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Product Catalogue 2012/2013

• Weight Training • Gym Machines • Squash & Other Racket Sports

Size Trade Price Size 5 / 6 years Please Contact Size 7 / 8 years Please Contact Size 9 / 10 years Please Contact Size 11 / 12 years Please Contact Size 13 / 14 years Please Contact Small Please Contact Meduim Please Contact Large Please Contact Extra Large Please Contact ** Colours available in Black only Fingerless Sports Gloves Flap Palm: Cow Analine leather Knuckle: 100% Polyester Foreway

RRP: (GBP) 14. 99 14. 99 14. 99 14. 99 14. 99 19. 99 19. 99 19. 99 19. 99

Hand Orientation Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove Left or Right Hand Single Glove




THE GRIP AID STRAPPING SYSTEM Our strapping system design is a simple yet effective solution for securing your hand in a clenched position. The positioning of our gloves strapping system is designed to be anchored at your wrist with our strap that is applied over the knuckles in a wrist to knuckle movement and affixed to the Velcro which secures your hand in the grip position putting minimum strain on the muscles that enable your hand to grip. Common problems that are associated with the pain in the hands and fingers are; • Arthritis • Osteoarthritis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Tendonitis • Tenosynovitis • Tennis elbow • Golfer's or baseball elbow When our strap is applied to a glove, mitten or medical device it removes the requirement to use the muscles and tendons that are affected by these types of conditions. Easy to apply and remove and fitted for size, the strapping system developed by Grip Aid is a user friendly solution for patients, sufferers and healthcare professionals for aiding in prevention and rehabilitation or day-today activities that involve holding or using your hand to grip objects.

TESTIMONIALS Simply an amazing design, my 7 year old son has cerebral palsy with limited use in his right hand. I've spent 2 years trying to find gloves that will help him play golf and ride his bike like his twin brother, this glove does all of that. James is delighted with his new glove it enables him to take part and in his own words "it looks just like all the other boys gloves. I've always believed that James can do whatever he sets him mind too this gloves enables him to achieve this. Thank you. Kerrie Spiby We are a team of Occupational Therapists working on a private spinal cord injury unit. Our patients that have looked at your products are those with tetraplegia and we have been recommending them as a splint to maintain range of flexion in the finger joints. Our clients have tried the gripeeze sports grip and the mitten grip and both us as therapists and the patients have found them to be an effective splint for this purpose. Miranda Cook – Head OT Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital I personally would recommend the gloves during rehabilitation phase for Stroke patients and for patients who suffer arthritic conditions. I believe this glove can enhance the daily life for those who have had to reduce day to day activities such as DIY, Gardening and sport activities. Gina M Riccio - IIST VCTC ITEC – Level 5 Sports & Rehabilitation Therapist What an excellent product! I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have tried many items to help me grip a golf club and so continue to play. My occupational therapist gave me hand splints and I had arthritic grips fitted to all my golf clubs! However my golf coach pointed out this was interfering with wrist break. Since receiving my glove I have seen my game transformed and the feeling of confidence I have convinces me I have many more golfing years ahead of me. Many, many thanks. Mrs Lockerbie I purchased a glove after a trial fit & demonstration at Bents Garden Centre. I had a stroke in May of 2011, which left me with a clumsy right arm, but using your glove has enabled me to use hand tools safely, and gives me much better control. I can even get back to doing D.I.Y, and spend more time in the garden using the glove with the hoe, trowel spade , brush pan and other tools. I have spoken with the stroke association giving them your company name and address so that other people like me are aware and can benefit from your product thank you. Arthur Ethell I couldn’t believe the difference such a simple idea would make. Glyn Jones I have Arthritis quite badly in my legs and feet and unfortunately it is moving to my hands. At the age of 89 it is quite a lot to expect miracles to happen, however these gloves have helped me. Muriel Ayres

CURRENT SUPPLIERS UK NRS Healthcare Clinitron House Excelsior Road Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire LE65 1JG United Kingdom Tel: 01530 418256 Fax: 01530 419256

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