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Experimentation with the concept of open and closed spaces with figure ground diagrams.

The brief was basic and minimal background information on the space and its functions and usage were provided and researched.

The objective was to understand the relationship of built and open space.

The train station was in between the old town and the new town.

The solution involved was to integrate the urban fabric of the two contrasts.

The aim was to revitalize the city of Newport by providing a solution to activate the areas around the train station and encourage residents and visitors to travel through the city than right to the river front.

The solution provided was to increase the activity on main street by suggesting commercial retail in an attempt to boost the economy as well.

Pockets of Urban parks amidst commercial and residential areas enhance a healthy environment.

The project was in response to the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. We focused on the Sunset park Strip emphasizing on reviving the run down city due to the abandoned industrial buildings to an active, pedestrian friendly, bike user space which improves its existing conditions by providing a platform for economic sustenance. The introduction of waterfront residential and commercial activity along with passive recreation spots taking into consideration the global water level increase was an issue to be dealt with.

The Gowanus Highway which physically split the city into safe and unpleasant had to be dealt with. The noise created by the highway posed another problem.

Secondary connection at intervals linked the two areas as well as providing a transparent sound barrier to combat the noise.

The strips provided at regular intervals were enhanced with greenlandscape, open courts, passive recreations areas to bring a balance with open and closed spaces and create interactive areas.

A solution to a shrinking city concept in a growing metropolis by incorporating ubiquitous technology, green architecture and sustainability. Maintaining the existent development both built up and land. Introducing energy resources and creating industrial and agricultural centers to boost economic growth with the successful aid of the international airport for research and development in related fields.

Experimental program which could be a prototype plugged into different areas based on its primary function and integrated into post industrial and post agricultural scenarios.

Introducing Farms and industries related to the Produce. Spaces for retail along with housing and other services owing to the growth.

Local revitalizing system of network between production, distribution and consumption within the city for self sufficiency and sustainability.

The concept developed from its location. The area had been affected by floods and a new city had been created. The museum was to reflect its birth as a new city. The gallery is designed in the shape of a spiral and three dimensionally arising from lower levels gradually to the upper level, hence symbolizing its emergence, surpassing devastation into a world, renewing its strength and dignity.

The design of a multifunctional complex to include commercial and retail shops, office spaces, entrance lobby, food court area with seating as well as parkingbasement and outdoor.

The design emerged from maximizing the total square foot area and the implementation of basic geometric forms.

The inverted sloping roof was to collect rain water and reuse for services

The Acoustic Design of a software development office space included implementation of sound reflective and absorbent materials as well as providing insulation solutions to air conditioning duct equipments that created noise. The general layout created revolved around working with the columns and its placement.

The design developed considering the spaces demanded barrier free design and circulation and the need for creating optimum balance between open and closed spaces owing to justifying the maximum utilization of the site and its surroundings.

The center is designed in a contemporary manner yet adhering to the elements of sloping roofs and brick facades of the neighboring buildings.

Taking the theme of the color purple, which is significant to the Lebanese culture, the concept of bringing the color purple as a highlight dominated the design interiors. The design Is very contemporary with splashes of intricate detailing adding elegance and style. The ambience created is very cozy with multi colored cushions thrown randomly breaking the monotonous regime. The dark chocolate brown colored cast concrete flooring provided a traditional yet chic touch to the dĂŠcor.

Two concepts created for a single office space for a graphic design firm. The first concept was based on the logo and the color scheme from the brochure and website.

The main focus was to subdue the interiors as the work produced would be vivid and bright. The second option however was more lively and user friendly. Layout remaining the same, due to the space constraint and play with light, color and ambience.

Interiors of the Lobby and waiting area of a commercial and multi-functional building. The focus was on Luxury and Granduer without over accessorizing. Spectacular light fixtures custom designed to match the dĂŠcorenhancing the space. Use of Antique mirror and mother of pearl inlay in wood furniture for the arabesque touch.

Designing and detailing a Quranic Botanic Garden in Sharjah and Doha for UNESCO to create a user friendly design incorporating all the spaces with relation and reference to different elements mentioned in the Holy Quran and developing the design with emphasis on symbolism and practically.

Charishma Sanjay Portfolio  

Urban Design Architecture Interior Design Landscape Design

Charishma Sanjay Portfolio  

Urban Design Architecture Interior Design Landscape Design