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Character Counts Mid Shore C om m u n i t y

I M P A C T Investing in our communities' youth through character education programming in order to brighten student futures, engage citizens of all ages, and sustain desirable communities.

Investing in Brighter Futures & Thriving Communities

13,500 100% approximately





representing PreK through Grade 12 students in Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot County Public Schools

Character Counts Mid Shore serves 100% of Title I (High Poverty) Public Schools in the Tri-County Mid Shore Area

Uncompensated volunteer Character Coaches deliver CCMS programming on a weekly or monthly basis



Students Served Receive SNAP Benefits (Food Stamps)




Tri-County Public Schools Served by Character Counts Mid Shore



Students Served That Identify as Ethnic Minorities






YEARS serving Mid Shore youth

tens of thousands OF STUDENTS served over the years

RICHARDÂ M. POTTER, JR. President, Board of Directors Character Counts Mid Shore Program Coordinator of Multicultural Student Services Salisbury University

Good character is a necessity and the great equalizer that produces individuals who become successful and productive in our vast and diverse society. Character Counts Mid Shore is an organization that is vital to the communities and students it serves.

DEAR Friends

As a mother of three school-aged children, I know firsthand the struggle it is to teach our young people the principles of good character. From birth, my spouse and I have fretted over the work of instilling an understanding of what it means to have integrity, to be kind, to practice fairness. Candidly, as parents, we were never quite sure if our efforts at sharing these values were ever going to be successful. One night at dinner, we knew that something special had occurred. Our six-year-old started quizzing us about trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Our jaws slackened in surprise. “Do you know the six pillars, Mom?! Because I do!”

In that moment, I learned a valuable lesson. Cultivating young people of character is a joint effort. It takes communities of caring, invested adults who daily demonstrate character-in-action through both word and deed. And we must remember: investing in the character of youth builds brighter futures for everyone, not just the students. This "Aha!" moment was personally significant and it drives my work each day. Character Counts Mid Shore is at a significant moment in the life of the organization. Simply put, CCMS is at a pivotal intersection that will determine the future of this organization and of the delivery of character education in our region. It will take all of us, united, to underscore the ongoing importance and relevance of the work of CCMS in order to ensure that our students have continuing access to the quality programming we have always delivered. In the coming months, we will be engaging — myself, the CCMS Board of Directors, and stakeholders in the communities we serve — in an extensive strategic planning process that will result in an innovative and adaptive five-year plan. Together, we will vision the future in an exploratory dialogue that centers on strengthening the impact of our existing programming and adding mission-aligned services that will equip students with a toolkit of character principles and skills as they approach adulthood. To this end, we invite you to join us as we turn to the future with a renewed focus on the “why” of our work. The first step is sharing your feedback at charactercountsmidshore.com/together. I look forward to collaborating with you as we vision for the future of our students. Onward, together!

Lauren Kay Weber Executive Director

Why We Serve Impact & Outcomes A number of years ago, Character Counts Mid Shore, Inc. collaborated with the Maryland State Department of Education to assess programmatic outcomes of CCMS' character education programs. The data that immediately follows is excerpted from "Growing Character, Cultivating Achievement," a 2007 publication of the Maryland 1

State Department of Education:

IMPROVING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AND BEHAVIOR Schools evidenced an increase in student participation, prosocial behaviors, and academic success as measured by data on attendance, office referrals, and honor roll achievement.

Performance Measure

Actual Measure

Percentage of Schools Demonstrating an Increase in Attendance Rates Percentage of Schools Demonstrating a Decrease in Office Referral Rates Percentage of Schools Demonstrating a Decrease in Suspension Rates Percentage of Schools Demonstrating an Increase in Honor Roll Rates

62.5% 59.0% 47.9% 61.5%

INCREASING PARENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Parents and other community members became more active participants, as evidenced through increased rates of occurrence of volunteer activity and mentoring roles.

Performance Measure

Actual Measure

Percentage of Schools Demonstrating an Increase in the Number of Visits by Parents and Other Adults Volunteering at School 76.0% Percentage of Schools Demonstrating an Increase in the Number of Visits by Parents and Other Adults Mentoring at School 26.7%

PERFORMANCE BY LEVEL OF IMPLEMENTATION Schools with high levels of CCMS character education programming had lower suspension and offender rates, higher attendance and promotion rates, lower dropout rates, and higher math and reading proficiency rates. Values shown at right are year one results. Performance outcomes continued to improve in year two of the study, with the exception of promotion rates. 1

Level of Implementation

Suspension Rate

Offender Rate

Attendance Rate

Promotion Rate

36.1% 10.2% 4.2%

17.2% 5.8% 3.0%

93.1% 94.1% 94.8%

95.6% 96.5% 96.7%

Low Medium High Level of Implementation

Low Medium High

Math Proficiency Rate

51.0% 70.9% 70.9%

Drop-Out Rate

4.17% 70.9% 0.93%

Reading Proficiency Rate

61.3% 75.3% 78.3%

The entirety of this publication can be viewed at: http://archives.marylandpublicschools.org/NR/rdonlyres/FDAE5CA6-979D-48E9-83839C1560D40B0B/17821/Growing_Character_Cultivating_Achievement_12_07.pdf



Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. Everyone can agree upon these values, as they are not political, religious, or culturally




these pillars are not only critical in forming




excellence in academics, but also for instilling values that benefit students throughout their lives, and thereby foster communities where honesty, mutual respect, and good citizenship are matters of daily practice.

LAWS OF LIFE ESSAY CONTEST As the regional sponsor of Sir John Templeton's worldwide contest format, Character Counts Mid Shore receives more than 1,000 essays annually from our middle and high school students that discuss the central principles that shape their lives. Volunteer judges select winners and cash prizes are awarded from community sponsors. The overall winner receives the Albert Kennerly Character Counts Scholarship Award in the amount of $2,500.




We espouse the Six Pillars of


s r a l l i P x i The S r e t c a r a h C f o





The Winners Walk Tall Program is the core service program at Character Counts Mid Shore. Centered on the Six Pillars of Character, hundreds of uncompensated adult volunteers commit to going into classrooms on a daily or weekly basis. These highly trained and motivated volunteers are called "Character Coaches" and are empowered to discuss, and model, ethical issues through relevant and age-appropriate lessons that teach and reinforce the importance of character in everyday life. Character Counts Mid Shore fosters relationships between businesses and schools, as well as service and youth organizations. Businesses have formed the backbone of our Winners Walk Tall program by providing many Character Coaches. Businesses and foundations have also supported Character Counts by purchasing resources for students, sponsoring activities, and providing other services at no cost.

A. JAMES CLARK CHARACTER COUNTS CITIZENSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Each year, Character Counts Mid Shore awards three $1,000 A. James Clark Character Counts Citizen Scholarships to high school graduating seniors in Talbot, Caroline, and Dorchester Counties. The scholarship awards excellence in and commitment to the community service efforts of graduating seniors in hopes that service rendered while young will grow into a lifetime of charitable engagement.

NE hat's XT ? gw


Wo nde


No program, regardless of how impactful, is immune to the need for continual improvement. As we move forward, Character Counts Mid Shore will work to reinvest in the framework that forms the backbone of our Winners Walk Tall program. To do so, we will actively solicit the assistance of our loyal corps of Character Coaches, whose feedback is informed by on-the-ground experience teaching the Six Pillars of Character in local PreK - grade 12 classrooms. Countless thoughtful hours have been invested by these highly trained, dedicated volunteers in planning and executing creative lessons.


This year, we will formally debut a system of capturing these lessons and compiling them into a central library accessible 24/7 on Character Counts Mid Shore’s redesigned website.

As Character Counts Mid Shore begins its third decade of youth development programs, we will work together as a community to chart the organization’s course for the future. We invite all those interested to participate in this process as we engage our stakeholders — students, parents, education professionals, our volunteers, community leaders, and more — in a rigorous discovery of feedback and community needs.

The first step of contributing your unique voice begins at charactercountsmidshore.com/ together


We are guided by the belief that character counts to everyone, everywhere, all the time. A key indicator of a successful strategic planning process will be the identification

of potential new areas of programming that both, 1) authentically align with the Character Counts Mid Shore mission and vision, and, 2) solve real, existing barriers to the bright futures of the youth of our region. In addition to the stakeholder input solicited in conjunction with the development of the strategic plan, Character Counts Mid Shore will conduct in-depth looks at the emerging needs and trends identified by educational thought leaders in our local communities, state, and nation.


Character Counts Mid Shore is totally supported by philanthropic donations from individuals in the community as well as from local corporations and foundations. Character Counts Mid Shore receives no funding from the school systems it serves.

! n i g e b s e r u t u f t h g i r b , u o y f o e s u a c Be The students we serve depend on the generosity of community members like you to undergo the significant personal growth that accompanies effective, meaningful character education. Our donors are so critical to our mission that we celebrate them as Champions of Character. These Champions of Character give in many ways:


Your donation, regardless of size, is a meaningful investment in the future of students and our community. Your monthly recurring gift is especially impactful in our ongoing mission delivery.


You know that together, we can build a brighter tomorrow — for students and our community. Your significant philanthropic investment in Character Counts Mid Shore gifts an increased capacity to affect real change.


Donating your time through volunteer service is an invaluable gift to the students we serve. We have many needs for volunteers, from drop-in volunteer hours to serving in classrooms as a weekly/monthly Character Coach to leading our organization through committees and Board service, your generosity of time is unspeakably impactful.

THE GIFT OF CONNECTION Successful students and sustainable communities drive our work. You know the people, businesses, charitable organizations, and resources that can make our work possible. When you give the gift of connection, you invite Character Counts Mid Shore into your network of contacts, paving the way for meaningful connections that magnify our capacity for purposeful change.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY We are committed to complete transparency in financial matters and beyond. We encourage you to view our financial statements for the past several years on Guidestar.org. GuideStar is part of the backbone of the nonprofit sector, promoting nonprofit financial transparency to enable donors to make better decisions. Character Counts Mid Shore is honored to be distinguished by GuideStar with its Gold Seal of Transparency. You can view our profile at: guidestar.org/profile/01-0568122



Champions of Character!

DIAMOND PILLAR CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation Thomas E. Hill RUBY PILLAR CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER George B. Todd Foundation St. John Foundation, Inc.

Owen Cheatham Foundation The United Fund of Talbot County, Inc.

EMERALD PILLAR CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER Bryan Brothers Foundation Clifton Foundation May Foundation The Nathan Foundation St. Mark's United Methodist Church

Choptank Transport Community Foundation Dock Street Foundation Nathan Andrew Southworth Pauline F and W. David Robbins Charitable Foundation

AMETHYST PILLAR CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER BPO Elks Dorchester Lodge #223 Christmas in St. Michaels, Inc. David Sherrill Donald D. Casson Easton Rotary Club Easton Utilities Commission Fairfield Inn & Suites Easton Jack and Jill Meyerhoff

James and Joan Sanchez Karen Murphy Jensen L. Thomas Divilio, MD McDonalds Nathan Andrew Southworth PNC Bank Richard Marks Sea Watch International, LTD

Shore United Bank Spring & Associates, Inc. The Caroline Foundation The Talbot Optimist Club The Talbot Twelve Foundation Fund TriGas & Oil Walmart



Spring & Associates, Inc. Steve Covey Susan Angel Susan Larsen Tana Potter Tara L. Newman-Bell The United Way of Central Maryland Thomas and Virginia Cornwell Tom Arnold Vickie Wilson Woman's Club of St. Michaels, Inc.



Judy Wixted L. Thomas Divilio, MD Larry and Barbara Porter Margaret J. Eskow Maurice and Susan Newnam Nan Duerling, MD Paula Bell Peter Adler Regina Lopez Robert and Mary Van Fossan Sadie Lockhart Sharon Slaughter Shurjo Kumar Sen



David Sherrill Della Andrew Delphine Peck Dennis and Therese Reid Easton Rotary Club Ellen S. Rajacich Fairfield Inn & Suites Easton Gary Butler Hill's Drug Store, Inc. Huber Insurance Agency, Inc. James and Joan Sanchez Joe Anthony Josh and Lauren Kay Weber

SU Bo SAN ard E. Sec ANG ret EL ary

Alyssa Warren Anthony J. Parasiliti Aric Rosenbach Atlantic Tractor Avonda Rounds Beebe Winterbottom Bill Collier Bob and Naomi Hyman BPO Elks Cambridge Lodge #1272 BPO Elks Easton Lodge #1622 Bruce Eyre Charles and Julianna Pax Charles Evans Jr.

, ER TT PO M. nt RD ide HA res RIC ard P Bo JR.

TOM K. ARNOLD Board Treasurer



n e p p a H t I e k a M t a h t The Hearts & Hands OUR INCREDIBLY DEDICATED CHARACTER COACHES Mr. Jason Adams Dr. Leslie Adelman Ms. Robyn Allen Rev. Dr. George R. Ames, Jr. Corporal Jacob Andrew Mr. Matthew Andrew Mr. Tom Arnold Deputy Charmaine Bacorn Lieutenant Donald Baker Mrs. Rosy Ball Ms. Nicole Barth Officer Charles Bealefeld Deputy Joseph Beans Deputy Brent Beck Corporal William Bodnar Mr. Ben Boettger Mrs. Kimberly Bogac Mrs. Tammy Bradley Ms. Jacque Brohawn Mr. Matt Brooks Mrs. Lori Buss-Morton Reverend David Casey-Motley Mrs. Shannon Cayer Ms. Laura Chance Mrs. Pat Chapman Deputy Rebecca Clark Ms. Tracy Cohee Mr. John Coleman Officer Ashley Collision Mr. Tim Connors Mrs. Renee Copper Mr. Steve Covey Ms. Maria Covey Mrs. Amy Dashiells Mrs. Susan Delean-Botkin Ms. Charlene DeShields Pastor Jack Diehl Mr. Tom Divilio Lieutenant Ron Dixon Ms. Cindy Doupnik

Mrs. Melanie Dressler Dr. Nan Duerling Mrs. Susan Dunn Corporal Andrew Durham Mrs. Jennifer Dvorak Ms. Jenn Dvorak Senator Addie Eckardt Mr. Tom Ellis Mrs. Sarah Ensor Mrs. M. Janie Eskow Ms. Gloria Farrare Mr. David Fike Rev. Thomas Fisher Mrs. Peggy Ford Ms. Marrilie Ford Mrs. Leah Foxwell Mrs. Sharri B. Foy Mrs. Susan Friedel Mr. Steve Gadow Mrs. Brienne Garland Mrs. Wendy Garner Corporal Michael "Rico" Gestole Ms. Maggie Gowe Ms. Nina Graham Mrs. Tina Gray Mr. Alex Green Mrs. Lisa Green Deputy Amber Hafer Sgt. Eric Hall Mrs. Heather Harrington Mr. Glen Harris Ms. Joyce Harrod Mrs. Morgan Hawks Ms. Talia Hedley Captain James Henning Jesse Hicks Mrs. Kerianne Hinerman-Tolker Mr. Ted Holloway Mr. Bob Hyman Officer Jeff Jackson

Rev. Ron James Ms. Maria Jenkins Ms. Kesha Jenkins-Batson Mr. Denny Jones Mrs. Ashley Jones Ms. Kim Kastel Pastor David E. Kelley, Jr. Ms. Maureen Keogh Mr. Vincent Knoepfel Corporal Cindy Komenda Mr. Patrick Lanahan Mrs. Barbara Lane Mrs. Shavonté Lewis Ms. Denice Lombard Mr. Jeff Ludwig Mr. Chris Markin Mrs. Leigh Marquess Mrs. Lennie Martin Mr. Gerson Martinez Mr. Johnny Mautz Mrs. Samantha McDonald PFC Chris McMullen Ms. Kristi Mertaugh Ms. Nicole Mihalos Officer David Mills Mr. Ray Morris Mrs. Sarah Mueller Ms. Sherri Murphy Mr. Mo Newnam Mrs. Cynthia North Ms. Laura Northrop Mr. Rich O'Brien Ms. Lisa Padgette Mr. Walter B. Palmer III Rev. Ray Parsons Mrs. Dawn Patrick Ms. Lisa Peter Mr. Lenny Pfeffer Pastor Tim Poly Mrs. Melody Prairie

Mrs. Patty Quimby Ms. Ann Robinson Mrs. Anne Rosen Aric Rosenbach Mrs. Michelle Rubadue Ms. Alisha Saulsbury Ms. Darlene Schwaeble Ms. Emilie Seneff Mr. Steven Sensibaugh Mr. Keith Shaffer Mr. David Sherrill Mr. David Short Mrs. Susan C. Simmons Ms. Sue Simmons Mr. Christopher Skelton Pastor Peter J. Smith Mr. Michael Sousa Mr. Andrew Southworth Mrs. Parker Spurry Mrs. Robin Stanley Ms. Jean Startt Mrs. Emily Stone Officer Steve Stouffer Mr. Frank Stout Mr. Peter Taillie Pastor David Talley Mr. Dominic "Mickey" Terrone Mr. Chris Thomas Mrs. Rebecca Thomas Mr. Robert L. Thomas, Sr. Rev. Jerome Tilghman Megan Timms Staff Sgt. Justin Tyson Mr. Donnie Webb Mr. Jeff Webb Mrs. Kawana Webb Mrs. Merry Webb Mr. Chris White Mrs. Deborah Wooden Mr. Jeremy Wyatt Mr. Bob Zimberoff




lauren@charactercountsmidshore.com (410) 819-0386 fb.me/charactercountsmidshore www.charactercountsmidshore.com Character Counts Mid Shore, Inc. is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization.



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Character Counts Mid Shore's Community Impact Report  

We invite you to explore Character Counts Mid Shore's impact on those we serve, the programs that drive our mission delivery, the loyalty of...

Character Counts Mid Shore's Community Impact Report  

We invite you to explore Character Counts Mid Shore's impact on those we serve, the programs that drive our mission delivery, the loyalty of...


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