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Charged | Jan 2011



Whether it’s tracking down the best place for a hot meal, knowing a fun spot to sync with friends or finding some post-worthy local discoveries, CHARGED has what you’re looking for. CHARGED magazine is the new source for local fun and entertainment, from the perspective of Asian pop culture. The theme of this pilot issue is East Meets West. In this issue, readers can follow YouTube sensation Carlos Douh as he checks out the best places to eat and play around town. Follow Carlos as he tastes award-winning Chinese dishes at the Jade Seafood Restaurant and even joins Executive Chef Tony Luk in the kitchen to catch the behind-the-scenes action. Come along as Carlos takes a spin inside a skydiving simulator at the Fly Zone Bodyflight Inc. Curious about how our city thinks? Listen in on the responses of our readers as they answer this month’s CHARGED Asks question. And get a heads up on what special events are coming up this month with the calendar. Stay tuned for all this and more in our following issues. Until then, stay CHARGED! Cheers, intellectualSASHIMI & the AX3 Family.



photo: Justin L.

“Princess syndrome” (公主病) went even more viral and helped him achieve fame both online and in Cantonese communities all over the world. It’s rare to find a non-Chinese person with conversational ability in Cantonese, let alone having such deep knowledge of slang such as “chok樣” or “princess sickness,” but Carlos Vidal has nearly perfected his fluency of the language in a short span of two years. Better known by his YouTube alias – CarlosDouh – Carlos has found fame through online videos teaching people Cantonese slang. With the memorable slogan, “Hear it, speak it, memorize it,” Carlos has reached many viewers worldwide by delivering knowledge of Cantonese culture through humorous, memorable videos. Who is CarlosDouh? This 26-year-old Canadian is an undergraduate student at Fraser Valley University and currently resides in Abbotsford, BC. He started uploading his Cantonese lessons on YouTube weekly and quickly became an online sensation, especially in Hong Kong and Canada. Carlos has since been featured in news sources such as China Daily and The Globe and Mail, and has collaborated with companies such as, Superior Tofu and COKE Hong Kong.

Carlos’ journey to fame began when he first started to learn Cantonese for a church missionary trip to Hong Kong in 2005. He then moved back to Canada in 2007 and began his first projects on YouTube. Carlos initially created joint videos with his friend and fellow YouTube artist who teaches Korean on another channel. When Carlos created his own channel, he posted on popular topics in Hong Kong, such as trendy subjects or songs. He then started his own show where he would upload weekly 2-minute segments on Cantonese slang. His first viral video, which sky-rocketed his popularity, was about the phrase, “ chok樣,” which means to strike a model-like pose. His second video on the “princess syndrome” (公主病) went even more viral and helped him achieve fame both online and in Cantonese communities all over the world. Earlier this year, AX3 met and interviewed Carlos, and collaborated with him to make two Cantonese-teaching videos. AX3 has since worked with Carlos for the Inspire 2011 Concert showcasing MC Jin, by featuring Carlos as the host in an interview with the talented rapper.


Charged | Jan 2011





With a total of 35,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 5 million views, Carlos’ online presence has helped bridge the gap between Western and Eastern audiences around the world, making him an online celebrity. This summer, Carlos held a fan meet-and-greet in Mongkok, Hong Kong and was overwhelmed by the large number of fans, of both Caucasian and local Hong Kong descent. Carlos mentioned in a video blog that the purpose of his videos is to create a fun, enjoyable experience for all ages that is to the point. He also comments that he “wants to inspire people to learn other languages and other cultures.” Through the Internet, Carlos has proven that achieving fame isn’t impossible and encourages everyone to “find something you’re good at and share it with people.”


Charged | Jan 2011








photo: Ellick L.

“How do you eat it with chopsticks?” asks Carlos Douh, our host and YouTube sensation whose funny videos teaching Cantonese slang have garnered over 4 million views. Famous for being a Cantonese-speaking Caucasian who brings out the latest Hong Kong colloquialisms and cultural eccentricities, Carlos has collaborated with artists MC Jin and G.E.M., and has been interviewed by Hong Kong and Canadian media. Since Carlos loves Asian culture and Asians love food, we combine Carlos’ language acrobatics with mouth-watering Chinese cuisine in this issue’s East meets West adventure. CHARGED takes Carlos Douh out for lunch one winter afternoon in Richmond, BC, to the award-winning Jade Seafood Restaurant. There we meet Chef Tony Luk, Chef of the Year for Chinese Restaurant Awards 2011. Originally from Hong Kong, Chef Luk has been the executive chef at Jade Seafood Restaurant for seven years and has competed in national culinary competitions, in which he won many awards, including the Gold Award in the 2011 HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards Chef of the Year Competition. In a highly competitive Asian culinary environment, Chef Luk’s signature dishes – Clay-pot Chicken, Smoked Grandpa Chicken, and Golden Dungeness Crab – have all received


the Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards at the Chinese Restaurant Awards for the past three years. When we bring Carlos to meet Chef Luk, Chef Luk generously offers to let Carlos join him in the kitchen to watch him cook two of his best and newest dishes. Presented with the opportunity to not only taste some of the best Chinese food in town but to watch the behind-thescenes action as well, Carlos and the CHARGED team can’t wait to get started. Excitement builds as we walk past the swinging doors of the restaurant kitchen – for some of us, it is the first time inside an industrial kitchen. The narrow corridors lined with kitchen tools and vegetable crates take us into the belly of the kitchen and in front of the long gas range where Chef Luk creates his masterful meals. As we gather behind a stainless steel table, we can see a massive wok sitting over a humming fire, with a pool of oil warming inside. Carlos and Chef Luk break the ice with cozy conversation. “What’s the happiest thing about being a chef?” asks Carlos. “Having people appreciate my food,” replies Chef Luk, “and the challenge of creating new dishes.”


Charged | Jan 2011

EATS Vancouver’s Chinese food is highly acclaimed, but one may wonder how different Chinese food is in Canada compared to the food in Asia. Carlos asks Chef Luk, “Is the Chinese food you cook here different from the Chinese food you made in Hong Kong?” “No, not currently. The only difference is that 10 years ago the quality was not as good as it is now.” Chef Luk shares with Carlos that his goal is to cater to his guests’ tastes by being aware of common food allergies and exploring new food trends. When Carlos asks for cooking tips, Chef Luk talks about the importance of timing and the level of heat. Chef Luk adds, “Use less salt.” After warming up their friendship, it is finally time for some culinary action. With great speed and agility, Chef Luk slides a prepared crab body into the bubbling bath of vegetable oil. He twirls and seasons the crab inside the wok, and, moments later, fishes it back out and lays it in perfect formation on an oversized plate. He then completes the dish by making a special curry sauce ʹ and laying the sauce on top of the cooling crab. Thus completes the Sauteed B.C. Dungeness Crab with Dry Curry. Carlos is amazed. He comments on the wonderful smells wafting around the room and the attractive crackling sounds the oil makes when it comes in contact with the crab. While Carlos is still busy describing in Cantonese and English how great the finished crab looks, Chef Luk is moving onto his next dish, Baked Sliced Alberta Pork Fillet with Herb & Mushrooms. For efficiency’s sake, Chef Luk has marinated the pork fillets with his special-recipe sauce – Yunnan Morel and Porcini Mushroom Sauce – and baked the meat ahead of time. With Carlos watching, Chef Luk pulls out the prepared pork fillets from the oven and starts to assemble them on a plate. The inspiration for this multi-layer appetizer comes from the hamburger. A juicy, savory pork fillet is placed upon a bed of crunchy cucumber. It is layered with a cool mushroom and blanketed with a minty basil leaf. All four components are speared together with a toothpick. “I can’t wait for one of these!” Carlos says with a smile. Standing in the kitchen, Carlos gets his first bite of Chef Luk’s award-winning dish. He comments on the combination of flavours. “I like the mix. It’s like its own little hamburger. The basil gives it a nice flavor on top.” Back in the dining room, Carlos sits down to savour the pork fillet and crab dishes. With the camera crew, editorial team and Chef Luk all watching, Carlos struggles with the crab. “How do you eat it with chopsticks?” he wonders. Giving up on the chopsticks, Carlos tackles the crab with his hands, trying to crack and eat curry-drenched crab gracefully in front of the camera. Finally Chef Luk joins in, teaching Carlos how to hold the crab leg with one hand and operate the crab cracker with the other, in order to successfully open the crab leg and pull out the soft insides. After a mouthful, Carlos gushes, “It’s fresh. You can tell the difference. The curry is really sweet. I like it.” 10

Charged | Jan 2011

EATS At the table, we talk with Chef Luk about his cooking inspirations and how he came up with the ideas for making these two dishes. “Around here, crab is mostly cooked in soup or stir-fried with garlic,” Chef Luk explains. He decides to try a new way of making crab by combining it with curry. He uses Singaporean and Malaysian curry flavours to develop an unconventional version of the popular seafood dish. In addition to producing a great crab, the curry sauce can be used to spice up the accompanying rice or noodles. Chef Luk also uses local B.C. crab to ensure freshness. As for the Baked Sliced Alberta Pork Fillet with Herb & Mushrooms, Chef Luk explains that this dish is in its third variation. It began as a simple pork fillet and mushroom dish, but Chef Luk found the dish boring; so he added ingredients until the dish reached its current four-flavour stage. Moreover, the sauce used to marinate the pork is not available in stores. Chef Luk created it and used the same sauce to win culinary competitions both in 2010 and 2011.

bringing adventurism into cooking, Chef Luk reinvents Chinese food, making it irresistible for every culture and generation. In addition to Chef Luk’s specialties, the Jade Seafood Restaurant is famous for dim sum. Try their Mushroom Dumpling or Almond Tart, both highly recommended! Visit the Jade Seafood Restaurant at: 8511 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC, 604 249 0082

Winning awards and competitions doesn’t come without effort. Chef Luk gets his inspiration at work, from colleagues and from news about Hong Kong food trends. He likes to try new things and is continually developing his skills and culinary creations through attending cooking shows and rubbing shoulders with other chefs in professional associations. What’s more, Chef Luk cares about his guests’ health by avoiding using MSG or too much salt. Chef Luk shows that Chinese food doesn’t have to be traditional. By combining flavours of East and West and


Charged | Jan 2011


text: Bernie Y.

If you could switch bodies with anyone for a day…

The majority of us live day to day following the same old routine, and nothing really ever changes. Whether it’s due to boredom or a fit of rage, we’ve probably all wondered what it would be like if we could switch bodies with someone. If given the opportunity, who would you pick if you could switch bodies with anyone on Earth? Would you choose someone with a lot of material wealth or someone famous worldwide? Maybe you would even choose your own mother like in the movie Freaky Friday? Taking to the streets, CHARGED asks our fellow Vancouverites this question for our first edition of CHARGEDAsks!


Charged | Jan 2011


photo: Norman T.

Gloria Tang (鄧紫棋), most commonly recognized by her stage name G.E.M (Get Everyone Moving), held a very successful music show yesterday at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver gathering over 2000 attendees for her live concert that got EVERYONE moving (literally). G.E.M started her musical life at the age of 5 and she is now a talented Hong Kong singer-songwriter. Being dubbed as the “female singer with giant lungs”, she has impressed the public with a wide vocal range and excellent covers through her Youtube channel (GEMBlog) ever since her debut in 2008. The concert started at around 8:30 pm as fans in the concert hall clapped the “thunder stix” together to anticipate GEM’s epic grand entrance to the start of the concert. She started the concert with an upbeat track “想講你知” to hype and pump up the Vancouver fans! She sang most of her hit popular songs including “All About U”,” A.I.N.Y.”, “Mascara”, Get Over You” and her classic “Where Did You Go” along with her other tracks including: “我的秘密”, “睡公主”, and “等一個他”. GEM also 14 Charged | Jan 2011

covered 4 songs from other artists including “You Raise Me Up” after describing the relationship with her grandma; “Lady Marmalade”, “Please Don’t Stop the Music” and “If I Ain’t Got You”. After a 5 minute pause near the end of the show, GEM came back to the stage and sang “Where Did you Go” again with the live audience and once again thanked the Vancouver fans for showing the large amount of support. To much surprise of the entire venue, GEM gave us a second encore from a piano version of A.I.N.Y. The finale is where the audience was blown away by the true talent of her voice. The concert ended around 10:30 pm where she waved her goodbyes to the audience cheerfully. We can definitely see she appreciated our cheers and support a lot. A whole lot. The Dancers: Phenomenal is all we can say for the 7 dancers at GEM’s concert. What we really enjoyed about this concert is they place a very strong emphasis on their dancers. They are not backup dancers as they play a main role by contributing to the overall visual effect of the concert itself. You can see they put in a lot of effort to pull every

muscle, to flex every tendon of their body to express the feeling for each of GEM’s upbeat song. Big kudos to them. The Fans (ones that blow air): There were literally 4 fans placed near the front of the stage. You guessed it; it turns on during the climax section of A.I.N.Y where she kneels down on the stage and wind blows against her to add dramatic effect to the stage. This is probably the most memorable scene out of the entire concert for most of the attendees. The Visual Screen: This concert truly emphasized the importance of an effective background video screen. As videos were shown, pictures were displayed and media content rolled out as the concert progresses, it totally sets the tone and mood for the audience; making the experience much more rich and flavourful for the concert. For example, the interlude transition to “All About You” was displayed on the screen with the video of a acapella version of the beat while GEM goes backstage to change her outfit. She Got Everyone Moving: G.E.M has this charm that you don’t really see in any other Hong Kong artists. As she jammed the G.E.M song with the audience which demanded audience interaction as she screamed “Give me a G!” “G!” “Give me an E!”... the audience cheered with her while standing up and clapping to the beat which created a climax for the entire concert. Sprinkles and confetti blew from the ceiling of the stage towards the audience; you can just imagine how romantic that moment was. The most important and interesting story she shared with the audience was what G.E.M really stands for; it is to get everyone moving towards their dream or goals that they want to achieve and have a passion for. She encouraged us to chase our goals and get moving until you get there because small actions to try different things and putting efforts will bring you rewarding journeys in the future.

This concert definitely exceeded our expectations; it was because we did not expect a talented star at the age of 20 could pull off such a spectacular performance. G.E.M has great talent; her stage persona and her flawless execution will take her to greater heights in the future! In our hearts, she is Hong Kong’s young diva on the rise!


Charged | Jan 2011


photo: Edwin C.


Where can you go to fly with no strings, no wings? Vancouver and its vicinities have always been world-famous for its beautiful natural scenery and an array of available outdoor activities. You can conveniently find snow-packed slopes just north of the city centre and golf courses in almost every suburb – but who’d expect to skydive right in the heart of Metro Vancouver? CHARGED and Carlos embark on a skydiving adventure at the Fly Zone Bodyflight Inc. The Fly Zone is a facility for people to experience what it’s like to skydive! Located in the industrial area in Delta, BC, at the Fly Zone, people can experience the thrill of skydiving without having to ever pack a parachute and jump out of a plane! The president of the Fly Zone, Peter Zaoralek, explains what this place is all about: “The Fly Zone is a unique company, and we are teaching people how to fly their body. It’s a new sport of body flight that we are bringing to Vancouver and Western Canada. We can cater to people five years and up.” The experience of skydiving is achieved by a machine called the Vertical Wind Tunnel System. It is a chamber with a giant fan that pushes air though it to allow a simulated skydiving

experience. It is a very safe and controlled environment in which first timers and enthusiasts alike can come and enjoy the sport. The actual wind tunnel is also portable, and can be up and running in an hour’s time. This allows more possibilities for both enthusiasts and amateurs to experience the tunnel outside of the facility based in Delta. 23 Charged | Jan 2011

A quick tour of the Fly Zone facilities before Carlos suits up! As Carlos gears up for body flight, Jesse reminds Carlos that stretching to loosen up the muscles would be really helpful to Peter takes our crew on a tour of the building, which includes ensure that he doesn’t pull any muscles during his time inside party rooms and a lounge to host birthday parties and corporate the flight chamber. Jesse also reminds Carlos that relaxation is events. The Fly Zone can cater, provide music, as well as host key to a successful flight. other party needs. Our crew gathers with Carlos for a quick photo before Carlos steps outside and into the flight chamber. Jesse takes Carlos on a simulated free fall skydiving experience Carlos steps into the flight chamber face down as the wind in the tunnel picks up speed. Here, Jesse steps in and helps Carlos float in mid-air. As the machinery is loud, Jesse uses the hand signals explained earlier to communicate with Carlos. Jesse guides Carlos up, over and around the tunnel as he “falls” from the sky in the tunnel. The first 30 seconds seem like a struggle as we watch Carlos float mid-air; but as time goes by, Carlos gets more and more comfortable with flying. During the entire time, Carlos and Jesse are able to pose for photographs inside the chamber, while flying.

Carlos suits up and gets a run down on how to fly! Here, we met Jesse, our skydive instructor, who has skydived over 2000 times. As this is Carlos’ first time skydiving, a small session on how to properly fly was necessary before he steps into the chamber. Jesse teaches Carlos a combination of body gestures and hand signals to ensure that Carlos has the best experience. Body posture is important for the “freefall” experience. Jesse demonstrates certain protocol, such as when to flatten out the body or move the arms. Hand signals are used to communicate between Jesse and Carlos due to the high level of noise inside the tunnel. When Jesse is about to turn Carlos inside the tunnel, Jesse gives Carlos a “wind up” gesture. If Jesse wants Carlos to flatten out his body and relax, Jesse straightens out his palm in front of Carlos. The Fly Zone provides all the gear for the experience. A jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, gloves and earplugs are all provided by the facility.

After flying, a very ecstatic Carlos steps out of the chamber with a massive grin on his face. As Peter would tell us later, “There is a nickname to the [wind tunnel] machine, and it is the ‘Smile Factory!’”

Carlos talks about his experience inside the “Smile Factory” Carlos initially wondered how this body flight experience could be, as the instructors describe, a full body workout. Yet all this changed as he explains to us how he could really feel the pressure on his arms and legs during the experience. Maneuvering inside the flight chamber really is a great deal of exercise! “By the end of it, I could begin to figure out how to manipulate the body with different movements,” explains Carlos, “I really wanted to try a flip or something!” The Fly Zone expands into an even bigger facility As we wind down the tour, Peter shares his plans to bring the Fly Zone into a new facility located in Richmond, BC, next to the River Rock Casino. It will be inside a five-story sports complex with the Fly Zone on the third floor. The new facility will feature bigger fans that are electric, as opposed to the diesel-powered wind tunnel that is currently used in Delta. With the new facility conveniently located next to the Bridgeport Canada Line station, enthusiasts and first timers will easily be able to access the skydiving experience. Visit Fly Zone Bodyflight Inc. at: 7150 Tilbury Road, Delta, BC 604 940 0100


Charged | Jan 2011


OpenRoad Audi Jacky Cheung Half Century Tour Live in Vancouver Date: January 13, 2012 Time: 8:00pm Location: Rogers Arena Phenomenal Cantopop singersongwriter is finally making Vancouver a stop on his much-anticipated Half Century Tour. Since his debut in the mid-80s, Jacky has been internationally recognized for his hit songs, award-winning albums, as well as his sell-out, theatrically spectacular concert tours. Having performed over 100 shows in cities like Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Singapore and Sydney, this is one acoustically enhancing experience that Cantopop fans should not miss.


Date: January 20 – February 5, 2012 2012 marks Dineout Vancouver’s 10-year success in introducing local foodies to some of the best restaurants in Vancouver. Affordable at $18, $28 or $38 per person, diners will be able to enjoy a 3-course meal, as well as carefully paired BC VQA wines at an additional cost. Reservations can be made beginning January 9, 2012.

FREE ICE SKATING AT ROBSON SQUARE Date: Now – February 29, 2012 Time: 9:00am – 9:00pm (Sunday – Thursday), 9:00am – 11:00pm (Friday – Saturday) Location: Robson Square Ice Rink, 800 Robson Street From now until February 29, ice skaters can enjoy skating at the Robson Square Ice Rink completely free of charge! This popular rink is open-air, but a clear dome covers it so that gloomy Vancouver weather does not become a problem. For those without their own equipment, skates can be rented at $4, and helmets and ice cleats for $2.

CHINESE NEW YEAR PARADE 2012 Date: January 29, 2012 Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm Location: Chinatown As a multiculturally vibrant city, Vancouver takes pride in celebrating Chinese New Year with one of the city’s most sensational annual parades. Each year the event, organized by the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver, presents over 3,000 performers, 50 lions, marching bands and more. The 1.5 km parade starts at the Millennium Gate on Pender Street and makes its way around Chinatown. 27

Charged | Jan 2011




Charged | Jan 2011

CHARGED Magazine - Issue 01  

Issue 01 of AX3 Multimedia's CHARGED Magazine. This 32-page full colour magazine covers a wide aspect of Asian popular culture including to...

CHARGED Magazine - Issue 01  

Issue 01 of AX3 Multimedia's CHARGED Magazine. This 32-page full colour magazine covers a wide aspect of Asian popular culture including to...