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DESIGN FACTORY 2012/13! Rugby Wheelchair ! Oakley plutonite lens ! Fastskin II Bodysuit!

Rugby Wheelchair Designed differently depending on the role and position of each athlete

CNC technology, which is professional for Wood, Aluminum, Fiber, Acrylic and Polycarbonate boards Â

Wheels maintance and strapping for safety Â

Oakley plutonite lens Stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun‘s thermonuclear furnace

Comfort is optimized with lightweight materials, safety and innovative construction

ANSI impact tests, Oakley has impact resistance against heavy objects and resistance against high speeds

FastSkin II Bodysuit Fastskin fabric, designed to react to water the same way that sharkskin does

Also the FSII Bodysuits are gender specific, differences in the way male and female swimmers

The development of the Fastskin II involved a team of experts. CyberFX, the Hollywood-based body scanning and special effects company who also worked on Spiderman.

Pecha Kutcha Olympics Design Museum