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Jane Northrup helps her employees exit criminal life


ane Northrup calls Authority Staffing a “boutique company” that works with a handful of employees at a time. What’s different is that all of her employees have criminal backgrounds. It’s required, in fact. “I believe this company is a calling placed on my heart by God,” said Northrup, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. “We are an overtly Christian organization and don’t hide that we’re out there serving God.” Northrup has been a prison volunteer and has 10 years’ experience placing juvenile and adult offenders in jobs. She started Authority Staffing in December 2015 with seven client-employees. All were placed in jobs at a local manufacturing firm, and so far, six have been moved to full-time employees. Authority works like all big staffing

Nation Law Firm

ttorney Mark Nation, founder of the Orlando, Florida-based Nation Law Firm, sees himself as more of a peacemaker than an ambulance chaser. “Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers,’” Law says. “That reminds me of the role of lawyers. I am in the business of resolving disputes as peacefully as possible and in a manner that honors everyone involved, including the Lord.” Nation founded the firm in 1997 but says he turned his life over to Christ in a new way in 1999, realizing he was just a steward of the firm, its clients, cases and resources. Since then, his goal has been to glorify God through his work and be a “blessing” to the 30-member Nation Law staff, including its 10 attorneys. 20 MinistryToday May // June 2016

Jane Northrup speaks to prospective employees at Jobs of Hope.

as one administered by the employer. “I’m not looking for low-paying jobs for my employees,” she said. “Working for $8 an hour doesn’t change lives.” She expects her next group of employees to have been recently released from prison. “God has spoken specifically about this company, so I try to be obedient,” she says. “I had the business prophesied over and felt God’s confirmation.”—Ann Byle


Attorney Mark Nation brings Christlike spirit to court


companies do: It brings employees onto its payroll, which is paid by the employer where the temps work, with the hope that the company will hire the worker full time and assume salary obligations. Having a criminal background makes finding work tough, but Authority Staffing vouches for its employees, with Northrup well-aware that her workers require a little extra help. “I pray consistently with our employees and for them,” she said. “I pray for a release of their pain, a release from generational sin. We talk about what’s happening in their lives, point out where we can see God’s hand. It’s a regular part of our conversation to glorify God and what He’s doing.” Authority Staffing hires a group of employees after a tough vetting process and places them at the same employer. Doing so allows them to have support and accountability. Each must pass two drug tests, one Northrup requires as well

“I decided I wanted to put the firm to its highest and best use for Him and for the kingdom,” Nation says. “This firm belongs to Jesus Christ.” To that end, Nation aims to “protect and serve.” He tries his best to represent clients honestly and ethically without distorting the facts or painting unfair pictures of his opponents. “Jesus said to love your enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you, and I do pray for everyone involved in each case,” Nation says. “Even when the opposing counsel and I disagree about facts, I still want to make a positive impact on the lawyer on the other side, the other party, the judge, witnesses and staff.” Nation often prays with clients in his office. He and his wife, Wendy, who works as the firm’s office administrator, work with crisis pregnancy centers;

Mark Nation

Bags of Hope, which helps hungry and homeless kids; and other nonprofits. “People talk about the Proverbs 31 woman,” Nation says. “But I say I am a Proverbs 31 lawyer because Proverbs 31:8-9 says to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and see that they get justice.”—Natalie Gillespie

Ministry Today May/Jun 2016  

Serving rising leaders within the church by empowering them with effective tools for Spirit-led ministry.

Ministry Today May/Jun 2016  

Serving rising leaders within the church by empowering them with effective tools for Spirit-led ministry.