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Is Pro Flight Simulator as great as people say? Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the clouds feeling the warm sun on your face sat in the cockpit of a 1940s fighter plane? Feeling your blood pumping through your vein's as your heart is pounding as you search of your next chase? But then reality hits and your back on planet earth knowing this bream is only for the select few both past and present. Well, dream no more as with this new software your dreams can come true well not fully but hey a very close second. Pro Flight Simulator is one of the best software I have ever tried, it's so realistic its untrue, the features for this Simulator are fantastic just looking at the landing sites if you choose to fly a commercial aircraft or a combat aircraft you can take off from a standard runway with all the building features or an aircraft carrier which is some feet in itself. This Pro Flight Simulator was designed as an alternative for pilots to train on, it's that good not only are the 120 aircraft available fantastic but the terrains and planetary alignment are in a world of their own. Finding the best flight simulator may mean getting the one with the greatest advantage for you over the other programs in the market. Checking some features can help you a great deal in finding the best flight simulator you need. Comprehensively checking the market is very helpful for you. You should be able to check whether * The program allows for add-ons. * It will require online support. * It has realtime appliances. * Whether or not the add-ons are chargeable. For me the 2011 version is superb the graphics have improved 100%, game response is instant with no spluttering, there is more aircraft options and better fright site graphics. Midair refuelling is brilliant but as mentioned before you must read all the manual before you fly. The virtual controls are based on realistic controls with real life flight and all undertaken from the comfort of your home the planetary features plot the sun, moon and stars to perfection. Some other features include;

Over 20,000 airports Over 120 aircraft Realistic instruments Air to air refuelling Auto pilot Realistic lighting features.

The down side to the game for me is: This down side starts at the downloading stage; I had to attempt to download the game three times before a little help from a friend. If you want to get the simulator out of the box and start to fly straight away you will be very disappointed, not only do you need some gadget add no's to aid in flying (although you can do without) but you will need to read a lot of the instructions provided and study the control settings before you even sit down with your leather flying helmet and goggles. If you want to purchase these extras to aid in improving your flying abilities and give you a form of realism, then you can visit the simulator web site were you can purchase all the equipment that you need to fly like an ace. So the conclusions of Pro flight simulator is in my opinion its worth every penny Andy Fowler. For more information check out http:/www.AIRCRAFT-SIM.COM

Hi iam Andy Fowler Iam writing this article to give people an insight into Pro Flight Simulator before you buy this product.

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==== ==== If you would like more information on Flight Simulation Software simply visit us ==== ====

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