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Interior and Graphic Designer

CHARINRAT THAIPRADIT Interior and Graphic Designer

(+66) 99 456 4242 38/54 Lumlukka Rd., Kukot, Lumlukka, Pathumthani, Thailand, 12130

Education 2015 B.Arch. (Interior Architecture), 3.52 GPA with First Class Honours Faculty of Architecture, KMITL

2010 Basic in Architectural Design Art Studio, BKK

2010 Science and Mathematics Programme, Satri Sri Suriyothai School

“To reach the goal is how to unit and motivating my team with enthusiasm” I’m a type of person who are passionate altruists. I can be a good team supporter, and sometimes I can play leader role with my effectively project managing skill. I will try my best to solve team’s problem and encourage my colleagues to reach their goals. In term of design, I am open-minded and always intend to looking for new creative ideas.

Work Experience 2015 Interior Designer, Hencefort co., ltd. “Asia Park Theme Park” - Danang, Vietnam. “Bana Hill (Phase II)” - Danang, Vietnam. “Sapa Lighting & Landscape” - Sapa, Vietnam. “Play Spaze” - Central East Ville, Thailand.

Windows / Mac

Hand Drafting






Water Colour


3ds Max



2015 Interior Designer, Freelance “Nation TV’s office” - Thailand. “Honey Dew ice-cream cafe” - Thailand.

2014 Interior Designer (Trainee), CMO Group. “Prince Mahidol Hall - opening ceremony” “Sireerukachart Botanical Garden” “Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre”





First concept, Then design.


PLAY SPAZE CentralFestival East Ville

Jelio Planet - a wonderful planet with full of jelly

gemstone and sponge tree. Kids who always dream about the place where they can freedomly explore and discover thier own planet would love this SPAZE. With many physical activities such as Super Spiral Slide, Trampoline ‘n’ Airbag, and very excited Freedrop which allow the kid jump down from 7.5 metres height, parents can be assured that their children would have fun and be safe through these experiences.

An other attractive activity is “Tree Climber” - the greatest sponge tree of Jelio Planet which grows up from the jelly crystal cave. The colourful, soft and jellyliked shapes are friendly to kids. With green sponge platforms as tree leaves, they can climb up to the third floor to slide down with Super Spiral Slide, take tour on mezzanine with hanging ball, or just take a nap on a gentle sponge.

Sponge-liked platform

Jelly Crystal Cave


Let the young explorers take an extremely adventure through the planet to encourage and fulfill their imagination.

NATION TV Headquaters, BKK

With long background

of Nation Multimedia Group, they has gain many reputation for journalism and mass media since 1971. While modern day’s digital trend are getting more popular and Nation Multimedia Group also concern about it, so they launch “Nation TV” for digital broadcasting industry.

Interior planning and space design

Along with corporate identity, logo and colour scheme, lead to simply design which more interesting by graphic and glossy material that look hi-technology and fashinable.

Worldwide - Where news around the world are gathered and produced for daily content.


Danang, Vietnam



An open space that warmly welcome to everyone. People can enjoy with Kono Designs’s works as exhibit in the lobby.

Kono Designs

- Japanese design firm which practice in architecture, interior design, corporate design, graphic and product design. As a signature of Kono Designs, the design concept are communicated through function and materiality. That is also noticed in design of their branch office located in Danang, Vietnam. With a beautiful scenery of South China Sea, wood and craft that is local material, they combined them with Kono Design’s signature and made out stunning design that get along well with the surrounding and also functional.

Relaxing Area

Fresh up with indoor vertical garden or just walk out and take a deep breath of sea breeze




Being wealthy is one of human’s favours. People love to spend their money on their needs, women love shopping and men are also. But, how can we earn enough money for our desire? or how can we handle with it since we are getting older and uncertain future?

SET Money Tree - finacial and investment education centre, is a place where people can learn about financial literacy, find their own proper plan and join integrate investment class. As a thesis of Interior Architecture which study in user behavior, design and usage of interior space, this project runs through the concept of “Money Tree”.

MONEY TREE EXHIBITION Financial edutainment that base on user experience with interactive multimedia, starts from how to earn, save and spend money wisely as basic as “root” of Money Tree (exhibited on the 1st floor). The next chapter is financial plan. Including short to long term plan which vary route in this exhibition as “branch” of tree (on the 2nd floor). And finally, on the 3rd floor, investment knowledge are provided for exhibitor to take “benefit” from their own money tree.

Money Hall

Maruay Library Money Class

Money Tree

Financial Service & Facilitiy

Money Arcade

- since Money Tree Exhibition have already shown us about financial literacy and some of investment knowledge, Money Class, an advance course for investor, are offered for whom may interested. While people who like to study themselves can find lots of information and multimedia sources gathered on shelves in Maruay library. And if they are looking for the best seller book, they might get it at Maruay Bookstore.

Money Hub

Meeting and seminar are also supported in this education centre. Money Hub, the largest room, is available for 150 seats. Money Hub include a 60 seats seminar room and 2 meeting rooms for 10-20 people per each. Food and Beverage service can be provided as required. For public event, there are about 400 sq.m. outdoor plaza infront of the building within the garden and the shade of a big tree.

Keki-ngam (known as Keki) is a big community located on Chalongkrung road near King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, crowded with students over 50% of population in this community. Relate to population size which are increasing each day cause lack of public facility. By the way, the largest problem is traffic jam which can be solved by zoning control along with landscape planing design.

A master planing of environmental design and analysis for Keki-ngam community by a group of students from Interior Architecture of KMITL.

KeKiLadkrabang, Station BKK

All food stall are only allowed by the railway side where customer can park their bikes and cars temporary.

Shopping parade - as an identity of Keki, old train and container are renovated for unique community mall. They can overlap as well.

Space within Space - the gap between each unit can also use as semi outdoor space such as parking lot, dining area or rental food stall.

Lighting is Magic Colours of light - emphasize the amazing structures and emotions of design theme. Various of mood and tone presented by colour of light can affect to human’s perception. Direction and movement are also. Warm light make people feel more relax than vivid and flashing light which noticed in most of party and concert event. So light needs to be designed as well.

“Journey to the West” - Asia Park Theme Park Danang, Vietnam

“Paradise Fall” - Asia Park Theme Park Danang, Vietnam


What graphic design do.

Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information or knowledge intended to present quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Similar pursuits are information visualization, statistical graphics, information design or information architecture. Infographics have evolved in recent years to be for mass communication.


Graphics make information become easier when design process report is too complicated and bored, while pictogram gets more attention from the audience. Try using more signage and describe only for necessary information.

Location and surrounding map - shows routes to the education centre, group of school and university (since we have student for the target group), bank and other financial instituition (for supporting and advertising centre’s activity).

Pie Chart - presents proportion of each area which you already have the exactly number. This process helps a lot when you set for functional diagram and zoning.

Ayutthaya Historical Park Ayutthaya

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace - is a palace complex formerly used by the Thai kings. It lies beside the Chao Phraya River in Bang Pa-In district, Ayutthaya Province. The palace is very European in design. The buildings are laid out along an artificial ornamental pond. In what was formerly the public area of the palace, the lake is a rectangular pool, lines with formal plantings and the odd folly. The most obvious of the ornaments is a modern copy of a Khmer style prang.

Wat Mahathat (Temple of the Great Relics) - is located almost right in the center of Ayutthaya. Apart from being the symbolic center where the Buddha's relics were enshrined, Wat Mahathat was also the residence of the Supreme Patriarch or leader of the Thai Buddhist monks. The temple is believed to be built during the 14th century A.D. (the early Ayutthaya period).

Merchandise Ayutthaya Historical Park Graphics design for souvenir using character of the nations in Ayutthaya period include of native Thai and foreigner such as English, Dutch, French, Chinese and Japanese. There are fan, coaster, keychain, mug, magnet and pencil. Since there are characters screened on the products, children might be the target with the most interested. They can easily spend for small trinket, while mug will be purchased by adult as home decorative. ศูนย







ชาต ิ

Vietnamese Cuisine

Graphics &Illustration

RK Resort & Themepark


Theme Design

“Jungle� leads all design through this main theme. The sense of natural, fantasy and vivid life are gathered here!

Ride’s Logo

To make characters fun with various sizes and colours along with gimmics of its ride.

(+66) 99 456 4242 38/54 Lumlukka Rd., Kukot, Lumlukka, Pathumthani, Thailand, 12130

Interior & Graphic Design Portfolio 2015  

Charinrat 's works till 2015

Interior & Graphic Design Portfolio 2015  

Charinrat 's works till 2015