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PB ISBN: 9781622307623 US:$15.99

PB ISBN: 9781624199158 US:$14.99

PB ISBN: 9781619961265 US:$10.99

Samuel D. Faircloth

The author is a 78-year-old individual who has witnessed the steady, unrelenting downward spiral of society because it rejects God’s instructions. He underscores the ills that have led this nation to the brink. He contends this digression, if not repented of, will undermine the progress the nation has made in the last 200 years. Yet 2 Chronicles 2:14 gives us hope!

The task of church planting requires the wisdom of a practitioner and the logic of a strategist. The author emphasizes that the primary goal of missions constitutes planting churches, which in turn are able to reproduce themselves. By using the proven management method Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), the author outlines each step needed to accomplish that goal. Over sixty charts illustrate his principles and directives.

PB ISBN: 9781622302567 US:$27.99

Shirley J. Vaughn, D. Min.

I have written a book called God’s March to the New Jerusalem. It is an easy to read reference book that is written in chronological order. It helps you to understand the Bible and current events. When you read this book, you will understand the Bible in a matter of weeks instead of years. For more information please visit

James Walker

2012 CHRISTIAN CHOICE BOOK AWARD WINNER. Jessica’s father tells the true story of his family, who found themselves with an extraordinary crisis when their baby developed a mysterious affliction and was left severely handicapped. Jim relates the ups and downs of the experience in his clear and passionate style, you will ride the roller coaster of tragedy, love, hope, and faith and emerge touched and inspired. PB ISBN: 9781625092588 US:$17.99

PB ISBN: 9781622303946 US:$15.99

“The land” has a significant role from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22 in the unfolding of God’s plan for mankind. The author traces that plan from creation to the fall, from the fall through the nation of Israel, from the nation of Israel to Jesus Christ and from Jesus Christ to the consummation of all things in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

PB ISBN: 9781624194689 US:$15.99

John Tock

PB ISBN: 9781597818988 US:$15.99

Dale E. Yoder

Come join Akeem on his journey as he holds fast to his dream of becoming a tradesman canoeing up and down the river, and learns a few faith lessons along the way. AKEEM is the first in a series of three books filled with exciting adventure and insight into God and His ways. The entire book set includes: Akeem; Akeem the Incredible Journey; Akeem the Great Adventure. PB ISBN: 9781622305889 US:$14.99

Tracee Newman

Ronald H. Wean

Michael and Donna Martin

Sherry Stahl

“This book is a refreshing twist on a serious problem taking place in many churches. The good news of this book is that God transforms traumatized churches from just surviving church trauma, to thriving from it, through the Traumatized One. With commentary interspersed throughout the structure of a 3 Act Drama, readers see the journey towards a safe, healthy, and faithful congregation unfold and are moved to begin the same healing conversations.”

2012 CHRISTIAN CHOICE BOOK AWARD WINNER. Dancing with Death illustrates the power of faith, hope, love, Christian friends, and family. The authors’ details are gripping. The Martin’s bravely make themselves vulnerable to their audience, even including such questions as, “God, don’t you think we’ve been through enough?” It’s a question we all ask in our minds but are usually too intimidated to say aloud.

Inside this Devotional/Workbook you’ll find exciting biblical examples of how God provides Water In the Desert. Come join author Sherry Stahl in a journey through scripture and selfdiscovery that will lead you into victory! Travelling the Desert road you can reach your destination refreshed and rehydrated, ready to let those streams of living water flow out of you!

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