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CH ARI SMA’S B EST | 20 16

forming a “blue-ribbon committee” with multiple school representatives who helped us shape the product to best serve potential students. As a result, Charisma’s Best Graduate Schools and Seminaries isn’t just an advertising vehicle; rather, it’s our attempt to serve this community with a guide that is informative, authoritative

and helps prospective students make a wise decision—including looking at schools and advanced-degree programs they may not have known existed. We began with the final list of the more than 260 schools in our original college guide. Of those, we removed any that did not offer master’s degrees or doctorates, leaving us with the current, nearly 200 grad schools. Though the basic listings are free, many schools paid for an enhanced listing and display advertising so they could tell their story in their own way. And staying true to the vision for this guide, we’ve highlighted with a Holy Spirit dove symbol those schools, regardless of denominational affiliation, that support or are open to Pentecostal/charismatic theology. These are the ones we call “Charisma’s Best.” Though we’ve exercised due diligence, we can’t vouch for every school. We believe our information is correct and that the schools we’re endorsing merit this; however, if something needs to be corrected, please contact us with the necessary changes. Likewise, if we haven’t included a school that should be listed, send us contact information for that school so that we can research it further. More than anything, we trust this listing serves as an invaluable guide during the critical process of selecting a school for advancing your education. c h ar ism asb est . com



eaders familiar with our flagship magazine, Charisma, will know that our primary audience is the Pentecostal/charismatic community, but we also serve the wider evangelical community. Our magazine reflects that broader scope while remaining true to the interests of our core audience of Spirit-filled believers. Through the years, the two communities have increasingly overlapped, and today it’s common for churches to have such a blend that any charismatic or noncharismatic ties are indistinguishable. This trend has, for the most part, applied to the Christian collegiate arena as well. Many institutions that were traditionally opposed to the fundamental tenets of Pentecostal/charismatic theology are now more open to things of the Spirit, and their student bodies reflect this shift as well. When we first created Charisma’s Best Christian Universities, Colleges and Schools, we celebrated this by highlighting these schools alongside traditionally Pentecostal/charismatic undergraduate schools. We continued this approach with Charisma’s Best Graduate Schools and Seminaries as we created another comprehensive list for potential students to use in their search for the best advanceddegree program that fits them. We again worked closely with many of the schools represented here,


Charisma's Best Graduate Schools, Seminaries and Online Education 2016  

Charisma's Best Graduate Schools, Seminaries and Online Education is an exhaustive list of Christian advanced-education institutions organiz...

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