactics. Ask yourself the following five questions, ‘Agency D3,’ enjoy recreation and investigation. and write down the answers to get your creativity flowing: indispensable resource for the churches in my area? In my region?   What do other sources have that As you fire up your creative thinking, my store doesn’t? consider how you can make your store   Why should a local church buy the most convenient source for church from me instead of another source? ministry needs. Do you offer them some  Do the local churches in our area know that our store is a source for VBS thing no one else can? Maybe you can materials? drop off their order personally. You not only offer them that convenience, but   Do the children’s directors in every you get to meet them again face-to-face. local church know who we are? Here are three additional ways to   What can I do to make myself an

increase your VBS traffic and resulting sales:

KNOW YOUR AREA CHURCHES Don’t forget to reach out. You may know the senior pastor, but do you know the children’s director. What about the VBS director? Which new churches have popped up in your area? Find them! It will take some effort, but set out to discover which churches did a VBS program the previous year. Get the contact information for the main VBS decision-maker—and make a personal phone call in the next few weeks to each one. Ask each one to share some critical information that will help you serve them better. Don’t try to sell them anything—simply ask them some of these key questions: Which program did your church use last year? This gives you a starting point to determine what programs they will be drawn to, then find out why they chose the course they did. Was it the music? The theme? The Bible content? Your goal is to understand what they value and what features of the ministry matter most to them. If a church had a good experience with one program, they will be inclined to look at the same publisher again—so knowing that helps you

determine their future buying habits. When did you hold your VBS program? These dates and times are important information. By keeping track of this, you’ll quickly get an idea of the timing of the VBS market in your area. Great follow-up questions to this will help you determine when people will be in the market for materials and will help you to advise others on trends in your area. There is no longer a standard way churches do VBS. Some may have a week-long morning program, some an evening program. Some begin VBS at the end of the week and use weekend services as part of their VBS. Others may do a weekend program or five VBS Sundays in a row. There are now so many options for churches that it’s important to find out what works for each one. It’s critical to your success in resourcing them. Did you have a good experience? This will be the single largest indicator of whether the church will do VBS again and whether they might use the same publisher. What were the standout moments? Was it a powerful assembly? Increased attendance? Children accepting Jesus as their Savior? Their own reports of amazing moments will show you the values and the heart of the church. What was the biggest challenge with VBS last year? This important question will establish for you ways that you can help them with their VBS purchases this coming year—establishing yourself as that indispensable, helpful, wise friend they need. If I could assist you with one thing for next summer, what would it be? This is great information for you as you plan in-store promotional activities. If you see a trend between churches, address it proactively. Be sure to get contact information— address for the VBS director, best phone contact, whether email or text works better and email addresses. Use all the information you collected to better serve the churches in your area. Look for trends, similarities, differences and the breadth of the market. It will help you determine the manpower and intensity you want to put towards developing your VBS business in creative, fresh ways that appeal to a new generation of churches and buyers. vbs, page 8

0 "#


Toll Free: 877.240.6680


Equipping Spirit-Empowered People

NEW VBS FOR 2014 Grab your message decoder, rearview glasses, and invisible ink! This VBS is evangelistic and easy to lead, yet super-cool for young secret agents! Do your kids love excitement? Then International Spy Academy is for you! Kids will thrill as their VBS adventure leads them to the one true God. Through the daily Bible lessons, amazing music, games, and crafts they will uncover why the counterfeit gods of false religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Mormonism, and others don’t lead to Heaven. They’ll learn to know, love, and live for the one true God who provides the one true way of salvation through His one true Son, Jesus Christ! Starter Kit ..... $99 Super Starter Kit ...... $189 11-2-001

11-2-002 Contemporary Music 11-2-003 Traditional Music

Qualified bookstores get 40% discount, net 30 days. Kids Love being Special Agents!

See full catalog, videos, and more online


Kids sponsor a meal + a tract for just 25¢

International Spy Academy . . . where kids train to become “special agents” for the one true God! Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Uncovering Counterfeits

Finding Fingerprints

Cracking Codes

Collecting Clues

Hot on the Trail


Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Baptism of Jesus

Moses and the Burning Bush Exodus 3

Gospel Presentation

Genesis 1–3; Gospels

The Greatest Commandment

All other counterfeit religions deny that Jesus is God. Agents will find that Jesus is truly God, a member of the Trinity.

All-powerful. Unchanging. Perfect. All-knowing. Agents will crack codes to learn more about the Great I Am!

Can we have fellowship with God? Agents will collect clues to reveal the only way to the one true God is through His Son, Jesus.

The one true God loves and cares for us unendingly. Agents will discover that God wants us to love Him and to share His love with others.

Matthew 28:19

Exodus 3:14

John 3:16

Mark 12:30

1 Kings 18:20–39

False views of God bombard our kids daily. Agents will disAPOLOGETICS CONTENT cover how to identify the true God of the Bible from counterfeit religions.


Isaiah 45:5

Matthew 3:13–17

Mark 12:28–34

“The BEST I’ve ever put on! As long as AiG keeps producing these, I’ll never look at another!”—Ginger

To view the many components included in each kit, visit the web site. 800-778-3390


/// N ove m b e r 2 0 13 / / / VACAT I O N B I B L E S C H OO L 2 0 1 4

2014 VBS

  v b s , from 4 USE KEY SUPPLIER RESOURCES Each publisher offers you resources to promote the new VBS curriculum. Use them creatively. We know that direct mail is expensive, but it is still one of the most effective ways of communicating and getting attention from customers. While email is more cost-effective, inboxes are easily ignored. Many people never reply to email anymore—so try short, catchy text messages. Make your communication personal. You spent all that time getting to know the churches, so now make your message personal. In today’s world of too much marketing, you can make yourself stand out because you know the customer personally. If you run an independent store, it is one of the things that sets your store apart from other bigger retailers. If you have an active website, use the resources provided by your publisher to fill out the information on your site. Gospel Light offers a publisher-designed site that gives your customers the same information as they’d find on the main publisher’s page, but then takes the customer back to your site to complete the purchase—and that is offered to you free! Whatever resources each publisher offers, take advantage. Use them all! In-store signage, bag stuffers and flyers in invoices are all ways to use the many resources that are available to you. Use special sales and promotions wisely—so that you tie up sales before the customer has time to look elsewhere. They’ll appreciate the feeling of that decision being “done,” so speak to them earlier than you have ever done before. Don’t wait until you get your kits; start talking to customers now.

RETHINK OLD WORKSHOP MODELS Time marches on—and we need to think creatively about the old model of VBS workshops. People are busy—their calendars are packed. Taking time for a traditional workshop experience may not be possible, so offer a creative approach. Using the information you received in your phone conversations, determine how to make the workshops something they won’t want to miss. Here are some ideas that may help you increase attendance and effectiveness of these workshops: Offer training. The more professional, the better—this gives people a reason to give up a few hours of their time—and allows you to feel comfortable asking professionals to come to your event. In addition to short product presentations, provide training for participants on how to have an effective VBS program. Gospel Light—and perhaps other suppliers as well—offers industry leaders who can provide training for your customers and their teams at your VBS workshops. Or, use other resources, including Skype presentations or video conferencing. Make the event the best experience possible. You might also ask a seasoned local leader to come and discuss VBS best practices. Provide discounts, but only at the event. As I traveled the country last year doing VBS workshops, I noticed that many stores never offer a reason for the churches to attend! A special promotion that benefits them also secures their order that day. I challenge you to secure the kit orders early—don’t let them walk out undecided. This simply lets them move on to another provider for their resources. Make the offer compelling, timely and available only at the workshop.

BE THE VBS EXPERT I know that having a dedicated VBS salesperson at your store is unlikely. I also know that when I make this suggestion, it may just come down you! But make sure you or your designated expert knows as much as possible to answer questions and help a customer make the right choice for their ministry. With a little effort, you can become familiar with the various programs so that you truly can help a customer weed through all the choices on the market in order to make the best decision. Use the resources you have access to, like the publishers website—they have distilled their materials down to the basics. But aim to know more than the basics. Look at the director’s planning guide in each kit. You’ll get a feel for the new features and key distinctives for each theme. Speak to the publishers yourself. Ask them to help you narrow down the profile for the perfect church for their particular program. If the person you’re talking with cannot do this, then ask for someone else—the marketing director or publishing director. Be bold. Publishers want your business—it’s in their best interest that you succeed! With some creative thinking about the “ways we’ve always done it” and some thought and prayer, you could see your VBS sales soar as you become the indispensable expert and friend of the local churches in your area.

Donna Lucas has served as director of children’s publishing and marketing at Gospel Light for seven years.

Teaching, music and Bible study help kids learn more about their relationship with God in Vacation Bible School programs, including ‘Arrow Island,’ the 2014 curriculum from Regular Baptist Press, which aims to help children choose God’s way in their lives.

New for 2014

Close more sales than ever before! SonTreasure Island VBS gives churches 3 ways to do VBS. The best choice for churches of any size. And don’t forget our other options—proven VBS programs that will round out your VBS offerings: SonWest Roundup, SonRise National Park, SonQuest Rainforest

Where Kids


God’s Love 1 Corinthians 13

Deluxe Kit

Everything a Director needs to set sail on a wonderful VBS planning cruise at a new lower price! 978.08307.69490 • $169.99 ($265 value)

Reproducible Power Pack

This 3-disc pack is filled with tons of resources for churches to print and/or e-mail to VBS team members and families. The SonTreasure Island Reproducible Power Pack even includes student materials! For an additional $99.99, your customers can make their VBS reproducible. That’s right, reproducible! It’s a great add-on to every Deluxe Kit purchase so that your customers get the best value! 978.08307.69490 • $99.99 ($149 value)

Learn more about SonTreasure Island VBS at: Contact Yvette Ortega at 1-800-470-7688 today to place your order.

Weekend Adventure 3-Day VBS

Introducing a powerful 3-session VBS tailored for churches limited on budget or staff—or an overbooked church calendar! SonTreasure Island Weekend Adventure VBS is a fully reproducible program! It works with all the SonTreasure Island visuals and contains our signature trusted Bible content, super fun activities and step-by-step planning, to give churches three days of island fun that helps them reach kids for Jesus! 978.08307.70489 • $89.99

d r i a e n i w m e a v o L L s s . d i K o n c d n i t u i o d e n e a n L s d i K at weird animals, they’ll get B

ot H!

Lov e.

God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures…including you! When kids feel weird, different, or even lost in a crowd—nothing compares to the unconditional love of Jesus.


2014 easy vBs

Day 2

Day 1

Bible Point: Ev en though you’re differen t…Jesus loves you!

Bible Point: Even when you’re left out…Jesus loves you! Bible Story: Jesus heals ten lepers. (Luke 17:11-19)


Bible Story: Je su out to a Samar s reaches itan woman. (John 4:1-30)


Day 4

Day 3 when

Bible Point: Ev en though you do wrong…Jesus loves you!

Bible Point: Even you don’t understand… Jesus loves you! Bible Story: Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. (John 13:1-17)


Bible Story: Je su and comes bac s dies k to life. (Luke 22:47–24 :12)

sh r e d

Day 5

Bible Point: Even when you’re afraid… Jesus loves you! Bible Story: Ananias bravely helps Saul. (Acts 9:1-19)

order youarrter t ultimate dsay! o t it K


99 . 9 $ 16




cember 20

e (Available D

“I really think everyone is different in really different ways. I think of weird as one-of-a-kind…it expresses who you are.” James, age 8 (attended Weird Animals field test)


/// N ove m b e r   2 0 13 / / / VACAT I O N B I B L E S C H OO L 2 0 1 4

2014 VBS

[ VBS 2014 LISTI NG ]

Vacation Bible School coming to a church near you Presenting the themes, content and more to reach all ages in the 2014 VBS season ABINGDON PRESS Praise Break: Celebrating the Works of God! Methodist; Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3-5), Younger Elementary (grades 1-3), Older Elementary (grades 4-6), Teen and Adult; five sessions;

main scriptures: “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so (Ps. 107:2a, NRSV). theme/content: God has brought us a mighty long way, and it is always good to pause and praise the Lord! In many churches, there are points in worship wherein a testimony, a song or a sermon is just so good that it calls for a “praise break!” starter kit contents: Worship DVD including an introduction video, music videos, movement instructionals and demonstrations, liturgical dance video and a mini-documentary; Director’s manual; Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger and Older Bible Story Leader Guides; Arts & Crafts Leader; Music & Movement Leader; Heritage & Drama Leader; Recipe Guide; Outreach/Follow-up Leader; Student Book Samples for Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, Older Elementary and Teen; Music CD; one sample of each publicity and craft material: Craft Sticker Sheet, Promo Poster, Invitation Postcard, Leader Certificate, Student Certificate, Iron-On Transfer, Horse-and-Chariot Craft and Praise Break Chess Piece. starter kit price: $74.99. additional resources: Unique crafts; original songs. previous users say: “Christ was proclaimed, people were reached, and everyone had a blast” (Paul Appleby, pastor, Central Christian Church, Columbus, Ga.).

ANSWERS IN GENESIS International Spy Academy: Agents for the One True God Nondenominational; Toddler (ages 2-4), Pre-Primary (ages 4-6), Primary (ages 6-9), Junior (ages 9-12), Teen-Adult; five sessions; main scriptures: There is only one true God (1 Kin. 18); Our Three-in-One God (Matt. 3); The Great I AM (Ex. 3); The

one true God provided the one true way of salvation through His one true Son Jesus Christ (Gospels); Love the one true

God with everything you’ve got! (Mark 12). theme/content: Special Agents learn to know, love and live for the one true God. Day 1, they’ll learn to detect false gods of counterfeit religions. Day 2, they’ll uncover our three-in-one God, the Trinity. Day 3, they’ll find out more about the Great I AM and some of His awesome attributes. Day 4, they’ll learn about the Creator who came to redeem us from our sin. Day 5, they’ll be encouraged to stay hot on the trail of the one true God and love Him with everything they’ve got! starter kit contents: Director Guide; Assembly Guide; Craft Guide; Snack Guide; Game Guide; Junior Teacher Guide; Primary Teacher Guide; Pre-Primary Teacher Guide; Toddler Teacher Guide; one Student Guide for each age group; Promo & Recruitment DVD; Helper Handbook; Special Agent Handbook; How Can I Become a Child of God? booklet; passport. starter kit price: $99.99 (Starter); $189.99 (Super Starter). additional resources: Leader Guides; Student Guides; promotional materials; T-shirts; hat; music resources (contemporary or traditional versions); puppets; station signs; student resources; spy-type gear; decorating posters; gospel booklets; King James Version resources. previous users say: “It was very easy to follow the teacher manuals, and they had wonderful variation in methods of presentation” (Bethanne W., VBS teacher). “Thank you, Answers VBS, for not remaining silent, but for having a loud voice for truth!” (Joni W.). “The material was totally solid and flowed really well” (Katie S.). “A well-organized, professional, energetic, Bible-based Godloving program” (Steve U.). “Some people say there are many gods, but there’s only one true God!” (Calvin M., age 6). “The teaching material was fantastic! The best yet!” (Kara S.). “All the kids loved this theme and had a lot of fun!” (Aimee O.). new for 2014: Science experiments; missions opportunity with Children’s Hunger Fund to provide Food Paks and gospel tracts to hungry children around the world.

BOGARD PRESS Cross Canyon Trail: Ridin’ Strong With Jesus Baptist; Preschool (ages 2-3), Kindergarten (ages 4-5), Beginner (Grades 1-2), Primary (Grades 3-4), Junior (Grades 5-6), Young Teen (Grades 7-9), Teen (Grades 10-12), Adult; five sessions;

art; wall banners; community yard sign; vinyl banner; decoration set. new for 2014: Bracelet.

Brentwood-Benson Music Publications Jeff Slaughter’s VBS Scavenger Hunt Evangelical (nondenominational); Preschool-Grade 5; five sessions; pre sen



main scriptures: Judg. 6:1-16, 3640; Ruth 1:14-17, 2:5-16, 3:10-11, 4:13-17; Neh. 4:1-23, 6:1-9; Acts 10:9-22, 34-43, 11:1-2, 12-18; Esth. 3:8-15, 4:1-17. theme/content: Theme Verse: Luke 9:23: “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Bible Lessons: Students will follow God’s trail in life by serving, following, living for, sharing and standing with their Savior, Jesus Christ. The five Bible lessons include Ridin’ Ready: Gideon was ready to serve when asked of God; Ridin’ Obedient: Ruth was obedient in following God; Ridin’ Faithful: Nehemiah was faithful when rebuilding the wall; Ridin’ Bold: Peter was bold when he reached out to the lost; and Ridin’ Courageous: Esther was courageous in the face of danger. starter kit contents: Lesson and music DVD; songbook; music CD; music transparencies; craft book; game book; skits book; fun book; comic book; Trail Guide with stickers; theme stickers; achievement certificate; appreciation certificate; nametag; lanyard; plastic nametag holder; bulletin cover; doorknob hanger; publicity flyers; postcard; publicity poster; salvation tract; attendance chart with stickers; activity pages for Preschool, Kindergarten, Beginner, Primary and Junior; Student Books for Young Teen and Teen; Teacher Manuals and Visuals for Preschool-Teen and Adult Lessons; Director’s Plan Book with Resource CD; New Testament; bookmark; photo frame; daily crafts; Live-It! cards; bracelet; VBS pin; nylon drawstring backpack; bandana; pencil; tote bag; T-shirt; iron-on transfer; video posters; memory verse posters; Bible teaching posters; door banner; daily icon set; room decorations; transparencies. starter kit price: $189.95. additional resources: Triptych

VBS Made Easy!

main scriptures: Weekly theme: Matt. 7:7; Daily themes: Gen. 1-3, Num. 22-23, John 3:16, Acts 1-2. theme/content: Scavenger hunt. Join Jeff Slaughter on this VBS adventurefilled scavenger hunt that begins at Matt. 7:7 and follows a scripture-packed path through Bible studies. starter kit contents: Essential Kit: curriculum manual (director section, preschool, younger kids Bible study [grades K-2], older kids Bible study [grades 3-5]); Ultimate Scavenger Hunt DVD (includes song videos and choreography); Official Scavenger Hunt listening CD; name badge with lanyard. Ultimate Kit: includes all of the above with Ultimate Media Kit (DVD with songs and choreography, digital curriculum CD and digital media DVD with .MOV files and more), daily theme posters, station posters, promotional posters, official T-shirt. starter kit price: Essential Kit: $69.99; Ultimate Kit: $189.99. additional resources: Ancillary products: split-track performance CD; theme posters; name badges; nametag stickers; lanyards. new for 2014: Curriculum now available in Spanish; oversized themed wall poster; Backyard Bible Club edition included on the curriculum disc in the Ultimate Kit or downloadable at the website.

COKESBURY Workshop of Wonders: Imagine and Build With God Methodist; Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, Older Elementary, Teen, Adult; five sessions; main scriptures: “You are the God who works wonders” (Ps. 77:14a, CEB).

VACAT I O N B I B L E S C H O O L 2 014 / / / N ove m be r  2 0 13 / / /

starter kit contents: Workshop of Wonders catalog access to free premium upgraded online registration tools available at; Director Guide; Preschool/Kindergarten Leader Guide; additional Leader Guides; sample copy of

age-level Student Books for Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary and Older Elementary; complete music CD with PowerPoint slides, which includes two original preschool songs and samples of publicity and craft materials. starter kit price: $89.99. additional resources: Free outdoor banner with starter kit (if ordered by Dec. 31). previous users say: “As a recreational leader, and also playing professional sports, I’m able to show these kids physical fitness, running around, exercising, warming up drills, warming up properly” (Van Tuinei, NFL professional recreation leader, First United Methodist Church, Noblesville, Ind.); “The flexibility of this is that you could do that for any size church. I think that you could take the curriculum and choose two or three different stories to fit, whether it be a weekend or just a three- or four-day VBS” (Laura Stinnett, director of children’s ministries, Asbury United Methodist Church, Little Rock, Ark.). new for 2014: 3-D Scripture Treasures; music videos filmed on location.

CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE Gangway to Galilee Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod; Preschool-Adult; five sessions;

main scriptures: “I have called you by name, you are Mine” (Is. 43:1); “Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation” (Ps. 25:5); “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom. 1:7); “Jesus said, ‘Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid’ ” (Matt. 14:27); “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God” (Eph. 2:8). theme/content: Gangway! Clear your schedule! Even the wind and the waves

can’t keep kids away from this voyage. At Gangway to Galilee, kids visit exciting sites around the Sea of Galilee and discover how Jesus saves us now and eternally. Dare to make this an amazing grace adventure! starter kit contents: Super Duper Director Guide with CD; Horizon Program Overview DVD; Gangway to Galilee Tote Bags (5-pack); Pastor Overview; Set Sails Music; Music Leader Guide; Opening/Closing Leader Pack with CD; Seashore Storytelling Leader Guide with CD; Bible Story Posters (5); Big Catch Bible Challenge Leader Guide with CD; Bible Memory Posters (5 unique); Splash-tacular Crafts Leader Pack; Sunrise Snacks Leader Pack; Sink or Swim Games Leader Guide; Fin-tastick Preschool Leader Guide with CD; Castaway Youth/Adult Bible Study Flyer; Casting Nets Mission Project Flyer; Offering Envelope; Publicity & Decorating Posters (3); Catch-O-Fish (25-pack); Publicity Postcards (24-pack); Publicity Poster; Craft Sampler Pack; Safe Harbor Sand Art Craft (12-pack); Seaside Boat Craft (12-pack); Fin-tastick Fish Craft (12pack); iWitness Snap Bracelet (12-pack); My Savior Cross Craft (12-pack); Student Sampler Pack; Set Sail Passalong CD/DVD; High Tide Elementary Leaflets; All Aboard Preschool Leaflets; SOS Collectibles; Shipshape Buffs, Group Identifiers; team nametags (10-pack). starter kit price: $149.99. additional resources: Leader resources; puppets; Student Guides; keepsakes; crafts; decorating resources; free online registration; publicity supplements; T-shirts. previous users say: “I just want to affirm how fantastic this curriculum is! The Summit Storytelling is thorough and engaging. I especially appreciate the emphasis on finding and memorizing the Bible Code each day. Getting kids familiar with the Bible is crucial and your program definitely seeks to do that. Love the mountain theme as well! Every song and study is intentional and cohesive with the theme/ story of the day. Thank you for all the hard work you put in. Our Savior and Waikoloa Lutheran Church will certainly enjoy our daily trips to the Summit!” (Janet, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Aiea, Hawaii); “Thank you for making this year’s VBS one filled with energy and fun. From the theme to the music to the stories, the program was well-written and easy to use. The PowerPoint slides made Base Camp a breeze and the supporting DVDs made the details of setting up and running Tell It VBS a joy to work with this year” (Pat); “We had a very successful VBS. We had wonderful volunteers and staff. Go Tell It on the Mountain was so fun to work with. We are still singing the songs. The best thing was we had some of the kids from last year. It was such an honor to be part of the program” (Dorothy, St. John Lutheran Church). new for 2014: Posters (14) now included in Starter Kit; how-to site videos

(6) for volunteer training; Pastor’s Guide included in Starter Kit; more decorating how-to videos (14); more one-stop decorating shopping; more downloadable artwork.

EDITORIAL CONCORDIA El Rey que viene (The Coming King) Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod; Ages 3-14 and Adult; five sessions;

main scriptures: Luke 19:28-40, 22:47-48, 23:32-56, 24:1-35; Acts 1:3-11. theme/content: Jesus Comes as King; Jesus Conquers the Great Enemy: Sin; Jesus Breaks the Old Dominion of Death and Opens a New Kingdom of Life; Jesus Comes to us in His Word and Holy Communion; Jesus Brings His Kingdom Through His Word. starter kit contents: Lesson plans for all age levels; lyrics and music for eight original songs in Spanish and English; invitations, flyers and attendance certificates; cut-outs; adult Bible studies; closing program; three sets of five color posters for each day’s Bible story; student worksheet samples for the three levels; one full-color promotional poster; multimedia CD with songs, accompaniment tracks, story narrations (only in Spanish) and PowerPoints. starter kit price: $54.99 SpanishOnly Leader’s Pack; $59.99 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Leader’s Pack. additional resources: Student worksheets; promotional posters; crafts; cardboard stand-up Jesus figure. new for 2014: Decorating option: cardboard stand-up Jesus figure.

GOSPEL LIGHT SonTreasure Island Nondenominational; Preschool-Preteen; five-day, ten-day or other formats available in Director’s Planning; www.

main scriptures: Based on 1 Cor. 13. Children will learn more about how God’s love is shown through Jesus, as they move through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Session 1: Jesus Helps a Young Girl and a Sick Woman.


Session 2: Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus. Session 3: Jesus Lives Forever. theme/content: Visitors to SonTreasure Island are welcomed by the scent of exotic flowers, the taste of tropical fruits and the sound of island music. But this is no ordinary escape! There is treasure to be found here. More precious than gold, more lasting than diamonds, it is the greatest treasure of all—God’s love! At SonTreasure Island, treasure seekers will play island games, create colorful crafts and enjoy tropical snacks. But more importantly, they will discover the rich treasure of God’s love through the life of Jesus. starter kit contents: Deluxe Kit: Bible Story Center Guides for PrimaryPreteen; Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide; sample pack of Student Guides; Bible Game Center Guide; Recreation & Snack Guide; Island Crafts for Kids; Assemblies & Skits Production Guide: Reproducible Resources with decorating instructions and patterns; Elementary Teaching Resources; Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Teaching Resources; Decorating Poster Pack; Director’s Planning Guide with CD; Reproducible Music CD; Preview DVD; Director’s sample pack. starter kit price: $169.99 Deluxe Kit; $99.99 Reproducible Power Pack. additional resources: Reproducible Power Pack, including two CDs and one DVD with resources for churches to print and email to VBS team members and families. Leaders’ Resources CD includes resources for the Assembly Leader, Bible Story Center, Bible Games Center Leader, Recreation and Snack Center Leader and Music Center Leader. Print them out or email the files to your leaders. Print out as many student guides as you like or send student guides to families via email. Print the posters in a smaller size, or send them to a local print shop to print in a larger format. Includes Primary-Preteen Bible Story Center Guides in PDF; Prekindergarten/ Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide in PDF; Assemblies & Skits Production Guide in PDF with patterns in JPG; Skit Scripts for Promotional Skit, Assembly Skits, Closing Program & Bible Story Skits in PDF and RTF formats; Bible Games Center Guide in PDF; Recreation & Snack Center Guide in PDF; Daily Student Guides in five age levels PreK-Preteen in PDF; Bible story posters in JPG; Bible verse posters in JPG; Course logo & daily logos in JPG; Music Center activities, Song Word Charts, Piano Sheet Music and Song Motions in PDF; six SonTreasure songs and two preschool songs in MP3; Decorating & Crafts Everything for decorating, creating crafts and any other arts or graphics needs; Reproducible Resources in PDF with Patterns in JPG; clip art; Island Crafts for Kids craft book in PDF with patterns in JPG; Decorating Poster Pack in JPG; Assembly Resources Everything on Assemblies DVD, but formatted LISTINGS, page 16

Caravan with Moses and the Israelites‌ 2014 Vacation Bible School Holy Land Adventure


r IIt i e s Ea t’’ss E i e as r t thha ann E Ev veer r!! 3 trained station leaders nnlly O y O 3 trained station leaders Á Celebration Leader Á Celebration Leader Á Moses Á Moses Á Fun & Games Leader Á Fun & Games Leader

options eeschhooll-- friendly r P friendly options o o r c s P

Á Tips for integrating preschoolers Á Tips for integrating preschoolers into every activity into every activity Á Age-appropriate project ideas Á Age-appropriate project ideas

3 main stations to decorate nnlly O y O 3 main stations to decorate Á Celebration (main stage) Á Celebration (main stage) Á Moses’ Tent Á Moses’ Tent Á Israelite Camp Á Israelite Camp

Order your Wilderness Escape VBS Order your Wilderness Escape VBS Ultimate Starter Kit now! Ultimate Starter Kit now! Only Only

$ $

.99 139 139.99

978-1-4707-0696-8 978-1-4707-0696-8 Available December 2013 Available December 2013


/// N ove m b e r   2 0 13 / / / VACAT I O N B I B L E S C H OO L 2 0 1 4

2014 VBS

  L I S T I N G S , from 13 to be used with presentation software such as ProPresenter or Mediashout; humorous videos that introduce each session’s Bible story in MOV; music videos for each of the songs in MOV; Practice videos for the song motions in MOV; Bible story posters in JPG; Bible verse posters in JPG; course logo and daily logos in JPG. previous users say: “I love everything about Gospel Light; from every aspect, the music, crafts, games, stories, all come together to get God’s message across for the children. The teachers and helpers love it also because the curriculum is so easy to use. It’s just an awesome and fun experience for all ages!” (Alice Mohn, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania); Gospel Light’s VBS “never fails to deliver a strong biblical message, with all the bells and whistles that any church could ever use” (Erin Beal, Trinity Lutheran Church, Ohio);“Out of the approximately 50 children, there were 30 who either asked Jesus into their hearts for the first time or recommitted their prior experience” (Mary Macho, Canyon Hill Nazarene Church, Idaho). new for 2014: Reproducible Power Pack.

GOSPEL LIGHT SonTreasure Island Weekend Adventure! Nondenominational; Preschool-Preteen; three sessions; www.gospellightvbs. com/p/sontreasure-island/

main scriptures: Based on 1 Cor. 13, just as is full SonTreasure Island program (see above). theme/content: Same as SonTreasure Island VBS (see above). starter kit contents: Director’s Guide; Bible stories with creative storytelling techniques that tell how Jesus showed God’s amazing love when He was here on Earth; variety of activities that appeal to children’s many learning styles, including games, crafts, music and more; a Teacher & Parent Connection for each lesson that can be given to parents; reproducible CD that includes music and lesson materials ready to print or email (student guides, lessons ready to email, modifiable flyers, etc.); closing program for the worship time in your Sunday morning worship service. starter kit price: $89.99. additional resources: Reproducible CD includes music and lesson materials ready to print or email (student guides, lessons ready to email, modifiable flyers, etc.) previous users say: “Gospel Light’s curriculum is so easy to follow. Plus, it is so biblically sound. I love it!”

(Cyndi Young, Elam Baptist Church, Ga.); “It is director-friendly and teacher-friendly” (Sherry Watts, St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Kan.).

GROUP PUBLISHING Blast Off: Launching Kids on a Mission of God’s Love Interdenominational; Preschool-Youth; two two-and-a-half-hour sessions, plus a one-hour Sunday Celebration;

main scriptures: Day 1: Men bring their friend to Jesus for healing (Luke 5:17-6); Day 2: Jesus dies and comes back to life (Matt. 27:11-28:20). theme/content: Countdown to the most fun weekend in the universe! As kids explore God’s infinite love, they’ll practice down-to-Earth ways to love each other. starter kit contents: Director Resources: Director Go-To Manual; Blast Off Program Resources DVD; VBS P.R.O. Volunteer Resources; Music and More Leader Manual; Out-of-This-World Bible Adventures Leader Manual; ProjectsWith-a-Purpose Leader Manual; Havea-Blast Games Leader Manual; Mission Sendoff Leader Manual; Blast Off Music Leader Version CD; Student Materials Sample Pack. starter kit price: $67.99. additional resources: Updates and resources at VbsTools. previous users say: “The best part about Weekend VBS was the organization and pre-planning that was already done for me. It was so simple to use and we were able to customize it to our situation. I love that it was a three-day schedule.” (Heather Murphy, VBS director).

16); Day 3: Israel defeats the Amalekites (Ex. 17:8-16); Day 4: Moses remembers Passover (Ex. 12:1-30); Day 5: God gives the Ten Commandments (Ex. 20). theme/content: Caravan with Moses and the Israelites. starter kit contents: Director Resources: Ultimate Director Go-To Guide; Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting & Training DVD; Decorating Places: Wilderness Escape DVD; Wilderness Escape Clip Art & Resources CD; VBS P.R.O. Volunteer Resources; Publicity Poster; Publicity Samples; Bringing It Home: Family FaithBuilders Devotional; Volunteer Resources: Celebration Leader Manual; Israelite Camp Tent Host Manual; Moses’ Tent Leader Manual; Fun & Games Leader Manual; Celebration Music DVD; Celebration Leader Version CD; Israelite Tent Sample Pack; Student Resources Sample Pack. starter kit price: $139.99. additional resources: Updates and resources available at VbsTools. previous users say: “We loved the Athens curriculum! We could teach whole families and they could enjoy the experience together. Everyone enjoyed the ‘living history’ format. Before the experience, we thought this was going to be for visiting children and their families. We were surprised by how it ended up being a faithdeveloping experience for adults and unsaved family/friends who were connected to our members. It was just plain fun!” (Amy Ellzey, VBS director). new for 2014: Only three trained Station Leaders (Celebration, Moses, Fun and Games); only three main stations to decorate; preschool-friendly options; smaller tribe sizes.


main scriptures: Day 1: The Israelites cross the Red Sea (Ex. 14:1-15:21); Day 2: God provides manna and quail (Ex.

LIFEWAY KIDS Agency D3: Discover. Decide. Defend. Baptist; Babies-Adults; five sessions;

Weird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love Is One-of-a-Kind Interdenominational; Preschool-Youth; five sessions;

GROUP PUBLISHING Wilderness Escape: Where God Guides and Provides Interdenominational; Preschool-Adult (intergenerational); five sessions; www.

Art & Resources CD; Weird Animals Ultimate Director Go-To Recruiting & Training DVD; VBS P.R.O. Volunteer Resources: Sing & Play Rock and The Tail End Leader Manual; KidVid Cinema Leader Manual; Imagination Station Leader Manual; Oneof-a-Kind Bible Adventures Leader Manual; Critter Café Leader Manual; Untamed Games Leader Manual; Spotlight VBS Leader Manual; Ozzy’s Preschool Park Preschool Director Manual; Ozzy’s Preschool Park Bible Adventures and Missions Leader Manual; Ozzy’s Preschool Park Games Leader Manual; Ozzy’s Preschool Park Preschool KidVid Cinema Leader Manual; Ozzy’s Preschool Park Craft & Play Leader Manual; Weird Animals Sing & Play Music Leader Version two-CD Set; Weird Animals Sing & Play Music DVD; KidVid Stories DVD; Student Resources: Bible Memory Buddies set (5); Bible band (elementary); Ozzy’s Bible book (preschool); Watch for God wristband; name badge; iron-on transfer; Follow-Up Foto Frame; Imagination Station samples. starter kit price: $169.99. additional resources: Updates and resources available at VbsTools. previous users say: “Group gives you the recipe and the resources you need to do VBS. Its so simple yet so profound at the same time. Easy to put together, full of energy, the kids stay connected, and every step is so completely intentionally done” (Lisa Jost, VBS director). new for 2014: KidVid Cinema; Weird Animals Bible Memory Buddy app.

main scriptures: Day 1: Jesus heals 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19); Day 2: Jesus reaches out to a Samaritan woman (John 4:1-30); Day 3: Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (John 13:1-17); Day 4: Jesus dies and comes back to life (Luke 22:47–24:12); Day 5: Ananias bravely helps Saul (Acts 9:1-19). theme/content: God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures—including you! When kids feel weird, different or even lost in a crowd, nothing compares to the unconditional love of Jesus. starter kit contents: Director Resources: Weird Animals Ultimate Director Go-To Guide; Decorating Places: Weird Animals DVD; Weird Animals Clip

main scriptures: “But honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Ptr. 3:15, HCSB) theme/content: Trace it back to just the facts! The evidence is clear. The proof is all right here! Come discover, decide and defend the truth about who Jesus really is at Agency D3. starter kit contents: Administrative Guide for directors; Decorating Made Easy; Music for Kids CD; Takin’ It Home CD; One Kid’s Evidence Kit: Grades 1–6; special agent carabiner; special agent rearview sunglasses; catalog; Jump Start poster; promotional DVD; Director’s badge (only in Jump Start Kit). starter kit price: $34.95 Jump Start Kit; $99.99 Kids and Preschool Starter Kits. additional resources: Kids Starter Kit $99.99; Preschool Starter Kit $99.99. LISTINGS, page 20


kend VBS e e W 4 1 0 2 s ’ p ou

Group’s Weekend VBS® is: Easy for Volunteer

Easy on Your Budget


Just two 2½-hour se ssions, plus a 1-hour celebr ation on Sunday!

Easy for Families

ent Less time commitm for and fewer conflicts dules. families’ busy sche

Fewer days, fewer supplie s, lower cost. Any church ca n pull off this VBS!

Pre-order your Starter Kit today!

$67.99 978-1-4707-1022-4

Available Februa ry



Introducing Vacation Bible School 2014

Are you connected with Jesus 24/7? The Jesus Connection VBS program encourages students to stay connected to their Savior. Whether it’s through the printed word, online, or through social media, Jesus is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. This program encourages constant fellowship and spiritual engagement, which produces character–building qualities such as trustworthiness, purity, faith, compassion, salvation, Christian service, and loyalty. PLANNING KIT INCLUDES:

Cross body planning kit bag Student and teacher books for all four age levels Planning DVD with music videos and vignettes

Travel water bottle Baseball cap Glow sticks Sunglasses Shoelaces Drawstring bag

Order your Planning Kit TODAY! Three ways to order:   Call 1-800-860-8642 • Fax (708) 868-7105

Wristband Children’s Puzzle Teen/Adult Word Search Puzzle Catalog and Order Form And much more!

Planning Kit ISBN 978-1-60997-901-0 $79.99


What’s Trending


*Created With A Purpose

Profile (Character Trait)



Key Word


We are created in God’s image

Genesis 1:27


*Say “No” To Sin

Joseph (Chastity)

Genesis 39:2-9

Sinning displeases God

**Deuteronomy 6:18


Winners Pray

Asa (Trust)

2 Chronicles 14:8-13

God answers prayer

1 Corinthians 10:13b


It Takes Courage

Esther (Faith)

Esther 4:9-16

Be proud of who you are

2 Chronicles 14:11b


Caring Calls for Action

Ebed-Melech Jeremiah We must care (Compassion) 38:7-12; 39:16 about others

**Psalm 56:3


*Tell It Everywhere

John the Baptist (Salvation)

Genesis (Trustworthiness) 1:26-27; 2:19

John 1:19-33

Stand up for what you believe

Esther 4:15b


Peter (Salvation)

Luke 22:34, John 18:25-27; John 21:15-17

You can be forgiven

**1 Thessalonians 5:15


Available For Service

Simon of Cyrene (Christian Service)

Matthew 27:32, 5:13-16

God can use ordinary people

Galatians 5:13b


True Blue

Mary Magdalene John 20:11-18,



It pays to be loyal to Jesus

**John 3:16


*I Want To Know

The Ethiopian Eunuch (Salvation)

Acts 8:27-38

Diligence pays off

John 1:14b


*Denotes a five (5) day program ** Denotes Preschool/Primary

“God…invited you into this wonderful friendship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” (1 Corinthians 1:9, TLB)


/// N ove m b e r   2 0 13 / / / VACAT I O N B I B L E S C H OO L 2 0 1 4

2014 VBS

  L I S T I N G S , from 16 new for 2014: Jump Start Kit; Kids Starter Kit; Preschool Starter Kit; Takin’ It Home CD.

MY HEALTHY CHURCH MEGA Sports Camp: Game Plan Nondenominational; ages 6-12; five sessions;

main scriptures: “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you’ ” (Jer. 29:11-12, NIV). theme/content: MEGA Sports Camp is a sports outreach that teams Bible truths with sports skills. Kids pick from basketball, soccer, cheerleading, baseball or football. Daily themes are Strategize, Prepare, Launch, Win and Persist. Daily Bible stories are derived from the life of Moses. starter kit contents: Director Guide; poster pack; Director DVD & CD; Art CD; Rally Guide (large group/worship time); music and media DVD and CD; Coach Huddle Guide (small group time); sports playbooks for cheerleading, basketball and soccer (flag football and baseball optional); Sports Flash (kids’ take-home); Theme Keepers for kids; Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith (salvation/ discipleship piece); T-shirt; sports bottle; magnetic photo frame. starter kit price: $129.99. additional resources: T-shirts; iron-ons; carabiners; water bottle. previous users say: “In the five years we have done MEGA Sports Camp, we have become completely purposeful in reaching our community. We are able to promote the program in public schools and 95% of our enrollment are community kids, not ‘churched.’ ”

REGULAR BAPTIST PRESS Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way Baptist; Age 2-Adult; five sessions;

main scriptures: Theme verse: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Ps. 119:105).

theme/content: Arrow Island is full of tropical habitats just waiting to be explored! Each day, students will start off at their base camp for a time of worship and singing. Throughout the day, they’ll play games at Rolling River Rapids, make crafts in Misty View Gardens and enjoy tropical snacks at Signal Rock. They’ll even get to meet Jimmy, his friends and Feathers—the last of the Booki Booki birds. Most importantly, Shady Cove Trail will lead students to five locations around the island, where they’ll learn about people in the Bible who faced a decision—whether or not to choose God’s way. Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way shows students the importance of choosing obedience, godly friends, kindness, courage and active faith. This VBS will provide biblical examples that equip students to choose God’s way in every detail of their lives. Memory verses are: John 14:15 (Focus: God wants people to obey Him out of love.); John 15:12; (Focus: God wants us to choose good friends who will help us live for Him.); Eph. 4:32 (Focus: God wants us to be kind and forgiving even when people are not kind to us.); Deut. 31:6 (Focus: God wants us to be true to Him regardless of what other people do.); Col. 3:23 (Focus: God wants us to serve Him with our whole heart.). starter kit contents: Director’s Guide; Director’s Resource CD Set; Thank-you Card; Teacher Books (2s & 3s—Youth); Student Activity Sheets (2s & 3s—Junior); Youth Handbook; Adult Bible Study (5 Decisions That Changed the World); salvation poster; gospel bookmark; salvation tracts (5); Welcome to the Family, Family Fun sheet; Operation Bangladesh Mission Offering poster; jumbo theme poster; theme poster; invitation flyer; doorknob hanger; postcard; bulletin cover; craft ideas book; monkey photo frame; alligator key chain; music CD; attendance chart; nametag; registration card; Arrow Island pass; backpack; pouch; sticker sheet; theme balloon; theme button; logo sticker; iron-on transfer; sticky notepad; island gummy treats; lizard pencil; frog squirt; inflatable monkey; monkey take-home bags; catalog; promotional DVD. starter kit price: $89.99; net 120 days and up to 35% off with purchase of a package deal by Dec. 31. For details, see the VBS Retailer’s Guide at www. additional resources: Evangelism; decorations; promotions; crafts; gifts, awards and more; games; snacks; attendance; puppet resources; teaching resources. Operation Bangladesh: Reaching Children for Christ is the 2014 VBS Mission Offering Project option. previous users say: “CEF is pleased to once again endorse Regular Baptist Press’ VBS curriculum for 2014. We continue to be encouraged by the strong biblical content and gospel presentations of Regular Baptist Press material and encourage you or any of your

partnering churches to use their material for your VBSs” (Rev. Moises Esteves, vice president, USA Ministries, Child Evangelism Fellowship). new for 2014: New games and snacks product categories.

STANDARD PUBLISHING Jungle Safari All denominations; Preschool-Teen with Adult option; five sessions;

main scriptures: Day 1: Gen. 1; Day 2: 1 Kin. 17; Day 3: Dan. 6; Day 4: John 3, 19, 20; Day 5: John 14, Rev. 1, 4, 21, 22. theme/content: Jungle Safari: Where Kids Explore the Nature of God. God is Creator. God is Provider. God is Protector. God is Savior. God is King. starter kit contents: Director’s Guide binder; Planning and Music six-disc set, including Planning & Missions DVD with program overview and missions segments, music video DVD with new music from Yancy, music CD, Opening & Closing CD, Exportable Media DVD (MP3s and MP4s) with all files needed to download for presentation software and Decorating & Publicity CD; Age-Level Resources three-disc set, including Preschool CD (PDF of preschool section of Director’s Guide, additional files referenced in the guide, plus audio and print files for teaching preschoolers), Elementary and Preteen CD (PDF of Director’s Guide, additional files referenced in the Director’s Guide, plus digital files for all leaders’ guides and cards), Teen CD (audio, video and print files referenced in Leader’s Guide— Teen); Leaders’ Guides for Sites; one of each age-level Student Book; Decorating Pack and Guide; Bible Story poster pack; Daily Theme poster pack; Site Names poster pack; Missions poster pack; samples. starter kit price: $199.99. additional resources: Agelevel student books; Jungle Bible Pals by Floppets; promotional helps; decorating items; stickers and other themed items. previous users say: “We conducted our VBS in late June this year with the theme of God’s Backyard Bible Camp. We had several neighborhood kids there all week, and would never have expected the story that would follow for one family. Two weeks after VBS, a house fire would claim the lives of five family members in our community. The mother, two teens and two children

would lose their lives in that fire. The two children, along with one teen brother, were involved with our VBS each night. Although they never attended on Sundays, we could always count on them being around at VBS. You always wonder what impact you have on the kids and if they learned from the lessons, crafts and songs. As I met with this family to plan their memorial service, an aunt commented on how Emily was singing ‘God’s Big Backyard’ all the way home from a camping trip four days before the accident. It was a seed that God planted in her heart, and now she is experiencing the greatness of God’s backyard in heaven.” new for 2014: Friendly adaptations for special needs; Service & Missions Site; Crafts & Music Site; missions curriculum from Beth Guckenberger (Back2Back Ministries); music by Yancy.

URBAN MINISTRIES The Jesus Connection…What a Friend! All; Preschool-Adult; ten sessions;

main scriptures: “God … invited you into this wonderful friendship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Cor. 1:9, LB). theme/content: The Jesus Connection encourages character-building qualities such as purity, trust, Christian service and loyalty, and teaches students how to live in fellowship with Jesus. Lessons integrate being connected to Jesus through print, digital and social media. starter kit contents: Cross body bag; student and teacher books for preschool, primary, junior and teens; sample adult lesson; planning DVD; theme song; movie; water bottle; neon shoe laces; glow sticks; puzzle; word search game; sunglasses; theme poster; wristband; catalog; order form and more. starter kit price: $79.99. additional resources: Adult curriculum; crafts; music CD; outdoor banner; publicity items; VBS T-shirts; baseball cap; Bible storybook; Bible verse posters; application posters; nametags; certificates; ABCs of Salvation; class record books; attendance charts. previous users say: “The lessons were great! This was the most spiritual VBS that I have taught. One of the students said she really enjoyed VBS and that I was the best teacher ever!” new for 2014: New music and videos, activities and apparel; online resources.

The Biggest Audio Drama Since Narnia... comiNg To YoUR SToRE THiS cHRiSTmAS!

A perfect gift for christmAs! great for homeschool families!

2 Hours of non-stoP Adventure! (2 Cds) Ages: 6 - AduLt Live the Adventure®—Building character in the next generation by bringing the lessons of history to life.

call (815) 259-0140 or (800) 214-5994 email:



Copyright © 2013 Heirloom Audio Productions, LLC.

stories of virtue and valor, daring and determination, character and courage. From the master of storytelling...these are The exTraordinary adVenTures oF G.a. henTy® under drake’s FlaG. This movie-quality audio theater—recorded in London—features a cast of stellar actors, including acclaimed British actor Brian Blessed, state-of-the art sound design from award-winner Mark Drury (The Chronicles of Narnia audio series), and a stunning music score composed by John Campbell (Lamplighter Theatre®, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre®, Adventures in Odyssey®). Experience the swashbuckling tale that pits faith against fear, and helps Ned grow from a boy into a man. Live the Adventure® and board The Golden Hinde for an epic quest of courage on the high seas! It’s the perfect family-friendly audio drama for the holidays, for gift-giving, and for teachers.

Benefit from 4 ways churches can A STRONG EMPHASIS ON THE SALVATION MESSAGE VBS could be your biggest evangelistic outreach event of the year! Don’t limit your potential impact by using themes light in content and evangelism. With RBP VBS, no teacher ever has to be without a copy of the salvation message; it’s a fully integrated program.

Start reaping the benets! Sign up for a package deal today and get net 120 days and up to 35% off*! *Subject to special terms and conditions. Offer ends December 31, 2013.


3 ways re


AFFORDABLY DIFFERENT! Whether it’s Rev It Up (2011) or Investigation Destination (2013), RBP has a history of producing innovative themes year after year!

Customers know that we truly are the evangelistic VBS and have been since we started back in 1972. Even the world’s largest evangelistic outreach ministry to children has recognized this! RBP is the only y VBS publisher recommended d ® by CEF ! Find out why at s.

We’ve done it again for VBS 2014! This isn’t a Hawaiian beach theme. Students will be on an adventure— exploring all of the island’s amazing tropical habitats! They’ll travel on rope bridges, through jungles, and past waterfalls, caves, ruins, and more! Our kits are affordably priced:

Only $89.99 (Canada $107.99) O LOTS OF AWESOME DECORATING OPTIONS We know that decorating is an important factor when customers choose their VBS. Our director’s guide, teacher books, and decorating CD help churches imagine what their Arrow Island can look like. We provide ideas that they can do on their own, as well as recommend using our catalog’s 35+ decorating items.

etailers can benefit from RBP VBS: •

Delayed billing on your package deal means you don’t have to front the costs.

Package deals provide larger margins. •

Your customers are provided with a VBS program that benefits churches!

KJV RBP31100 (ISBN 978-1-60776-663-6) K NKJV RBP31150 (ISBN 978-1-60776-664-3)


/// N ove m b e r 2 0 13 / / / w w w. christ ia nre t a i l i n g . c o m

Presented by

2014 VBS product guide


cu r r icu lu m at a g lance

denomination & age



starter kit/ web content

additional resources

Praise Break: Celebrating the Works of God

Methodist; Preschool/ Kindergarten (ages 3-5), Younger Elementary (Grades 1-3), Older Elementary (Grades 4-6), Teen, Adult

Worship DVD, Music CD

Songbook with lyrics

$74.99 Starter Kit

Unique crafts; original songs


International Spy Academy: Agents for the One True God

Nondenominational; Toddler (ages 2-4), Pre-Primary (4-6), Primary (ages 6-9), Junior (9-12), Teen-Adult

Resource DVD, music CDs (contemporary and traditional), Song Motions DVD, Promo & Recruitment DVD, International Treasure Drama DVD

Songbook with lyrics, sheet music, chord charts, lead sheets

$99.99 Starter; $189.99 Super Starter VBS Manager,

Promotional materials; T-shirts; music resources (contemporary or traditional); puppets; decorating posters; gospel booklets; King James Version resources


Cross Canyon Trail: Ridin’ Strong With Jesus

Resources CD in the Director’s Guide, Lesson and Music DVD

Songbook, music CD and music transparencies

$189.95 Starter Kit

Triptych art; wall banners; community yard sign; vinyl banner; decoration set video clips, music clips, blog, social media


Jeff Slaughter’s VBS Scavenger Hunt

Evangelical (nondenominational)

DVD resources; .mov files

Music included in curriculum

$69.99 Essential Kit; $189.99 Ultimate Kit












Full credit on unused/ unopened resources postmarked by Sept. 15, 2014

800-672-1789,, www.abingdonpressvbs. com

Until Aug. 31, 2014 in like-new condition

800-778-3390, custserve@,

Full credit on sample kits if returned within 30 days of invoice date; 15% restocking fee after 30 days. No credit after Sept. 15, 2014. Call for RMA number.


Ancillary products: split track performance CD; theme posters; name badges; nametag stickers; lanyards

Return by Sept. 1, 2014. Unopened items only;


Full credit on unused and unopened resources postmarked by Sept. 15, 2014.


VBS Made Easy!


Workshop of Wonders: Imagine and Build With God

Methodist; Preschool/ Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, Older Elementary, Teen, Adult

Assembly DVD, Decorating/Publicity CD, music video with choreography

Music Leader book with lyrics/sheet music; music CD with PowerPoint

$89.99 Starter; www.scripturetreasures. com

Free outdoor banner with starter kit (if ordered by Dec. 31)

CONCORDIA publishing house

Gangway to Galilee

Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod; Preschool-Adult

DVDs: Decorating, Volunteer Training, Recruitment Commercials, Song Actions, Drama Skits; CDs: Director Resources, Opening/Closing and more

Music Guide with scores, lead sheets, lyrics; music CD with vocal and accompaniment options; PowerPoints with lyrics; Song Actions videos

$149.99 Starter; Samples; videos; clip art; downloadable helps; free online registration tool

Leader resources; puppets; Student Guides; Return by Aug. 15, 2014; keepsakes; crafts; Return Merchandise decorating resources; free Authorization required online registration


El Rey que viene (The Coming King)

Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod; Ages 3-14, Adult

CD with songs, accompaniment tracks, story narrations and PowerPoints

Lyrics and music for original songs in English and Spanish included in Leader’s Pack

$54.99 Spanish-Only Leader’s Pack; $59.99 Bilingual (English/ Spanish) Leader’s Pack

Student worksheets; items are fully returnable promotional posters; until Aug. 5, 2014; 10% of crafts; cardboard stand-up salable unopened items are fully returnable until Jesus figure

Reproducible Power Pack (two CDs, one DVD): Clip Art; Skits; Assemblies; Games; Bible Story and Verse Posters; Daily Videos. Assemblies DVD; Bible story videos and more

Lyrics, music sheets, chords and PowerPoint presentations

$169.99 Deluxe Kit; $99.99 Reproducible Power Pack;

100% of salable unopened

Sept. 30, 2014.

800-325-3391,, 800-325-3040 or 314268-1433 (Spanish),, vbs/2014/

Reproducible Power Pack

All items are returneligible.

800-470-7688, yvette.ortega@gospellight. com, sontreasureisland/


SonTreasure Island

Nondenominational; Preschool-Preteen


SonTreasure Island Weekend Adventure!

Nondenominational; Preschool-Preteen

Reproducible CD

Lyrics, music sheets, chords and PowerPoint presentations

$89.99 Starter; to network with other churches and directors

Reproducible CD

All items are returneligible.

800-470-7688, yvette., sontreasureisland/


Blast Off: Launching Kids on a Mission of God’s Love

Interdenominational; Preschool-Youth

Blast Off Music Leader Version CD, Blast Off Program Resources DVD


$67.99 Updates and resources:


Must be shipped by Sept. 5, 2014



Weird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love Is One-of-a-Kind

Interdenominational; Preschool-Youth

Clip Art and Resources CD; Sing & Play Music Leader Version CD Set; Recruiting & Training DVD; KidVid Stories DVD and more

Songbooks/chord charts online

$169.99 Updates and resources:


Must be shipped by Sept. 5, 2014

800-541-5200, cstrade@, WeirdAnimals


Wilderness Escape: Where God Guides and Provides

Interdenominational; Preschool-Adult (intergenerational)

Clip Art and Resources CD; Celebration Leader CD; Decorating Places DVD; Recruiting & Training DVD; Celebration Music DVD

Songbooks/chord charts online

$139.99 Updates and resources:


Must be shipped by Sept. 5, 2014

800-541-5200, cstrade@, WildernessEscape


Agency D3: Discover. Decide. Defend.

Baptist; Babies-Adult

Music for Kids CD, VBS 2014 Takin’ It Home CD, Promotional DVD

$34.95 Jump Start Kit; $99.99 Kids Starter Kit; $99.99 Preschool Starter Kit


Nondenominational; Ages 6-12

Art CD, Music CD, Cheer Music CD, Director DVD, Music & Media DVD, Cheer Training DVD


$129.99 T-shirts; iron-ons; cheer music CD; backpack; carabiners; water bottle $89.99; net 120 and up to 35% off on package by Dec. 31; www.



MEGA Sports Camp: Game Plan


Arrow Island: Choosing God’s Way

Baptist; Age 2-Adult

Promotional DVD, church presentation videos, mission offering project video; Director’s Resource CD Set; Puppet Scripts & CD; Music CD.

Music samples at rbp. Lyrics available on lyric sheet, transparency or PowerPoint


Jungle Safari

Interdenominational; Preschool-Teen with Adult option

Content CDs, Music CD, Music and Missions DVD, Exportable Media MP3s and MP4s

Included in Planning and Music Disc Set in Kit


The Jesus Connection… What a Friend!

Interdenominational; Preschool-Adult

Planning DVD, Music CD

Songbook with complete lyrics

$199.99 www.vacationbibleschool. com $79.99 Online resources: music, videos, catalog, order form and teaching tips

Returns on unused VBS resources must be postmarked by Aug. 5, 2014

800-458-2772, lifewayvbs@lifeway. com, agencyD3

Return by June 2015

877-240-6680, trade@myhealthychurch. com, www.MEGAsportscamp. com

Kits: July 31, 2014; other: Sept. 15, 2014; return authorization required


Jungle Bible Pals by Floppets; promotional helps; decorating items; stickers and more

Return by Aug. 29, 2014

800-543-1353, customerservice@, www.vacationbibleschool. com

Crafts; music CD; outdoor banner; publicity items; T-shirts; Bible storybook; Bible verse posters; ABCs of Salvation

Bookstores have a contractual return policy.

800-860-8642, Cust_Ord@, www.urbanministriesvbs. com

MSC Minute with tips and ideas for getting the most out of sports outreach Decorations; promotions; crafts; gifts, awards; games; snacks; attendance; puppet resources

Clear the way

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Christian Retailing's 2014 VBS Product Guide  

Your comprehensive guide to 2014's Vacation Bible School offerings (content and contacts for 17 different VBS products)

Christian Retailing's 2014 VBS Product Guide  

Your comprehensive guide to 2014's Vacation Bible School offerings (content and contacts for 17 different VBS products)