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Design and Elastic Mind

T h e I d ea: The brief about MoMA exhibition was to find a way to draw the attention of the visitors on a screensaver. So our bried is to design an interesting screensaver that is going to be illustrated on a LED screen. I studied the website of Moma: Design and Elastic mind exhibition and I came to a conclusion that is mostly

has to do with science, biology, interaction and innovative designs and products. The website had a minimalistic, industrial atmosphere. So I tried to have my inspiration from the website and style of the exhibition instead of the products that they had a broad style.

The Screensaver

How it works: I chose to make my screensaver in adobe after effects. That’s because my idea is to use some images of the exhibition in the screensaver and make them moving. I cut the images in random rectangle sizes and through animation they come and collide together. After that a title appears and also the name of the artist and the year that was created. Through this screensaver the visitors of the exhibition are able to learn some information for the pieces there about to see.

MOMA Folio Sheets  
MOMA Folio Sheets