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Chapter is an arts organisation known for making things happen. We’re about arts and audiences and creating artistic and social spaces that make a difference to how we think, who we are and what we want to become. We relish change and risk, We love space just to enjoy. This monthly brochure highlights just a few of the things we do. Behind the scenes we also house many associated companies who work with us to make more brilliant things happen. The artists and companies we support share our values — they’re innovative, independent, inspiring and restless. A few of our newer residents include Theatr Iolo, Cardiff Print Workshop and Good Cop Bad Cop. Cardiff Print Workshop is an open access printmaking workshop run by artists, for artists. It helps artists and printmakers develop their own technical skills and gives them exposure through exhibiting and promoting their work. Their space in Market House opposite our main building has extended open access and has a changing exhibition of members’ work as well as unframed prints available to buy at ‘direct from the artist’ prices. Theatr Iolo is an award-winning theatre company who specialise in creating work for children and young people — work that is witty, bittersweet, compelling, powerful and magical. Their mission is to put the child at the heart of all that they do. They tour to venues all across the UK and internationally, to Russia, Korea and Europe. 2012 is the 200th anniversary of their founding. The work of Good Cop Bad Cop is difficult to define or categorise with performances that frequently push the performers’ physical endurance to their limits. John Rowley and Richard Huw Morgan are also the people behind the arts programme Pitch on Radio Cardiff (Back on air hopefully this autumn and archived at Their current project Beating the Path is in development, see pages 18 and 19.

Images: Cardiff Print Workshop, Thear Iolo, Good Cop Bad Cop




Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere Until Sun 2 September • Tan Sul 2 Medi FRANCIS ALŸS, STAN DENNISTON, ANDY HOLDEN, BEN RIVERS, UGO RONDINONE, MAAIKE SCHOOREL AND GEORGE SHAW Taking its title from a line in Philip Larkin’s ‘I Remember I Remember’, this exhibition explores the meaningfulness of events in our lives, as opposed to the unadorned fact of living. Investigating the ‘slow history’ that lies beneath the surface of culture, the works delve beneath the rapid succession of events on a human scale, to find the slower currents typical of the history of people — relating to their environment, relationships and the structures that shape societies. Francis Alÿs’ 1997 film ‘Paradox of Praxis I (Sometimes Doing Something Leads to Nothing)’ uses poetic and allegorical methods to address political and social realities. The short film sees the artist push a large block of ice through the streets of Mexico City. Initially he battles with the huge weight until all that remains is a small wet stain on the pavement — a poetic rupture that alludes to the seemingly unproductive hardship involved in daily survival tactics. ‘Los Soñadores (The Dreamers)’, 2010, Stan Denniston’s nine-channel video installation adopts an uncompromising realism in its almost motionless portraits of sleeping Havana street dogs. At one point, however, the stillness is broken as the dogs wake up en masse. Denniston presents this moment in slow motion, instilling intensity and meaning in to their movement: are they being prodded to move on, displaced perhaps as wandering refugees?  Andy Holden’s ‘The Cookham Erratics’ (2011) — a series of six knitted sculptures — are enlarged replicas of small stones and pebbles collected from the churchyard at Cookham, England. The piece presents a personal archaeology from which a disembodied voice recounts a fragmented narrative. Meandering through many diverse subjects, the audio takes its starting point from a family story involving an uncle who, as a young boy used to throw stones at Stanley Spencer while he was painting in Cookham Churchyard.  Image: Andy Holden, The Cookham Erratics (detail), 2011. Copyright the artist; courtesy WORKS I PROJECTS. Photo Jamie Woodley

The films of Ben Rivers are rich, cinematic portraits that challenge notions of scale, perspective and stability. Shot on a wind-up Bolex camera, ‘The Coming Race’ (2006) features hundreds of people frantically scrambling across rocky mountain terrain; the destination and purpose of the crowd’s ascension remains unclear — it is a vague and enigmatic pilgrimage that sits somewhere between the real and imagined as we witness the eternal struggle of humankind to reach the summit. Ugo Rondinone’s ‘ (cardboard leaning on the wall)’ (2009) accentuates the sculptural properties of the everyday. The textured surface of the bronze cast cardboard takes on a painterly dimension and in this respect reflects the long tradition of still life. The bronze’s lead core reinforces the notion of heaviness, of time slowed down, by pulling it towards the ground to emphasise ideas of impact, isolation and passivity. Maaike Schoorel paints portraits of friends and family, as well as depicting the familiar scenes and activities that reference collective memory. After selecting and cropping her photos she involves the picture in a series of reductions until she wears away the original image to reveal something new.  Based on photographs taken of and around his childhood home on the Tile Hill Estate, Coventry, George Shaw’s landscapes are at once familiar and unsettling. Working from photographs, Shaw renders his work almost exclusively in the Humbrol enamel paint used by model-makers. His paintings have a reflective, seductive surface that lifts them from the realm of the purely representational. This exhibition is financially supported by the Arts Council of Wales and the Belgian Embassy. With grateful thanks to Maureen Paley, London; Wilkinson Gallery, London; Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam; Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto; Sadie Coles HQ, London; WORKS I PROJECTS, Bristol; David Zwirner, New York; The Mario Testino Collection, the artists, and the private lenders who generously loaned works for exhibition. Gallery open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 12-6pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sunday 12-8pm. Closed Monday.


Art in the Bar Ben Lloyd: Empire Kiosk Friday 24 August — Sunday 16 September Gwener 24 Awst — Sul 16 Medi Ben Lloyd travelled to Sierra Leone in 2011, where he was granted a residency for the project ‘Suitcase for Sierra Leone’. Working as a volunteer primary school teacher, Lloyd documented his experiences in photographs, journals and video to form the basis of a project on his return. Empire Kiosk is an appropriation of the multi-coloured kiosks he saw in many towns and villages, made from humble materials and painted with various images of mobile phones, household goods and cultural flags. These structures are often highly decorated internally with a collage of photographs, posters and cultural references.  The kiosks existed before the civil war but now house retail outlets and services, symbolic of the state of development. The Union Flag displayed on many, no longer serves as a British colonialist banner but as an adornment; Islamic posters sit side by side with those of American pop icons. The kiosks form the hub of a community and, in turn, connect them to the global 21st century — celebrating creativity and entrepreneurship. The exhibition walls are painted bright red, reflecting the rising trend in large multinational companies paying residents in exchange for advertising on their homes, often painting the whole building with a signature colour or logo; in turn questioning the morality of their methods. Biography Ben Lloyd was born in 1973 in Haverfordwest and studied at Cardiff School of Art, UWIC (MA Fine Art 2008) and Liverpool School of Art, JMLU (BA Hons Fine Art 1997). Recent solo exhibitions include: Uwchfarchnad, St Davids (2011); Interdomestic planetary, Oriel Q, Narberth (2010); The tourist, Room 10, Warpool Court Hotel, St Davids, (2009); Brightness, luminance and confusion, artist’s own house, Narberth (2007). Selected group exhibitions include: becoming…, Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff; Welsh Artist of the Year, St Davids Hall, Cardiff (both 2011); project ten, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff; All Systems Go!, Departure Gallery, London; Summer #1, project ten, Milgi Warehouse, Cardiff (all 2010); He was also selected by arts collective Cerbyd, to tour Wales with nine other artists to investigate, interact and collaborate with special interest groups (2010). Empire Kiosk has been supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

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Fri 21 September — Sun 4 November Gwe 21 Medi — Sul 4 Tachwedd Our new exhibition features the work of international contemporary artists working in a range of media including painting, sculpture, architecture, film and video, drawing and photography. The artists explore ideas of ‘past, present and future’, defining and redefining our relationship to the world by presenting multiple perspectives from which to grasp the complexity of changing landscapes. Susan Hiller, Vernon Ah Kee and Tony Albert give voice to indigenous cultures in the hope that we learn from the past; Marjetica Portč and Monika Sosnowska conjoin architecture and sculpture to investigate the social, poetics and politics of space; Amie Siegel and Jeremy Millar explore how events in history resonate with our understanding and experience of the present; Patricia Piccinini engages us with the changing nature of our environment; Darren Almond and Matt Bryans mark, manipulate and erase time. This exhibition can be seen in the Gallery, Caffi Bar and on the large lightbox at the front of the building.


Curator and artists’ talk

Thu 20 September • 6pm • Iau 20 Medi Including a performance by Tony Albert.

Fri 21 Sept • 5pm • Gwe 21 Medi In the gallery. Admission is free and all are welcome.

FREE T his exhibition has received support from The Henry Moore Foundation and Queensland Government Australia.

Patricia Piccinini, The Long Awaited, 2008. Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, leather, plywood, clothing, 92.0 x 151.0 x 81.0 cm Courtesy the artist, Haunch of Venison and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.


Experimentica Study Course: An Introduction to Performance Art Wed 12 Sept — Wed 14 Nov • 7-9pm Mer 12 Medi — Mer 14 Tach As part of this year’s Experimentica 12: UNSEEN, we are offering a ten week course — on Wednesday evenings plus two Saturday sessions (Sat 6 Oct + Sat 3 Nov) — which gives you the opportunity to study, gain practical experience and discuss the history and contemporary understanding of performance art. The course was created by Davida Hewlett, who leads the sessions with invited guest artists. Included in the course is a pass to Experimentica 12: UNSEEN which takes place from Wed 21 — Sun 25 November, and provides a valuable opportunity to see and discuss the work of many artists working in Wales, the UK and internationally. There are only a small number of course places remaining. Please book online or at the box office. For more information please contact £75/£50 Supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

Davida Hewlett from ‘Pop Goes East Anglia’ 2002 (site specific pop song and video made for every town in East Anglia referencing Performance Art tradition). Photo: Gillian Wylde

Come Along Do Tue 25 Sept Maw 25 Medi Chaired by Gill Nicol, this postscreening event takes the film Swandown (see p29) as the starting point for an in-depth and lively discussion exploring art and film. Swandown is the poetic film-diary of what happened when filmmaker Andrew Kotting and writer Iain Sinclair took a swan-shaped pedalo from the seaside in Hastings to Hackney in London via the English inland waterways. Film starts at 6.00pm. Discussion follows at approx 7.50pm. £2.50 (Places are limited so please book early. Tickets for the film must be purchased separately).


Mae Chapter yn lle poblogaidd i gyfarfod ynglŷn â ffilm annibynnol, perfformiad, celf a syniadau. Fel elusen gofrestredig rydym yn dibynnu arnoch chi i gyflawni ein rhaglen amrywiol o weithgareddau. Dyma ychydig o ffyrdd y gallwch ein cefnogi, arbed dipyn o geiniogau, neu i gadw mewn cysylltiad â’r hyn sy’n mynd ymlaen…


Arbedwch Arian

£250 — Mabwysiadu Sedd Gallwch fabwysiadu sedd yn y sinema neu’r theatr i chi eich hun neu i ffrind. Bydd eich plac arbennig yn addurno sedd o’ch dewis chi am 10 mlynedd.

Cerdyn CL1C Bob tro byddwch yn prynu tocynnau neu nwyddau o’r siop, byddwch yn casglu pwyntiau. Mynnwch ffurflen y tro nesaf byddwch yma, neu gallwch ei lawr lwytho o

Rhoddion Rheolaidd Rydym yn croesawu cyfraniadau misol neu flynyddol, fydd yn cael eu defnyddio yn eich dewis faes chi yn ein rhaglen artistig. Mae ffurflenni ar gael ar ein gwefan neu o’r swyddfa codi arian, 029 2035 5662. Cymynroddion Mae gadael cymynrodd i Chapter yn eich ewyllys yn ffordd o sicrhau dyfodol iach i’r ganolfan. Dylech gysylltu â’ch cyfreithiwr i gael cyngor — a rhowch wybod i ni hefyd, fel y gallwn gydnabod eich rhodd yn y modd priodol. Peidiwch ag anghofio Cymorth Rhodd — gallwn hawlio’r dreth yn ôl, gan ychwanegu 25% at werth eich rhodd. I gael mwy o wybodaeth neu i wneud cyfraniad, ewch i’r adran ‘Cefnogi Chapter’ ar ein gwe-fan, www. Gall rhoddion gael eu rhoi dros y ffôn hefyd, 029 2035 5662 neu gallwch anfon siec, yn daladwy i ‘Chapter (Caerdydd) Cyf’ at Elaina Gray yn y Swyddfa Codi Arian.

Cerdyn Chapter Arbedwch £££oedd ar bob tocyn; y cylchgrawn hwn yn cael ei bostio yn fisol; taleb ar gyfer y sinema. Bydd eich Cerdyn Chapter yn dyblu fel Cerdyn CL1C. Cerdyn Sengl: £20/£10 Cerdyn Deuol: £25/£20 (2 berson yn yr un cartref) Aelodaeth Gyflawn Cymerwch fwy o ran a dod yn aelod llawn. Ymuno â ni yn ein CCB; byddwch yn derbyn adroddiad blynyddol ac yn profi holl fanteision Cerdyn Chapter. £40/£30

Cadwch mewn Cysylltiad Ymunwch â ni ar-lein yw’r lle gorau i gael rhagor o wybodaeth. Neu dilynwch ni ar Twitter @chaptertweets a Facebook ( eRestrau am ddim Rhestrau’n syth i’ch Blwch Derbyn. E-bostiwch gan ddefnyddio ‘Join Listings’ fel pennawd. Rhestr Bostio’r Cylchgrawn Am £5 y flwyddyn yn unig fe yrrwn ein cylchgrawn atoch yn uniongyrchol bob mis.

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Chapter is a world renowned meeting place for independent film, performance, art and ideas. As a registered charity we rely on your help to deliver our varied programme of events. Here are few ways you can lend your support, save yourself a few pennies or just keep in touch with what’s going on…


Save money

£250 Adopt a Seat Adopt a cinema or theatre seat for yourself or a friend. Your engraved plaque will adorn a seat of your choice for 10 years.

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Regular Donations We welcome regular monthly or annual donations which are put towards your chosen area of the artistic programme. Forms are available on our website or from the fundraising office 029 2035 5662. Legacies Leaving a legacy helps to ensure a healthy future for Chapter. Please contact your solicitor for advice and keep us informed so we can recognise your donation appropriately. Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation — we can reclaim the tax, adding an extra 25%. For more information or to make a donation visit the ‘Support Us’ section at Donations can also be made over the phone, 029 2035 5662 or send a cheque, made payable to ‘Chapter (Cardiff) Ltd’ to Elaina Gray in the Fundraising office.

Chapter Card Save £££s on all cinema and theatre tickets; free monthly mailing of this magazine; free cinema voucher; invitations to special events. Also doubles up as a CL1C Card. Single Card: £20/£10 Dual Card: £25/£20 (2 people in the same household) Full Membership Get more involved and become a Full Member. You’ll be invited to our AGM, receive the annual report and get all the benefits of a Chapter Card. £40/£30

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‘They are, it seems, as transfixed by the sound as I was when I first heard this extraordinary music.’ Verity Sharpe, BBC Music Magazine (Bragod)


Photo: Ben Stammers


MUSIC EVENTS Bragod: Birds

Opra Cymru: Macbeth

Fri 7 + Sat 8 Sept • 8pm • Gwe 7 + Sad 8 Medi Bragod is Welsh instrumentalist Robert Evans and Trinidadian singer Mary-Anne Roberts, who perform unique interpretations of Welsh music and poetry using original instruments and sources. Birds is a sung performance of ‘The Seagull’ and ‘The Woodland Mass’, two well-known poems from the golden age of Welsh poetry, followed by ‘Arthur’s Talk with the Eagle’, a short, comic drama in verse; all from 14th century sources. The singing is accompanied by the crwth, a sixstringed bowed lyre, with audacious music drawn from Robert ap Huw’s manuscript of 1613.

Wed 12 + Thu 13 Sept • 8pm • Mer 12 + Iau 13 Medi


Alasdair Roberts Sat 22 Sept • 8pm • Sad 22 Medi Alasdair Roberts is a German-born, Glasgow-based musician. Between 1995 and 2001 he fronted the band Appendix Out, which released three fulllength albums on Drag City Records. Since 2001 he has released several albums under his own name featuring a broad array of fellow musicians. Primarily a singer and acoustic fingerstyle guitarist, he interprets and arranges traditional ballads and writes new songs which draw on the traditional musical and folkloric stock of Scotland and beyond. £12/£10/£8

“It’s a long time since balladry has sounded this vital and primordial” - Uncut

Fersiwn Gymraeg newydd o gampwaith gwreiddiol Verdi, fydd cynhyrchiad Opra Cymru yn cyflwyno cyfuniad o theatr a cherdd heb ei hail dan gyfarwyddyd llwyfan cyfarwyddwr artistig y cwmni, Patrick Young. Wedi ei gyflwyno ar ffurf theatr arena, sydd erbyn hyn yn nodwedd o waith y cwmni yma, adlewyrchir gwerthoedd theatrig Shakespearaidd yn y cynhyrchiad; tra bo symlrwydd y llwyfannu yn gadael i’r gynulleidfa ganolbwyntio ar seicoleg dywyll ac aflonydd y prif gymeriadau. A specially created Welsh-language version of Verdi’s masterpiece, this opera has all the drama of Shakespeare’s great story paired with some of Verdi’s most affecting music. The production features a cast of outstanding soloists: Scottish baritone Phil Gault; international soprano Anne Williams-King; award-winning actor and singer Huw Euron in his first operatic role and the young Welsh tenor Elgan Thomas. £12/£10/£8

Robin and Bina Williamson Sun 30 Sept • 8pm • Sul 30 Medi Robin and Bina Williamson return to Chapter with their soulful blend of Indo-Celtic song, story and music. Their east/west vocal harmonies are accompanied by harp, bowed psaltery and a diversity of other instruments. With fans including Archbishop Rowan Williams and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, their concerts are a real celebration of life. £12/£10

Alasdair Roberts

Robin and Bina Williamson


“Wickedly funny… stunning and bizarre” The Guardian (Claudia O’Doherty)

Claudia O’Doherty


theatre • theatr

COMEDY Tony Law: Maximum Nonsense

Francesca Martinez + Robin Ince

Sun 9 Sept • 8pm • Sul 9 Medi As seen on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Russell Howard’s Good News, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, The Tape Face Tapes, Edinburgh Or Bust and loads of other things. Best Medicine Management and 4DVD present Tony Law’s new comedy show. It’s about the meaning of life. Or not. Bloody award-winning! This year featuring cliché. Mrtonylaw is a way of doing comedy, but is it proper? No. Award-winning! Loads of stars and good reviews!

Fri 21 Sept • 7.30pm • Gwe 21 Medi The Go Faster Stripe team return to film another night of great comedy to add to their ever-growing DVD series. What happens when you’re branded ‘abnormal’, in a world obsessed with normality? Francesca Martinez shares her own journey of growing up as ‘abnormal’, being rescued from High-School-Hell by ‘Grange Hill’, letting Ricky Gervais take the piss out of her walk in ‘Extras’ and working out what to say to the BBC after being offered the role of a, ahem, vegetable. This show is for anyone who’s ever struggled to fit in. Opening the night, Robin Ince is back to film a 45-minute set to be included on his new DVD alongside footage he filmed here in January.


“a gloriously virtuoso display of absurdism” — The Scotsman


Claudia O’Doherty: The Telescope Sun 16 Sept • 8pm • Sul 16 Medi No more jokes. No more laughter. Everyone is changed once they look into The Telescope. Join Claudia O’Doherty for her first foray into confronting, upsetting theatre. This show will not be funny. £8/£7/£6

The Drones Comedy Club Fri 7 + Fri 21 Sept • 8.30pm • Gwe 7 + Gwe 21 Medi Clint Edwards presents the very best in new standup comedy. £3.50 (on the door)

Tony Law

Noel James: A Tour de Wales Sat 22 Sept • 8.30pm • Sad 22 Medi In his travels, and especially since he lost his heart in Llansantffraidglanconwy, Noel James has noticed many things about his country e.g. that that lovely mess Biwmaris is no longer gay; that the welsh for Ross-On-Wye means ‘StockingOn-Egg’; and that the Roman word ‘pont’ originally signified ‘polevault’. Yes it’s a linguistic stew, – or linguistew – and the North American native peoples are having Nunavit. Noel draws on Wales, Cymru and even Morriston for some partially biographical comedic riffing. Roughly two hours of new(ish) stuff. £6

Noel James


Dustin Harvey & Chad Dembski (Canada) Farewell Cardiff Fri 14 + Sat 15 Sept • 8pm • Gwe 14 + Sad 15 Medi A good-bye party made specifically for a city. On an ordinary night, in a place you might pass by every day, two performers make several attempts at saying goodbye to all the past and future people to leave the city. Using a camera and some really long cords they transform a public street corner into a live video backdrop, and play with audience participation to make saying goodbye a little easier to do. Farewell offers you the opportunity to come together for one night, to be a part of something more, something bigger than yourselves, something that could be the future. They also imagine the place as it would be if everyone that left had stayed. Created and Performed by Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre, Halifax) and Chad Dembski (Surprise Performance, Montreal). The Farewell Project had its first public presentation as Farewell Cardiff at Experimentica last October. It has also presented as Farewell Halifax in Nova Scotia and Farewell Aarhus in Denmark. It is an ongoing project of Secret Theatre. £12/£10/£8

theatre • theatr

Double CL1C card points


On The Edge The Road to Port of Barry

Ballet Nimba Bagatai — Land of the Baga

Tue 11 Sept • 8pm • Maw 11 Medi September marks the eighth anniversary of Michael Kelligan’s highly regarded programme of script-in-hand readings of plays by Welsh and Wales-based writers. Robert Gould and Christopher Orton’s play centres on the comedy banter between caravan-dwelling Billy and his mate Kelly. When the man in a suit comes along and tells them an ostrich has been killed the mayhem rises to a full crescendo!

Thu 27 – Sat 29 Sept • 8pm • Iau 27 – Sad 29 Medi A high octane dance display from West Africa featuring potent musicianship, soaring vocals and outstanding percussion and rhythms. Ballet Nimba was founded by charismatic choreographer, dancer and musician Idrissa Camara, who has taken the Cardiff-based company to London’s Southbank Centre and the main stage of WOMAD. Bagatai was inspired by Camara’s recent trip back to his father’s homeland and delves into the often secretive world of the Baga, a people revered for their art. Expect to hear the sounds of a Fulani flute, Ngoni, Bolon Bata, Kirin, Djembe, Wassaoumba and the Doundoun drums, with six of the most agile dancers you have ever seen.

£4 (on the door)


Keep off the grass Built to Last Fri 28 Sept • Gwe 28 Medi This performance installation explores the imprints and marks we leave behind us. Experiences that leave a lasting impression in the memory; situations that pass us by without a trace — where do the lines blur? What is your impression? Be a part of the witnessing, the experiencing and exploring.


“The audience were utterly transfixed and overcome by the whole experience the sounds, the movement, the beauty, and the emotional intensity of the story.” Classical Journey Radio

Open between 7-8.30pm at Tactile Bosch Gallery and Studio, Andrews Road, Llandaff North, CF14 2JP. FREE

Richard Keep offHerring the Grass

Catie Wilkins Ballet Nimba


theatre • theatr

“God looked at space and I appeared” R.S. Thomas, Poet, priest, conscience of a nation.


BEHIND THE SCENES good cop bad cop are currently working on Beating the Path, an Arts Council of Wales-funded theatre production development project, in association with Chapter.


CHAPTER MIX Cardiff Storytelling Circle

Boardgaming Sunday

Sun 2 Sept • 8pm • Sul 2 Medi Share and listen to a selection of stories, real or imagined, in relaxed company.

Sun 9 Sept • 5.30pm • Sul 9 Medi Join Cardiff’s friendly games shop Rules of Play in our Caffi Bar for this monthly games night. Bring your favourite board games, or just bring yourself and borrow a game from the demo library.

£4 (on the door)

SWDFAS Lecture Thu 13 Sept • 2pm • Iau 13 Medi South Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society welcomes Dr Neil Faulkner to talk about The Ancient Greek Olympics. We know much more about them from literature, archaeology and art, than you might expect. Would modern visitors to those ancient events find it all very familiar, or would they be thrown by culture-shock? £6 (on the door — numbers permitting)

Music Geek Monthly Thu 30 Aug + Thu 27 Sept • 8pm Iau 30 Awst + Iau 27 Medi Sat 8 Sept • 3.30pm • Sad 8 Medi One classic and one brand new album are chosen and discussed in Media Point on the last Thursday of the month, with the associated listening event taking place in the plush surroundings of Cinema 2 on a Saturday. Free


Sunday Jazz Sun 16 Sept • 9pm • Sul 16 Medi An evening of melodic acoustic jazz in the Caffi Bar with the Glen Manby Quartet. Free

Creative Movement Classes These creative movement classes for over 40s take place every Thursday from 20 Sept — 22 Nov from 6.45pm to 8.45 pm. This is not an aerobics class or a class focused on dance technique; this is a creative movement class, accessible for anyone who’d like to be physically and creatively expressive. Classes are run by Cardiff-based dance company Striking Attitudes and led by artistic director and choreographer Caroline Lamb with rehearsal director and dancer Janet Fieldsend. The 10 week course costs £80. Enjoy a no-obligation trial visit on Thu 20 Sept for just £5. And then join in a social hour in the Caffi Bar after the session. For more information contact Anne Keeling (02920 712265) or Janet Fieldsend (02920 482413).

Music Geek Monthly

Creative Movement Classes

IN THE CAFFI BAR Pop Up Produce Every Wednesday • 4-7pm • Pob dydd Mercher Our new regular pop up market features local food producers selling scrumptious artisan foods. If you’ve just seen a film matinee or are having a cuppa after visiting the latest exhibition, you’ll be able to grab a mid-week treat on your way home. We were inspired to create Pop Up Produce following the success of regular appearances by artisan bakers ‘Mark’s Bread’. Mark & Ben will be joining us every Wednesday with a host of your favourite loaves including bloomers, seeded and baguettes. Or you may fancy one of their speciality breads like potato and rosemary sourdough or raisin and caraway. Why not follow @Marks_Bread on Twitter or like them on facebook for weekly specials?

Do you produce cheese, charcuterie, flowers, jam, baked goods, eggs or olive oil? Or maybe you make another product that might tickle our taste buds? If you’d like to join us every Wednesday then get in touch with Free wireless internet is available in Caffi Bar Chapter.



Shadow Dancer


Made in Britain During September we’re celebrating the diversity of British filmmaking with a selection of newly released titles and digitally re-mastered classics. We also have some wonderful work from emerging filmmakers including our Chapter MovieMaker showcase and the powerful doc We Went To War. If you’d like to learn more about British cinema, join us on Tuesday nights for Talk Film (see p27) or if you’ve a hankering for some beautiful classics from your childhood, take a look at our Family Friendly films on p36.

The Angels’ Share

New British Cinema Quarterly

Fri 24 Aug — Thu 6 Sept • Gwe 24 Awst — Iau 6 Medi

Strawberry Fields

2012/UK/106mins/15. Dir: Ken Loach. With John Henshaw, Roger Allam, Daniel Portman.

Wed 19 Sept • Mer 19 Medi

Ex-offender and new father Robbie is given one last chance while serving a community service order. He and his friends visit a whisky distillery and come to realise that the drinks business might offer them an unlikely chance at redemption.

Chapter MovieMaker Mon 3 Sept • Llun 3 Medi A regular showcase for short films by independent filmmakers. FREE (Please reserve tickets in advance.)

Shadow Dancer Fri 7 — Thu 20 Sept • Gwe 7 — Iau 20 Medi UK/2012/102mins/15. Dir: James Marsh. With: Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough, Gillian Anderson.

As a child, Collette experiences first-hand the violence of the conflict in Northern Ireland which informs her decision as an adult to commit a terrorist act on the London Underground. When she’s arrested, she is given an ultimatum — either become an informer or risk losing her son. This conflict between the personal and the political, betrayal and loyalty is portrayed in all its ambiguity and complexity in this engrossing thriller.

Strawberry Fields

UK/2012/87mins/15. Dir: Frances Lea. With: Emun Elliott, Anna Madeley, Philip Martin Brown.

During a long hot summer on a strawberry farm, a troubled young woman pitches up among various waifs and strays to pick fruit and sparks up a romance with drifter Kev. When her highly strung sister shows up we realise all isn’t as it seems and her precarious happiness hangs in the balance. + Post screening Q&A with members of the film.

We Went to War Thu 20 Sept • Iau 20 Medi UK/2012/90mins/advised 12. Dir: Michael Grigsby, Rebekah Tolley.

In 1970, in the midst of the Vietnam War, young British director Michael Grigsby made a film depicting the ravages of war on soldiers considered to be home safe and sound. Forty years later, Grigsby and Rebekah Tolley have made a powerful follow up, returning to Texas to see what has become of his three characters. Dennis is unable to form lasting attachments; it took 38 years for David to receive counselling, while Lamar’s journey back to normality would prove to be one of the hardest battles of all. + Post-screening discussion with Michael Grigsby and Rebekah Tolley.

We Went To War

24 Made in Britain

Llygaid Sgwâr Gan Philip Wyn Jones


Ganed Fernando Mereilles ym Mrasil, ym 1955. Yn 13 oed cafodd gamera Super 8 a gwnaeth ffilmiau byrion yn ei arddegau ac ym Mhrifysgol São Paolo. Astudiodd Bensaernïaeth a Chynllunio Dinesig yno a chyflwyno’i waith gradd ar ffilm. Cafodd swydd gyda chwmni teledu masnachol ac yna sefydlodd ei gwmni ei hun i gynhyrchu hysbysebion, rhaglenni materion cyfoes a rhaglenni plant. Ym 1997 darllenodd lyfr Paolo Lins, ‘City of God’, golwg ar droseddu gan gangiau yn ymwneud â chyffuriau yn un o faestrefi Rio de Janeiro a phenderfynodd ffilmio’r llyfr ar ôl cael mwy o brofiad. Ym 1994 roedd cynulleidfaoedd Brasil wedi dotio at The Nutty Boy. Roedd wedi’i seilio ar lyfrau am anturiaethau gwallgof bachgen direidus. Ym 1998 cyfarwyddodd Mereilles The Nutty Boy 2 fel ei ffilm nodwedd gyntaf. Ei ail ffilm oedd Maids (2001). Dilynwn hynt pum morwyn yn São Paolo a dysgu am eu dymuniadau a’u breuddwydion. Mae elfen o ddychan yn y ffilm. Er iddynt wireddu eu breuddwydion dyw’r canlyniadau ddim yn eu plesio. Dechreuodd baratoi City of God trwy ffurfio grˆ wp drama gyda phobl ifanc o’r strydoedd a’u hyfforddi ar gyfer golygfeydd dwyn, ymladd a saethu. Gwnaeth ffilm fer, Golden Gate, i weld pa rai o’r actorion oedd yn barod. Ymddangosodd City of God yn 2002. Bwriad Mereilles wrth wneud y ffilm oedd deffro cydwybod dosbarth canol Brasil a’u cael i wynebu sefyllfa oedd wedi’i hanwybyddu ganddynt. Yn syndod iddo, daeth y ffilm, ac ef ei hun, yn enwog led-led y byd. Yn yr un flwyddyn lansiodd cwmni teledu Mereilles gyfres City of Men (2002 i 2005) Mae’n canolbwyntio ar bobl ifanc a’u problemau. Gwnaed ffilm nodwedd ar sail y gyfres yn 2007. Yn sgil llwyddiant City of God cafodd Mereilles sawl cynnig gan stiwdios Hollywood. Roedd y cyfarwyddwr Mike Newell wedi gadael The Constant Gardener (2005) i gyfarwyddo Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a daeth Mereilles i mewn yn ei le. Derbyniodd y cynnig gan y golygai ffilmio ar leoliad yn Kenya, nid yn Hollywood. Rachel Weisz a Ralph Fiennes yw’r prif actorion yn y stori hon am lofruddiaeth a chydweithio sinistr rhwng llywodraethau a chwmnïau cyffuriau rhyngwladol. Nofel gan John le Carré am ddigwyddiadau yn Nigeria yw sail y ffilm. Blindness (2008) oedd pumed ffilm Mereilles. Y prif actorion oedd Mark Ruffalo fel meddyg a Julianne Moore fel ei wraig. Y thema yw tuedd y ddynoliaeth i gam-drin ac ecsbloetio’r gwan a’r diamddiffyn. Ymateb y boblogaeth i epidemig o ddallineb sy’n darlunio hyn. Ym 1897 ysgrifennodd y dramodydd Almaenig Arthur Schnitzler ddrama a ddaeth yn fyd-enwog fel ‘La Ronde’. Ynddi gwelwn anturiaethau rhywiol cysylltiedig deg cymeriad. Fe’i ffilmiwyd dro ar ôl tro, gan gynnwys fersiynau Max Ophuls gyda Simone Signoret ym 1950 a Roger Vadim gyda Jane Fonda ym 1964. Dewisodd Mereilles y teitl 360 ar gyfer ei fersiwn ef a Rachel Weisz sy’n arwain y cast. Diweddarwyd y storïau, a ffilmiwyd yn Ewrop ac America. Beirniadwyd y ffilm gan rai am gynnwys gormod o gymeriadau ond mae’r deunydd gwreiddiol yn galw am hynny. Erbyn hyn mae Mereilles yn gweithio ar ei ffilm nesaf, hanes bywyd Aristotle Onassis, ar sail cyfrol Peter Evans, ‘Nemesis’. Philip Wyn Jones — Golygydd ac adolygydd. Dark Horse

Shut Up And Play The Hits Tue 4 Sept • Maw 4 Medi UK/2012/108mins(event:150mins)/15.

On April 2nd 2011, LCD Soundsystem played its final show at Madison Square Garden. Frontman James Murphy had made the conscious decision to disband one of the most celebrated and influential bands of its generation at the peak of its popularity, ensuring that the band would go out on top with the biggest and most ambitious concert of its career. The near four-hour extravaganza moved the thousands in attendance to tears of joy and grief, with TIME magazine lamenting “we may never dance again.” This performance doc also gives an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates the lead-up to the show, the day after, and the personal and professional ramifications of his decision. Followed by a live satellite Q&A with band leader James Murphy. £9/£7/£6 (Save £1 if you book before Tue 21 Aug!)



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360 Fri 7 — Thu 20 Sept • Gwe 7 — Iau 20 Medi UK/2011/110mins/15. Dir: Fernando Meirelles. With Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins.

The director of City of God and The Constant Gardener and the writer of The Queen and Frost/Nixon bring us this dynamic and moving tale of love in the 21st century. A modern take on Schnitzler’s classic play ‘Reigen’, the film weaves a series of encounters between people in different countries into a single, seamless narrative. We meet a young woman who sees sex as a way to escape her background; a widower wrestling with the conflict between desire and religious principles; a man grieving his long-lost daughter and a married couple who come to see each other with fresh eyes.


Images (clockwise from top left): Passport To Pimlico, Woman in a Dressing Gown, Quatermass And The Pit, The Man Who Fell To Earth


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Talk Film: Made in Britain

Tue 4 Sept — Tue 2 Oct • 7pm — 9pm • Maw 4 Medi — Mer 2 Hyd The films in this section of our British season represent some of the finest, most entertaining and quirkiest cinema that this Sceptred Isle has produced. Led by Claire Vaughan, our Talk Film course invites you to discuss these cinematic gems with other enthusiasts and explore the quirks of the British character. The films are screened at 5pm on Sundays and 2.30pm on Tuesdays, with a discussion on the Tuesday night. Course fee is £45/£35 which includes a ticket to either screening. All films are open to the public at the usual ticket prices. Woman In A Dressing Gown is not included in the course.

Passport To Pimlico

Woman in a Dressing Gown

Sun 2 + Tue 4 Sept • Sul 2 + Maw 4 Medi

Mon 17 + Tue 18 Sept • Llun 17 + Maw 18 Medi

UK/1949/84mins/U. Dir: Henry Cornelius. With Stanley Holloway, Betty Warren, Margaret Rutherford.

UK/1957/94mins/PG. Dir: J.Lee Thompson. With Yvonne Mitchell, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms.

The residents of post-war Pimlico find an ancient document that declares they are officially part of France. Thinking it could be a good earner, the residents declare independence from Britain. Loveably daft but with an underbelly of biting satire, this is eccentric Ealing comedy at its best. + Introduction on Sun 2 Sept by Daryl Perrins, senior lecturer in Film Studies at Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Glamorgan.

Amy Preston is a woman beset by dowdiness as her husband swerves into the arms of a pretty young colleague and his request for a divorce wrenches Amy into a dark reflection of what her life has become. This film remains as moving a portrayal of repressed desires as you’ll see on screen. + Introduction on Mon 17 Sept by filmmaker Coral Worth from Cardiff Feminist Network.

The Plague of the Zombies Sun 9 + Tue 11 Sept • Sul 9 + Maw 11 Medi UK/1966/91mins/12A. Dir: John Gilling. With Andre Morell, Diane Clare, Brook Williams.

Quatermass And The Pit Sun 23 + Tue 25 Sept • Sul 23 + Maw 25 Medi UK/1967/97mins/15. Dir: Roy Ward Baker. With James Donald, Andrew Keir, Barbara Shelley.

Young workers are dying of a mysterious disease in a little Cornish village and terrible things happen that seem to be connected to the creepy tin mine owner. Could black magic be turning these people into slaves? This atmospheric Hammer horror employs an interesting subtext about the rift between the aristocracy and the working class and precedes Romero’s reinvention of the zombie.

When a Martian ship is discovered during the creation of a new line on the London Underground, Professor Quatermass, a moralistic and inquiring scholar, is drafted in to assist the army in their excavation of the site. He gradually discovers the methods with which these visitors aim to capture and enslave the people of Earth. This Hammer classic highlights the disharmony of science and politics and ponders the origins of life.

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Hobson’s Choice

Fri 14 - Tue 18 Sept • Gwe 14 – Maw 18 Medi

Sun 30 Sept • Sul 30 Medi

UK/1976/139mins/18. Dir: Nic Roeg. With David Bowie, Rip Torn, Candy Clarke.

UK/1954/97mins/U. Dir: David Lean. With John Mills, Charles Laughton, Prunella Scales.

An alien crash lands on Earth seeking help for his drought-stricken planet. In order to build a new spaceship and get home, he secures patents to advanced technology. But he doesn’t count on the greed and ruthlessness of business and ultimately Earth-bound decadence exerts a stronger gravitational pull. Bowie is perfectly cast as the space traveller, and the film cements Roeg’s status as one of cinema’s most unique voices.

Henry Hobson is a tyrannical bootmaker who is brought to heel when his daughter Maggie defies his ‘no marriage’ rule and sets her sights on downtrodden, pliable apprentice, Will. But romance is not her only goal as she sets up a business in competition to her father to help her sisters marry. This comedy revels in the saltiness of working class Lancashire life. See p36 for some lovely British, family friendly films.


Anna Karenina Fri 21 Sept — Thu 4 Oct • Gwe 21 Medi — Iau 4 Hyd UK/2012/130mins/ctba. Dir: Joe Wright. With Keira Knightley, Aaron Johnson, Jude Law, Kelly Macdonald.

Trapped in a loveless marriage to a government official, Anna falls passionately in love with the young Vronsky, setting in motion a chain of events that leads to her downfall. Following successful adaptations of Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright transports us to the twilight days of imperialist Russia in this classic tale of hypocrisy, jealousy, family duty, destiny and desire. + Our Adaptations film and literature group meets after the screening on Thu 27 Sept to discuss the film and associated novel by Tolstoy. FREE (please book tickets from the box office)


Made in Britain

The Last Projectionist Fri 21 — Thu 27 Sept • Gwe 21 — Iau 27 Medi UK/2012/81mins/12A. Dir: Tom Lawes.

Double CL1C card points

The UK’s oldest working cinema, The Electric in Birmingham opened in 1909 showing silent movies and became an important newsreel cinema during World War 2; but by the 1970s it was a profitable but sleazy porn-fleapit. Clawed back into general use in the 1980s, it has recently been restored to continue into the digital age. This fascinating story is brought to life by former staff, industry experts and customers, one of whom recounts her first visit in 1917. Accompanied by unseen archive footage, the film goes on to explore the rapid advance of digital cinema and the likely demise of 35mm film.

“an entertaining trip down cinema’s memory lane” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Swandown Tue 25 + Wed 26 Sept • Maw 25 + Mer 26 Medi UK/2012/98mins/12A. Dir: Andrew Kotting. With Iain Sinclair, Dinos Chapman, Alan Moore, Stewart Lee.

This is the poetic film-diary of what happens when filmmaker Andrew Kotting and writer Iain Sinclair take a swan-shaped pedalo from the seaside in Hastings to Hackney in London via the English inland waterways, inviting friends such as writer Alan Moore and comedian Stewart Lee to join them on their journey. An endurance test about encounters, myth and culture with a nod to Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo and a pinch of Dada, this is an articulate chronicle of British life.

+Come Along Do Tue 25 Sept • Maw 25 Medi Chaired by Gill Nicol, this post-screening event takes Swandown as the starting point for an in-depth and lively discussion exploring art and film. £2.50 (Places are limited so please book early. Tickets for the film must be purchased separately).

Ping Pong Fri 28 Sept — Thu 4 Oct • Gwe 28 Medi — Iau 4 Hyd UK/2012/80mins/PG. Dir: Hugh and Anson Hartford. With Les D’Arcy, Terry Donlon, Lisa Modlich.

89-year-old Les D’Arcy is headed to Inner Mongolia to compete in the over 80s Table Tennis Championships as a seven-time world champion. But he is considered a spring chicken by others at the tournament, including 100 year old Dorothy DeLow, a mega celebrity in this rarefied world. The film is as much about the tenacity of the human spirit as it is about taking home the medal, with intimate and candid portraits of life back home exploring the hope, regret and immediacy of growing old. + Ping pong activity on Fri 28 Sept — please check for details.


Le Petit Nicolas Fri 31 Aug — Thu 6 Sept • Gwe 31 Awst — Iau 6 Medi France/2009/91mins/subtitled/PG. Dir: Laurent Tirard. With Maxime Godart, Valerie Lemercier, Kad Merad.

This dark, slightly absurdist comedy is narrated by Nicolas, an eight-year-old boy supremely happy with his loving parents and a colourful group of friends. It seems that life couldn’t possibly improve — until Nicolas eavesdrops on his parents and surmises that his mother is pregnant. Envisioning a scenario where a new baby crowds him out of the house, Nicolas and his friends cook up a series of wild schemes to dispose of the baby.


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The Forgiveness of Blood


Fri 31 Aug — Thu 6 Sept • Gwe 31 Awst — Iau 6 Medi

Fri 7 — Thu 13 Sept • Gwe 7 — Iau 13 Medi

Albania/2011/109mins/subtitled/12A. Dir: Joshua Marston. With Tristan Halilaj, Sindi Lacej, Refet Abazi.

USA/2012/98mins/15. Dir: Tony Kaye. With Adrien Brody, James Caan, Lucy Liu, Christina Hendricks.

Nik is a carefree Albanian teenager whose world is suddenly up-ended when his father and uncle become entangled in a land dispute that leaves a fellow villager murdered. According to a centuriesold code of law, this entitles the dead man’s family to take the life of a male from Nik’s family as retribution. Nik is the prime target and confined to the home while his younger sister Rudina is forced to leave school and take over their father’s business. The powerful and richly textured second feature from the director of Maria Full of Grace.

Henry Barthes is an educator with a true talent who has chosen to bury his gift by working as a substitute teacher, conveniently avoiding any emotional attachments by constantly moving on. When a new assignment places him at a school where a burned-out administration has created an apathetic student body, Henry soon becomes a role model to the disaffected youth. Finding an unlikely connection to the students, teachers and a runaway teen, Henry realises that he’s not alone in his struggle to find beauty in a seemingly vicious and loveless world.

A Simple Life

Eames: The Architect and The Painter

Fri 31 Aug — Thu 6 Sept • Gwe 31 Awst — Iau 6 Medi China/2011/118mins/subtitled/PG. Dir: Ann Hui. With Andy Lau Deannie Yip.

Since her teenage years, Ah Tao has worked as a servant for the Leung family, witnessing every aspect of the family’s life. When she suffers from a stroke, Roger Leung finds her a room in a friend’s nursing home and she begins acquainting herself with a new ‘family’: the brisk but kindly supervisor Ms Choi and a motley crew of elderly residents. Giving ever more time and attention to Ah Tao’s needs and pleasures, Roger comes to realise how much she means to him.

A Simple Life

Fri 28 Sept — Thu 4 Oct • Gwe 28 Medi — Iau 4 Hyd USA/2012/84mins/12A. Dir: Jason Cohn, Bill Jersey. Narrated by James Franco.

The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames are widely regarded as America’s most important designers. Perhaps best remembered for their mid-century plywood and fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office also created a mind-bending variety of other products, from splints for wounded military during World War II, to photography, interiors, graphics, games, films and toys. But their personal lives and influence on significant events in American life has been less widely understood.



Lawless Fri 21 Sept — Thu 4 Oct • Gwe 21 Medi — Iau 4 Hyd USA/2012/115mins/advised 18. Dir: John Hillcoat. With Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, Jessica Chastain.

This epic gangster tale comes from the successful partnership between musician Nick Cave and director John Hillcoat (The Proposition, Ghosts Of The Civil Dead). The film is based on the true story of the Bondurant Brothers, the infamous bootlegging siblings from Prohibition-era Virginia, whose loyalty is put to the test by the highly unusual methods employed by Special Agent Charlie Rakes.

“a bouncy, messy, bloody, fact-based piece of entertainment”


cinema • sinema

The Bird Fri 21 — Thu 27 Sept • Gwe 21 — Iau 27 Medi France/2011/91mins/subtitled/ctba. Dir: Yves Caumon. With Sandrine Kiberlain, Clément Sibony, Bruno Todeschini.

Anne is living alone in an old apartment in Bordeaux. Her daily routine of work and sleep allows her to feel the slow but reassuring repetition of a quiet solitary existence. But with the appearance of an uninvited visitor to her apartment, Anne is forced to think about the presence of something else and takes tentative steps towards reintegration with the outside world. Yves Caumon’s beautifully nuanced film displays a delicate dry humour and features a mesmerising performance from Sandrine Kiberlain.

“a role that feels like a natural extension of her enigmatic schoolteacher in the romantic drama Mademoiselle Chambon” Sound on Sight (on Sandrine Kiberlain)

Double CL1C card points


Cult Films Darkened Rooms

Berberian Sound Studio

Following the success of The Shining at The Angel Hotel, Alien at Techniquest and the recent New York Night, the Darkened Rooms team will be masterminding another event at a venue in Cardiff during September. Keep an eye on and for more details.

Fri 7 —Thu 13 Sept • Gwe 7 — Iau 13 Medi

Bad Film Club: Aerobicide Sun 2 Sept • Sul 2 Medi USA/1987/82mins/18. Dir: David A Prior. With Marcia Carr, David James Campbell.

Bad film aficionados Nicko and Joe lend their irreverent live commentary to a film that proves exercise is bad for you. Two years ago a young woman named Valerie was burned after entering a tanning salon. Now her twin sister Rhonda is running a local gym where people are being murdered.

“Best described as a cross between a splatter movie and a Cher fitness video” IMDB

UK/2012/92mins/15. Dir: Peter Strickland. With Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Antonio Mancino.

When a naïve and introverted sound engineer is hired to mix the latest film by horror maestro Santini, he spends his time surrounded by bloodcurdling screams and the sounds of hacked vegetables. In this isolated existence, he finds himself lost in an otherworldly spiral of sonic and personal mayhem. Toby Jones (Frost/Nixon, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) brings a unique humanity to this film which is as much a celebration of the technical aspects of pre-digital filmmaking, as it is a striking and unpredictable psychological horror. + Sound performance by Casey Raymond before the screening on Sun 9 Sept (Price for film + event £9/£7/£6).

Jackpot Fri 14 — Thu 20 Sept • Gwe 14 — Iau 20 Medi Norway/2011/86mins/subtitled/15. Dir: Magnus Martens. With Kyrre Hellum, Henrik Mestad, Marie Blokhus.

Oscar Svensden wakes up terrified and bloodied with a shotgun in his hands in what was once a respectable strip joint near Svinesund, Sweden. He is surrounded by eight bodies and police detective Solor has a gun aimed at his chest. Oscar persistently denies any wrongdoing and reluctantly relates the incredible story of four men who won top prize in a football pool. But it turned out to be difficult to divide the money by four…

“Blissfully bloody and deliciously dark” Screen International


Berberian Sound Studio


cinema • sinema

Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut Sat 29 Sept • Sad 29 Medi USA/2012/150mins/18. Dir: Clive Barker. With Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Anne Bobby.

Based on the novel ‘Cabal’, this is the fully restored version of Clive Barker’s 1990 horror fantasy film, as the director originally intended it to be. Faithfully rescued with much of the missing footage, The Cabal Cut features a community of mutant outcasts, a once peaceful race hiding from humanity as they attempt to escape the attention of a psychotic serial killer and vigilantes. + Post-screening Q&A with members of Occupy Midian, who campaigned to see the full version of the film restored, including the restoration director, Russell Cherrington with Simon Bamford and Nick Vince.

“a richer, broader, gorier experience than the 1990 version” — Fangoria

SPECIAL EVENT with live music

Dark Star Sun 30 Sept • Sul 30 Medi USA/1974/83mins/PG. Dir: John Carpenter. With Dan O’Bannon, Dre Pahick, Brian Narelle.

John Carpenter’s first feature is widely regarded as a cult classic and a seminal influence on 21st century science fiction. Co-written by and starring Alien screenwriter Dan O’Bannon, this 1970s low budget space comedy has found its place in the sci-fi pantheon as the missing link between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Red Dwarf. Animat’s soundtrack uses a mixture of their original brand of dub-infused electronica, tracks from their eclectic DJ archive and remixed themes from the original score. The dialogue and sound effects are mixed live in real time as part of the performance. Mark Daly and Michael Harding have been working together as Animat since 2004 and have released six EPs and two albums on the Big Chill label. £12/£10/£8 (Save £1 if you book before Sun 16 Sept!)

“Very black, very funny and strangely moving, this is a genuine contender for the term cult classic” — Empire


Dark Star


Family Features A selection of fabulous, family-friendly films every Saturday at 11am and 3pm. Children under 12-years-old must be accompanied by an adult. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Amazing Spider-Man [2D] Sat 1 Sept • Sad 1 Medi USA/2012/145mins/12A. Dir: Marc Webb With Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans.

Peter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His quest puts him on a collision course with Dr Curt Connors, his father’s former partner.

The Railway Children Sat 8 Sept • Sad 8 Medi UK/1970/109mins/U. Dir: Lionel Jeffries. With Dinah Sheridan, Bernard Cribbins, Jenny Agutter.

The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists [2D] Sat 22 Sept • Sad 22 Medi UK/2012/88mins/U. Dir: Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt. With the voices of Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek.

The Pirate Captain sets out on a mission to defeat his rivals Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz for the ‘Pirate of the year’ Award. Captain and his crew journey from the shores of Blood Island to the foggy streets of Victorian London.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Sat 29 Sept • Sad 29 Medi UK/1968/144mins/U. Dir: Ken Hughes. With Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes, Lionel Jeffries.

After the enforced absence of their father, three children move with their mother to Yorkshire, where they attempt to discover the reason for his disappearance.

A hapless inventor finally finds success with a flying car, which a dictator from a foreign government sets out to take for himself.

The Witches

Carry on screaming!

Sat 15 Sept • Sad 15 Medi UK/1990/91mins/PG. Dir: Nic Roeg. With Angelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Jasen Fisher.

Based on the book by Roald Dahl, this film tells the tale of a young boy who stumbles onto a witch convention and must stop them, even after he has been turned into a mouse.

Children’s Watershed

Every Friday at 11am, Carry on Screaming allows parents or carers to see a film at Chapter without having to worry about their baby causing a disturbance. Check out the calendar for details of these special screenings, exclusively for people with babies under one-year-old. Free entry for babies.

We’re continuing to trial a 9pm watershed for children under 11 years-old. Please let us know if you have any thoughts about this (contact — it’s a policy we’re keen to get right.

Please note that tickets for these screenings are not available online. Sorry, strictly no admittance unless accompanied by a baby!

The Witches

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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The Angels’ Share (15) p23 Le Petit Nicolas (PG) p30 Shut Up And Play The Hits (15) +Q&A p24

The Angels’ Share (15) p23 Le Petit Nicolas (PG) p30

Le Petit Nicolas (PG) p30 The Angels’ Share (15) p23

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The Railway Children (U) p36 Shadow Dancer (15) p23 360 (15) p25

Shadow Dancer (15) p23 360 (15) p25

360 (15) p25 Shadow Dancer (15) p23

The Plague Of Zombies (12A) p27 Shadow Dancer (15) p23 360 (15) p25

Detachment (15) p31 360 (15) p25 Shadow Dancer (15) p23

SWDFAS Lecture p20 2.00 Berberian Sound Studio (15) p34 Shadow Dancer (15) p23 6.00 Detachment (15) p31 360 (15) p25 8.15

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A Simple Life (PG) p31 The Forgiveness Of Blood (12A) p31

Passport To Pimlico (U) p27 The Forgiveness Of Blood (12A) p31 A Simple Life (PG) p31

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Secret Theatre: Farewell Cardiff p16 8.00

Secret Theatre: Farewell Cardiff p16 8.00

Opra Cymru: Macbeth p13 8.00

Opra Cymru: Macbeth p13 8.00

On The Edge p17

The Plague Of Zombies (12A) p27 5.00 Boardgaming p20 5.30 Berberian Sound Studio (15) + Music Event p34 7.30 Tony Law p15 8.00


6.15 Bragod p13 8.00 8.15 The Drones Comedy Club p15 8.30

6.15 8.30

6.00 8.30

11.00+3.00 Music Geek Monthly p20 3.30 Bragod p13 6.00 Berberian Sound Studio (15) p34 6.15 8.15 Detachment (15) p31 8.15

3.30+5.45 8.00

Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere, pp4+5

gallery • oriel

2.30 6.15 8.30

Chapter MovieMaker p23 6.00 The Forgiveness Of Blood (12A) p31 8.15

11.00 Berberian Sound Studio (15) p34 2.30+6.00 Detachment (15) p31 8.30

2.30+6.00 8.00

2.30+6.15 8.30

3.00 6.00 9.00

6.15 8.30

Passport To Pimlico (U) p27 Bad Film Club: Aerobicide (18) p34

Cardiff Storytelling Circle p20 8.00

mon • llun 3

3.30 6.00 8.00

6.00 8.30

The Forgiveness Of Blood (12A) p31 Le Petit Nicolas (PG) p30 The Angels’ Share (15) p23

A Simple Life (PG) p31 The Forgiveness Of Blood (12A) p31

sun • sul 2

11.00+3.00 6.15 8.30

The Amazing Spiderman (12A) p36 The Angels’ Share (15) p23 Le Petit Nicolas (PG) p30

sat • sad 1

cinema 1 • sinema 1 cinema 2 • sinema 2 theatre • theatr

Calendar • Calendr SEPTEMBER • MEDI 2012 37 Art in the Bar: Ben Lloyd — Empire Kiosk, ppP6+7

360 (15) p25 Shadow Dancer (15) p23

360 (15) p25 Shadow Dancer (15) p23

The Man Who Fell To Earth (18) p27 Shadow Dancer (15) p23 360 (15) p25

Jackpot (15) p34 360 (15) p25 Shadow Dancer (15) p23

360 (15) p25 Shadow Dancer (15) p23

Carry On Screaming: The Last Projectionist (12A) p29 11.00 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28 2.30+5.45 Lawless (adv18) p32 8.30

Pirates! In An Adventure With... (U) p36 Lawless (adv18) p32 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28

Anna Karenina (ctba) p28 Lawless (adv18) p32

Lawless (adv18) p32 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28

Quatermass and The Pit (15) p27 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28 Lawless (adv18) p32

The Last Projectionist (12A) p29 Lawless (adv18) p32 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28

The Bird (ctba) p33 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28 Lawless (adv18) p32

Carry On Screaming: Ping Pong (PG) p29 Lawless (adv18) p32 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (U) p36 Eames: The Architect… (12A) p31 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28

sun • sul 16

mon • llun 17

tue • maw 18

wed • mer 19

thu • iau 20

fri • gwe 21

sat • sad 22

sun • sul 23

mon • llun 24

tue • maw 25

wed • mer 26

thu • iau 27

fri • gwe 28

sat • sad 29

5.00 8.00


The Bird (ctba) p33 The Last Projectionist (12A) p29

Quatermass and The Pit (15) p27 The Bird (ctba) p33

Ping Pong (PG) p29 Eames: The Architect… (12A) p31

The Last Projectionist (12A) p29 The Bird (ctba) p33

The Bird (ctba) p33 Swandown (12A) p29

Please note: the stated film times represent the start of the adverts and trailers.

Eames: The Architect… (12A) p31 Hobsons Choice (U) p27 Lawless (adv18) p32

11.00+3.00 Lawless (adv18) p32 6.00 Nightbreed (18) + Q&A p35 8.00

11.00 2.30+6.00 8.30

2.30 5.45 8.30

2.30 6.00 8.30

2.30 Swandown (12A) + Come Along Do p29 5.45 The Bird (ctba) p33 8.30

6.00 8.30

3.00+5.45 8.30

11.00+3.00 The Last Projectionist (12A) p29 5.45 The Bird (ctba) p33 8.15

The Bird (ctba) p33 The Last Projectionist (12A) p29

2.30+8.00 We Went To War (adv12A) +Q&A p23 5.45 Jackpot (15) p34

2.30 Strawberry Fields (15) p23 5.45 Jackpot (15) p34 8.15

2.30 Woman in A Dressing Gown (PG) p27 6.00 Jackpot (15) p34 8.15

8.00 9.00

Alasdair Roberts p13 8.00 Noel James p15 8.30

Francesca Martinez + Robin Ince p15 7.30 The Drones Comedy Club p15 8.30

Gallery closed Monday

Curator & Artists’ Talk p8 5.00pm

Claudia O’Doherty p15 Sunday Jazz p20


AUDIO DESCRIPTION. Check website for details.

Robin and Bina Williamson p13

Ballet Nimba p17 8.00

Ballet Nimba p17 8.00

Subtitled Screenings. Check website for details.

3.00 5.00 7.15

5.00 7.30

6.15 8.15

6.15 8.15

Music Geek Monthly p20 8.00 Ballet Nimba p17 8.00

6.00 8.00

6.00 8.15

6.15 8.15

5.00 7.15

6.15 8.30

6.00 8.00

6.00 8.30

6.00 8.30

6.15 8.30

6.00 Jackpot (15) p34 6.15 8.30 Woman in A Dressing Gown (PG) + Q&A p27 8.15

3.30+6.00 The Man Who Fell To Earth (18) p27 8.30 Jackpot (15) p34

sun • sul 30 Dark Star (PG) + Live Music p35 5.30 Anna Karenina (ctba) p28 8.30

6.00 Jackpot (15) p34 8.15

Shadow Dancer (15) p23 360 (15) p25

The Future’s Not What It Used To Be, p8

d Roa aff nd Lla

e St. Glynn

from 6pm


Springfield Pl.

ke t Har

Canton Cowbridge Road

Le c

h kwit

Church Rd.

St. ay

Penllyn Rd.

ad t


A l be

rt S



To Cardiff City Centre


Earle Pl.

et n Stre Hami lto

cen res

Library St


Cowbrid ge Ro ad Ea st

King’s Ro

Orc h a r d P l.

C am nd Wy

M a rk e t P l .

Street Talbot

ad rn Ro Seve

St. Gray Lane Gray

d Roa Street vey

P — free car parks  — bus stop — cycle rack

tree on S


t ling Wel oad

or R Maj

Sut i gyrraedd Chapter

How to get to Chapter

Lleolir Chapter yn Nhreganna, y tu ôl i Cowbridge Road East, rhwng Heol Llandaf a Heol y Farchnad. Mae’n hawdd ein cyrraedd o ganol y ddinas. Ar ôl 6pm mae llefydd parcio ychwanegol ar gael ym maes parcio Gwasanaethau Dysgu Cymunedol Caerdydd sydd yn ymyl maes parcio Chapter. Uchod gwelir meysydd parcio eraill cyfagos. Mae bysus rhif 17, 18 a 33 yn gadael Canol y Ddinas bob pum munud. Ar yr M4 o’r dwyrain: Dewch oddi ar y draffordd ar gyffordd 29 gan ddilyn yr A48; wedi 6 milltir cymerwch y tro bychan i’r chwith ar yr A4119/ Mill Lane; yna’r chwith ar Ffordd Caerdydd; ewch yn eich blaen ar y B4267/Ffordd Llandaf; wedi 300m trowch i’r dde ar Market Place; a’r dde nesaf ar Heol y Farchnad; mae maes parcio Chapter ar y dde. Ar yr M4 o’r gorllewin: Dewch oddi ar y draffordd ar gyffordd 33 a dilynwch yr arwyddion ar gyfer yr A4232; wedi 6.3 milltir dewch oddi ar y ffordd ar Ffordd Lecwydd, tuag at Stadiwm newydd Clwb Pêl-Droed Caerdydd; ewch yn eich blaen ac yna trowch i’r chwith ar Cowbridge Road East; mae Heol y Farchnad ar y dde; mae maes parcio Chapter ar y dde.

Chapter is situated in Canton, behind Cowbridge Road East, between Llandaff Road and Market Road. We are easily accessible from the city centre. Overflow car parking is available after 6pm at Cardiff Community Learning Services adjacent to the car park at Chapter. Alternative nearby car parks are shown above. Number 17, 18 and 33 buses leave every five minutes from the City Centre. From the east on M4: Take exit 29 onto the A48; after 6 miles turn slight left onto A4119/ Mill Lane; then left onto Cardiff Road; continue straight onto B4267/Llandaff Rd; after 300m turn right onto Market Place; take next right onto Market Road; Chapter car park is on the right. From the west on M4: Take exit 33 and follow signs onto A4232; after 6.3 miles exit onto Leckwith Rd, towards the new Cardiff City Stadium; keep straight until turning left onto Cowbridge Road E; Market Rd is on your right; Chapter car park is on the right.

Mynediad i bawb

Mae Chapter yn croesawu ymwelwyr anabl. Os oes gennych unrhyw anghenion mynediad penodol ffoniwch ein swyddfa docynnau ar 029 2030 4400, minicom 029 2031 3430.

Access for all

Chapter welcomes disabled visitors. If you have any specific access requirements or questions please contact our box office on 029 2030 4400, minicom 029 2031 3430.

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Chapter Magazine September 2012  
Chapter Magazine September 2012  

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