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Part 3:

Further Experimentation! Final Idea




Blingcrete combines the positive properties of concrete


Retroreflective surfaces precisely reflect incident light back towards the light source


Its surface is according to its position, activated by light from both the light source and recipient


The properties of BlingCrete open up wide-ranging design possibilities in architecture, interior design or product design

Experimenting: Cemete -Cemete -Light -White wall

Experimenting: Cemete and Mirror -Cemete with mirror pieces -Light -White wall

Experimenting: Cemete and Transparent plastic -Cemete with transparent plastic, using shot glasses -Light -White wall

Research on Mirrors! The typical mirror is a sheet of glass that is coated on its back with aluminum or silver that produces images by reflection 19th century mirrors

Research on Mirrors! Challenge: look at the objects found in a common house. How many of those are made of mirror-like materials?

Final Idea! !

My final Idea is to create a table lamp. Made of: Concrete and clear marbles