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Rio Santa Catarina Where the Good News Flows by ASFM December 2010

Reviving Mexican History

Volume 1, Issue 1 Topic of Newsletter:

Extraordinary People in and around the ASFM community.

In this issue, people:

Helping at school

Helping the environment

Helping the needy

Helping animals

I had the opportunity to visit a cultural exposition called “La Independencia y la Revolución: Más Allá de la Frontera y el Tiempo” at the museum, "Museo de Historia Mexicana" in Monterrey, Mexico, and interviewed one of the organizers of the exposition. This exposition is about the Mexican Independence and Revolution. The event is organized as a timeline, beginning with the year 1810 and ending with the year 2010, including the most important events from Mexican history. By displaying the exposition as a timeline, it is much easier for people from all ages to understand, because they get the opportunity to see how the event started how it developed and how it ended. There are many objects such as weapons, flags, and uniforms used at that time; which are explained and told how they contributed to history. Important people are also included with an image of their faces and

an explanation of what they did to make an important change for the Mexican community and history. Some pieces of art related to these events can also be appreciated because they show how the Independence and Revolution had an effect over people. It allows the viewer to the event from the artists’ point of view, the ones that had the opportunity to experience those events. The main reason to why they displayed this exposition was to enable people from all areas to learn about their history and appreciate antique objects from those historical times. There is a free entrance to the museum, due to the fact that the organizers believe people have the right to know about their past. So you can go whenever you would like, but it'll be taken down on January 2011, so if you have the opportunity to visit it is highly recommended. This exposition helps the community by creating an opportunity to learn about their past in a practical way and let them be able to appreciate art and objects from those historical events. It is a very complete exposition that will give people knowledge about something that is key for Mexicans to know. By: Ricardo Zertuche

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Guillermo Zambrano

“He felt pity about the situation in Mexico; this was the spark that inspired him to change the world.”

Left: Guillermo Zambrano

Have you ever wondered what your grandfather does to help the community? Well I have had this curiosity for a really long time and finally I had the chance to interview him. His name is Guillermo Zambrano, he has a beautiful wife named Estela Benitez, 8 really brilliant sons and he is the founder of the great company, Proeza. He always had a dream of changing the world and I will show you how he got there. When I asked my grandfather what he exactly did to help the community, I learned that he was the president of the agricultural-livestock organization, also known as Agropecuario. His job was to create projects for the sake of the peasants. He was a great contributor in a project were the state government handed over more than six million pesos in benefit of rural producers for the purchase of equipment. He also had projects where he taught the farmers how to preserve the water and their crops in order to decrease the percentage of diseases and famine. Also, as an entrepreneur, he offered multiple jobs to avoid unemployment. My grandfather told me that when he most got inspired to help the world was when he walked to the market with his mom and saw lots of poor people walking in the streets, jobless, with no shoes, no clothing, hair uncombed, etc. He asked himself “why?” He felt pity about the situation in Mexico; this was the spark that inspired him to change the world. I asked my grandfather how he felt when he helps. He responded by explaining to me that it is very hard for him to describe the enthusiasm he feels, which provokes him to keep on going when he sees success. He says that the thing that provoked him the most to keep on going was when the farmers understood him while trying to teach them what to do, how to work in the field, etc. He says that he taught them how to improve their way of living, what clothing to work, what food to buy, most

importantly how to manage the money and more. The gratefulness of the people was what kept my grandfather going. He irresistibly expressed to me said that he did all of this work because he felt an obligation in helping the poor people to improve the way they live. The way he managed this was by lending them money for them to create their businesses of their own because he was confident that if they worked as a society they could build up some funds and because of this they would be able to move on and do whatever they had in mind. I also asked him why did he had decided to help specifically in this and he responded by saying that when he started this he felt that part of his responsibility in life was to help the people who didn’t have work, income, education, etc. He thinks that if people didn’t have these resources of the basic life the country would never move on. If he provided the education and teach them how to improve in these aspects of life, he believed that the country would change greatly. My grandfather explained to me that the people that he inspired the most in life were the same farmers he helped. He told me that if you want to have the mind set of living in a high-class society you needed to start from the bottom of the society; which is the farmers and families he was helping. He said that if he inspired the farmers then they would teach their sons and then their sons will tell their children, and so on. This will help because in some future the whole country will have this mind set and it would cause a major change in how people will think. Zambrano see page 8.

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Help in Catastrophe

Destruction done by Hurricane Alex in Monterrey

When disaster strikes there's always people who lose everything and they need help from the world around them and that’s why people group up to help those people. With a goal to offer them a hand, so they can get up and keep on going with their lives and escape the sudden chasm of tragedy. This is what is happening in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, a hurricane named Alex struck these states and caused what we all feared would happen. So these people from the Cruz Roja have started the job by sending food, supplies and money and also opened a bank account, so people who want to help can donate supplies such as: bottled water, diapers for

children and adults, cans of food, powdered milk, napkins, cleaning products such as bleach, buckets and brooms and also items of personal hygiene such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, etc. The bank account is in Banorte and it is number: 19, but you can also donate to the Cruz Roja's account also in Banorte, with the number: 0000000065. Ever since Alex struck, these people have been working to save the victims of this tragedy and support them; this project is greatly helped by DIF (Integral Family Development), a branch of the government where they help families and especially children to end problems in society. And that’s why we have to help, we never know when we will be next, but we have to help other people while we can. By: Michael Zenkl

Helping to Overcome ANSPAC, Asociación Nacional Pro Superación Personal, A.C. is a group that was founded by Consuelo Garza Lagüera de Garza, Martha Elena Tijerina de Garza and Zuelma de Villaseñor. This organization was founded to help the worker’s wives overcome their personal difficulties. It is based on the conviction of one who is continually developing their full human potential and can become better with their family, community, and a new world. Estela Benitez de Zambrano is a friend of the founders of ANSPAC. Since the moment the members told her about the organization they had founded, Estela took only a few seconds to decide that she would proudly help them. Since then, she has been happily helping out for over 10 years.

“The communication that you get with the women and their reaction to your advice and teachings is what I mostly like about working here” said Estela. She also commented that the women get really excited to get to the classes going to ANSPAC is their “highlight of the week”. Estela also mentioned that these women normally come in with a frown and worried face and leave with a happy and relieved one. The helpers of ANSPAC listen to what the worker's wife's need to say and get out of their system, they hear what they cannot tell someone else and these helps calm them. ANSPAC see page 12.

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A Mom’s Job at School I didn't really know what being the PTA's president was all about, until I had a chance to interview Santiago Lagüera's mother, whom happens to be the president of the PTA. PTA is an organization that works on creating events and activities for the students in the American School Foundation of Monterrey. Ms. Lagüera pointed out that what inspired her to do her job was all about setting a good example for her children to follow, and that being closer to her son made her feel proud about her job. What she said she liked the most about her job was to meet with other hard working moms and to meet teachers and other school administrators. She also told me that she disliked having to battle with other

“Well, I like to help others, that is the whole point of the Cruz Roja.”

Mrs. Aldape (left) and her family.

moms for example: to see which person had the best idea about an event they were organizing. I had the chance to ask her about the organization, she said that the main goal of the PTA is to promote the "eagle spirit", and to make the school a safe community. Santiago's mom is currently the PTA's president and this is her 16th year working for the PTA. She knew that this was the job for her when a friend of hers invited her to participate in order to help others and to arrange school activities, she really enjoyed working there. In the end, Santiago's mom's work is all about helping out the school's administrators to arrange events for students and to create a safe and caring environment as well as a fun and enjoying experience at school. By: Pato Sada

The People inside the Cruz Roja Monterrey I had a chance to sit down and speak with an incredible woman who works at the Cruz Roja in Monterrey; she helps by organizing fundraising events that help out the costs of the Cruz Roja. I am talking about Ale Aldape. When I asked why she did her job, here is what she said, "Well, I like to help others, that’s the whole point of the Cruz Roja, and I also like making good things in our community. I love to see the effects of our events, and how the people become really happy," she also said this when I asked what is the thing she liked the most about her job. If we had many people like that here in Monterrey we would have a great city, where everyone gets help.

Everyone has basic needs to survive. Obviously every job has their disadvantages. What she doesn’t like about her job is the time she spends away from her family. Speaking about family, who inspired her to start to work in Cruz Roja was her mother because she has been working there for 31 years. Ms. Aldape has now been working in the Cruz Roja for 16 years. We can see that Ms. Aldape is really an extraordinary woman who likes to help the community and the people in need; I hope that she can carry out the deed and inspire many more people, to help out in Monterrey. By: Arnoldo Gonzales

Do you want to know what your parents are doing for you in school? For more than 100 years, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has provided support, information and resources to families focused on the health and education of children. The Parent Teacher Association is an organization made up of volunteer parents, and teachers willing to help children. This non-profit organization creates and organizes activities and events, so that the kids, parents and teachers may participate and get to know each other. The PTA exits all over the world, helping children become great people and helping them succeed in life. The Parent Teacher Association exists at a National and school level, always pushing towards the same goal and promoting the same values. A form of PTA is encouraged in every school by the government, weather it is a public school or a private school. In ASFM there is a PTA that helps students bond with their parents and helps them strengthen their values. In ASFM, the PTA organizes events that help this bonding, some of these are: The Welcome Back Party, Book Fairs, Teacher-students games, Drives, and school trips. The ASFM PTA helps the children become successful students and successful people by promoting values that are essential in life. The PTA promotes students to be honest, loyal, respectful, responsible, etc. I had a chance to talk to a former PTA member at ASFM, Veronica Salinas,

and got the opportunity of learning about this organization and how it works. The PTA tires to make an impact on children, so that they will go and make one on the community. They help children learn values; strengthen them so that they will be able to overcome any obstacle life puts in their way. Veronica and many of the other parents and teachers involved in this don’t get any economic recompense, but they get emotional compensations and the satisfaction of helping children. The ASFM PTA tries to make the greatest impact possible, they do drives that help other communities, which are not very fortunate, they affect all the ASFM community with their teaching and they also affect the community of Monterrey, by teaching the future Impresarios, businessmen and other workers. The PTA is a great organization with important goals and important achievements. Whether they are in the United States or Mexico they are always working for the same goal, never loosing focus or importance on it. The parents are always thinking about their kids, and they only want the best for them. They do this by joining the PTA and helping enforce a family link and teach values. Knowing this are you willing to contribute to your community, your school, or your peers by joining the PTA? By: Andres Medina

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What are your Parents Doing to Help You?

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Your Voice, Our Solution…

many peopleInt. around thetocity, especially those was whotoare not as cl I had a chance to talk “It to helps my grandfather, got here Mexico. The mission create Dr.Humberto Criollos, who is head of "Los a better life for people with fewer resources, to Rotarios" and everything I heard was intriguing, improve the level of education and for them to how it began, how it has continued to strive and learn and go out to the world prepared. toDr. god as needed told me during the grow, and how, through it all, they have helped Humberto millions all around the world. "Los Rotarios" interview that they visit Zaragoza once a year, began working and helping small communities and that they prefer to go in September because that were difficult to get to. They got to Zaragoza it’s the beginning of a school year. He named because of Dr. Bonifacio. He grew up there and several small municipalities; a few mentioned witnessed how the small communities around where, Dr. Arroyo, Las Margaritas, Arramberry, Zaragoza struggled and how poor it all was. Dr. and more. There are some municipalities that are Bonifacio also witnessed how difficult it was for very difficult to get to, so they have all the families the young adults to go from their homes to and students join the Rotarios in a park in school, so he talked to my grandfather, Dr. Zaragoza, where they receive their Humberto Criollos, who introduced Dr. donations. When I asked him, what he liked the Bonifacio to the world wide program "Los most about being part of this world wide program, Rotarios". Dr. Humberto brought Rotary he said it was an honor, and that it was incredible International to Monterrey 10 years ago when a to see how his help made a difference, how the club represented by the government named club has grown and how many people are "Ayudame a llegar" disappeared along with its involved. Dr. Humberto also mentioned how "Los members. So my grandfather thought of "Rotary Rotarios" want to help the parts of Mexico that International", currently there are 18 clubs, when don't have good educational systems; they want to they only began with one. "Los Rotarios" began take Mexico out of that dump. He also says that by helping the south of Mexico and started what they are doing to help is helping him too, by spreading from there. becoming a better person and that many things The whole program and idea began by they do to help, is unknown to the people in Paul Harris about 102 years ago in Chicago, Mexico. where the main Headquarter is held "Rotary Los Rotarios see page16. International"; from there it evolved and spread to England and the U.S., 70 years ago Rotary

r Solution…


Top: Picture from this year’s visit to Zaragoza. Left: Dr. Humberto Criollos and his granddaughter, Sofia at this year’s event.

Effeta is an educational center that serves children, teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. It is a place that opens possibilities to a new world, and closes to intellectual differences. I got the chance to interview Ms. Gutierrez Elisa Gutierrez. She had an opportunity to work at Effeta, something she really enjoys in her life. Ms. Gutierrez says that with love and dedication you can make a small change in the lives of these people. The main goal of Effeta is to provide educational services to help improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and facilitate their inclusion in family, society, school or work through a comprehensive training based on personcentered programs. Effeta’s commitment as an institution is to create human beings that are willing to learn and become better, by serving and teaching with love, respect, responsibility and quality. Ms. Elia, Ms. Hilda Martinez and Ms.Blanca Maiz founded Effeta in the year 1975, with the intention of creating a space where people with intellectual disabilities have

the opportunity of receiving a complete education just like everyone else. Since the beginning, this institution has grown very fast. Ms. Gutierrez says they even had to implement organizational changes to accommodate the growth. Because of this growth they want to remodel an area of the school for more classrooms, and also build a recreational area with a playground, but there is a lack of economic resources. The donation of people in our community is very helpful in this situation. To promote involvement of the community in the development of people with disabilities, Effeta has several volunteer programs each year that strengthens the institution. Also certain events to raise money are organized, such as beneficial concerts. The volunteers that work at Effeta dedicate their time and effort in order to organize many things for the educational experiences of these children. They become inspired and are filled with happiness by what they do, and therefore they learn to admire and aspire to achieve other greater things in life. By: Vicenza Zirondi

Two of the many events held by Effecta.

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Everyone needs a Good Education

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Allowing God into Our Hearts

“It helps many people around the city, especially those who are not as close to god as needed.”

Every year, since the year 2000, an event that changes Monterrey in its spiritual life takes place twice a year. I am talking about the Toutus Tuus, an event that is about handing out rosaries to people in the city. Teenagers willing to help, give out free rosaries so that people get closer to God and to feel something for Him and to understand the religion in a better way. The event’s main goal is to gather people in Monterrey and from other parts of the world and help them create a conscience about a god that takes care of us. It is an event so that more people every year can learn and accustom to pray the rosary. The reason that the event was founded was, so that people could get closer to god by praying the rosary. According to Father Carlos Padilla, what makes him the happiest in this event is to see teenagers help and cooperate to get other people to feel

God inside them or to feel that they have God in their lives. This event lasts a few hours and happens every May and October. Also according to Father Carlos Padilla, this event has been a success over the last few years. This is because of the increase of kids and teens getting involved in Toutus Tuus. Also because of the increase of people now praying and going to Christian classes or clubs. Another important fact is that this is a worldwide event. This happens on the same day in different parts of the world. The Toutus Tuus changes our spiritual self in many different ways. It helps many people around the city, especially those who are not as close to god as needed. It is a very helpful and thoughtful way of helping many people in such a small amount of time. By: Daniel Rodriguez

Left: The handing out of rosaries. Right: Volunteers for Toutus Tuus.

Zambrano from page 2 “He wants the whole country to develop into a first world country.”

His final goal is to accomplish helping people and seeing the results of his work in the country. As a businessman he wants to form new businesses in order to create more jobs for people, especially in the food

business. He wants the whole country to develop into a first world country; he wants people to live well and to work hard in life, he wants success in this country. By: Cesar Zambrano

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Tickets to a Greener World

Top: Lobo Mexicano Logo. Bottom: Lobo Mexicano event.

The student group called Lobo Mexicano started a couple of years ago when a few students wanted to save the Mexican wolf (hence the name) and help out rain forests. It has since then, evolved into something bigger and more accessible. The community of ASFM has noticed several changes, new reusable plates in the cafeteria, carpool parking spots, and mainly the Organic Garden. The Organic Garden is currently Lobo Mexicano’s main project. It is located between the C & D wings of the ASFM Huasteca campus. A variety of seeds were planted (and are currently being planted), including vegetables such as pumpkins, beetroots, carrots, etc. We are growing native plants to further enhance the love and knowledge of nature that the students in ASFM have. Students in ASFM may have noticed some green benches around the campus. These are made out of recycled material, and were donated to the school by several members of Lobo Mexicano and their families.

The goal of completing a project in which you are making an impact on the world makes for a greater world. Having more people think in that positive way is key. In this plan, there is a small flaw. The mentality of people in general will be hard to change in such a large community. In short, we hope to see everyone doing something very small to help the environment in his or her daily lives. Maybe not consciously, but having the "save the environment" thought in their minds, their small reactions to it might come naturally and in everyday use. After a few years of having an environmental awareness student group in ASFM, the school now has more opportunities to think about the environment and do it good. They can be reminded about the world we live in and about how great ideas can help the environment. By: Paulina Treviño

A Smile worth a While Estela Villarreal Junco is the founder of the well-known institution UNIDOS. She was raised in a beautiful family and she is the youngest in her family; Alejandra and Gerardo are her two older siblings. Alejandra and Gerardo were born with profound mental deficiency. The Villarreal family always stayed at home, since Alejandra and Gerardo visited the hospital on a regular basis. Estela never really understood why other people always stared at them with curiosity when the whole family used to go out to the movies. She didn’t understand why other people were not accustomed to her siblings because to her, they were regular kids. After ten years, Gerardo died, and

that was when Estela was the closest to her sister Alejandra. Estela’s reflections about the fact that many families with a mental deficiency child, didn’t like to go out in public because of all the stares they received, made Estela want to make a change. In college, she met Cecilia Gonzalez Barragán. Between the two of them they created the institution UNIDOS. In 1987, Estela and Cecilia knocked from door to door trying to find volunteers and children with a mental deficiency. That is how it all started. Smile see page 14.

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What are YOU doing to Save the World? “Pronatura is one of the many organizations that are fighting to get our house clean again.”

“Pronatura is a non- governmental organization in favor of the conservation of natural resources, environmental education and reforestation.”

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Benito Leal Cueva, president of the organization Pronatura, at the restaurant Kampai, where he contributed to our understanding of his volunteer work. “Pronatura is a nongovernmental organization in favor of the conservation of natural resources, environmental education and reforestation. It also owns land in strategically ecological places throughout the North East of Mexico where we take care of its plants, animals and natural resources." Mr. Leal explained. After receiving some more information about Pronatura, he explained to me how anyone could get involved with this association, “We now have a group of people called Amigos de Pronatura.” Benito confirmed, “These people are our friends and can help us complete activities such as planting trees. We invite them to our annual meetings where we talk about our projects and show the results of our work to all our advisers, friends and associates.” Mr. Leal then kindly proceeded on informing us about an incredible fundraising event coming up on November 19. “This fundraiser event will be a food & wine festival where we will have some of the most famous chefs in Monterrey cooking live for the people who want to join us in this marvelous

event.” Benito explained, “We will try to sell 1,000 tickets and we have many sponsors including the best restaurants as well as Casa Madero with the wine, Tequila Herradura, Cerveceria Modelo, and Jack Daniels Whisky. We will also have people who will offer different kinds of chocolate, espresso coffee, desserts, and cheese as well as good entertainment and live music.” To conclude this interview, Mr. Leal was asked about his purpose in this volunteer work. He gladly responded, “I like it. It gives me a different feel. I enjoy it because it gives me the opportunity to do something about humanities biggest challenge; which is the deterioration of our natural resources. If we don’t have clean water and clean air, the human species is condemned to disappear in the future. Therefore, we need to clean up our planet because this is our house and everybody is responsible for the pollution, so everybody should be part of the solution and help out in any way they can. We have done some irreversible damage to our planet and Pronatura is one of the many organizations that are fighting to get our house clean again.” By: Camila Leal

A poster from one of the many fundraising events for Pronatura.

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Helping Others ‌ Achieving Happiness I am sure you have all heard of Caritas, but you have never stopped to ask: What is Caritas? Caritas is a group of people that have set their goals to help the community. Caritas is an agency of the Catholic Church, which got its initiative from a group of people who saw the concept in the city of Guadalajara. Caritas is present in over 200 countries or territories, and even though their goal is to provide health services, human development, community development, food, shelter and clothing. Their main goal is to spread the spirit of charity and love in our community. Caritas wants us to help each other because it is the foundation of their doctrine; it is what made them start the whole program. Caritas is a religious program that follows the word of god "It is the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ." They have identified themselves with the quote from St. Paul to the Galatians: "By love serve, each other." The people at Caritas want to help the community and people, because of the satisfaction of knowing they helped people they love, and because loving gives no harm. St. Augustine said: "Love and do what you want." He also said: "Ye who loves can only give good deeds" In Caritas, they believe that by helping others you help to forge your character in a good way. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "One of the compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." The people of Caritas said this quote and they follow this quote thoroughly. I was able to ask some questions to the head of the collection

center, here in Monterrey. He had a lot of words of wisdom. He said that the community of Caritas is setting an example to the rest of the community, "The word convinces, but the example drags." - Oscar Reyes. Oscar Reyes believes that the love must be translated through action. He believes that those who believe in God as Catholics believe in salvation through action. "Ora et labora" - This means pray and work, salvation and well being cannot be achieved by praying, you also have to work and help the community to get it. The people that are helped have a dramatic change in their lives, the genuine support that Caritas gives provides hope; hope for a better world, a better future. Psychologists call it resilience; the ability to, despite the hardships that one passes, views the future in a better way. Caritas is a community that not only helps people, but also that allows you to get involved in helping other people. You can go to Caritas to help by going to their volunteer Bank which telephone is: 13402090, to find a place to exercise their apostolate. You can also donate material or donate financial resources to help the sick, poor or in need. You can also pray or buy tickets for their raffle (where the prices are a house, cars, money, etc.). That way you can help others that are in need and by helping others you can achieve happiness. By: David Gonzalez

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Educational Charity for the Needy “Before the schools they didn’t have an education and didn’t learn, and now they can be happy.”

I had a chance to talk to Manuel A. Familiar Haro, who constructs schools for the SEP. Manuel was born in Mexico D.F and later came to Monterrey to go to school. He was raised with his two brothers and, his one sister, and his lovely parents. He was born on the 29th of October 1935. Manuel later on got married to Alicia de la Garza Robertson, and had four children. He then studied civil engineering at the Tec, and loved to study and work. His job is very important to the community of Monterrey because he works for the SEP, in the construction of schools. He designs them, and is in charge of the constructions. He contacts people to construct them in the rural and urban areas. It helps the community a lot, because it gives more education to the people who cannot afford to go to big schools. He started to construct schools, because it was a good job opportunity, and he had always constructed. He started off constructing houses, and thought it was a good idea to make schools, hotels and general buildings. Seeing all the uneducated people inspired him. He wanted to do something about this and help people. He talked to his business partners and they thought it was a good idea too. He has been building schools since 2003,

and he loves to do it. He used to see all the uneducated people and think; why can’t they have education and I can? He feels really good about what he is doing, because not a lot of schools are constructed in Monterrey, and he is helping the less fortunate people, and it really helps him feel better about himself. Manuel’s job is his only hobby. He doesn’t need to do this job, but if he stopped, unfortunate people would get less education. He doesn’t care about the money; he cares about the reward and the feeling. He feels satisfied because he is doing something good to the community and he is making a change in the place that we all live in. Of course, he can’t do this job alone. He needs help from all the people that construct, paint, and do all the handy work. He believes that they too are very important in the community because without them, those schools wouldn’t have been made and people would be left without education. It really affects the people that now go to those schools, because now they have an education, learn and have fun. Before the schools they didn’t have an education and didn’t learn, and now they can be happy. By: Andres Familiar

ANSPAC from page 3 “She likes the feeling of had helped someone continue with their lives satisfied and unproblematic.”

“What I mostly love about coming here weekly, is to see these women and see how they have progressed. Hearing them out with their new problems and solution and the fact that they wake up early to do their homework and prepare a lunch fascinates me." shared Estela. She also

added that her motivation to keep going to this job, that takes a lot of energy and work, is the results you see in the women. She likes the feeling of having helped someone continue with their lives satisfied and unproblematic. By: Viviana Martinez

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Cruz Rosa

“This institute has helped 500 or more women.�

I had a chance to interview Karla Garza who is a contributor to the Cruz Rosa. I asked her some questions about the Cruz Rosa institute and found very interesting facts many people probably aren't aware of. This institute has been developing and growing for about 6 years. It has helped many women who suffer from breast cancer and many are now back home with their family. The Cruz Rosa began from a founder who had the courage and the endurance to build up an institute this big, from zero. This founder was a lucky survivor of breast cancer and decided to create this successful institution, caring for all the patients who need constant care. This great leader had the chance to build this institute; she was known to be a very perseverant woman, which we can clearly see from her work and what it has become. It has grown to be a critical institute helping many cancer victims, showing statistics this institute has helped 500 or more women who have been victims. I think the fact that the founder itself was a victim of cancer made the institute grow faster and was taken into consideration much easier. People tend to show more attention to those in need. In 2004, about 519,000 women died from this disease, even though this is an old statistic, these diseases tend to grow stronger and larger. The founder thought of this idea by, first of all, thinking of those who suffer this life taking sickness and don't have enough money to maintain themselves or to pay for an operation. She took into consideration the aspect of

these poor people and how she could help them. Her primary goal was to save these women, give them happiness and reunite them with their family again, with a long life in front of them. This institute has been running for about six years and can proudly say that yes, it has saved many lives of cancer victims. This institution is still working on decreasing the number of deaths caused by this horrible sickness and it is proudly working on treating these poor people. I personally think this institution has a huge impact on society and has a great leader behind this. I consider Cruz Rosa to be an institution that has now grown to a point that it has spread worldwide, where you can donate money or utensils from far away. I am glad for the founder of the institute who has successfully grown a large institute of critical importance to the community. I believe they will end up finding a cure for this life taking sickness, but for now this helping institute is key to many women suffering from breast cancer. This Cruz Rosa has now grown to be big and with many volunteers contributing to the poor people who need constant help to stay alive and to pay for their medical work. I am very glad for all the big contributors and think this is highly valuable to any type of community. It offers very good medical attention to the patients who need to be taken care of and can't afford it. I admire all the helpers and especially the founder of this amazing contribution for this lifesaving institution, The Cruz Rosa. By: Patricio Garibay

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Educational Charity for the Needy “It all began with a dream of his to have a clean and healthy México, since he has always been concerned about the environment.”

I had a chance to talk to Fernando Perez, founder of Enki, a company whose main goal is to recycle unclean water from lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, and to prevent them from becoming contaminated. He, along with his co-workers in Enki, will accomplish their goal by placing water-treating plants in each town that is needed, to avoid the discharging of contaminated water flow into rivers. It all began with a dream of his to have a clean and healthy México, since he has always been concerned about the environment. This dream also led to an upsetting feeling of leaving his children and grandchildren in the face of a world lacking clean water. Fernando decided to fight this filthy water situation by doing something about it and not let México worsen. He did not want to leave his descendants with unclean water. His inspiration was seeing how day-to-day the water is harder to obtain in our world. “Water is the most important element on our planet, because without it there would be no life,” Perez claimed.

He says he always saw the importance of water and the little value we give it. “Nature has been kind enough to Man by providing large amounts of water for our lives and instead we have been selfish by not giving it the true value and we are dedicated to pollute it". Enki has been up and running for 6 years now. Its vision is to have watertreating plants scattered all around the country cleaning up polluted water. Their goal is that in México there won't be discharges of dirty water and to create a conscience to the citizens, which without this vital liquid, life doesn’t exist. As I mentioned earlier, Enki works all over México, trying to change México for there to be a clean place for everybody to live in. Perez loves every single aspect of his job, but mostly he loves to have the ability to change the future of México by recycling water, and to have the knowledge to teach others about its importance and getting to witness México make a difference. By: Baby Cordero

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“Our goal is to be a social enterprise with a global presence.”

UNIDOS is a national institution in many parts in Mexico, such as: Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Monterrey and Xalapa. Unidos is a place you can volunteer to socialize with children who have mental deficiencies. You might think it is the children who you are helping; but in the end, it is you who end up learning from them. If you are a volunteer, there are various activities that you perform. For example, you can go out to a park; you may stay in the institution and help out with games that are directed toward the children. Unidos mission is

to achieve a cultural shift towards a humane society. UNIDOS seeks to create awareness in society to see disability in a more natural attitude and changing the way we relate to the community with disabled people and their families. “Our goal is to be a social enterprise with a global presence, which is referred to as the icon of the organizations and social movements, creating an inclusive society is enriched by the interactions between disabled people and the rest of society.” After 23 years, UNIDOS has become a national institution. By: Valeria Elizondo

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Help for those Who Can’t Ask for it In an interview with Maricarmen Quiroga, one of the three founders of Foundation Luca, I learned that the only thing it takes to really change something is the willingness to do something for the community. With five action programs, Foundation Luca gives special care and homes to dogs and cats in need. The five programs Luca has are: adoptions, education, rescue, free spay or neuter, and the humanitarian assistance program. Her commitment started from a sense of human ethical responsibility and her witness to the injustice done to animals, she hoped to cause social change. She wants to bond with animals, not as ''pets'' but as living beings that suffer and feel so much like us, humans. What she does in this institution is what she calls her mission and purpose in life. The difficult part of her job is taking having a cause so forgotten and ignored by society, and on the other hand this same society is the one that provokes this great injustice to the animals. Monterrey without Foundation Luca would be very different. In a year, Luca

provides over 7,000 free spays, rescues more than 4,000 dogs and cats, and provides animal welfare. Luca also helps with letting more than 20,000 children know what is going on in their society and the harm done to animals. Per year, Luca gives more than 800 cats and dogs for adoption and most importantly, without Luca, centers throughout Nuevo Leon would continue to use electrocution as a method of slaughter. Luca also donates medical supplies to the Government for these dogs and cats that are euthanized humanely, just as food is donated during the stay of dogs and cats for them to be free from hunger and thirst. Foundation Luca changes the lives of many dogs and cats; it also helped Maricarmen Quiroga to become a better person. As she helps dogs and cats out of hunger and provide them with shelter, they also return the favor by ''rescuing'' her as a person as well. One of the things Maricarmen is really proud of, related to Luca, is to live for those homeless animals. Luca is a very big success in relation to all those animals in need. By: Myriam Baumann

“Foundation Luca changes the lives of many dogs and cats.”

Stopping Cancer with Cruz Rosa I got a chance to interview a woman who puts a lot of effort into her work. Karla Garza is the president of the Cruz Rosa foundation. This foundation helps women who have breast cancer by supporting them with medicine and money. Every time Karla helps a woman it’s like an accomplishment for her. She feels very proud of herself helping the less fortunate. There are many things Karla enjoys about working on her job, helping people, meeting know people. There is one thing she says she enjoys a lot that is working with computers because the technology of these days make everything much easier. Karla also says that the reason why she joined the job was because a friend of hers invited her to help as a volunteer. When she continued to help she got more

and more interested on the job. Now she works as the president of the Cruz Rosa. She has been in this organization for more than 6 years and hasn’t thought of retiring. One of Karla’s main goals is to help all of the women in Mexico fight against breast cancer. Every time she thinks about the women who suffer she feels very disappointed because she wants to be able to help them all. Over the course of all these years she has helped hundreds of women fight against this dangerous cancer. Karla Garza is an amazing woman who always puts her work as a high priority. She is willing to help woman who have breast cancer in any way. By: Santiago Laguera

Breast cancer awareness activity.

Where the Good News Flows by ASFM

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Los Rotarios from page 6 I asked a question I thought I knew the answer to, but I received a different answer. I asked him why haven't they spread the program more, and he told me that "It’s worldwide, how much more do you want us to spread it?" He said that Bill Gates last year donated millions of dollars to Rotary International who then distributes money to the clubs all around the world. There are more than 1 million people participating around the world in the projects of Rotary. "Los Rotarios" from Monterrey don't just go to Zaragoza they also help the Clinic Teresita, they provide them with equipment like x-ray machines and offices for the doctors, and medicines, dentist material as well, and he said that it was very expensive so they need donations which they receive from their brother clubs who are Austin, Harlingen and Puerto Isabel. I asked Dr. Humberto Criollos what it is they donate and how do they know when to donate and when not to, and he said that when they donate they are working as a team and they donate computers, printers, backpacks, sweaters and bicycles. They only give donations to the young adults who are beginning their 9th year and that live far away from their school because their only way of transportation would be by bicycle. Those boys and girls need to promise that they will continue attending school, if they stop, or don't pass; the bicycle is taken from them. My

grandfather keeps records of all the students who passed and received bicycles, he keeps records of how many bicycles, computers and everything else is given out each year, and he says each year we see progress, more students are receiving bicycles because they are keeping their promise of attending school. This year, in September "Los Rotarios" gave out 215 bicycles. When I finished the interview I was so interested in all that my grandfather has accomplished. It made me want to know more about it. This September, I went to Zaragoza and helped him. I want to do it again every year and maybe when my grandfather can't go any further I can help him, but not take his place, because he can’t be replaced. I asked him for facts or other information of "Rotary International" and of the people who have made a big difference in the world, and my grandfather told me names of people, dates and facts of how "Rotary International" is and how it works and even though not many people have heard of it, it has done big things for the world. It impressed me how my grandfather told me this like a story that is still going on. He has all this information in his head, he didn't need papers in front of him for him to look at while telling me all this, and it only made me look up to him and see him differently. By: Sofia Elizondo

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Students final project

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