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Perhaps you may not be aware that Prof Flight Simulator is a very popular game at the moment. It is a professional flight sim game, and we will be exploring the pros and cons of this game to learn more about this software The Pros of The Game: Pro Flight Simulator's "Google Map" provides detailed pictures of all areas of interests and regions of the world with a clear model to look at. The game also allows you to position yourself on the map and view realistic weather patterns as you soar through all parts of the world's climate. It is a simulator that allows you to feel as if you are realistically flying on an airplane. Speaking of aircrafts, it's not an unlimited amount of aircrafts involved, but there are quite a bit to choose from. At present there are one hundred and twenty Pro Flight Simulator aircrafts to select from. The company and software developers hope to add more as time goes by. This is an advantage that can make this flight simulator really worth the experience for some people. As a flight simulator this gaming software is quite real. You will have the experience as if you are flying. This is one of its greatest advantages as it was designed to appeal to those who want more of a real experience. While playing this game, it was noted the details used in creating the airports around the world, the beautiful landscapes, and the variety of aircrafts to choose from such as an F16 or the Concord. This simulator showed the precise details needed to support the experienced gamer. There is even the option to receive a bonus product such as a "Professional Airplane Flying Handbook". Yet one of the best pros or advantage for this simulation game is the lifetime updates available. The game owner will have access to free updates for their current software. No other flight simulator game allows this. The Cons of The Game: One of the most evident cons or disadvantage of using this game is how large the files are. Even with the advised system requirements, it will take a long time to download. Most people try to work around this by using the DVD version instead. This option will save time and bandwidth. However, the game is not easy to get started with at first. This can be seen as another negative aspect of this simulator. Even if the person is accustomed to using computers and simulation

games, there is not an easy way to navigate through this simulation software. However, this is just for the first few times when you are in the learning phase. Usually most people are able to find their way around the Pro Flight Simulator package after this.

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==== ==== If you would like more information on Flight Simulation Software simply visit us ==== ====

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