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Love Beyond Fairy Tales From the unshakable bond of parents and family, to friends that stick closer than siblings, to that singular special someone who is irresistibly attractive – a question pervades all of our common experiences: What’s love, and where can I go for a cheap date? This second issue of CHARGED comes in the timely month of February, the opportune month to consider all questions relating to love, dating and the nitty-gritty of what to say to that girl and where to take her for a fun time.

Worry not, as CHARGED engages singersongwriter Daniel Kim, who shares with us his passion for music and his thoughts on what infuriates him about modern relationships and pop culture. Don’t miss Daniel’s Top 3 List, which shows that he is a man who knows a woman’s heart! Fancy a date with Daniel? Come along as CHARGED goes out with Daniel to taste desserts at Mimibuloveme and zip around the skating rink at Robson Square. Don’t forget to check out our first CHARGED dating feature, with dating tips by the mysterious PBD. See also our

CHARGED calendar for upcoming events and date night ideas. And, when one has had enough of all the lovey-dovey, pink cheesiness, read the responses to our ChargedASKS question to snicker at the most annoying things about the opposite gender. Finally, we wish to propose a toast to a love beyond fairytales. No candy hearts, no paper valentines, just an enduring desire to be with you. From our hearts to yours, Yan Lui & the AX3 Family

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by Daniel Kim



CHARGED | Feb 2012


ANYTHING BUT MAINSTREAM DANIEL KIM text: Benjamin Yong photo: Norman Tam, Justin Lee

“My heart breaks when I see the injustice of pop-culture youth majority being hypnotized by all the destructive messages of today’s popular entertainment.” Daniel Kim Integrity. Justice. These usually aren’t words that one might associate with contemporary singer-songwriters, but that’s exactly how Daniel Kim, 26, describes himself when he sits down with AX3 for an exclusive interview. Not to be confused with American actor Daniel Dae Kim of TV’s Lost fame, this DK is a rising musical star home grown right here in Vancouver. Focusing mainly on the electro-house genre, Daniel is influenced by mainstream pop music but strives to be anything but mainstream, as he tells us below...

What do you mean by having a passion for integrity and justice? Today’s popular entertainment is all run by greedy businessmen only concerned with profits and not the welfare of the minds of their young audience who lack the capacity to critically evaluate the information that they’re fed. My heart breaks when I see the injustice of pop-culture youth majority being hypnotized by all the destructive messages of today’s popular entertainment. I hope to rise to a position of leadership in this industry, without taking shortcuts that compromise my integrity, to bring justice to this filthy system. Daniel Kim, Contemporary Singer-Songwriter

CHARGED | Feb 2012



Do you have any influences from your personal life in your style of music? Having grown up listening to classical music and pop music, I developed an ear for knowing what combination of sounds are enjoyable to the mainstream population. It was during my high school years that I began listening to rave music and experimenting with deejaying. During the first few years that I composed music, I juggled around with many different genres, even reggae. It was two years ago that I found that I enjoyed composing electropop dance music the most.

What is it about music that makes you passionate about it? Pop music has such great reach and influence on a huge population. But sadly, the youth majority can flawlessly recite useless lyrics like “This sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S” while having difficulty identifying the states/provinces of their own country. The opportunity to communicate constructive messages to the pop-culture youth majority excites me.


CHARGED | Feb 2012

“The opportunity to communicate constructive messages to the popculture youth majority excites me.”

Daniel Kim So tell us the process you go through when you write your original songs. What do you do? First, a catchy bassline randomly pops into my head and acts as the anchor of my song. I then add a beat that makes the bassline pop out more, a very integral process of composing dance music. Then I think of a synth instrument that will play a catchy melody throughout the chorus. I then lightly sprinkle sound effects, pads, and chords to create texture to my music. Once the instrumental is all finished, I think of a vocal melody line without any lyrics. I then ask my friends what kind of feeling they get when they listen to this composition as I sing gibberish. If “anxiety” is the general mood of the song, as discussed by my friends, then I will look into myself and see what message I can write concerning that

mood. I will then lastly write the lyrics of my song – the chorus as my thesis statement and my verses as my supporting body paragraphs.

Looking into the future, where do you see yourself in the next five years? I have no idea. I don’t even know where I see myself in the next month. My immediate goal, however, is to find some focus in my life as I am a bit all over the place right now.

Last question: What gets you charged? Justice prevailing as a result of an epic plan coming to fruition really gets me CHARGED. That’s why “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is one of my favourite movies as it tells an exciting story that I aspire to live one day, without the monkeys of course.

Check out Daniel Kim’s music on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:


12 CHARGED | Feb 2012


text: Angela Chang photo: Norman Tam, Justin Lee

Daniel Kim’s


Love Advice

Love Songs:

Local Dating Spots:

1. “Nowhere Else” by UrbanGermany 2. “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing“ by Aerosmith 3. “Like A Star” by Corinne Bailey Rae

1. A concert at the Commodore Ballroom 2. Gastown for dinner and drinks 3. English Bay for takeout food and watching the sunset at the beach

Romantic Movies:

Romantic Getaways:

1. Hitch 2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 3. Notting Hill (Haha, all these are from the perspective of the male character – perhaps that’s why they’re my favourites.)

1. The beaches on the islands off of Krabi, Thailand 2. An overnight boat trip in serene Halong Bay, Vietnam 3. Sleeping under the stars atop of a sand dune in the western deserts of Egypt

Ways to Approach a Girl:

Ways to Cheer Her Up:

1. Make eye contact, smile, walk up, say hi, and have a natural conversation 2. Attend university networking events with representatives from different businesses. Everyone there is feeling a little nervous and wants to be occupied in conversation. Approach a girl and ask her what year she’s in, what faculty, and what she wants to do. 3. When you’re about to take a university exam and are waiting outside of the examination room, approach a girl studying by herself and ask, “Are you ready for this exam?”

1. Words of affirmation 2. Sincere physical touch 3. Laying down your pride and acting silly

Gift Ideas: 1. A personalized card with original drawing, poem, or love letter 2. A replacement of something that she uses a lot and is getting old and tattered 3. Pretty, shiny little things

CHARGED | Feb 2012





The human race has existed for thousands of years, yet men and women still cannot fully get along with each other. There are things that each gender finds attractive and cute in the other, but then there are also lots of other things about each gender that simply aggravates the other.


A perfect example would be when you listen to your bros or girls complain about their relationships on topics that are quite trivial.

.. ok . t c ti tok. tic

For this month’s edition of ChargedASKS, we’re deviating a bit from the issue’s theme of love and dating. Instead, we ‘re going to get into the infuriating topic -”what’s the most annoying thing about the opposite gender?”


Bab y, am FAT I ?




Some of these answers may surprise you!

When they rather sleep on the sofa, and not let me sit at all. When guys think they know what a girl wants, but they actually don’t.



text: Bernie Yee

design: Peter Zhao

When guys wear their pants so low that half of their butt is hanging out. When they want us to pay for everything.



When they take forever shopping. When she repeatedly ask me if I still love her.

CHARGED | Feb 2012



Text by Angela Chang

Photos by Norman Tam, Justin Lee

Mimibuloveme is a sweet tea room and dessert restaurant run by a young Taiwanese owner, Spencer Lee. The restaurant is quite new, having recently opened in April 2011. Although Spencer was originally a computer programmer, he was eventually introduced to design and architecture, which resulted in his design of Mimibuloveme. Spencer’s goal was to create a welcoming and cozy environment by using warm colours and dim lighting. CHARGED | Feb 2012



The restaurant name “Mimibuloveme” is quite interesting, leaving one to wonder what the meaning or story is behind the name. After inquiring Spencer, we discover that the Mandarin translation is “Mimi doesn’t love me.” It refers to Spencer’s cat, which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to love him very much! Daniel and I have the honour of sampling five of Spencer’s signature creations: Roast Beef Panini, Okonomiyaki Chicken, Mixed Berry Yogurtne, Strawberry Avalanche Crepe, and Hedgehog Parfait. The Roast Beef Panini is the first dish to be served. Although relatively simple, its ingredients are beautifully flavourful, complemented by a freshly grilled ciabatta bun with garlic butter coating, thin slices of Angus roast beef, and assorted greens. The

22 CHARGED | Feb 2012


mustard and mayo sauce combination adds a unique kick to the panini. Overall, it is a light but filling choice, for those who would like to stay within their comfort zone. Next is the unique Okonomiyaki Chicken: juicy chicken breast slices and fresh organic greens wrapped up in a soft crepe, drizzled with okonomi sauce and mayo, and sprinkled with bonito flakes. Although it is a bit of a messy eat, the combination of ingredients makes for a deliciously rich flavour, reminding both Daniel and I of traditional Japanese takoyaki (grilled octopus). No meal is complete without a drink, and Daniel and I choose is the Mixed Berry Yogurtne. It is Mimibuloveme’s signature yogurt smoothie blended with organic soy milk, vanilla bean yogurt ice cream, sorbet, and, as the menu states, a little bit of “Mimi’s love.” Cool and refreshing, the smoothie was tastefully sweet with real fructose from mixed

berries, instead of the addition of artificial flavouring. This delectable drink must be consumed quickly though! It does melt quite fast if left sitting for too long. The Strawberry Avalanche crepe was the perfect balance of temperatures, with the warmth of soft crepe and the refreshing coldness of strawberry ice cream. The addition of condensed milk and strawberry jam enriched the flavour even more, leaving behind a desperate craving for more of this delicious creation. This pick is a sure treat for strawberry lovers! Last but not least is the Hedgehog Parfait: a heavenly combination of hedgehog ice cream, organic honey wheat puffs, honey cake, whipped cream, dark chocolate, and chocolate biscotti. The parfait is delicately arranged to resemble a hedgehog, complete with cute dark chocolate ears and a tail. Although the taste of chocolate is quite rich, the wheat puffs add a unique and crunchy taste to the overall dish.

Each of Spencer’s creations is arranged with care and precision, especially the Hedgehog Parfait. Daniel and I enjoy them all immensely; we savour each bite and thoroughly appreciate the delicious combinations of flavours. In addition to these five, there is an incredible variety of other dessert and drink options. For those just stopping by, Mimibuloveme also features a large selection of authentic, high quality loose leaf tea, imported from Taiwan. In the future, Spencer hopes to expand Mimibuloveme into a combination of a cozy dessert café and an art gallery, featuring designs and pieces from other artists. Until then, be sure to stop by Mimibuloveme and try some of Spencer’s tasty creations! Visit Mimibuloveme: 5556 Cambie St., Vancouver, BC Mon – Sun, 6:00 pm-12:00am

CHARGED | Feb 2012



CHARGED | Feb 2012


e v o L e e Fr e t a Sk



in the


Downtown text: Yan Lui

ingly k can be a surpris The skating rin if one ly to visit. Especial romantic place e may er th , on the blades is a little shaky ach out re to t une momen rt po op an e m co ur love’s d take hold of yo very naturally an ng, it’s oops hand. Before lo mitten-warmed another! n on top of one – we’ve just falle ve life, the too busy for a lo e os th r fo en Ev ot for a be the perfect sp skating rink can ance” – I or a little “brom girls’ night out, ey day. mean, guys’ hock y all s status, certainl Whatever one’ e Robson th d an ee things, humans love fr

26 CHARGED | Feb 2012

photo: Norman Tam

proves is one thing that Square Ice Rink ee lunch ch a thing as a fr there may be su after all. uary, skating the end of Febr til un en op ow N bring your re is free if you at Robson Squa e available rwise rentals ar own skates, othe for a small fee. arm up at the in on the ice, w sp y ill ch a er ft A and warm d where snacks concession stan ber to buy ble. Just remem drinks are availa a steaming trusty brother that cute girl or t to warm olate–that ough cup of hot choc een friends! things up betw


Visit the Ro 800 Rob bson Square Ice R son Stree ink: t, Va (between Hornby a ncouver, BC nd Howe ) Sun – Th ur 9:00 a m - 9:00 Fri – Sat pm 9:00 am - 11:00 p m Skate Re nta Helmet R l $4.00 en Ice Cleats tal $2.00 Rental $ 2.00

CHARGED | Feb 2012



CHARGED | Feb 2012



EVENTS Time: 8.00 pm - 10.30pm Location: Croatian Cultural Center 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.



Jason Chen


After bringing international talents like MC JIN and Jayesslee to perform in Vancouver, I AM MADE Entertainment presents INSPIRE 2012, featuring sensational YouTube singer Jason Chen. Known for his creative renditions of popular songs in both English and Chinese, as well as his catchphrase “Music Never Sleeps,” Jason Chen will definitely leave his fans impressed at this show. Grab your tickets now at

David Choi



Time: 9.00pm Location: Rio Theatre 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.




Musician and YouTube video producer David Choi is making Vancouver a stop on his Forever & Ever tour. With over 13 million channel views, fans can expect nothing less than a captivating musical experience from the talented David.

Time: 7.00 pm - 9.30pm Location: River Rock Show Theatre 8811 River Road Richmond, B.C.



I AM MADE Presents:

CSA Presents:

2CHARIT 0 1 2Y


UBC’s Chinese Student Association (CSA) will once again be hosting their annual singing contest, showcasing 12 of Vancouver’s best voices. With Hong Kong pop singer Kary Ng as the show’s guest singer, what are you waiting for? Fans can also meet Kary in person at the autograph session on February 10!

SnowShoe Grind Mountain Run credit image:

Time: 8.30am - 11.00am Location: Grouse Mountain Wrap up this winter season with a scenic “stroll” up the beautiful Grouse Mountain! At the Snowshoe Grind Mountain Run, snowshoers of all ages and skill levels can compete against each other, or simply have a morning of fun. There are prizes for every category and even an after party for all participants! For more information, visit



CHARGED | Feb 2012


CHARGED Magazine - Issue 02  

Issue 02 of AX3 Multimedia's CHARGED Magazine. In this issue, Korean YouTube singer Daniel Kim is the featured artist. We learn more about h...

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