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Brown Church Development Group


Former pro athlete Todd Brown built his business with the intent to promote the gospel


odd Brow n, president a nd CEO of Kea rney, Nebraska-based Brown Church Development Group, has made it his mission in life to advance the gospel. Saved in high school through contact with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), he soon started sharing the gospel at FCA events. As he grew in his athletic career—becoming a University of Nebraska wide receiver and playing pro football in Canada— Brown felt he had a natural opening for evangelism. But when he started his career in construction, he wrestled with how to Brown assists congregations at all stages of development, from share the gospel through his occupation. discovery to building. He wanted to know the answer to one key question: “How do I live the gospel every day?” He has figured out how to do just that. “It’s been my conviction from soon after I became a Christian that all that I do, all that I am, is to promote the gospel,” Brown says. “I try to be as strategic as I can with every aspect of my life.” Now leading Brown Church Development Group, a group of companies enjoined to advance the gospel, Brown explains that if a church client uses one of his integrated companies, it’s only natural it would flow to the next step in the process: discover, design, started attending the church.” fund, build. Bringing the message of the gospel through his work simply “We want to see people come to Christ as a result of interacting starts with love. with anyone with any of our companies,” he says. “It’s just one day at a time and caring about people,” Brown That is just what has come to pass. Construction workers have says. “The message of the gospel is reconciliation of relationcome to Christ within the company as well as when Brown was ship, the ultimate relationship and doing that in everything, working in partnership with a church. whether I’m building a church or scooping a ditch with a guy “It permeates what we are about,” he says of the gospel. “We or talking with my friend in his backyard, it’s still the passion of are constantly trying to advance the gospel in every way, either who we are. It’s why the goal of our companies at our group is through a testimony or sitting down and sharing the plan of salva- to advance the gospel.” tion with somebody. That is the sole purpose of what we do and From early in his life in Christ, Brown made it his aim to who we are.” “maximize my life for the glory of God,” he says. Brown may build churches, but not all of his clients are saved. Along with his company, he partnered with pastors he In fact, some pastors aren’t even saved. felt were communicating the gospel correctly to form the “I remember sitting down in the office of a pastor sharing Nebraska Gospel Network for the purpose of “bringing the plan of salvation with him,” he says. “I planted seeds, and world-class speakers to our state to help educate” believers it was a few years after that where he received Christ. ... I built in evangelism. them a church, but their pastor at the time I built it didn’t even Brown didn’t come from a Christian family, but after he was know Christ.” saved, he says the gospel “spread like wildfire” in his family. In another case, it was the subcontractors who came to Christ. Today, it’s clear that his business is not just building churches. “We were building a church in Greeley, Colorado, and we His gospel focus has become a “pattern” that inspires other had subcontractors on the job site who actually got saved and believers to follow his example.—Christine D. Johnson » May // June 2016 MinistryToday   21

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