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The Ring of Halcyon - The Ring of Chased By God - In Chased By God, a Halcyon is the second book in The compassionate God rescues one runaway life Outrider Chronicles series. Ari and the from 40 near-death events, but fierce battles of God’s warriors continue betweenProducts Death andare Godavailable continue for the STL, Spring Arbor elite from and group Anchor. their saga as they battle an ancient evil runaway’s soul. enemy. 9781942587019 $13.99 9781940262895 $14.99

Fragile: 30 Days of Hope for the Anxious Heart - In this 30-day devotional, Samantha Arroyo guides readers through their anxious valleys by reflecting on her own—and uncovers the hope found in God’s Word. 9781942587033 $14.99

The Gospel According to Ruth - A 121day devotional drawing out metaphors found in the book of Ruth. This harvest themed experience will guide your soul from calling to labor, rest and then marriage. 9781942587156 $15.99

All products are proudly distributed by STL, Spring Arbor and Anchor.

Sex at First Sight - In this book, the hookup culture is explained; how it came about, how it is affecting our younger generation and finally, God’s intent for our sexuality. 9781939358127 $14.99

Christmas Program Books for Kids, Youth and Adults - New authors have written Christmas dramas and skits for churches and small groups to celebrate Christmas, using contemporary and tradition styles. Includes three versions for Kids, Youth and Adults. KIDS: 9781942587149 $8.99 YOUTH: 9781942587132 $8.99 ADULTS: 9781942587125 $8.99

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Christian Retailing July 2015  

Serving the Christian products industry worldwide