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WHAT GRAD SCHOOL DID FOR ME How attending a Christian grad school helped these leaders BY CHRISTINE D. JOHNSON

As a Christian considering grad school, you may wonder whether to attend a Christian, state or private university. The following leaders chose a Christian grad school, so we asked them: WHAT DID GRAD SCHOOL DO FOR YOU?



CAROL PETERS-TANKSLEY, M.D. Obstetrician-gynecologist, ordained minister and author Making the decision to attend Oral Roberts University was a life-changing experience for me. Obtaining my Master of Divinity and then Doctor of Ministry degree has provided a level of confidence and competence in working for the advance of God’s kingdom that I don’t believe I could have realized any other way. The coursework was valuable, but that is actually third on my list of benefits that I got from grad school. Most valuable of all was how I changed as a person by going through the program (in my case, programs). I was encouraged—even forced—to examine my own faith, character and calling. My perspective on the world and the church was greatly expanded and matured. Grad school became a huge part of the root system of the tree God is building out of my life. Second in value, the relationships I developed with professors and fellow students are hard to overestimate. That’s a benefit I never anticipated. Connections with those people continue to provide encouragement, stimulation and opportunities for ministry six years after graduation, and I am sure will continue in the future. c h ar ism asb est . com


DR. PHIL COOKE Writer, filmmaker and media consultant When I finished high school in Charlotte, North Carolina, I had athletic scholarships offered from major schools like University of North Carolina, NC State and Western Carolina. But I completely let those go in order to attend Oral Roberts University, which, at the time, had none of the sports I competed in. But the trade-off was far greater than I could have imagined. ORU’s theme was “educating the whole man,” which includes the mind, body and spirit. That perspective made a dramatic difference for me, and it was at that Christian university where I discovered the calling that has driven my life for the last four decades.

NATHAN TODD SIMS Filmmaker I went to Christian graduate school to learn about film, but I left with a mandate to change the world. The theoretical and technical education I received was world class but of limited benefit compared to the sculpting of my Christian worldview. Since graduating nearly 17 years ago, the mandate to be a Christian leader to change the world drives me personally and, at a fundamental level, drives our company, Fusion Productions (, and everything we do. We do not have the wealth of Spielberg or the notoriety of Scorsese, but year after year, in both secular and sacred markets, we are able to make films that bring the love of Christ to those who view them. I could have learned filmmaking anywhere, but at Regent University, I also began to lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus laid hold of me (Phil. 3:12).

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